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"Those Ewoks will never no what hit them..."

INTRO: Personally I am a pretty big Star Wars fan. And I thought the first battlefront game was very good. So naturally I was excited to hear of a sequel. I'm not gonna lie though I didn't expect much of an improvement. But I was wrong, in a good way. Battlefront II gives you some of the best firefights since Medal of Honor. If you like Star Wars, or if you like big grand firefights go buy this game now.

GRAPHICS: The environments in Battlefront II are huge and fit right in the Star Wars universe. All the areas are well detailed and varied. Despite the scope the game takes on, the framerate remains rock solid. In fact it runs at a very impressive rate. All of the characters are what you would expect in a Star Wars game. There isn't really any original characters, which kinda sucks. Also the characters aren't extraordinarily detailed but they are not generic. The flurry of laser blats and explosions look good and that is what really makes this game. The presentation Battlefront II delivers is some of best video games have to offer.
Score 9

SOUND: Of course being Star Wars you know the soundtrack is going to be great. The music plays through with a very crisp sound. There are not any original tracks to the game, but although that would have been a nice touch it is not something needed. The sound effects too are all very typical of the Star Wars universe, and sound well. The voice acting is done by the clone in the star wars movies. The little bit of voice acting present adds a very nice touch.
Score 9

CONTROL: Movement in Battlefront II is very easy it doesn't suffer any of clunky ness that I find very typical of 3rd-person action games on the X-box. All of the functions and are well done too. The controls overall are not very complicated but they do give you good control of your character.
Score 8

STORY: The only mode that really adds to the Star Wars universe is Rise of the Empire. In this mode you follow the 501st during the clone wars and see how the clone army gradually changes into stormtroppers. The other modes don't really tell any stories or add anything to the timeline but immerse you deeply in the star wars world. And this the game does a very good job of.
Score 8

REPLAY: Of course the biggest draw of this game is the online mode. Which features everything that the first game had. Only now more people can get in the same room. And that is always a good thing. There is also split screen and system link options. Plus plenty of single player missions to go through. Although there is not a lot of variety, if you like Battlefront, there is a lot like.
Score 8

GAMEPLAY: Battlefront II is a 3rd person shooter in the star wars universe. The multiplayer modes are fairly typical. Capture the flag is especially well done in Battlefront. The single player modes are Rise of the Empire and Galactic Conquest. Galactic Conquest is what was originally featured in the first Battlefront. You go through and relive battles from the movies. Not all are straight from the movies but definitely fit in and have no bearing on the star wars plot though. During this campaign you start out as the lowest unit and work your way up. Personally I think that Rise of the Empire is the best mode though. Unfortunately it is rather short though. This mode has you fighting in the 501st against various rebellions after the events of Episode III. Fighting the Jedi is especially fun here. There is one level where you fight near 30 of them which is quite a task.
Score 9

BOTTOM LINE: If you like Star Wars or if you like sc-fi shooters then you will love Battlefront II. If not the I still think it is worth a rent.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/04/06

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