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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ipino

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    Game Name       - Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend
       A.K.A.         Tomb Raider: Legend
       A.K.A.         Tomb Raider VII
    Developer       - Crystal Dynamics
    Publisher       - Eidos Interactive
    Platforms       - Xbox, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, PC
    ESRB Rating     - Teen
    Author          - ipino
    E-Mail          - ipino.faq NO&AT#SPAM gmail.com
                      (replace &AT# with a @ symbol, and remove "NO" and "SPAM")
    Date Started    - 2006/04/10
    Last Update     - 2012/05/27
    Version         - 0.94
       This guide is for private and personal use only. No part or whole of this
    document shall be reproduced in any form whatsoever. This document is free and
       may not be used for any commercial uses. This document may not be altered
                          without permission from the author.
                   The latest version is always available at my site,
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    a) Highlight the subsection code on the right. Either with or without the
       brackets is the same.
    b) Copy it into the clipboard with CTRL+C
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      1.  Introduction.....................................................(0INTR)
      2.  Disclaimer.......................................................(0DISC)
      3.  Revision History.................................................(0HIST)
      4.  Contact Policy...................................................(0COTP)
      5.  Controls.........................................................(0CONT)
            5A - Xbox Controls.............................................(CTXBX)
            5B - PC Controls...............................................(CTRPC)
            5C - Xbox360 Controls..........................................(CT360)
            5D - PS2 Controls..............................................(CTPS2)
      6.  Walkthrough......................................................(0WALK)
            6A - Bolivia - Tiwanaku........................................(01BOA)
            6B - Peru - Return to Paraiso..................................(01PER)
            6C - Japan - Meeting with Takamoto.............................(01JAP)
            6D - Ghana - Pursuing James Rutland............................(01GHA)
            6E - Kazakhstan - Project Carbonek.............................(01KAZ)
            6F - England - King Arthur's Tomb?.............................(01ENG)
            6G - Nepal - The Ghalali Key...................................(01NEP)
            6H - Bolivia - The Looking Glass...............................(01BOL)
      7.  Croft Manor......................................................(01CFM)
            7A - The House.................................................(CMHOU)
            7B - Equipment Location........................................(CMEQL)
            7C - Lara's Bedroom............................................(CFLRB)
            7D - The Main Hall.............................................(CFMHL)
            7E - The Library...............................................(CFLBR)
            7F - Mini Quest for the Gold Reward............................(CMMQG)
            7G - The Pool..................................................(CMPOL)
            7H - The Gym...................................................(CMGYM)
      8.  Boss Strategies..................................................(00BTR)
            8A - Takamoto (Japan)..........................................(1BOSS)
            8B - Rutland (Ghana)...........................................(2BOSS)
            8C - Creature (Kazakhstan).....................................(3BOSS)
            8D - Sea Serpent (England).....................................(4BOSS)
            8E - Amanda (Bolivia Redux)....................................(5BOSS)
      9.  Inventory........................................................(0INVT)
            9A - Weapons...................................................(0WEAP)
            9B - Gear......................................................(0GEAR)
            9C - Outfits / Costumes........................................(0OUTF)
     10.  Cheats Codes.....................................................(00EXT)
           10A - The Codes.................................................(CHTCD)
     11.  Frequently Asked Questions.......................................(0FAQ0)
     12.  Contributing Readers.............................................(0RDRS)
     13.  Thanks...........................................................(00TNX)
    1.  Introduction                                                       (0INTR)
     The Tomb Raider series is one of the group of games that is known not only to
    gamers, but to those who don't "practice" this sort of things. Maybe it's
    because of its structure, because of the platform-jumping, the puzzles, or
    maybe it's because of Lara Croft...
     I admit I haven't played any Tomb Raider game in my life, only a demo of the
    very first episode back on my old Pentium 166MMX, but aside for that, never.
    From what I've happened to read around, it seems I haven't missed that much,
    but now, Eidos Interactive fired Core Design (they did all the previous Tomb
    Raider games; I assume they were 6 because Legend is internally known as TR7)
    and hired Crystal Dynamics, that have developed some good games, like, to name
    a few, "Soul Reaver 2", "Legacy Of Kain", and the "Gex" series for N64/PS2/PSX
    and Saturn, as well a handful of other games.
    No I don't want to say that CORE Design Ltd. suxx, because it they don't; they
    made ton of good games too. I just want to say that Eidos didn't chose a dev
    team with bad credentials.
    And with those credentials, Crystal Dynamics has worked for two years to bring
    us this "Legend", that we, you and I, will dig up during the course of this
    FAQ. So sit down, relax, put on some good music if you want to, and read.
    P.S. i: As James Vere suggested me, I'll try to get a copy of Tomb Raider 1
      and 2 to have a different look at how this franchise has evolved over years.
    P.S. ii: As you might already noticed, the style of this faq is the same as my
      Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition (& Remix) FAQ/Walkthrough, I hope this won't be
      a problem for you.
    P.S. iii: <rating> As you might know, the next Tomb Raider iteration, "Tomb
      Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition" is not going to be released for Microsoft'
      Xbox - the first one - while it will for Sony's Playstation 2. I'd like to
      say that this SUCKS because those Xbox 1 aficionados (that have supported
      the platform) would really want to play it on their consoles.
      The same type of rating goes to games like Burnout Dominator and Test Drive
    2.  Disclaimer                                                         (0DISC)
    I'm working hard on putting up this document. No one, except sites listed
    below, can host it in their sites. This is only for private use. You can store
    it on your own hard drive for your convenience, burn it onto your personal cd
    or dvd backup, give it to your friend, but you can't get money out of it, nor
    you can claim it as your.
    Allowed sites to display this document, in its original text format, are:
    http://www.gamefaqs.com (and their affiliates)
    Please ask my permission before putting it on your website, thanks.
    Before stealing anything from this faq ask my permission or at least credit me
    3.  Revision History                                                   (0HIST)
    Things change... and this document does too.
    Version 0.01 (2006/04/10)
     - Size: 28.7 KiB
     - Just started everything. I know this will be rejected.
     - Made the walkthrough for the first level
     - Added weapons and gear infos
    Version 0.30 (2006/04/13)
     - Size: 51.2 KiB
     - Added missing Rewards in Bolivia
     - Added walkthoughs for level 2 and 3 (Peru and Japan)
     - Added unlocked outfits awarded by collecting the rewards and finishing
       time trial
     - Added unlocked cheat awarded by beating the time trial challenge
     - Added PC Controls
     - Section "Inventory" / "Items" removed
    Version 0.38 (2006/04/14)
     - Size: 64.6 KiB
     - Corrected a couple of mistakes regarding rewards in Japan (level 3), and
       added the missing ones
     - Corrected the reward for grabbing all four Silver Rewards in Japan
     - Added Pistols Upgrade Level 1
     - Added the Ghana walkthrough, though I miss some rewards
     - The previous version had bad ascii formatting, now it's all ok
     - Added my personal thoughts about each weapon in the game, in the weapon
       sub section (0WEAP)
    Version 0.49 (2006/04/17)
     - Size: 98.6 KiB
     - Collectibles in each level are called with the name of the object they
       appear as.
     - Added the Grenade Launcher to the weapon sections
     - Added a Boss section
     - Corrected the strategy for the Gold Reward in Bolivia (thanks to Brandon
     - Corrected, re-read, adjusted, modified walkthroughs for levels 1, 2, 3.
     - Added the missing Bronze Reward in Peru
     - Added the Kazakhstan walkthrough
     - Added the missing rewards in Ghana
     - Added the section regarding the Croft Manor and three subsections.
    Version 0.51 (2006/04/21)
     - Size: 103.8 KiB
     - Added another strategy to get the Gold Reward in Bolivia
     - Added an alternate strategy to defeat Rutland in Ghana
     - Corrected, the location of the door with the silver reward behind it in
       Ghana, thanks to Telechubby4Life
     - Corrected and slightly modified certain sentences
    Version 0.58 (2006/04/24)
     - Size: 132.4 KiB
     - Rewritten almost 50% of the Kazakhstan level, so things should be more
       clear now to follow and understand
     - Added England walkthrough
     - Other things I don't remember
    Version 0.61 (2006/04/25)
     - Size: 138.5 KiB
     - Added the Excalibur in the weapons section
     - Cleaned up the England level walkthrough
     - Added Bolivia Redux walkthrough
     - The Nepal walkthrough isn't finished yet, sorry
     - I finally completed the game! (Ok, I know you did that months ago, but I
       moved slowly because of the FAQ), however I'm still at 92% completition.
    Version 0.75 (2006/04/27)
     - Size: 156.5 KiB
     - Changes in walkthroughs:
       - Added the Nepal walkthrough, so finally all levels are covered.
