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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by RandyP

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    !!        !!            !!            !!            d!b         ______
    !!        !!           !!!!           !!           d!!!b       /      \
    !!        !!          !!  !!          !!          d!   !b     d _-""-_ \
    !!        !!         !!    !!         !!         d!     !b    \/     / /
    !!        !!        !!      !!        !!         !!     !!          / /
    !!!!!!!!!!!!       !!        !!       !!         !!     !!         / /
    !!!!!!!!!!!!      !!          !!      !!         !!     !!        / /
    !!        !!     !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     !!         !!     !!       / /
    !!        !!    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    !!         d!     !b      / /
    !!        !!   !!                !!   !!          d!   !b      / /____
    !!        !!  !!                  !!  !!!!!!!!!!   d!!!b      !       !
    !!        !! !!                    !! !!!!!!!!!!    d!b       !_______!
    --------------------------MULTIPLAYER MAP PACK-------------------------
    Version .99 (7/14/05)
    By Randy Peterson (RandyP)
    0.Table of Contents
    2.Containment      #CONT
    3.Warlock          #WARL
    4.Sanctuary        #SANC
    5.Turf             #TURF
    6.Backwash         #BACK
    7.Elongation       #ELON
    8.Gemini           #GEMI
    9.Relic            #RELI
    10.Terminal        #TERM
    12.Version Info
    13.Legal Stuff
    14.Contact Info
    Q.What is it?
    A.The Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack is a supplementary disc to the game Halo 2 on
    Q.Do I need Halo 2 to use it?
    A.Yes, it will not work if you don't have Halo 2. 
    Q.What's on it?
    A.It includes 9 new maps for the multiplayer game, patches for glitches in the 
    multiplayer game, the Audio Test (Also found on the Special Edition), original 
    trailers for Halo and Halo 2, and two new movies, one a documentary, another a 
    CG cutscene to help flesh-out the one player game.
    Q.Is the gameplay update required?
    A.Yes, you must download the update before you can play the new maps.
    Q.Does the gameplay affect single player?
    A.No, it only affects the multiplayer game.
    Q.When are they free?
    A.If you have Xbox Live, the 5 last maps will be free on August 30.
    2.Containment  #CONT
    Containment is a very large, snow level that has two identical bases, one at 
    either end, with a large open area in the middle. It has a cave system
    on either side that you can use to traverse the course and a large trench in 
    the middle with bridges over it. There is a Banshee and a Warthog at each base.
    It also has many pyramid-shaped bombs in themiddle that blow up if you 
    shoot/run-into them. Finally, under the teleport exits, it has buttons that you 
    can use to open the gates to the base for a short while.
    -----Weapon Locations-----
    -Sniper Rifle-On the 2nd floor walkway (just under the entrance to the caves 
    from the base). It's propped up against a support.
    -Rocket Launcher-In the center of the course on either side, right by the 
    middle of the cave systems. They're on a bridge that leads to the center of 
    the course. There's ammo on the bridges, too.
    -Battle Rifles-In either base, there is a BR up by the turret on top of the 
    base. There is also one back behind the flag and behind the Warthog. A final
    one is just outside the base on the left side (left looking from outside the
    -Shotguns-Past the Banshee there is a tunnel leading into the cave complex.
    The shotguns are there in either base.
    -Carbines-In the cave complex, a short way from the bases on the left side 
    (Again, left looking at the bases from outside.)
    -Brute Shot-On the walkway above the flag spot.
    -Active Camo-In the rocks by the teleporter exit.
    -Overshields-In the trench in the middle of the course, right under the main
    bridge where the ball spawns.
    -----Game Strategies-----
    -Slayer-Not much to this. Grab Snipes, set up, and have fun because there are
    few places to hide. A good place to snipe from is the caves, between the 
    rockets and the Carbine. You can also fly the Banshee onto the big "things"
    outside the base and snipe from there. Forgoing sniping, though, there's a 
    -King of the Hill-Have someone sniping the hill at all times and sit in it 
    with the Launcher and you'll be fine.
