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"Simply a must have game"

Last year, Star Wars Battlefront was released was released to be enjoyed by Star wars fans and gamers. It was a good game, but felt like it could use a layer of polish. Now, Battlefront 2 is out to play, and it is, in my opinion, what the original Battlefront should have been.


There are several new things in Battlefront 2. For one, you can now play as various heroes from the Star Wars universe, such as Luke and Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Jango and Boba Fett, and more. However, don't expect to see a whole battlefield of heroes(unless it is Mos Eisley Assault). There is only one hero on for each side at a time, and you have to earn them. Once you score enough points(gained by killing, capturing command posts, etc), the game will ask if you want to. Say yes, and you can now be the hero on that map. Instead of a health bar, the heroes have a lightsaber bar that diminishes slowly. Getting hit or killing your own team will take off chunks of it, while killing the enemy will prolong your life. So technically, you can stay a hero forever. The only complaint I have here is Qui-Gon isn't here. Why?

There are also some new classes in the game and some changes to the player selection. To start off, you have to earn enough points to be them, and you also have to have enough to choose an old character from the last game( The Dark trooper, who now has a shock gun instead of a shotgun, the Droideka, just a thank God thing, the Jet Trooper, and the Wookie). The new classes include the Clone Commander(chain gun kicks butt) for the Republic, Bothan Spy(invisibility pwns you) for the Rebels, Imperial officer(Geonosian gun is dang accurate) for the Empire, and the Magnaguard(LOL rocket launching pistol) for the CIS.

Also, the pilots can no longer be used in ground battles. Only in space battles(two paragraphs down). The Engineer instead takes his place. All are armed with a shotgun, and the coolest thing is the fusion cutter can now hijack vehicles.

Other things are much improved. How pissed could you get in Battlefront where I can run faster then the laser blasts? Well, they move much faster now. And vehicles now have critical hit points, where hitting it will do much more damage then normal. So if you hit the AT-AT in it's neck, or the AAT in the panel in the back, you will do a lot more damage. Vehicles aren't invincible anymore.

The last new thing(and probably the best thing) is space combat. In here, you can ONLY be a marine armed with a Blaster Rifle, rocket launcher, and some Thermal Detonaters(Oh and I forgot, they can now stick to vehicles), or you can be a Pilot armed with Time Bombs and a Pistol(no more Rebel Pilot shotgun=yay!).

The space combat works like this: Each side has a capital ship with auto turrets (you can control them if you want), a hanger bay, one out of two possible spawn points for your side, and various parts. Basically, you pick your class and jump into once of four different ships; a scout class(weak armored and powered but great for dogfights and are fast), a standard class(a good class all around), a bomber class(usually can have two people at once, and good for destroying cruisers), or a transport class. The Transport class is the Mobile command post class. Land in your enemy's hanger and it will be a command post, and your troops can respawn in there now. Also, the ships can now perform stunts like barrel rolls. However, the transports can not do this.

The capital ship for each side is supported by one to three cruisers. These can not be boarded. They have a bunch of auto turrets, and a pretty decent amount of health. It will be MUCH easier to destroy the capital ship without these firing at you constantly.

Each capital ship has several parts, such as auto turret control, the command bridge, engines, shields, life support, etc. Some of these parts can or only can be sabotaged from the inside. Others can be bombarded to kingdom come by flying by and firing on them until they blow up. Each fighter you shoot down, cruiser you destroy, or part of a capital ship you destroy will give you a certain amount of points. Score a designated amount to win a match(destroying a cruiser or cap. ship part will give you more points then shooting down a single fighter). The only problem here is that the capital ship layout is the same all the time, and you can only access a small part of it.

Now, onto the other portions of the game:

Campaign mode this time around is, IMO, not as good. It follows the 501st division, otherwise known as Vader's Fist. A nice thing is that instead of having 150-250 troops and fighting it out, you start out with maybe 50 troops while the enemy troops are unlimited. You will have a certain objective, which is capturing a command post or holding off the enemy for a certain time. Completing an objective will give you more troops. Complete every objective to finish a mission. You can also be a Hero at certain points in these missions.