       - Added the link to the video for getting the Gold Reward in Kazakhstan
     - Changes in the Croft Manor walkthrough:
       - switched rewards to their real names: Aralds => Crests
       - added the text of the third clue, the one in the library, and added that
         there's a Silver Crest inside the small room
     - Added the "Cheat Codes" section, (00CHE)
     - Changes in the Weapon list section:
       - Added the "Range" info for almost every weapon
       - Added the Soul Reaver
     - Changes to the Outfits/Costumes list:
       - Changed its layout to a, hopefully, more readable one
       - Added another list of outfits, grouped by which level unlocks them
     - The saved game of my 100% completed game has been submitted to GameFAQs
    Version 0.79 (2006/04/29)
     - Size: 161.3 KiB
     - Changed the layout of the cheats descriptions
     - Added Xbox360 and PS2 controls
     - Added Xbox360 cheat codes
     - Spell checked the whole document
     - I'm now working to make the Croft Manor walkthrough as easy as possible
    Version 0.90 (2006/05/09)
     - Size: 175.8 KiB
     - Changes in walkthroughs:
       - A gentleman called ÜberCharlie told me the word that Indiana Jones was
         supposed to "type" in "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade"; also, I
         said it was "Raiders of the Lost Ark" but obviously I was wrong
       - Added an alternate strategy for the Kazakhstan boss, submitted by
       - Fixed minor mispelled words and occasional typos
     - Changes in the Croft Manor walkthrough:
       - Section expanded to accomodate the various areas of the Manor
       - Added the walkthrough itself, obviously
       - For that reason, the status of this FAQ is now meant as "Complete"
     - Removed the Gamecube from the list of platforms because 1) the game isn't
       available yet for the GC and 2) Eidos said it will have more stuff added
       (kinda of the Resident Evil 4 port for the PS2) so I don't know if all the
       stuff written here will apply to the GC version.
       I do have a GC and if the port will feature really juicy additions I'll buy
       the game.
    Version 0.91 (2007/01/17)
     - Size: 178.9 KiB
     - Updated after a long silence
     - Corrected some minor mistakes here and there
     - Credited as much people as possible
     - Added PS's to the introduction section
     - I apologise for the lack of updates in previous months...
     - Japan's Yakuza superboss is Takamoto, not Takamura! I ran a quick search &
       replace, ops ...
    Version 0.92 (2007/01/19)
     - Size: 181.7 KiB
     - Added the ultra-useful translation of the lightened up panel in Kazakshtan
       with Russian writings (how cool!!!)
     - Credited more people
     - Corrected some poor "Angliskii" sentences
     - Ran another find & replace, this time for the proper name of the RC650
       Assault Rifle
     - Two more sites have permission to host this FAQ
     - Some guys requested them years ago... Finally I grabbed some screenshot of
       Lara wearing bikinis and one of the Legend Pink outfit (my favourite when
       re-playing levels).
       If someone needs a screenshot of a certain outfit or (why not?) a certain
       part of the game, just ask.
     - Added a warning for the sea-monster glitch in England
    Version 0.93 (2007/02/07)
     - Size: 184.5 KiB
     - Added more questions to the FAQ section
     - Captured, edited and subtitled a walkthrough video that should guide you
       inside the big room in Bolivia, where the Gold Reward is hidden...
     - .. and another one for the spikepit
    Version 0.94 (2012/05/27)
     - Updated email address
    4.  Contact Policy                                                     (0COTP)
    You are welcome to contact me at the email address written at the top of this
    document. If you do, please put something like "Tomb Raider Legend" or just
    "TR:Legend" (if you're too lazy to type the whole thing) in the subject, and
    then tell me everything you think can be precious for the FAQ.
    And no, your email won't be made public unless you ask to.
    Please cleanly state on your email the nickname you want to appear as, as well
    as if you want your email address to appear (the "@" symbol will be replaced
    like mine at the top of the document). If you won't say anything, I'll assume
    you don't want your email to be spread, as said.
    5.  Controls                                                           (0CONT)
    As the only version I have is the Xbox version, I know nothing about controls
    for other versions of the game. If you have one of those version, and have 5
    minutes of your free time to spare, do me a favour and put together a mail
    where you list the corresponding button or key for every action below, thanks.
    5A - XBOX CONTROLS                                                     (CTXBX)
    Left Thumbstick - Moves Lara around
    Right Thumbstick - Moves camera
    Right Thumbstick Click - Free first-person aiming
        NOTE: You cannot move while in first-person aiming
    Left Trigger - Lock onto enemies or hotspots
    while locked:
        Right Thumbstick Left/Right - Select enemy to the left/right
        A - Jump-roll
        B - Roll
    Right Trigger - Fire weapon
    A Button - Jump
    B Button - Crouch
    X Button - Launch Magnetic Grapple
    Y Button - Action (Context-sensitive) - there'll be an on-screen msg when
               you can use it
    D-Pad Up - Use medikit to heal Lara
    D-Pad Down - Change Weapon
    D-Pad Left - Activate/deactivate P.L.S. (Personal Light Source)
    D-Pad Right - Binoculars
    While using binoculars:
        Left Trigger - Zoom Out
        Right Trigger - Zoom In
        Y Button - Toggle R.A.D. scanner (Remote Analysis and Display)
    White Button - Shows HUD *AND* moves camera behind Lara
    Black Button - Throw Grenades or Flares
    Back - PDA
    Start - Pause menu
    5B - PC CONTROLS                                                       (CTRPC)
    Thanks to sefz for these.
    W/A/S/D Keys - Moves Lara around
    Mouse - Moves Camera
    Z Key - First-person aiming
    H Key - Lock onto enemies
    G Key - Draw weapons
    Left mousebutton - Fire weapon
    Right mousebutton - Jump
    Spacebar - Jump
    F Key - Crouch
    Q Key - Launch Magnetic Grapple
    E Key - Action (context-sensitive)
    Page Down - Binoculars
    Home Key - Use medikit to heal Lara
    Delete Key - Toggle P.L.S.
    End Key - Change weapon
    K Key - Throw grenades/flares
    Tab key - PDA
    ESCape Key - Pause menu
    5C - XBOX360 CONTROLS                                                  (CT360)
    Thanks to romek1uk for these.
    Left Thumbstick - Moves Lara around
    Right Thumbstick - Moves camera
    Right Thumbstick Click - Free first-person aiming
        NOTE: You cannot move while in first-person aiming
    Left Trigger - Lock onto enemies or hotspots
    while locked:
        Right Thumbstick Left/Right - Select enemy to the left/right
        A - Jump-roll
        B - Roll
    Right Trigger - Fire weapon
    A Button - Jump
    B Button - Crouch/Roll
    X Button - Launch Magnetic Grapple
    Y Button - Action (Context-sensitive) - there'll be an on-screen msg when
               you can use it
    D-Pad Up - Use medikit to heal Lara
    D-Pad Down - Change Weapon
    D-Pad Left - Activate/deactivate P.L.S. (Personal Light Source)
    D-Pad Right - Binoculars
    While using binoculars:
        Left Trigger - Zoom Out
        Right Trigger - Zoom In
        Y Button - Toggle R.A.D. scanner
    Left Button - Shows HUD *AND* moves camera behind Lara
    Right Button - Throw Grenades or Flares
    Back - PDA
    Start - Pause menu
    5D - PS2 CONTROLS                                                      (CTPS2)
    Thanks to nobody for these controls: I'm trying myself to deduct them. Mail me
    if there's something incorrect.
    Left Thumbstick - Moves Lara around
    Right Thumbstick - Moves camera
    Right Thumbstick Click (R3) - Free first-person aiming
        NOTE: You cannot move while in first-person aiming
    L1 - Lock onto enemies or hotspots
    while locked:
        Right Thumbstick Left/Right - Select enemy to the left/right
        Cross - Jump-roll
        Circle - Roll
    R1 - Fire weapon
    Cross - Jump
    Circle - Crouch/Roll
    Square - Launch Magnetic Grapple
    Triangle - Action (Context-sensitive) 
    D-Pad Up - Use medikit to heal Lara
    D-Pad Down - Change Weapon
    D-Pad Left - Activate/deactivate P.L.S. (Personal Light Source)
    D-Pad Right - Binoculars
    While using binoculars:
        L1 - Zoom Out
        R1 - Zoom In
        Triangle - Toggle R.A.D. scanner
    L2 - Shows HUD *AND* moves camera behind Lara
    R2 - Throw Grenades or Flares
    Select - PDA
    Start - Pause menu
    6.  Walkthrough                                                        (0WALK)
    Here we are!
    Right from the menu you get to see Lara that just awaits that you set up your
    options and start a new game. If you let her wait, an in-game movie will run
    showing you all the gorgeous (?) environments, Lara's abilities, she riding a
    motorcycle and wearing different costumes.
    When you're ready to start a new game, you'll be asked for the difficulty to
    play that level (from what I've gotten so far, at the beginning of each level
    you can choose at which difficulty to play it at).
    Levels are:
         Explorer - Easy
       Adventurer - Medium
      Tomb Raider - Hard
    The walkthrough, if not otherwise stated, is done at Tomb Raider level. The
    difficulty only affects enemies strenght, their energy level and the damage
    they make to Lara, and is in no way related to puzzles, that remain the same
    and require the exact same strategy to complete.
          WARNING - I don't like giving out spoilers, so the walkthrough is
                    almost spoiler-free; cutscenes are not described and
                    every name or things I say here are told by the game too.
          NOTE - When directions are given, I'll almost always say the point
                 of reference using things in the room you're in, like a
                 statue or something easily spottable. Otherwise, they'll be
                 referred to Lara's position when you first enter the room or
    \      |
     \  6A |  Bolivia - Tiwanaku                                           (01BOA)
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   Anya telephoned today. She heard a rumor about a rumor about an
           |   ancient temple in Bolivia that contains a ornate stone dais. It
           |   could be the one I'm looking for.  I'm setting out first things
           |   in the morning
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   "I've been looking for certain artifacts..."
              /                     /
             / TIME TRIAL: 12m 30s /
    |   KNIVES   |  |                                               UNLOCKABLES  |
    |============|  |============================================================|
    |  1 Gold    |  | Find Gold Reward:  Sport outfit                            |
    |  5 Silver  |  | Find all Silver Rewards:  Legend, Union Jack outfit        |
    | 10 Bronze  |  | Complete Time Trial:  Sport, Green outfit                  |
    |____________|  | Beat Time Trial:   Draw Enemy Health                       |
      Enjoy the intro scenes. Once you gain control, feel free to move Lara around
    to get used to the controls. Once done, from the starting position, move
    forward and enter the opening in the rocks on the left to collect the first
    Exit from where you came from or by proceeding forward and jump the wall or
    the gap.