    -Oddball-Good places to hide with the ball are the Shotgun tunnel and the 
    place where the Brute Shot spawns.
    -Juggernaut-Same as Slayer when you're the Jug.
    -Capture the Flag-Use the caves to get the flag. For retreat, I recommend
    teleporting, running for the trench, and then trying to make it to the caves
    from there. (Easier method, use the Warthog...) For defense, use the Brute Shot 
    walkway or hide by the inner wall, next to the flag.
    -Territories-There are two territories under the two big "things". The last
    one is on the middle bridge. A good strategy is to get the one on the bridge, 
    then snipe it while your teammates hold one of the other ones.
    -Assault-Same as CTF, except now you put it in the base instead of take it out.
    3.Warlock  #WARL
    It's the same setup as Wizard from Halo 1. It has 4 alcoves (one for each 
    color team), with 4 ramps and ledges, where you can jump to the center ledge.
    Also has 4 teleporters which take you to the teleporter on the opposite side
    of the room.
    -----Weapon Locations-----
    -Shotguns-One outside every teleporter
    -Battle Rifle-One on top of every platform.
    -Active Camo-On top of the center platform.
    -----Game Strategies-----
    -Slayer-Either get the Shotgun and run around on the bottom, waiting for people
    to drop down, or get a BR and start shooting from one of the platforms.
    -King of the Hill-Make sure you have every BR in the place pointed at the Hill.
    -Oddball-Get the ball and hide either under the center platform or at one of 
    the bases.
    -Juggernaut-Get a Shotgun and a BR and you're unstoppable.
    -Capture the Flag-Use the teleporters. Drop to the right out of your base, use
    that teleporter, then turn left and you're at their lift. Use the same strategy
    to get back home.
    -Assault-Same as CTF. Except make sure you have someone on top of the platform
    just outside their base to throw grenades on their base to kill the other team.
    -Territories-There is a territory at every base except green. I would get a BR
    and make sure you control the middle platform because that's the quickest way
    to get from base to base.
    4.Sanctuary  #SANC
    Sanctuary is a mid-sized Forerunner-based course with near-identical bases on 
    either side of the map, with a big center structure that has some bridges 
    leading out from it. two of these have ramps onto them, the other two lead onto
    the base. There is an open area leading to the base with some rocks on one 
    side of it. 
    -----Weapon Locations-----
    -Sniper Rifle-Just past the turret leading away from the base, propped up on
    one of the outside-facing pillars.
    -Battle Rifle-Near the flag-spawn, in the middle of the right-hand pillars.
    -Sword-On the bottom level of the center structure.
    -Shotgun-In the tunnel below the platform that the sniper is on.
    -Carbine-On one of the bridges (the one that there's a ramp to)
    -----Game Strategies-----
    -Slayer-If you're good with the sniper, use it on the base by the turret or
    on the center platform by the Carbine. If not, the turret works surprisingly
    well in this level, or else there is a Sword that you can sit with in the base.
    -King of the Hill-Sit with the Sword or the Shotgun in the hill. Have someone
    either with the Sniper or the BR outside of it, too.
    -Oddball-The Shotgun tunnel works very well as a hiding spot. The other place
    that I would use is just above the Shotgun tunnel, hidden in all those pillars
    by the Sniper Rifle.
    -Juggernaut-Get the Sword and slash people. Maybe get a BR to fight off 
    snipers. To kill the Jug, use the turret...
    -Capture the Flag-Have someone sniping the opponent base on the Carbine bridge.
    Then use either the right or left hand ramps (never the center) to get up and 
    down with the flag. For defense, use the turret. You can also hide on one of 
    the ramps to the base or the pillar areas. (like where the BR spawns)
    -Assault-Snipe their base and have everyone else guard you with Shotgun and 
    -Territories-There is a territory at either base and one in the middle. The 
    middle one must be held, but it's easy if you have the Sword. (Sit on the top
    level and drop down if someone tries to take it.)