Another mode is Galactic Conquest. Battlefront 1 players will remember Galactic Conquest as a mode where you pick a side, pick a bonus from a planet, attack a planet, attack again to capture, win four times and destroy/get a planet, and defeat enemy at homeworld. The Galactic Conquest mode has been almost completely overworked in Battlefront 2.

Galactic conquest here works much like an economy. You have a fleet to command(and you can buy more if you'd like) and credits(money). You and the opponent take turns, moving the fleet from planet to planet until you have the opportunity to invade an enemy controlled world(or the enemy invades one of your worlds). You only start out with the basic trooper and the pilot of each faction; you have to buy the other troops. And planets don't give you bonuses anymore, you have to buy them; and they can only be used once. And don't worry, there are new bonuses. If the two fleets meet up at the same point, a space battle will occur. Winning will give you more credits to spend, and holding more planets will give you more credits as well. Conquer all of the planets to win.

The last mode is Instant Action. As before, it's pick a side, mode, faction and duel it out. You can customize though. For example, each side can have up to 750 reinforcements if you want. Prepare for long battles. Also, in addition to conquest, is Capture the flag and Hunt mode.

Hunt mode puts you on a planet against the natives. For example, on Hoth you can choose to be the Rebels or the Wampans(creature that attacked Luke at beginning of Empire Strikes Back). Sometimes each side has only one playable character as well. The natives usually have more then one. You can also be Droids/Gungans on Naboo, Ewoks/Scout Troopers on Endor(LOL DIE EWOKS!!!!) and more.

Capture the flag has two modes. Single flag is get the flag and put it in the enemy base(*cough*Halo2assualt*cough*). The other is traditional two flag.

The only other problem I have with the gameplay is that the AI is still laughable. If you land a transport in an enemy hanger, if someone stays behind, they'll take off and fly the transport into the wall! They do take cover now, but they are still very beatable.

You can also play online on Xbox Live with up to 32 players. Well that's it for the gameplay. And it's great.



Almost absolutely flawless. All of the character models in the game look excellent. Except for the Geonosis map, the Clone Troopers all wear their Episode 3 armor, which looks much cooler. The only thing I don't like here is that the armor doesn't represent the map. For example, in Episode 3, the clones had white and beige armor on Utapau. Here, they just have the blue and white armor. The environments all look very diverse as well. The only problems I have is the capital ships are a little bland and the back engines for all ships don't actually light up as they show in the movies. Some of the spacecraft also look bad. The very exaggerated flying trooper(you go flying if an explosive is set off near you) also returns. The ragdoll physics are still awful. But overall, the graphics pass.



Excellent. The great Star Wars music is here again. Also, the annoying(IMO)"We've captured a command post." voice( for all factions) doesn't appear as much. Also, the Computer controlled players will talk during the game. I was once Luke Skywalker in the Jedi Temple and I heard a Storm Trooper yell "EVERYONE ON SKYWALKER!" They will also yell if other enemy units are nearby("Super Battle Droid, take him out!"). All of the other sounds are pretty much the same as the first Battlefront.



Replayability is very good as well. After you beat the campaign and Galactic Conquests(which will take you a while), take the battle online on Xbox Live, which now lets you bring a friend, like Halo 2's unranked matches. Or bring some friends over and play four player split screen. Of course, Instant Action never fails, and Mos Eisley Assault(AKA Hero mode) never gets boring.



Battlefront 2 is rated Teen for Violence and Mild Language. I have no clue what the language is about, seeing as there are no curse words in the game, but violence is just the standard shooting and get killed.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 is simply a great game that should be enjoyed by all Star Wars fans and Xbox fans alike. With Space, Jedi, more customizable instant action, new modes, and better(lag free, almost) online, Star Wars Battlefront should definitely be purchased by you.

Final score: 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/23/05

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