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"A great game and a good sequel *But no Rhen Var =(*"

The sequel to one of the best non-Jedi based Star Wars games ever, this game is just a few flaws short of surpassing its predecessor (Not the least of which is Rhen Var, see below).

Also, obviously, this is all personal opinion, so I don't want to be flamed if you think this game sucks.

Gameplay: The most important aspect for any game, no matter what genre, is gameplay, and that's why it's coming first. The game brings a bunch of new features to the table, as well as removing and reworking some things from Battlefront I. One of the most prominent additions is the ability to use some of each faction's heroes (Only the ones from the films it looks like). While I was personally afraid that the focus of the Battlefront games would shift from the common soldier to the glorified Jedi or walking carpet, the game has a very fair way of deciding how and who becomes the hero, gives the player an option to decline herodom in game, and even allows for the heroes to be turned off altogether in Instant Action. In a refreshing change, the campaign now plays more like a regular campaign, a bit like how Star Wars: Republic Commando played. While you're still basically killing every enemy in sight, the campaign now gives you objectives to complete as well, and campaign levels now have one or both sides with infinte reinforcements. Levels have been added and removed, and planets are now limited to having only one battlefield each. While most of the levels are very good, even the rehashes such as Yavin 4, I was just dumbstruck when I found out that there were NO Rhen Var levels! While the vibe I get from most of the community says those levels weren't super-popular, they were my favorites. Rhen Var: Harbor was the only time I've ever seen an AT-AT destroyed without a snowspeeder, and it was just so fun to do. Anyway, moving on...all in all I felt that the additions improved the game for the most part, and the removals either helped the game be more fair, or didn't hurt it. The controls are essentially the same as the first Battlefront and I found them easy to get used to. Instant Action now also has an options menu, which lets you customize how your battles are set up, such as being able to adjust how many reinforcements each side has. In addition, there are new classes for each faction, new ships, space combat, new weapons, and so many other things that it's hard to remember them all. Thankfully, none of these additions or changes severely hampers gameplay, and most, if not all, make the game more fun.

Graphics: The graphics in the game are pretty good. Not super-lifelike and beautiful, but good looking in a Star Wars kind of way. May not make much sense, but after looking at how everything in the game looks, most people will agree. I felt that the faces on some of the heroes looked a little odd, though. Then again, graphics should never define a game, so to me it really doesn't matter either way.

Sound: Well, come on, it's Star Wars. The game uses music from the films and is of very good quality. There's nothing remarkable about it, though.

Replayability: Very high. And this is from a player who doesn't play online. Even though the levels can get very repetitive, there are extra game modes, such as Assault, Hunt, and Capture the Flag to throw a little variation into the game, and even the campaign can be a good way to go if you want to feel like a real soldier. What it boils down to is preference.

Rent or Buy: Actually, I would recommend most people go and rent the game, see if they like the new features and everything, and then buy it. The community seems polarized, with some loving it and some despising it. So, to possibly save yourself some grief, rent first just to be safe.

Why did I give this a 9/10? Well, I felt that it was a very good game, but it had a few things that I just wasn't crazy about and it didn't really go in a bold new direction from where Battlefront I went. As the title says, this is a great game if looked at by itself, but seems only "good" when you look at it as BF1 coming first.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/11/05

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