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"Great Sequel, one BIG flaw..."

This is probably one of my favorite games, and I hope it is to you too! They made some big approvements, like balancing the characters and evening out the levels. I do wish they still had Rhen Var, and I wish Geonosis was still as big as it was. They tuned everything up nicely.

Story 8/10

The story mode is pretty good, it takes you from the beginning of the starting of the Clones, to the rising of Lord Vader. It's smooth, although I wish it was a little longer. I think it's cool listening to the journal entries' everytime before a mission starts. It also helps explain it a bit if you are new to the StarWars.

Graphics 9/10

The graphics are quite smooth and shiny. It's alot better and smoother, although sometimes playing with many people on certain levels, it can be a little laggy.

Controls 9.5/10

The controls are just about the same, and they are quite easy to adapt to.The new Sprint button, which is clicking down on the Left Analog stick, is quite helpful. I like the Auto-Target button, but I find it awkward having to reload using the Down D-Pad. In Battlefront I, they had it if you pushed the crouch button down twice, you would get on the ground and you could crawled around. They took it out, and I thought it was useful if you were sniping, but it's not that big of a flaw.

Sound 10/10

The sound, music, oh how I love! I love the starting song when you first play...The Imperial's March...They also have many others from the movies such as the Mos Eisley (which I think is quite annoying). The Blasters sounds are smooth. The vehicles are also nicely done along with the Starfighters. IT's fun also as well, to hear your infantry talk to you and yell some funny comments.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is truly extraordinary. You start out with an army of 200 then battle out, or you can be more tactical and capture their Command Posts, in otherwords, their Spawning Points. All the battles are nicely done, and they go along well with the movie. I thought the Space Battles were alright. The so-called "Dog Fights" didn't really last long, once you locked on to the enemy ship, they are basically dead. Destroying parts of the ship after awhile, just become a hassle. I'm kind've dissapointed in the space battles, but it's still fun to enjoy riding in a variety of many ships. I also like how the units were more balanced so it made it more fun. For instance, the Droideka's shield is alot weaker, because in the last game, it was nearly impossible to kill one with a shield up. The AI is also pretty smart, but they can also be dum. They help you if they see a unit like a Droideka, they'll yell out, "Droideka! 12:00!" And they can be quite useful. I also loved how they put in the Jedis. They are so fun, and easy to adapt to. They have a mode called Assault, which is on Mos Eisley that is very fun.

Online 5/10

This is the big flaw. In Online mode, servers are very laggy. It carried this trait on from Battlefront I. It's hard to enjoy a battle, but you can sometimes get lucky and get a host with a decent connection. If they could fix this a little more, this game would be near-perfect.

Replay 9/10

The replay value is pretty good. You have Galactic Conquest to keep you busy for awhile, and you got the story, and you have tons of level to master and know the secrets and hiding spots. It's good to keep you playing for a long time!

Overall, this game is truly an amazing sequel. This game will keep you busy for awhile! RENT or BUY? Definitely rent...

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/04/06

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