    5.Turf  #TURF
    Turf is a level set in the streets of New Mombasa. You can jump on the roofs 
    like in the 1-player level, Outskirts. It has a covered area as one base; the 
    other is near a downed Scarab. The streets here are really tight except for 
    the main one where the Warthog is located. It also has a building that you
    can get into via a door, the hole blown in the wall, or a nifty swinging door.
    -----Weapon Locations-----
    -Sniper Rifle-In the main street, on the upper level of stores. It's right on
    the corner.
    -Shotgun-Right next to the Warthog.
    -Brute Shot-There are 2, both in the main street. One is by the building with
    the swinging door, on top of the ledge. The other on the ledge by the Warthog.
    -Battle Rifle-There's 3. One is on a street corner right in front of the downed
    Scarab. Another in the corner of the building you can get into. The last is 
    hidden away in an alcove by the covered area. (Look to the right of the soda
    -Brute Plasma Rifle-Right in front of the downed Scarab.
    -----Game Strategies-----
    -Slayer-Forgo the Sniper on this level, there's no place that's really good 
    to use it. I'd stick with a BR when in the main street, or else a Brute Shot
    anywhere else. (Dual-wielding works, too. I like the SMG+Brute Plasma Rifle)
    -King of the Hill-Have someone in the hill, and someone else sitting on a 
    roof somewhere by the hill. Works like magic.
    -Oddball-Like in Ivory Tower, there is a small room that you can hide in.
    Looking away from the Scarab, you go basically straight, run past the BR, and
    the room should be just before you go down the ramp, to your left. Also, the 
    covered base works well with the shields in front of it, or the inside hallway
    that's in the stores in the main street. Just have someone sit by the upstairs
    -Juggernaut-Same as Slayer. When not Jug, wait for him on the roofs.
    -Capture the Flag-If you have someone who can drive the Warthog through the 
    back streets well, then do it. Otherwise, come at the covered base from on top
    and the Scarab base from the right-hand side. (Looking at it.) Be wary, though.
    Defense has a big advantage here due to all the roofs being excellent places
    to defend from.
    -Assault-You'll have to first evict the defense from the roofs, then get up on
    them while your bomb-guy comes and plants the bomb.
    -Territories-Like usual, there is one at each base and one in the middle. This
    time, though, the middle is the room with the swinging door. Get a Brute Shot
    or a Shotgun and sit in a corner of that room to guard it. Also, you can just 
    hold both bases in this one because the bases are just about as far away from 
    one another as the middle is...
    6.Backwash  #BACK
    This level reminds me alot of 343 Guilty Spark from Halo 1... Except without 
    Flood. Backwash is a jungle level with, you guessed it, two bases on either 
    side and a central structure. It's like Sanctuary except with lots less sniping
    due to the trees and more hills. The center structure has three levels, the 
    second of which is only on the outside. The two bases are set down in the 
    ground. There's also Penitent Tangent floating around here, it's just for 
    show, you can't do anything with it.
    -----Weapon Locations-----
    -Sentinal Beam-YAY! The Sentinal Beam comes standard on this map. About time,
    too. There's one in the corner of each base.
    Sword-On one side of the center building, on top of a log sticking into the
    air. You have to walk up the log to get to it.
    -Shotgun-On one side of the map, (the one that doesn't have the Sword), there 
    are two Shotguns, both hidden in a clump of trees. One towards the blue base,
    the other towards the red base.
    -Brute Shot-Inside the central base, on the bottom level.
    -Battle Rifle-Directly across the course from the Sword, propped against a 
    -Active Camo-Inside the central base, on the top level.
    -----Game Strategies-----
    -Slayer-Grab the Sword and slash people to your heart's content. Also, the 
    Sentinal Beam works well for taking people's shields down.
