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"One of the best multiplayer FPS just got better"

I've described the multiplayer in my last review, and it may have sounded fan boyish, but the multiplayer is a really, really, good aspect of the game. I've also mentioned about the maps on Halo 2 and said it doubles the replay value, but the maps can be freely downloaded on Xbox Live, so if you have Xbox Live, save yourself 20$. Lets take a deeper look at the maps.

Relic is a common BTB Slayer or Skirmish. It takes place on a island in a halo. This map is cool because of its wide open area, makes for one cool matches and is perfect for Single CTF because their is a large for-runner construct planted in the middle of the map. This map seems to be the most used for BTB on matchmaking.

Turf is a fairly small map and is small enough for 2 versus 2. It takes place in the streets on earth and is familiar to the Outskirts level in the campaign making it a familiar place to anyone whose played the campaign. The map is good for single CTF for this one base at the corner of the map. This is my memorable map. The map has lots of corners and edges and, by default, a warthog is placed in that map which is cool.

Warlock is perfect for slayer and is capable for 2 versus 2 also. Anybody who has played Wizard, from the original Halo, will find that this is almost the exact same map, just with a more ancient look. The map is good for slayer with 4 people and can get intense which is good. This map is a memorable map also.

Elongation is good for CTF and is a update of Longest from the original Halo. The map will leave you peering around every corner just to survive. The map is also good for 2 versus 2 so there is a lot to say about this map.

Containment is the map I've always wanted to play Single CTF but the matchmaker won't touch this map, but I have played it and is cool. The map will leave you running around if you don't have at least 8 players. This map is a snowy place and has Warthogs, Tanks, and Banshees by default. The fact that the matchmaker won't touch this map, is a huge disappointment.

Terminal is a fairly wide open map and has Warthogs, Wraiths, and Ghosts by default. This mapb is perfect for Single Assault, which is a game mode where you have to arm a bomb at the enemies base(kind of like Reverse CTF) There is a speeding train on a rail above you which is cool to get ran over by. This map leaves to be one of the cooler maps.

Backwash is one of the least memorable maps. It takes place in this swampy place with trees. Their isn't much to say about this map, but multiplayer is still a cool option for this map.

Sanctuary is perfect for CTF because of its two bases. This map has a fairly wide open ground and has turrets at each base. This map is good for 2 versus 2 but its more memorable with 4 versus 4 CTF. This map is the best option if ou like CTF.

Gemini is the last map on the list and is familiar to Midship. The map has portals and fairly small and seems to be really good for Team King of the Hill. Their is lots of intense action and, once again, leave you peering around every corner.

Now if you have Xbox Live, its really not worth it to spend 20$ on the expansion pack, but if you don't have Xbox Live, this pack is highly recommended.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/18/06

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