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Reviewed: 01/30/06

A little disappointing

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is the sequel to the best selling, and best overall Star Wars game ever made. Battlefront combines the action and fantasy of Star Wars with real-time war. Though Battlefront was the best Star Wars game in my opinion, Battlefront 2 was a slight disappointment for me.

In this game there are a few different game modes. The main campaign in this game is the Rise of the Empire campaign. This campaign offers eighteen different engagements on thirteen different locations. However, these missions are not like the ones in Battlefront where all you have to do is kill as many enemies as you possibly can while capturing command posts. In this campaign you are give certain objectives and a certain number of troops at your disposal. The enemy has an unlimited amount of troops. When you complete a campaign, you will be awarded with more troops. On certain maps, you will be allowed to play as famous Star Wars greats like Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and even the Emperor himself. These characters all have special abilities. The Emperor can cast Force Lighting, Boba Fett has rockets, and most other lightsaber wielding characters can throw their lightsabers. Special characters like these start out with extra health compared to normal troops, but cannot be healed by any means. I liked this part of the game and thought it was a good improvement upon Battlefront.

There were also great improvements in Galactic Conquest. You actually controlled a fleet and had to move from planet to planet until all were conquered. Also, if you met up with an enemy fleet above a planet, you would have to fight them. I didn’t particularly like the space battles, they were pretty boring. Instead of earning planetary bonuses like in Battlefront, you had to buy them. You are awarded credits at the end of every battle. You also had to enlist troops to fight for you. For example, you start out with just stormtroopers, but then you must spend credits in order to enlist snipers or shock troopers. I liked galactic conquest a lot more. There was more strategy involved and it was more realistic.

There is also a split screen mode for two to four players. This mode I didn’t find all that useful. You can play games like capture the flag, but all in all none of these games were really that fun to play.

And of course there is instant action, which has remained virtually the same.

From what I have written so far, you are probably thinking, “Why did he say this was a disappointment?” Well the main reason is your teams AI. Your team mates are idiots to put it bluntly. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person on the team, which gets very frustrating. Your team mates hardly every capture command posts, and once a command post is captured, they have a terribly hard time keeping them. In instant action I constantly find myself running from command post to command post just to keep them! Your team mates also have no skill in using grenades. They throw grenades in the worst places and times, and have a terrible time killing enemies. I don’t know what went wrong when this game was being made, but someone screwed up when they decided on your team’s AI.

Graphics were superb. Everything was very detailed and well designed and looked very realistic. It was a pretty large improvement upon Battlefront 1. The maps were pretty well designed and were beautifully displayed. There are a lot of new maps in this game, and the ones from Battlefront 1, you can tell were improved upon. The only beef I have with the graphics is that it’s sometimes hard to tell whether someone is an enemy or a teammate just from looking at them. But other than that, the graphics were awesome.

Musically the game was great. Though there weren’t many new Star Wars tunes, the classic tunes were all there. There wasn’t much music during the game play except when you are about to win or lose. The sound effects were awesome. Everything was very high quality and just made the game seem that much more realistic.

For the most part, the storyline from this game comes right out of the Star Wars books and movies. A lot of the maps however, were from minor parts in the movie. For example there is an entire mission on the planet of Felucia where Adi Gallia was killed. I haven’t really noticed much change from the movies or books in the game.

The controls were pretty well done as well. Everything stayed pretty much the same from Battlefront. Your character is very easy to control and it’s very easy to aim and shoot and do most everything in this game. One thing I didn’t like however, was the controls while playing as a jedi or sith. The block button used to block with your lightsaber is the black button which isn’t very conveniently located. I was also highly disappointed that this game did away with the direction pad commands. For example, you can’t tell troops to follow you or to hold their position, which really helped in Battlefront 1, and I think could have compensated a little bit for your team’s incredibly crappy AI.

Before I got Battlefront 2, I considered myself a master at Battlefront 1. I could do entire battles and only die one or two times, and in essence obliterate the enemies. So when I first got this game, I set it on the difficult mode and found myself to be getting killed very rapidly! Me, considering myself to be a master at Battlefront 1 getting killed so easily? It was true and I couldn’t believe it. The enemy AI is just amazing and very life like in the hard mode. This game should be quite a challenge even for those that consider themselves to be quite good at third person shooters.

Replay Value
This game definitely has good replay value. Because of the challenge level, I don’t think I will ever get really tired of playing the campaign mode. However, because of the lack luster AI of your teammates, I will always switch back to Battlefront 1 if I ever want to just get some instant action and capture some command posts.

I know I have said many great things about this game in this review, but I feel that it was a big let down. I was expecting a lot more considering how good its predecessor was. I know the AI was the only major thing that I didn’t like with this game, but it is BAD, trust me, and it is the only reason I gave this game and eight for a score instead of a perfect ten. I would recommend buying this game if you are thinking about it, but brace yourself to be a tad bit disappointed at parts of it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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