    -King of the Hill-Get both the Shotgun and the Sword and run to the hill.
    -Oddball-I don't like Oddball here at all, but hide in the middle building if
    you must.
    -Juggernaut-Same as Slayer.
    -Capture the Flag-Go around the outside of the circle to get to their base
    and then try to hide in the valleys of the hills on your return trip. For 
    defense, don't hide in the base (too prone to grenades), try somewhere just 
    -Assault-Take the bomb around the outside to sneak it into their base.
    -Territories-This course doesn't use the old one at either base and one in the
    middle, surprisingly enough. There is a territory at the red base, but the 
    other two are in the middle, right below the Sword and right next to the BR.
    There's not much to say for strategy here, that means. Just run around and 
    grab as many territories as you can. If forced to defend, don't take the one
    by the base...
    7. Elongation  #ELON
    This is another remake of an old level, this time it's Longest. This level 
    consists of two long hallways with conveyor belts moving in different 
    directions. There are big boxes on each conveyor belt. At each end of one 
    belt is a base with more big boxes in it. There are also walkways above each
    hallway that you can jump around on to reach the other base.
    -----Weapon Locations-----
    -Shotgun-On the walkway right above either base. (Use the ramp in the base.)
    -Brute Shot-Between the conveyor belts on either side of the course.
    -Battle Rifle-Across from the base, there is another ramp leading to walkways.
    The BR is at the base of them.
    -----Game Strategies-----
    -Slayer-Never be on the conveyor belts! In the middle, there's nowhere to hide.
    Instead, limit yourself to the upper walkways and the bases, where you can 
    get the jump on someone else. For weapons, use the Shotgun, Brute Shot, or 
    -King of the Hill-Have someone watching the hill at all times, from the walkway
    above, when possible. Sit in the hill with the Shotgun or SMG+Plasma Rifle.
    -Oddball-Not too many good places to hide. The not-so-bad places are the bases
    (hide in the corner behind boxes) or the ramps leading from the bases. Play
    Ball is possible with the box holes like in Colossus.
    -Juggernaut-Same as Slayer, just stay off of the belts and you'll be fine.
    -Capture the Flag-USE THE CONVEYORS! You'll run so much faster making away 
    with the flag if you use the conveyor going towards your base. On approach,
    jump to the Shotgun walkway above their base. For this reason, I would only
    use the ramp leading to the walkway as a defense point. (Using the BR where it
    spawns also works to some degree.)
    -Assault-Again, use the conveyors to get it there fast. Then, if nobody sees 
    you, try to sneak up the ramp by the BR, jump across to their walkway, and drop
    down on the plant spot.
    -Territories-One at either base, one in the middle, on top. (Yeah, I know, 
    *boring*) Anyways, you'll need the base and the top, obviously.
    8.Gemini  #GEMI
    Gemini wins my award for coolest-looking new level. It has a Covenant-theme
    with those same cool doors and Prophet-like statues found in single player. You
    can also see High Charity (the Covenant city) if you go outside. Anyways, there
    is one big, main room, with two ramps on either side of it and a big lift like
    the one in Colossus. On one end, there is a semi-circular path outside. There 
    are two teleporters in the ramps that lead you up onto these sniping-platforms.
    The other two just connect one end of the map to the other.
    -----Weapon Locations-----
    -Beam Rifle-In the very bottom of the course, in the room with the teleporter
    that takes you outside.
    -Shotgun-What's a human weapon doing on this map? I know, it's to counter the 
    Sword, but it looks a little out of place. Anyways, they're found on the 
    support-things on the outside walkway.
    -Sword-In the upper half of the main room, in the middle of a tree. (You have
    to jump through the tree to get it.)
    -Carbine-On the bottom of either walkway on the side of the main room.
    -Brute Shot-On the top of either walkway on the side of the main room.