    If you want to perform the same acrobatic vault up Lara does at the end of the
    (second) intro movie, push Up and then push and hold the the jump button.
    However, I remember to have seen the same sort of acrobatic jump in AEon Flux,
    but maybe it was AEon who "borrowed" the move from Lara.
    As you get near those rocks, you'll be told that pressing the action button
    will make Lara kicks small objects (like rocks, barrels, and the like). On
    the right, however, there's an opening and the second BRONZE KNIFE.
    As you might have already noticed there's a little "pool" of water. As you get
    close, you'll get instructed on how to swim. It's easy, one button to go down
    and one to go up.
    Let me say that the underwater camera is spectacular and shows Lara swimming
    and water bobbles goes out from her mouth and... wow, it's cool.
    Anyway reach the other end and jump onto that platform to activate a brief
    cutscene. Your PDA is still working! Don't try this with your console/pc,
    You're now instructed on how to move MOVABLE objects, like big rocks: the
    action button to grab them, and with the same thing you use to move Lara
    around (that is, the left analog stick for example) you move Lara AND pull or
    push the object. You push the action button again to release it.
    Push the big rock down and jump on the next platform.
    - Checkpoint
    Now you'll face a vine, and you'll be now instructed on how to climb those
    vertical stuff like vines, ladders, chains, poles and the like.
    Go up and proceed to the cliff up ahead, facing the waterfall.
    - Checkpoint
    There will be a rope hanging, so jump and grab it. 
    Now, instead of jumping in the cave behind the waterfall, hit the action
    button and turn Lara to her left to reveal another cave entrance. Swing onward
    and backward to gain enough momentum to jump in this one and as you proceed
    collect the SILVER KNIFE. At the end, jump down and turn left to reach the
    TIP: In time trial mode you might want to jump on the cave behind the
         waterfall instead, in order to not lose precious time
    Jump on the platform over the gap, and... see where you need to go? Good;
    after the jump, face left and jump and grab the ledge on the rocks. As you
    move to the left you'll be told that hitting the action button in time with
    your side movements, Lara can go faster.
    At the end of this curvy ledge, jump to the ledge of the platform on the left.
    You'll be at the top of the waterfall.
    Now, go up this (wet) path and stay on the left. Soon, as you get near it, a
    loose enormous rock will roll down, luckily away from you.
    Now proceed and jump and grab the horizontal pole up ahead. Move to the left
    side of it and jump to the next, smaller one, and then to the ledge. Move
    to the right and hit the jump button as Lara's arm swings forward to grab the
    ledge on the other side of the water.
    If you happen to jump at the wrong time, you'll hear Lara suffer for not
    having grabbed the thing right, and a button will appear on the screen; if you
    don't push it, then Lara will lose the grip.
    Watch the small scene.
    A bad guy will be there, so lock on it and kill him with your dual pistols.
    You'll be told about the binoculars and the R.A.D.
    While in RAD mode, things get analysed. It can recognise mechanisms, breakable
    and movable objects.
    The rudimentary lever here is the first mechanism you encounter. But first,
    take the BRONZE KNIFE on the left side of it (left from where you are coming,
    of course).
    Now, go where the raised part of the mechanism is, and turn your back at it.
    You should be facing a wall with a ledge. Go to the corner you see on the left
    and jump and grab this ledge. Move all the way to the right and "vault up" to
    the upper ledge. Then it's all about pushing the big rock down so it operates
    this basic puzzle.
    Jump down and grab the branch of the big log you just raised. Jump again and
    grab the ledge of the cliff.
    - Checkpoint
    You'll see that a circular stone is shining up ahead. This is the game's way
    to tell you that you can grapple objects with your magnetic grapple.
    Take out your binoculars and enable the RAD to discover that it is fragile.
    As the game promptly suggests, throw the grapple at that disc. Then, hit the
    Action button to pull on, and hit the magnetic grapple button again to detach.
    Pass the door for another cutscene.
    After it, two guys will be standing in front of you, back facing. Quickly
    dispose of them, healing if needed.
    And now, a ledge-climbing rebus (?).
    Go to where the waterfall is, grab the ledge and move to the left. A small
    part will fall, but don't worry it's a jump able gap. Grab the horizontal pole
    and then move on the ledge of the column to jump to yet another ledge. Jump
    to the upper platform.
    - Checkpoint
    There's a hanging rope. Grab it and swing to the waterfall.. but where ? Ok
    you see three streams of water in front of you. You can jump on the right, but
    I prefer the left-most one. Behind it, there's a small alcove with a BRONZE
    KNIFE for you to take. Jump down and go to the left, where there'll be more
    swinging off horizontal poles. Be careful as you land as there is a mercenary
    You'll be instructed that hitting twice the jump button while that icon is
    show on the screen, you'll jump AND grapple at that target, and you'll need
    to swing to be able to reach the intented destination. You must hold the jump
    button pushed or Lara will fall.
    After the jump, go inside this ruins, and proceed forward. At the first turn,
    stop. Look on your left: there's a BRONZE KNIFE. To collect it, switch to
    first person aiming and aim the cross hair at it; then, throw the magnetic
    grapple to grab it. Then proceed along the cave.
    There's no threat here so don't worry. Soon, as you reach the end, yet another
    cutscene will play.
    - Checkpoint
    Shoot the rocks with the action button, and then descend through the slanted
    wall. If you're lucky, the two mercenaries down here will be killed by the
    rocks, otherwise you must finish them.
    Right in front of you, though, there's an opening with a BRONZE KNIFE hidden.
    However, kill the mercenaries shooting from the ledge; don't shoot while the
    reticule is gray because you're not gonna hit them. Dodge their shots with the
    jump and roll buttons (or keys).
    Then take the left path to meet another mercenary. Grab his weapon (SMG)
    with the Action button.
    Remember that, at least on the Xbox, you can quickly turn around by making
    Lara face where you want her to watch/go, and then by hitting the White
    Anyway, kill that mercy and heal if needed. There should be plenty of medikits
    scattered around I guess; so stock up on them. Too bad you can carry only 3.
    Before jumping on the swinging rope, go to the ledge where that mercenaries
    were shooting at you from; walk on the right to find a BRONZE KNIFE.
    Then, back up and grab the rope. Climb a bit using the method you learn from
    the game (push and hold the action button, then ascend or descend the same way
    you do with poles) and swing to jump on the next area.
    Don't rush, there are a bunch of enemies there.
    Lock and shoot the rocks, then kill the remaining mercy near the SUV. Keep
    jumping and rolling to not get hit.
    Once the area is clear, grab the weapon of the guy that was behind the SUV, a
    RC650 Assault Rifle, if you want. The guys on the left side of the small
    bridge you crossed before had the RC650 too, so grab their ammo.
    Before going up the stairs and getting inside, climb the blocks on the left.
    Climb the first and then the second one, and destroy with your pistols the
    breakable wall to collect a SILVER KNIFE.
    If you can't find it, go near the SUV and, with the RAD, scan the left side
    of the stairs.
    - Checkpoint
    Be careful once inside, because part of the floor will literally open,
    revealing a nice (nice not for you, that is) killing trap beneath the floor.
    You should see the hint of the grappleable object, so do as you did before and
    reach the other side.
    Don't worry for Lara's foot or legs, the trap won't hurt her :)
    You'll reach another area, but before getting on those chains, go on the small
    opening on the left side and grab a BRONZE KNIFE. Exit and go to the chains.
    Listen to Zip's talking and jump on the chain without a counter-weight. Go up
    and jump on the other one; go up quickly and jump again on the one you were
    before. Then turn around and jump in the upper opening.
    Walk to the other side and use the chain there to descend to ground level (in
    time trial mode, to shave some seconds, just jump down). Then take the obvious
    - Checkpoint
    Jump in the water and swim around the ruins. As you are in the "hairpin", swim
    up to the surface to spot a ledge you can go; near a small wall there's a
    BRONZE KNIFE waiting for you. Then go back in the water and continue swimming
    taking the right opening.
    - Checkpoint
    Get out and prepare your guns as there's a jaguar behind the corner. It can
    sustains HUGE punishment: prepare to empty your RC650 clip on it. Go up the
    stairs you just came here to kill it without getting hurt.
    Then proceed and stop as you walk down the little unevenness.
    Two moving rock blocks will crash one against each other so you need to time
    it right to make it through. For now, just wait till they crash, then run and
    roll to pass them (or just run).
    After the left corner, there'll be TWO more of these things, so how are you
    going to get after them?
    Easy. Do you see the cubic cage in the corner? Push it towards the walls and
    put it between them, effectively opening you a path on the first pair.
    After that it will be as easy as before to pass the next pair.
    Walk around the next corner and reach a big area.
    - Checkpoint
    This is another tricky puzzle.
    NOTE: Unlike any other box or cage you find in other levels,
          these three can't be hooked by the Magnetic Grapple.
          You can see that because the reticule does not turn blue
          when aiming at them in free aiming stance.
    NOTE 2: On 2007/01/23 I did a video walkthrough for this room; it's a 11.6
          MB video file at 768kbps with audio (from the game of course, no silly
          "soundtrack") that you can use to better understand how to get out of
          this area and especially how to grab the Gold Knife. Urls are:
    There are three big "buttons" on the floor: the one on the center is the key
    to open the altar in front of you, while the other two each one unlocks the
    corresponding protection of each side gear.
