Review by ericjw92

Reviewed: 01/05/06

Stars Wars Battlefront 2

When I first purchase SWB2, I was anxious to know if it was really worth the was.

SWB2 is an action-packed game that you and many of your friends will enjoy. The game-play is simply great. Space battles are extremely fun and last awhile, though it seems you hardly see any of the enemies ships besides the frigate or main ship. I also enjoy the fact that you can board the enemy's main ship and blow critical parts up from the inside.

Instead of having Jedi vs. Sith they have Heroes vs. Villains from all the Star Wars movies. It good, but it's kinda of cheesy that Leia can kill the Emperor with a pistol, but fun to use people like Darth Maul, and Yoda. There are also modes that you can just have Heroes vs. Villains battles on Mos Eisley, and if you have on-line play you can download Heroes vs. Villains for Kashyyk for free.

The troops are almost all the same except for the republic, because the clones change their armor, but the also have the same armor from SWB on specific planets. There are also some new troops for each squads, like the Clone Commander who carries a chain gun as a primary weapon! (Freakin Cheap!) and General Grievous's Guards who carry a Bulldog RLR and a Radiation Launcher.

Galactic Conquest is also much better too. Instead of picking a planet to attack you actually command ships and move them to planets controlled buy the enemy. You also have to recruit types of soldiers by buying them (you don't have to keep recruiting them, once you buy them they're yours for good) and instead of picking a planetary bonus you have can just buy bonuses without having to hold a specific planet. (You can hold up to three bonuses at a time.)

If you don't have a console, but you have a PSP, I also recommend that you buy it for the PSP too. It doesn't have as good as graphics, but the game-play is just same. I also recommend buying this game for Xbox instead of PS2, because of faster loading time (for on-line mostly.)

Even though this is a good game, no good game is perfect. They drop a couple of maps, but what I was disappointed about was that they took out the Bespin maps and the Rhen Var maps. Those were great maps and I wish they kept them in the game. Another thing is how they make Jango Fett so bad and Leia really good. They give Jango Fett practically a pee shooter that has barely any accuracy and Leia a huge pistol that is powerful and very accurate. They should of given Jango Fett in my opinion, his double pistols instead of "The Galaxy's Smallest Gun." Also when I played this game on-line it was very laggy and to difficult to kill any one. I recommended system linking with your friends. (Up to 32 people can system link.)

All in all, this game was great and I hope to see a Battlefront 3 in the future

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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