    -Overshields-At the base of the Prophet statue
    -----Game Strategies-----
    -Slayer-One of my favorite strategies is to grab the Sword or Shotgun, then get
    up on one of the sniper platforms and drop down on the people below. Sniping is
    difficult on this level. Don't get caught in the main room for too long.
    -King of the Hill-If in the main room, have someone snipe it from the platform.
    Sit in it with the Sword.
    -Oddball-Best place to sit is where the Brute Shot spawns, at the top of that 
    ramp. Also, if you're not adverse to doing Play Balls, have everyone in your 
    team sit by the outside teleporter. If you're going to die, jump off, then your
    teammates teleport and the ball is right in front of them.
    -Juggernaut-Outside is a good place to sit when they have to come and get
    -Capture the Flag-The flags are at either end of the main room. Either use the 
    ramps or use the teleporter, then the same on the return. For defense, the 
    sniping platforms offer an excellent vantage point, especially for Red Team.
    Blue Team can hide around the Prophet statue.
    -Assault-Use the teleporters while your friends clear out the enemy.
    -Territories-There is one by the outside teleporter, one by the Prophet statue,
    and one across the room from the Prophet statue. I like to take the outside 
    teleporter and then teleport for the one by the Prophet statue. Then, sit by 
    the Overshields and hurry back if anyone tries to take the outside one.
    9.Relic  #RELI
    Relic is basically just a wide-open plain level. It has a big, Forerunner-like
    structure in the very middle of it, and a shot-down Pelican on one side, but
    otherwise it is open. Very sniper-friendly. There is a Warthog by the Pelican
    and a Ghost on the other side of the map, by the ramp to the building. 
    Teleporters are in this map, but they must be opened. The button is in the
    base. There is also one of those Jackal sniper nests like in the one-player 
    game. Also, there's a big hill that's ideal for sniping by the Pelican base,
    hereby called Sniper Hill.
    -----Weapon Locations-----
    -Beam Rifle-By the base of the Jackal nest
    -Sniper Rifle-To the left of the Pelican (looking at it). It's propped up 
    against a hill.
    -Rocket Launcher-To the left of the base (looking at the big, tall part from 
    the ground) there are these armorplate-looking things sticking up from the 
    ground. The Launcher is in the middle of them.
    -Sword-Under the base, in a little alcove.
    -Carbine-Inside the base, on the floor. Outside the base, by the Ghost, between
    two ramps. Near the sniper nest, in the middle of more of those armor plating
    things. And finally, on the Rocket side of the base, by the Sword.
    -Battle Rifle-Many. One by the Warthog, another by some rocks that is between 
    the Pelican base and the sniper nest. Another between Sniper Hill and the main
    building, and another over towards the teleporter on the base side, again by
    a rock.
    -Shotgun-Go under all the arches from the Sword, and the Shotgun is just to the
    right of another alcove.
    -----Game Strategies-----
    -Slayer-Get one of the snipers and snipe. Pretty basic. My favorite place to 
    set up is on the big hill by the Pelican. Just stand up there and you get a 
    great view, and if you get shot at, just duck down on the back side of the 
    hill. You can also set up someplace on the building. (not the big precipice 
    where Red Team's flag is, somewhere else.)
    -King of the Hill-Again, try to always have the hill sniped by someone. I like
    to sit in the hill with the Ghost if the other team doesn't have rockets.
    -Oddball-Either guard the ball-man in the base with someone on top guarding 
    that entrance, or guard him in the Pelican, with someone on the hill, sniping
    the approach.
    -Juggernaut-Go on Sniper Hill (see Slayer).
    -Capture the Flag-I like the Red Team for this game, because their flag is on 
    the precipice of the building, therefore untouchable. However, Blue Team gets
    Sniper Hill. If on Blue Team, all you have to do is touch the flag and run 3
    feet with it and it's basically home because it's now on the ground. Take the 
    first ramp up the base and try to beat through their defenses. If on Red Team,
    take out the guy on Sniper Hill, then use that back entrance to drop down on 
    their flag. To defend Red Base, sit in the hallway. For Blue, Sniper Hill and 
    the Pelican.