    For the right side, just push the cage on it and you're set, while the others
    require a bit more.
    Remember, however, to use the RAD to scan this area and every area you come
    to. Here, almost everything is glowing!
    Also note that the GOLD KNIFE is inside a small opening ABOVE the stone door
    you need to open. To collect it, you must make sure the door will not fully
    open. More on this soon.
    For the sake of the walkthrough, let's assume that North is where you need
    to go, and South is where you are coming from.
    Anyway, on the east side, behind the cage and near the chain, jump on the
    right to find a BRONZE KNIFE.
    Jump down and pull or push the cage over the button nearby. One down, two to
    go. However you just need only one cage to open the door, so the cage you see
    on the right of the lower floor is useless.
    Before jumping on the lower floor, equip your weapon because there's another
    jaguar roaming. But you can easily make it without fighting him.
    Jump down on the west side near the south end of the lever and pull the cage
    out. Then, once the lever descends, push it over it.
    Now, get on the upper floor and go to the altar-like thing in the middle of
    the room.
    Walk up the stairs and, from the small floor there, jump toward the north end
    of the lever. You don't have to be precise, just jump.
    You'll see the cage being thrown in air and then land on the upper floor.
    Go grab the cage and place it over the middle button.
    Now have Lara step on the west button. As soon as the cutscene showing the
    door opening ends, step away from the button. The door should stay half open.
    but it's too high to jump on the middle ledge of it to grab the gold reward.
    In time trial mode, just ignore the next part and proceed to the door.
        Go go the middle cage and pull it away, then return to the west button and
        step on it to make the door close, then push the cage again on top of the
        middle button. The door should now constantly try to open, but since the
        West mechanism is still locked, it can't.
        Have Lara step again onto the West button. This time, you have to step out
        of the button when the bottom of the door is as high as the first row of
        ledges of the columns near the door, like in the screenshot I took:
        (continues on the next part)
    To reach that door, go to the south-west side of this room and use the lowered
    chain chain to jump and grab the ledge. Go around it, vault up and use the
    horizontal chain to reach another similar part: carefully go down the
    ledge, use the pole and reach the door.
    - Checkpoint
    Now, you could walk away or grab some rewards. Go on the other side (East) of
    that floor you are on, and use the same technique as before to grab a holy
    SILVER KNIFE. Backtrack and stand in front of the door (if you're after the
    gold reward) or proceed.
        Jump on the small ledges on either side of the door (that's it, the two
        columns), the ones that you previously used as reference, then jump on the
        ledge in the middle of the door and vault up to collect the GOLD KNIFE.
        Then go down and go through that door.
    **** Alternate Strategy for the Gold Knife, submitted by Blue Vane ****
    "Move all the boxes into the right place and finish the puzzle. Climb up the
    chain, jump onto the ledge, shimmy your way around, climb up and then stop.
    Look back at the puzzle and shoot the box that makes the doors open, the one
    near the ledge you need to jump off to make the see saw works.
    Shoot this box slightly so it comes off the button and closes the door, this
    would normally not let you on the chain but since you're already up its fine!
    Make your way to the door that exits the room but do not go through; move to
    the opposite ledge you arrived there from [i.e., the facing the door, on the
    right]. Aim at the box that you shot on the way to the door, its a 1 in 10
    chance of managing this but you need to shoot the box back onto the button so
    the door starts opening again. When you hear that it's starts opening, jump
    onto the wall right next to the door and then side jump onto the door, get
    raised up and jump again to get higher, then jump yet again to get up to the
    bit the gold is in."
    My suggestion is to put the middle box as shifted to the North as possible, so
    it's half on the button and half out of the button, otherwise the shooting may
    push it too far and you'll have to start over.
    It will shut behind you and there'll be the first interactive scene of the
    game, like those in Resident Evil 4 (if you have played this awesome game).
    Tap the buttons as soon as you see them on the screen and then proceed. The
    order of buttons to tap never changes though, unlike Resident Evil 4. There
    are two Indiana Jones-like traps to avoid.
    Once done, another door will shoot behind you. Proceed on this corridor.
    - Checkpoint, "Spikepit"
    NOTE: On 2007/01/23 I recorded a video of me getting around this nasty place.
        It's a 6.75 MB movie at 768 kbps, with in-game audio. It's available for
        streaming on:
    Around the corner, a dark deep pit with a jaguar and another, that's how I
    like to call them, "navigational puzzle".
    Go on the ledge and press the roll button to grab hold it. Move on the right
    to descend to ground level, killing the animal.
    Here we need direction so let's make a point of reference. Can you see where
    the glowing reward is? Great, this wall is North, West of it is where you need
    to go, East is where you come from.
    Use the RAD to spot a movable wall on the East side. Inside, there's a path
    leading to a SILVER KNIFE. Remember that you have your friendly light source
    with you.
    Ok, back to the pit area, you'll see that between the North and the East walls
    there's a risen part of the floor and of course you should have noticed by now
    the 5 big spiked things. One of them is broken, leaving only 4 usable. Each
    one has four horizontal poles you can grab, and will rotate once you jump on
    So go up on this raised part and jump on any of the two jumpable metal parts.
    Jump from pipe to pipe to end up on a ledge. Here, move Lara to the right so
    you'll be on the West wall, and jump on the other ledge.
    Proceed on the right but don't jump on the higher ledges. Instead, jump on one
    of the spiked things. You must jump on the spike that is parallel with the
    wall Lara is currently on.
    As you do it, the stuff will rotate counter-clockwise and you can then jump
    where the reward we took as reference is, thus grabbing a SILVER KNIFE.
    From there, jump down and do all over again but instead of going after the
    reward, go up to the higher ledges. These will bring you to the exit of the
    pit. After that, there's a wall to climb and a safe corridor to go through.
    - Checkpoint
    After the corner, enjoy the cutscene. Part of it was used in a trailer for the
    game, if you remember correctly.
    Anyway, there'll be a huge helicopter on your left side. Ignore it and run
    forward, jumping when needed. As you reach the other side, the chopper will go
    away, but you'll still have your hands full as tons of mercenaries will be
    shooting at you! So shoot them and "acrobatise" as much as you can, use the
    "focus" mode if you want, and grab their weapons that are more powerful than
    your stupid pistols. I've counted 7 enemies but I wasn't too accurate because
    I was jumping/rolling/shooting/keeping an eye on health/healing/and so on.
    As soon as you kill the last one, another cutscene will kick in, ending the
    \      |
     \  6B |  Peru - Return to Paraiso                                     (01PER)
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   Ruthland  implied a  connection between  the stone dais and the
           |   ruin near Paraiso.  I hope Anaya will meet  me there despite it
           |   all. We may not find anything besides a dozen corpses, Amanda's
           |   among them, but I have to know for certain
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   "I think Amanda might not have died down there..."
              /                     /
             / TIME TRIAL: 21m 30s /
    |  STATUES   |  |                                               UNLOCKABLES  |
    |============|  |============================================================|
    |  1 Gold    |  | Find Gold Reward:  Classic outfit                          |
    |  2 Silver  |  | Find all Silver Rewards:  Legend, Blue outfit              |
    |  8 Bronze  |  | Complete Time Trial:   Winter, Pink No coat outfit         |
    |____________|  | Beat Time Trial:   Infinite SMG ammo                       |
    This is a huge level, and you can see that by the time available to beat the
    time trial mode, so I splitted it up in four parts.
    But let's proceed step by step.
    Part 1: THE CITY  -  Lara's arrival in the Peruvian town will scare residents,
    ----------------     maybe because of her pistols, who knows, eheh.
    Before meeting with Anaya, though, there are a couple of hidden rewards to
    From the starting position, without even moving, turn the camera right. If you
    have already stepped away from that position, get back there. Go between these
    two buildings and turn left. Climb on the roof the building on Lara's left
    using the lower part of the building itself.
    Go straight and now you need to jump on the roof of the house across the
    street. Throw the grapple at the pole (as usual hitting two times the jump
    button) and swing to that said roof. Jump down behind this house and grab the
    To get out, push the box near the wooden fence to get out of this small area.
    You can go right and practice Lara's moves with the dummy, but otherwise, go
    left and proceed to reach the plaza.
    - Checkpoint
    A cutscene with Anaya will play, but the two girls will be interrupted by
    those annoying mercenaries, that are trying to grab the artifact before Lara.
    Kill them by shooting the explosive barrels scattered around and the truck
    they came with, and kill the other two that appear. Then, a guy will blast
    open a door with a shotgun from up a balcony, kill him too.
    Before getting to that door though, collect the weapons all these fools left
    and collect another reward. To get it, go up the stairs and jump on the left
    balcony using the roof of the stand below. Swing through the poles and grab a
    Get down and go to the doors the two guys showed up earlier: there's another
    BRONZE STATUE there. It's on the east side of the building with stairs.
    Climb the pole (on the east side of the building with stairs, again), and kick
    open the door of the building near the pole; there's a SILVER STATUE inside
    that is awaiting you. Then grapple the lamp post to reach the other balcony.
    Take the shotgun if you want; I prefer to stick with the RC650, because there
    is a tough battle coming up and you need to hit mercs farther than the shotgun
    can hit.
    You'll learn and pick up several grenades. Kill however the enemy inside the
    Then draw your RC650 and kick open the door (using the action button) to get
    to a roof.
    - Checkpoint
    Start shooting at the guys. Keep rolling and jumping or these guys WILL kill
    you. Take advantage of the hazards and be ready to hit the action button when
    prompted. As usual, when reloading you weapon, move away of their sight.
