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Reviewed: 11/20/05

Bring the Battle to a New Scene

Star Wars Battlefront II brings a new feel and gameplay to an already excellent game. In this version of the Star Wars Battlefront, you actually have several singleplayer modes in which you will feel like you are actually buying more than just a multiplayer online game. The singleplayer has two different options in which the player can play the game by himself.

The one mode that will be familiar to Battlefront veterans is the Galactic Conquest. In this mode the player will take on the role of one side, either the Empire vs. the New Republic; or CIS vs. Old Republic. You will start off with only the generic trooper and as you progress and capture planets you will be able to unlock new types of troops such as the Heavy Trooper, a Sniper, Engineer, or special types of troops that are unique to each side. The goal of the ground battles is easy, kill the enemy and capture their flags. Having the majority of the flags will make the ticket count, available lives per team, to decrease at a steady rate. If during galactic conquest your fleet happens to stumble upon the enemy fleet then you will engage the enemy in a space battle. the object of the space battle is the same as the ground battle with a twist, because there are no flags, you will have to destroy the enemy and any weak point on the capital ship, or destroy the auxiliary frigates. Each side has four different type of ships to be used: the Interceptor, that acts like a fighter against other ships; the Bomber, which excels in taking down the systems of a capital ship; a Fighter, which is an in between that can act as a Bomber or Interceptor but no as well in each category; a Troop Ship, a hardy ship that acts as a mobile spawn point that can be used to invade enemy ships.

The other mode, which mainly acts as a tutorial, is the the Rise of the Empire. In this mode you will act as the legendary 501st regiment of clone troopers that were a big part of the Clone Wars and the empire. During Rise of the Empire you will run through the story of the 501st from the Clone Wars to their role as Vader's Fist in the Empire. This is a fun tutorial that will introduce you to the best way to use your troops and give a nice addition to the Star Wars story arc.

One highly anticipated addition is the heroes option of the game. During the singleplayer part of the game you will sometimes have the option to play as a hero. Which hero you play as, is a function of what planet that you are on, and what time period you are playing on. This was seen as a really nice addition, but in the end it falls short. The Jedi, are easily the most powerful and best of the heroes, and usually can dominate the AI with them quite easily. It was expected to have them bring a great new aspect to the game, but the heroes just seemed to have fallen short of what they should have done.

The multiplayer is the biggest draw of Battlefront II. The mutliplayer is very smooth across XBox live and will seem like a welcome addition to the XBox Live community. Working as a squad is the best way to accomplish and dominate online. The online portion is fun to dominate all your friends and soon to be adversaries, but this multiplayer does not really provide any new aspect ot the Battlefront genre, minus the fact that you can now duke it out in space against friends, and you can finally determine who is the best pilot.

The gameplay is obviously the biggest draw of the game. The mutliplayer is the attraction to the general gaming population. Although, the singleplayer is generally seen as a small and somewhat satisfying portion of the game, it really provides more. For once the singleplayer gives a good tutorial for beginners, but it will also attract veterans to play it because of the storyline. The gameplay can get a little bit repetitive if you are doing it over and over to get some of the special weapons that you can unlock to have permanently during singleplayer mode, and in some of the special online servers. Even though, the singleplayer mode can be repetitive, the gameplay still has so much to offer.

The graphics are very good in this version of the game. They are not the greatest of any of the games out there, but they do provide what would be expected from a game like this. The details on the fighters is a welcome addition that many probably won't notice. Each of the fighters has a nice amount of detail to them, and for once an addition to a series does just get thrown into a sequel with mediocre graphics. It would have been expected to see some nice cut-scenes but they are lost here.

The sound of the game is what would be expected from a game like this. Each of the heroes does have some sort of dialogue for the game and it is really nice to hear atleast a little bit. The Rise of the Empire dialogue is done by none other than one of the clone troopers, who was cloned from Jango Fett. The sounds that come out of all of the weapons is very unique and is a nice change to be able to determine what the type of unit a player around the corner is. One of the sweetest sounds in the game is a very mundane thing from the space battles, the sounds of the Tie Fighters. Just like in the movies each of the laser blasts or speed boosts have the very unique sound that make you shudder with joy when you hear.

The value of the game is pretty high only if you are a person who will be playing a lot of multiplayer. Although the singleplayer can provide a good amount of game time, 10-20 hours, it can get repetitive and will want to go against, sometimes unpredictable human components. This multiplayer can atleast double the amount of game time you will receive from the game and can extend it until however long the individual can enjoy playing the game. All-in-all the game should be of great value for any multiplayer fan, but a rental only for those who don't want to do multiplayer or can't.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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