    -Assault-Again, take the guy out of Sniper Hill and go around the base that 
    -Territories-There is one by the Pelican, one by the Launcher, and one by the
    sniper nest. You can guard the one by the Pelican and the one by the sniper
    nest from Snipers Hill, so do so.
    10.Terminal  #TERM
    I like Terminal the best out of all the new maps. The train is just too cool.
    This map features a big train terminal, a parking garage, an old highway, and 
    another base that I think is a car dealership of some sort. (Don't really know)
    There is also a MagLev train that goes out-of-control on the train tracks and 
    you will be killed if it runs you over. There is a Wraith and a Ghost in the 
    back of the train station, and a Warthog and a Ghost in the car dealership.
    -----Weapon Locations-----
    -Sniper Rifle-There is one on the highway, just outside of the base, propped-up
    against the remaining guard. The other is behind the train station, next to 
    the ramp leading over the tracks and onto the highway. It's propped-up against
    a wall.
    -Rocket Launcher-The Launcher is in the parking garage, on the first floor,
    in the pay booth.
    -Battle Rifles-There are two in the dealership base, between the Ghost and 
    Hog. There is another in the tunnel leading away from that base. Another pair
    are sitting next to the train loading platform. Another is behind the station,
    in the courtyard, propped against a retaining wall. Wow, that's 6 BRs!
    -Carbines-There's one sitting on the window ledge on the second floor of the 
    garage, and one sitting next to the entrance to the garage from the ground.
    -Shotgun-The other ground-floor entrance to the garage there's one and behind
    a box in the blown-out portion of the train station.
    -Sword-On the train tracks
    -Overshield-On the train tracks
    -----Game Strategies-----
    -Slayer-Either grab the upper-level parking garage as a sniper spot or drive 
    around a Ghost or the Wraith.
    -King of the Hill-Try to guard the hill with the Wraith. Very effective.
    -Oddball-Hide in the upper level of the parking garage. Guard him with the 
    rockets next to the ramp.
    -Juggernaut-Same as Slayer
    -Capture the Flag-The train station is actually very easily guarded. Sit 
    either on the outside, blown-out area or the top of the station. Defense on 
    the other end should sit on the walkway that leads around the whole top floor
    of the base.
    -Assault-Same as CTF.
    -Territories-The garage, the courtyard behind the station, and the station 
    itself are the locations of the territories in this game. If you have tanks,
    use that to guard the courtyard and take the station. Otherwise, leave the 
    courtyard because it's better to go from the station to the garage.
    -To my friends for playing this game with me
    -To Andrew Smith for teaching me the hard way where some sniper spots are
    -To CJayC for such an awesome site
    -To Bungie for releasing these maps
    -To EL PARRo for letting me use some of his questions for the FAQ and for 
    helping me on a couple things
    12.Version Info
    Version .99 (7/14/05)-.99 because it's finished to the best of my ability, but 
    I know that I've forgotten something. Most everything went up in this version.
    13.Legal Stuff
    Copyright 2005 Randy Peterson
    You can use this guide for your own, personal use, but please do not call it
    your own. Don't change or modify anything, and give me credit where it's due.
    You can certainly use this on your website, just email me and ask me and it
    won't be a problem as long as you use the most current version (on GameFAQs)
    and give me credit.
    Currently, only gamefaqs.com has permission to use this guide.
    14.Contact Info
    You can email me with general praise, complaints, fixes, additions, 
    constructive criticism, destructive criticism, regular criticism, general
    belly-aching, or telling me that you hate me.
    My email is: darketernal@dcemail.com.
    If you must get me on a chat client, I have AIM (don't ever use it...). My 
    name is Darketernal3 on there.
    Thank you all, and good night.

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