    From this roof you can kill 6 mercenaries. Collect their weapons to stock up
    on ammo, and do not go past the building with the arcs on the right. On the
    left, there's a small gap with stairs, from the roof you can kill a mercenary
    guarding the street on the left side of the building with the arcs, without
    being ever shot at.
    Jump down on the street and kill the two guys behind the barrels. There's
    another one on the left, between the buildings. He doesn't always show up now,
    though, and if he doesn't then he'll come out when you use the turret (see
    below). Go inside this narrow passageway and turn right to find a BRONZE
    As you step forward from the barrels, a truck will be coming from the gate on
    the right, with two guys on it. Kill them and kill the other one coming from
    the right too. Now, hug the wall and prepare to kill another 4 guys. You might
    use the turret on the truck, but it's easier to just kill them with your guns;
    there are plenty of ammo for your good friend the RC650 so don't worry.
    If you use the turret then a guy will come out from the passage between the
    two buildings where you killed his two colleagues before; if he didn't already
    appeared before, of course.
    Now go toward the parked bike and prepare for a long ride.
    Part 2 - MOTORCYCLE  -  Anaya's got mercenaries on her tail, so you must reach
    -------------------     her, using that holy-placed bike.
                            For this section, there's not so much to talk about;
    just shoot the guys as they show up with bikes, grab medikits, heal, and dodge
    the rocks.
    Unfortunately, you can only use your pistol, not the RC650 (because the RC650
    is a two-handed weapon, maybe).
    After a few tries you'll memorize health packs locations, and however there
    are several checkpoints so in case you die you don't need to start from the
    At the end, there'll be a broken bridge, so you have to use some amps to jump.
    There will also be two health packs after the bridge, you can't miss them.
    Four more guys will join the race soon, and another four right after them.
    - Checkpoint
    Collect the health pack on the right, and get ready for the final part of this
    crazy race for Anaya's saving.
    As you get behind it, a truck will start dropping boxes down the road, so stay
    on the left to dodge them, and overtake the truck. From the two trucks ahead,
    the left one will do the same thing so go behind the right one. The two guys
    that were dropping the boxes down from the left truck will start shooting at
    you, so do you best to kill them.
    After that, climb the ramp to get onto the moving truck and watch the cutscene
    with Anaya.
    A new section will load, and another bunch of cutscenes will play.
    Part 3: YOUNG LARA  - You'll now play as the young Lara. To me, she is dressed
    ------------------    the same way she was in the first Tomb Raider.
                          She has no weapons and no gear: only flares, that can be
    thrown the same way you throw grenades. You have an unlimited amount of flares
    so don't be afraid to use them.
    Roll under the opening to reach the cave tunnel, then descend down. Use the
    pole to swing to the other side. As you go through this tunnel, you'll see Eva
    being... well, not going to tell you. However the path will be obstructed so
    you need to go back and take the left path.
    TIP: In Time Trial mode, at the fork take immediately the right path;
         you don't need to see Eva or watch the ceiling fall down.
    Roll under the broken gate to find Sarah, dead.
    Pull the box onto the floor that activates the broken mechanism. Place it on
    the right. Then jump on the box and jump and grab the lone horizontal arrow
    from the mechanism. Swing onto the ledge and collect the BRONZE STATUE on the
    Jump on the ledge of the statue and then swing on the left pavement and go
    through the opening.
    - Checkpoint
    Drop down and then, after checking up the dead corpse, go talk to Kent. He'll
    tell you that that gate can't be opened so you have to use the opening above.
    So, pull away the green sphere and let the arrows get inside the trap again;
    jump onto the right ledge and grab the rope and pass through that opened gate.
    - Checkpoint
    Just jump down and watch the cutscene. Prepare for your second interactive
    cinematic: keep an eye on the lower right corner: when you see the blue icon,
    make Lara run forward and jump the debris, to not get killed by the creature.
    Jump and try to grab the rope (which will break); in case you don't, Lara will
    not get hurt. The same cannot be told about the creature, which will splatter
    into the front wall.
    The mechanism on the right has a single arrow that works, and you need that
    arrow to reach the hanging rope to jump onto that floor. So you gotta need
    something to put on top of the the trigger.
    Turn around and jump on the ledge near the slanted wall, push the green sphere
    down. Then push it onto the trap to let the arrow stay out.
    Now you need to reach that floor we mentioned earlier, jump back on the ledge
    you were just moments ago and proceed (you'll be interrupted by Amanda).
    TIP: In Time Trial mode, ignore Amanda. The timer may
         be gone from the screen, but it's still counting.
    - Checkpoint
    Before stepping through the door, look on your right and collect the BRONZE
    STATUE near the corner.
    Then go down the passageway, and avoid falling in the spiked trap. Then go
    forward for yet another cutscene, with Amanda this time, ending this section.
    Part 4: BACK TO PRESENT DAYS  -  On your left, behind three boxes, there's a
    ----------------------------     BRONZE STATUE.
                                     Keep moving and inside some broken wooded
    boxes there's another BRONZE STATUE.
    Then jump into the pool and swim in the only direction you can.
    Catch your breath at each cave entrance (there are two) and you'll arrive in a
    giant room, flooded with water.
    - Checkpoint
    Now, do you see the four glowing orbs underwater?
    You must activate them (with the Action button of course) so the door can open
    and the water can go away.
    If you use the action button to make Lara swim faster, you can activate all
    four of them in a single swim underwater.
    With your feet finally on the ground, turn right and check the right path for
    As you are near the door, a new Checkpoint will be made, and a new cutscene
    will play. Then proceed and use the ledges on the left to get to a platform
    and then grapple to the other side.
    You'll arrive on a large room that might reminds you a certain part of the
    movie "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade", where Indiana had to step on the
    correct sequence of words engraved on the floor to "write" "JEHOVAH" (thanks
    to ÜberCharlie) however, the first letter of God's name in Latin was an "I",
    not a "J".
    This, of course, has nothing to do with Lara, you don't have to type anything,
    in fact, the floor has no letter on it, you must only get near it, and another
    interactive scene will play, with three buttons to hit (on the Xbox version,
    they are Left Stick Up, A, Y): one to climb the column, one to jump, and
    another to not lose the grip.
    There's a big room with another puzzle in front of you, sort of the boxes
    puzzle you did in Bolivia. This time around instead of boxes you have the
    giant green spheres to be placed inside the three sockets on the ground.
    If you look at Lara's left, you can see a sphere on top of a column. To let it
    fall, grapple the shimmering metal thing of the column itself; however don't
    stand in a position where the ball might fall on Lara.
    Place this one on the right plate. Place the other one on the left side of the
    You'll see cutscenes of the two lateral statues opening and revealing ladders.
    Climb the right one and push down the sphere that's on top of the statue. Then
    carefully get down again and place that sphere in the middle spot. A cutscene
    will play.
    - Checkpoint
    Now go up one of the ladders directly that face the room you did came from, to
    let another cutscene starts. Climb the ledges on your right, then run and jump
    on the ladder of the statue. Don't go down (of course) but jump to the other
    side so you can grab the ledge of the big wall. When you arrive at the rope,
    you have two paths. If you are looking for the gold reward then you have to
    jump on the ledge of the LEFT big pillar, the destroyed one, so you can reach
    a semi-hidden entrance to a hidden area, that has a hidden sphere on top of a
    small hill.
    Push the sphere down (that will break through the wall), and go down again to
    the tomb area, place that sphere in the middle socket along with the other
    sphere so the tomb can raise further and reveal the GOLD STATUE. You must now
    do the whole path again to return to the rope, so good climbing.
    There of course jump on the right pillar and proceed killing the two guys
    below. Go back from where you came from, ignore jumping and "dancing around"
    because it's not needed.
    As you are near the cracked stone door to the big room, the one that was
    flooded before, you'll hear the bad guys talking. Draw your weapons.
    - Checkpoint
    Kill the three guys and climb the rope, then continue and go up the ladder.
    Continue, dispose of the lone mercy, and climb the hundredth rope. You'll then
    return to the surface, where a bunch of mercenaries will be waiting for you.
    Kill them all, they should be 10 or more, but doesn't matter.
    Then kill the guy that will be shooting the jeep and watch the cutscene.
    \      |
     \  6C |  Japan - Meeting with Takamoto                                (01JAP)
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   I haven't seen Takamoto in a long time. I doubt he misses me
           |   after our last meeting. If he still has the artifact, however,
           |   he'll lose more than the face Sunday night.
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   "Conventional reason doesn't work with Yakuza."
              /                     /
             / TIME TRIAL: 12m 15s /
    |  BUDDAHS   |  |                                               UNLOCKABLES  |
    |============|  |============================================================|
    |  1 Gold    |  | Find Gold Reward:   Catsuit outfit                         |
    |  4 Silver  |  | Find all Silver Rewards:  Evening, Red dress               |
    |  6 Bronze  |  | Complete Time Trial:   Goth, Lace Shirt outfit             |
    |____________|  | Beat Time Trial:  Infinite RC650 ammo                      |
                    | Complete the level:  Evening, Ripped dress                 |
    Enjoy Lara with her sweet black dress and her hair loose. I took a screenshot
    of Lara wearing that outfit, in that level:
    That being said, go down the left stairs and go talk to the bartender. Then,
    go to the hallway on the right, facing the bartender. After the talk with
    Nishimura, you'll find Takamoto and his men waiting for you. You obviously now
    have to kill them.
    - Checkpoint
    You'll be then given the key to use the elevator, so go there and take it. The
    roof is a great place to place a bike, no doubt about that.
    Go around that room with glassy windows (that you can't destroy, speaking of
    oddities), and around the corner shoot the marked barrel. Climb the pole and
    use the grapple to pull open the ceiling opening in the door. Climb at the
    very top of that building to find a box with a green sign: rewards are inside
    these boxes in this level. For that reason, keep your eyes open for them.
