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"May the force be with you."

A long time ago in a Lucas arts game manufacturing company far far away.....


Then I went and bought it for 50 bucks. Now I completely and totally LOVE this game!

Graphics: The graphics in this game are great! I mean you can actually see the troops and jedi taking breaths when you stand still. Also the clothing, or armor, on the troops is really cool looking! The buildings and houses are pretty good looking also.

Sound: The sound is also very good. When you fire a blaster bolt or swipe with your lightsaber you actually hear that noise like it's coming from the movies. When you are a jedi (or sith) and you have your lightsaber turned on that same humming noise doesn't go off until, A: you crouch down and the blade goes away until you stand up straight again, or B: you die. Another thing is when the troopers or jedi shout things like "Watch your flanks" or "Darth Maul awaiting orders".And when you get killed or blown up you either scream like a trooper or say something when you die like a jedi.

Music: Now I personally love the music because I love Star Wars and have heard the music many times before, but some of you might not like the Star Wars music, so to all of you that like Star Wars music, I will tell you what it is like in this game. The music sounds exactly like it does in the movies and is just as good too! You have the evil music or the good music, which ever one you like sounds great!

Gameplay: Now, the best part of the game. The gameplay is awesome, some of the best gameplay I've played in my life! I mean you can play as the new jedi or the troopers just like in the old game! You can even fight in space with the empire and their TIE fighters, or the Rebels and their A-wings and X-wings! You can either play in a mission mode where you are in the 501st troop and you do missions for the republic and after the Republic, the Empire. You can also do Galactic conquest which is where you go around conquering planets as the CIS, Empire, Republic, or the Rebels. And, just like in the last game, you can do instant action, which, for all you people completely new to Star Wars Battlefront games, is when you just choose the place you want to play at, choose the type of game (Capture The Flag, conquest, etc. etc.) then press launch and start your battle! You can also change how many troops you have or when you want your hero (or villain) to come up in the battle, and many more things. AND, this game is very strategically cool too, you can order your troops around, or have them follow you if you need them. Also, there is great variety of vehicles and starships to choose from if you want to fly in space or just wreak havoc on the ground! This game is great for every type of person, be it a person who likes to fly around in starships and blow things up in space, or someone who likes to do strategically awesome things on the ground with troops, this game is for everyone (even if they don't like Star Wars). Have a good times playing!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/10/06

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