    Shoot it and grab the BRONZE BUDDAH.
    Then go down and drop inside the "garage". Before hopping on the bike, grab
    the BRONZE BUDDAH placed under the stairs you just used. Turn Lara around and
    you'll see some yellowish boxes; behind them there's a box with a SILVER
    Then grab the bike and make that jump. It's another interactive scene, so keep
    your fingers and reflexes ready for three keys: X, A and B on the Xbox,
    because you need to grapple the metal part of the bridge (X), jump from the
    metal wire (A) and roll (B) to avoid the explosion.
    - Checkpoint
    Now prepare for a very dangerous section, because it's easy to fall. Go all
    the way to the bottom planks to collect a BRONZE BUDDAH.
    Backtrack and jump on the yellow/black striped pole and then on the following
    planks. From now on keep your eyes open also for shimmering objects.
    You need to be extra-careful and very precise here, but I guess you can handle
    that section by yourself. Otherwise where's the fun?
    - Checkpoint x3 along the way
    You'll arrive at Takamoto's factory, where a bunch of men and two dogs (?!?)
    will attack you.
    Kick open the door and go down the stairs for a BRONZE BUDDAH. Then go all the
    way on top of the stairs, do a little of jumping over some pipes, and grab a
    Then go down again and open the door and get ready of another fight.
    - Checkpoint
    Once you have cleaned the office, go up the raised part and inside a locker
    there's a SILVER BUDDAH waiting for you. Go down again and look inside the two
    small alcoves on the left; inside the darker one there's a box with a BRONZE
    Now, go in the middle of the room and use precision aiming to grapple the big
    screen (aim for the T-shaped logo). Then, use precision aiming again to shoot
    the two shining things on the sides, to let the big screen collapse.
    If you can't find those two shining things, check that screenshot I took:
    (look where Lara is aiming by looking at the crosshair)
    I REPEAT: You MUST enter first-person aiming to shoot them!
    Two men will appear from behind the screen; kill them and go through that door
    - Checkpoint
    Before stepping on the pole on the left side, look up behind the big sign and
    grapple down the mechanism.
    Then go up and use the small ledge on the box on the left side to climb to the
    top. Jump and pull the path on your feet to proceed to the top. There, final
    section is somewhat timed, because poles will start to break.
    Once you arrive in the balcony, open the door and ...
    - Checkpoint
    .. get ready to shoot some bad guys.
    Then, on the right from the door you did came from and there's a BRONZE BUDDAH
    in that balcony, where two of the men were. Go on the lower floor and locate
    the small door on the left; there are four lockers inside. Inside one of them,
    there's a SILVER BUDDAH.
    Then go proceed through the bigger door (where some bad guys came from).
    - Checkpoint
    As Zip will say, be careful because there's a trap in the hallway on the right
    so ... grab the big sphere in front of you and use it as cover from the turret
    to pass without getting hurt. Yes, you can see the red laser beams by shooting
    the fire extinguisher inside the room and and then operating the switch to
    activate the sprinklers. But that's not needed and that way you save some
    seconds when in time trial.
    - Checkpoint
    Open the door and, after the cutscene, kill the guys there. Notice the big
    statue hanging over the room. Grapple it and try to make it breaks the window
    in front of its nose.
    Two men will then appear, kill them, and take the right hallway leading to a
    nice room with three RC650s on a table.
    There's also a suspicious red/black box there... and you know what, the GOLD
    BUDDAH is inside it! But you cannot shoot it, you have to smash it to the
    bottom room by letting it fall from the same opening you just climbed here.
    Once you've got your reward, open the elevator and get inside of it.
    - Checkpoint                                                           (1BOSS)
    Get ready for the battle with Takamoto. Use one of the poles in the back of
    the statues to get to the top floor, so the turrets won't hit you.
    Then shoot Takamoto with everything you have got, and dodge his attacks by
    jumping. And yep, he's very annoying... "Have you satisfied your curiosity
    now? It's time to die", SHUT THE F*** UP !!
    Then Nishimura will come on a chopper to rescue Lara, and it's Mission End.
    \      |
     \  6D |  Ghana - Pursuing James Rutland                               (01GHA)
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   The coordinates Zip provided are deep in the Ghana rainforest.
           |   I don't know what Rutland is after, but I'm sure he keeps that
           |   artifact close to him. I'll have to convince him to part with it.
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   "Long-distance relationships inevitably come to an end..."
              /                     /
             / TIME TRIAL: 20m 00s /
    |   MASKS    |  |                                               UNLOCKABLES  |
    |============|  |============================================================|
    |  1 Gold    |  | Find Gold Reward:  Classic, Grey outfit                    |
    |  4 Silver  |  | Find all Silver Rewards:  Legend, Pink outfit              |
    |  5 Bronze  |  | Complete Time Trial:  Amanda outfit                        |
    |____________|  | Beat Time Trial:  Infinite Shotgun ammo                    |
    Say goodbye to your bike and proceed through this path. You'll arrive in a
    WONDERFUL place, and Lara's comment is definitely right.
    However, jump dive down and stay on the water. You might see a silver reward
    below the island, but you cannot reach it because there's an invisible wall
    that blocks your way. Let it wait and swim on the left side of the island.
    Near the second waterfall you'll come to there's a BRONZE MASK underwater.
    Now, before continuing, grab another BRONZE MASK that's on the right from the
    cliff you jumped from, behind some rocks, floating in the water (submitted by
    Now go to the island and climb on the right ledges, then jump down grapple the
    shining metal part and pull it down. 
    After the cutscene, but before entering, jump in the water and swim down and
    then enter the narrow tunnel to collect the SILVER MASK you saw before.
    Then turn around the island to get to the bridge again, and enter the temple.
    - Checkpoint
    Go down the path and grapple the raft you'll see in the water, and pull it
    over to you. By stepping on it you will then now be able to jump on the ropes
    and then on the other side. Go up the stairs and kill the guy after the door,
    and the broken trap.
    Behind the corner however, there's a working one. Step on the big button and
    then run jump and roll through the spikes to reach the next enormous room.
    - Checkpoint
    Start, of course, by killing the guys. First the three below the balcony and
    then the three on top of it, using the broken stairs on the left or the wall
    on the right. You'll see a BRONZE MASK on the right, but for now concentrate
    on cleaning the room, or grab it as you pass.
    Kill the guys and hop on the turret, and kill the three guys below, included
    the one behind some crates.
    - Checkpoint
    While you are operating the turret, shoot at the vertical statue behind the
    rope on the left, that's blocking the rotating mechanism.
    Swing on the rope OR use the two ramps below to grab any pole of the mechanism
    you just activated and grab the rope to jump on top of that ledge.
    Grapple the moving metal lift to you and use it to go to the other side; don't
    go to that door because it's useless, especially in time trial: jump on the
    rope and then on the poles of the broken machine. Then climb the stairs and
    then, inside this section, the cliffs and that other stairs. As you arrive at
    the top, prepare for the next section.
    - Checkpoint
    This will be your playground for some time, and I have to admit I don't like
    this section. There's a jaguar down there, and the raft might suggest you that
    this place's gonna be flooded, because that's what you're going after, now.
    Climb the stairs on your right, and collect the clearly visible BRONZE MASK.
    Now use the two big suspended rocks to go to the other side; they use a weight
    mechanism so you gotta understand how and when to jump from the first one to
    the next. But I'll say anyway: when the second one will almost arrive at the
    bottom of the small set of stairs ahead.
    - Checkpoint
    A cutscene will show your path. Walk and jump on the broken pillar, descending
    down to the flooded part.
    Lara CAN swim, but the wall she needs to climb to exit the water is so high
    that she can't grab it. So you need to park the raft near the edge of the wall
    she needs and then jump. Use the grappable pillars to move around and jump on
    the ledge near the pillar on the other "side". So go on the left opening and
    go toward the pillar on the right with the shining bottom. Park it there and
    go in the water to go grab a reward. Go to the part of rocks that are on the
    left of the opening you just went before: you don't need a raft because there
    is an opening at the same level of the water. Climb the broken stairs and grab
    Now get back to the raft and you'll see it parked under the waterfall. Grapple
    the shining metal part of the column and jump on the ledge.
    On the left wall there's a stair and two weights similar to the ones you did
    before. Jump on the second one as it gets as high as Lara's legs.
    - Checkpoint
    You'll arrive on a ledge, behind the column on the left there's a BRONZE MASK
    so grab it. Grapple the metal thing to reach the other side. Now use the
    column to reach the platform ahead.
    - Checkpoint
    You'll be facing another button on the floor. Step on it so the mechanism can
    rotate and throw down a big box. The button you are on opens the left lock of
    the statue in front. Go on the other side and put the box on top of that
    button. Now the right button is permanently open, while for the left one you
    have nothing to put over it except yourself, so go there, wait for the
    rotating mechanism to stop, and rush to the front of the statue, grapple its
    shining cylindrical metal part and pull it before the right lock closes (you
    have more than enough time however).
    In case you fall down, climb on top of the big box that was previously on the
    rotating mechanism and then use the ledges in the wall to return to the button
    and try again.
    - Checkpoint
    Now you need to return to your steps. Jump down into the water and follow the
    exit to find the path you came here some minutes ago. Go down the ladder, go
    through the ledges, and go down the other ladder.
    - Checkpoint
    Go down this ladder to view the path you need to follow to reach the door with
    the now-working trap.
    The camera here isn't much of a help, but use the two poles of what we called
    the "broken machine" and swing to the door.
    - Checkpoint
    Do not stay too close to the spears; as they open, roll/jump. Now if you want
    to keep your legs for the remaining of the game, use the big rock on the left
    and push it through this trap by staying on the left.
    Go up the stairs, and there's another trap like this, and the rock is tucked
    inside a wall behind you. These blades have a different pattern and different
    speed than the previous ones (not to mention that are bigger), but you can use
    the same strategy and be fine.
    - Checkpoint
    Now prepare to a nasty section. As you'll walk down the stairs, a ball will
    come down from nowhere, and an interactive section similar to the one in Peru
    will start, so keep an eye for the blue icon on the lower right of the screen.
    Basically, you should jump the arrow on the right, roll under the arrows on
    the left of the next trap, and then jump the spike trap and pass through the
    door. How many times will you die the first time through? I died three times,
    in case you are curious (the first time I just didn't reacted in time and got
    flattened by the ball!).
    - Checkpoint
    Go down the stairs on the left and collect a SILVER MASK, then climb up and
    face the door you used before. Now turn left and use that pole to jump grab
    the ledge of the column. Proceed climbing and jumping ledges, and avoid the
    falling rocks. Being quick and precise is the key.
    You'll arrive on a platform. You might find yourself disoriented, but turn
    around and you should see a hanging metal elevator.
    - Checkpoint
    Then jump onto that elevator, it will lower by itself with Lara's weight.
    Jump and grab the ledge, and take the other elevator. Proceed to the poles on
    the right wall (there'll be another two loose rocks on the way). Then go
    through the door.
    - Checkpoint
    As you walk, a cutscene will start. Go down the stairs and grapple through the
    two spiked traps ahead. Pass through the door and be prepared to face three
    mercenaries. If you happen to shoot the handing big planks, that breaks the
    wooden bridge, then throw the magnetic grapple to the metal thing, otherwise
    just cross the bridge. Then keep walking and you'll arrive outside, behind a
    - Checkpoint
    Face right and ignore for a while the poles on the right. On the left side of
    the waterfall there's a door. A reward is hidden behind that door, and you
    need to throw a grenade at it to make the door explode. Then jump on the
    horizontal pole on the right and use the ledges to jump on the other side of
    the waterfall and grab a holy SILVER MASK.
    TIP: if you run out of grenades, jump down to kill yourself :)
    NOTE: Thanks to "Jaime" for the Silver Mask location, and to "Telechubby"
          that mailed me about the misplacement in the walkthrough of its real
          location in the game.
    Then jump the waterfall again and climb the ledges of the green column to
    reach two more poles.
    You'll arrive at the top of the waterfall; here, several guys will attack you.
    Do not step in the water or Lara will fall down and die. Go down the path,
    killing everyone, the guy with the grenade launcher included, and step through
    the door.
    - Checkpoint
    You'll arrive in a big room, with a jaguar roaming there. See the big door ?
    The gold reward is behind it.
    Go up the left stairs, but crouch to not get killed by the big sphere.
    Jump to the other stairs using the rope and then jump down again because there
    is a big sphere there too. Then climb the stairs again and step on the button
    on the floor. When the door is opened, go down the stairs again and enter the
    big door and collect the GOLD MASK.
    NOTE: Gold Mask location submitted by "Jaime" and Christine James
    Then climb up AGAIN and finally proceed through the door, and after the
    cutscene, ...
    - Checkpoint                                                           (2BOSS)
    ... another boss-fight will start.
    Rutland is "sword-powered" like Takamoto was, but while the latter was able to
    run fast and throw energy balls at you, Rutland throws grenades and jumps with
    ease; and it's pretty fast too. If he comes close to you, he attacks with the
    sword's fragment.
    Defeating him, however, requires just a little bit more than just shooting,
    because he regenerates his health when he has about half left, and goes up
    one of the balconies.
    First, dodge his attacks and shoot the four stones that obstructs the metal
    parts to be exposed: that's it, the four 4 action-marked things.
    Then, damage him enough to go away to regenerate his health, and QUICKLY throw
    the grapple and pull the four metal things down, and thus the whole balcony,
    so he can't use that mysterious things on that balcony to heal himself. Do
    this four times and then kill him and it's mission end.
    ******** Alternate Strategy, submitted by Archangel White Tiger *******
    "Just want to inform, that Rutland can be killed without pulling that thing, I
    just shot him with pistols, threw some grenades, and repeated the process few
    times; he just can't stand up to heal! First time I done it, with the pistols
    and grenades, and when ran out of ammo (40 bullets), used the rifle to finish
    him. The second time I picked up the grenade launcher and got three more
    grenades to harm him, finishing with pistols.
    Now I killed him third time, firing at him with the rifle, until he gets hit
    by my grenade... err... just three grenades and you don't need to press
    triangle and use the grapple... Of course, I tested it on hard difficulty."
    I tested this strategy (using the grenade launcher) and worked heavenly! It
    makes killing Rutland less tedious! Thanks A.W.T.!
    \      |
     \  6E |  Kazakhstan - Project Carbonek                                (01KAZ)
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   The sword fragment was taken to a secret Soviet laboratory decades
           |   ago, a facility rumored to study the paranormal. Alister is going
           |   to try to confirm the facts of the story while I'm en route.
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   "There seems to be trouble below..."
              /                     /
             / TIME TRIAL: 27m 10s /
    |    ORBS    |  |                                               UNLOCKABLES  |
    |============|  |============================================================|
    |  1 Gold    |  | Find Gold Reward:  Special Forces outfit                   |
    |  3 Silver  |  | Find all Silver Rewards:  Winter, Orange No Coat outfit    |
    |  5 Bronze  |  | Complete Time Trial:  Amanda, Winter outfit                |
    |____________|  | Beat Time Trial:  Infinite Grenade Launcher ammo           |
                    | Complete the level:  Winter outfit                         |
                    |                      Winter, No Coat outfit                |
    Put on your hot coat and let's go to Kazakhstan ...
    This level has different sections so I splitted them up like I did with Peru.
    Part 1: OUTSIDE THE FACILITY  -  Watch the cutscene, then jump down, an
    ----------------------------     interactive cutscene will appear and you have
                                     to open the parachute when prompted.
    You'll land on top of a warehouse, some bad guys will be in the one in front
    of you, so use the provided turret to kill them. Piece of cake.
    Now, do you see the warehouse on the right? On the farthest side there's a
    breakable box (like in Japan) with a reward. So use the pole with the flag to
    get the first BRONZE ORB.
    More men will appear, I'd just return to the turret to take care of them.
    Then descend down and restock. Enter the warehouse, turn right, go straight
    and on the left there should be an entrance to a locker room. You should see
    a BRONZE ORB on the left.
    Return to the main room and climb the stairs of the column to get to the roof.
    - Checkpoint
    Kill the guy on the roof the building in front of you, and jump there. Instead
    of using the metallic wire which would place Lara in a BAD place, use the ramp
    on the left to reach the roof of that warehouse, and kill the guys. There is
    a guy with a Grenade Launcher down there, so pay extra attention to grenades.
    When you have cleared the ground, jump down and follow the path as it curves
    left. You reach a gate (to the area you were before), look on your right: a
    box, an explosive barrel. Shoot the barrel to collapse the fence and grab the
    SILVER ORB (the box should explode with the barrel, otherwise shoot it).
    Enter the small warehouse with the green cross.
    Watch the cutscene.
    - Checkpoint
    Exit this house, there's nothing worth interest.
    - Checkpoint
    You'll soon face a bunch of enemies; kill them, use the turret but you should
    not, because they use grenades, in case you don't know. Roll & shoot. Then use
    the keypad near the door to punch the code the guy told you.
    - Checkpoint
    The gate will open and two men will be pushing explosive stuff down to you
    from the cliff.
    As the gate opens, roll through the door and go to the snowy part on the left,
    shoot the barrels with the action button and the two men should die without
    hitting you. Enter the comm-station (or at least that's what I think it is,
    because of the icon). Approach the computers in the middle of the room for a
    cutscene. Go up the ladder to the roof.
    - Checkpoint
    Jump on the other ladder, then jump and grab the metallic wire to descend. Do
    the same at the next outpost.
    You'll return to the rooftop you landed earlier, but the turret is useless now
    because enemies are behind its radius. So kill them either from the ground or
    from above (or both). There's a guy with a grenade launcher on top of the wall
    on the left of the rail tracks.
    As you approach them you'll hear to rush because the train is leaving.
    There's a bike behind the gate so when you have killed the guys & picked up
    what they left, use that bike and speed inside the tunnel.
    According to my stopwatch, you have about 35 seconds to grab the bike before
    Amanda reaches the manufact, starting from the moment the cutscene telling you
    that the train is leaving the station ends.
    TIP: In Time Trial mode, as you land on the roof, turn right, kill the grenade
         launching-man, jump down, and go straight to the bike ignoring the guys
         as much as you can.
    Part 2: MOTORCYCLE   -   Another bike section, like in Peru.
    ------------------       There's no strategy in these sections except keep
                             shooting, swerve and avoid hitting trees and rocks,
    and collect as much health packs as you can.
    - Checkpoint
    A cliff side racing with your bike. This is super easy, nothing to say. There
    are enough health packs to restore your health and restock.
    - Checkpoint
    Second part of the bike section. This is tougher. Not only guys with bikes,
    but also guys with SUVs (like the one you saw in Bolivia). Oddly, when killing
    the man firing at you, SUVs swerves and stop, like he was also driving. Weird.
    Same advices as before. Plus, one more: don't stay near the SUVs, try to race
    your way at weapon-range distance: close enough for the reticule to be red but
    far enough to decrease chances of getting shot.
    - Checkpoint
    Another cliff side racing, but this time with added jumps back and forth over
    the train and after a while you'll have to race ON the train. Then a cutscene
    will play.
    Part 3: INSIDE THE FACILITY  -  The game will load an interactive cutscene.
    ---------------------------     You have to roll under the beams, shoot the
                                    hanging container and grapple the metal thing
    (B, Y, X on the Xbox). Then another cutscene will show your path.
    - Checkpoint
    Grapple the metal thing and pull it to you, jump on the rope and then on the
    other platform. Climb the ladder, jump on the big sign, swing through poles,
    and reach the other side.
    - Checkpoint
    Jump down. Near the corner close to you, there's a BRONZE ORB. Climb on top
    of the platform again and jump over burning train like before; be careful of
    not getting burned too. Before jumping, however, you might want to climb the
    rope just a little bit. 
    Then shoot the fan and jump on the wall and enter the frozen hallway.
    - Checkpoint
    I think this section is pretty straightforward; to navigate this hallway you
    just need to jump or roll through the electric hazards, shooting at obstacles
    obstructing your path.
    However, I'll held your hand here as well, because "Telechubby" mailed me
    stating that this part is somewhat confusing, especially regarding the reward.
    Walk forward and pass the zig-zag. Slide down and stop near the electrified
    wires. As the game promptly suggests, hold the jump button longer to jump
    higher and further.
    Roll or dive roll under the next wires, take the medikit near the gate and go
    There's a big pit down there, but you have to jump on the horizontal pole, and
    then on the hanging rope. Should you fall, there's a big box and a (frozen)
    pole that help you return near the gate you jumped from earlier.
    When you manage to jump, there's another slanted floor, as you descend, you'll
    have to jump to avoid those annoying electrified wires (this level has plenty
    of electrified stuff!).
    Then turn left, and Lara will comment that it's even colder than outside!
    Hit the action button to shoot the fan, and roll beneath another set of loose
    electrified wires, then turn left as you reach the gate. There's another
    slanted floor, and, as you descend, this time you have to shoot the fan and
    then jump those annoying electrified wires.
    You can shoot the fan BEFORE going down the slanted floor, however. Jump over
    the other set of wires, roll beneath the other set, and turn right.
    Another slanted floor, with another set of wires to jump over. Luckily, there
    is nothing to shoot at.
    As you get near the edge of the slanted floor, jump to grab the horizontal
    NOTE: This is the "second (enormous gap)" that I referred to
          in previous versions of the FAQ
        If you are after the Bronze Orb, then hit the roll button to fall down
        (Lara won't get hurt), and turn 180 degrees: shoot the box and grab the
        BRONZE ORB.
        To get out, go to the other side of this pit, get on top of the box, turn
        around and double jump to grab the metal thing overhead. Then turn again
        180 degrees, climb the wire a little bit, and jump.
    If you either already have the Orb or don't mind grabbing it, double jump to
    grapple the shining thing, and then jump on the other ledge.
    After going down another slanted wall and shooting the big fan, you'll be in a
    big room.
    - Checkpoint
    You need to turn big engine on that's on your left. Jump on top of the big box
    you see on your left, and work your way through the various suspended bridges
    to reach the hanging rope. You'll just feel like a service-station attendant.
    Now that the engine has the fuel to work, grapple the shimmering metal part,
    pull, and you'll start the engine, powering the entire station.
    NOTE: The entire walkthrough to get the Orb in this room has been rewritten
          because "Telechubby" mailed me that it was too difficult to follow and
          was hard to actually find the gratings in the dark.
        Now, before leaving the room, look the other side of the room, the one
        with the now-lit, yellow colored map with Russian writings. The map says,
                                          "System Energy Plan"
          - Magnetic Gun
          - Tower
          - Alleyway
          - Energy
          - Electricity                           (Unreadable stuff)
        Over this thing, there's a metal floor with an Orb inside a box. To climb
        there, walk toward the yellow map. As you get near the three boxes (those
        placed on the raised floor), turn right, and stop.
        Look a bit up and you should see the hole you entered this room from; and
        on the left, a big pipe, that curves and enter the wall.
        Under this pipe there are two rusty ventilation gratings.
        Now, as suggested to me by "Telechubby", you might want to go to the
        Options menu, then Picture, and raise the brightness. Or turn or your PLS.
        Either way, I hope you can see those rusty gratings. You can grab their
        ledges, so walk to them and jump and grab the ledge of the lower one.
        Vault up, and move along this ledge to reach the metallic platform I told
        you before.
        Turn left, and you should see the shimmering door. Use the grapple to pull
        the door, and jump inside this suspended "room". Then shoot the box and
        grab the SILVER ORB. Finally, jump down.    
    Go through the door with the green led in the middle.
    - Checkpoint
    Toxic? Of course it is. Navigate the hallway as usual. Jump on the platform,
    jump on the horizontal pole, swing to the other platform, jump to the pole,
    swing to the rope, swing to the other platform, and turn right.
    Jump on the small platform on the right, then on the one above. From now on,
    you'll have to contend your progress with electrified stuff. Note that, if you
    use the action button to speed up to move, Lara is faster than the sparks.
    Time yourself so you grab the metal pipe after the sparks go away, and quickly
    (using the action button to speed up as told). Then you have to jump to the
    box on the other side (left).
    Go around the corner and drop down, jump to the ledge on the other side, and
    you'll be on a metallic platform.
    Above your head there's a loooong electrified pole to swing across with, so
    again time yourself right and reach the other end. Drop down to the platform
    and jump down, go through that door. A cutscene with Amanda will start.
    - Checkpoint
    At the end, another cutscene will show you the Mag Gun. It works just like the
    standard Gravity Gun in Half Life 2. That means that you can pull and push
    objects with it.
    However, the big gun has limited power: after a few shots it will run out of
    power. This room is the entrance to the gold reward's alcove, but since you
    cannot do anything with the big gun for now, it has to wait a little.
    Slide down the destroyed bridge and kill the three guys (one should have the
    SMG, while the other two RC650s). Note that the one near the electrified
    vertical pole has a shield, so drop him a grenade or two.
    Before climbing the pole however, go around this big stuff on the right, to
    discover a hidden BRONZE ORB (so hidden that it isn't even inside a box).
    NOTE: Thanks to "Jaime" that brought to my attention this reward,
          taking the time to grab a screenshot
    Use the electrified pole and climb up, then use the large array of electrified
    poles and ropes to go around the big machinery and reach the ledge with the
    dead scientist.
    - Checkpoint
    While you were swinging your way around the big machinery, you probably saw
    the suspended metal thing. Guess what - there's a reward inside.
    Once you reach the ledge width the scientist and the health pack, shoot the
    explosive barrel behind the door to be able to enter and get the SILVER ORB,
    and exit.
    Now, you need to power the core you just circled. Proceed through the door and
    walk under the hanging disconnected electric cables.
    You'll arrive in another toxic section, but it's shorter than before and you
    will then enter another big room, where the core you need is.
    - Checkpoint
    Kill the enemies and follow the rail tracks on the floor from the door you
    came here from to reach the core. Use the grapple to move it around but its
    path will be obstructed by the large amount of debris in the room. Jump on top
    of it and then on the broken ladder. Then jump on the platform for a cutscene.
    Proceed through the poles and then grab the rope and go around the hanging orb
    to go to the other side of the room.
    You'll lower a ladder that will help you should you fall down. You'll arrive
    in a control room with another dead scientist (and another health pack).
    - Checkpoint
    Use the big lever and drop down. Use the insulated magnetic grapple to pull
    the core toward the door. It will open and you have to go back the hallway to
    reach the now operational big gun.
    Don't stay too close to the core or you'll get hurt by the debris. The core
    has powered the hanging electric cables, so you have to grapple one of them
    and pull: as they swings, the contact will go off for a split second and you
    can go through. After the corner however, you'll have to pull both cords to
    cut their contact in order to pass.
    - Checkpoint
    As you arrive to the power generator, pull open the door and the core will
    enter it. Go through the door on the right (considering how you got there).
    A cutscene with a shield will play.
    - Checkpoint
    Exit through the other electrified door; three men with shields will arrive
    from the door you need to reach. Hop onto the big gun and throw explosive
    barrels at them. You are safe inside the big gun's shield.
    Now, it's time to work for the gold reward.                            (KZHGD}
    Step 1: rotate the turret right and you should see four boxes lined up; pull
            them off from where they are to reveal a ledge.
    Step 2: you have to place the hanging metal platform ALL THE WAY to the right.
            This is easier said than done, trust me.
            The easiest way is to "magnetise", with the gun, the top of the bogie
            (where the four ropes merge) and pull it to the right, so it can climb
            the grading without pain. If it stops climbing at past the C point,
            you can "push" it with the shoot button. Here's a scheme:
    ________________________________________   S  is the starting position
    |S__                               ____H|  C  is the position for reaching the
        \                             /           other side
         \N_________________________C/         H   is where you need to push it.
         For some reason, if you don't manage to pull the metal platform to point
         H in one go, and you are stuck in the N-C segment, there are few to none
         chances for it to cover the raising after the C step. So my advice is to
         kill Lara by jumping down the big gap you previously visited, however, do
         not go near the part where there is no railing (under the ledge you
         previously removed the four boxes), because the game auto-saves.
         This step is really hard and will test your patience, so keep trying.
         On 2006/04/24 I recorded a video of me getting to the alcove (the Reward
         isn't there because I had already took it); it's hosted on Google Videos,
         at 768kbit/sec bit rate; it's 7.69 MB and has no sound:
    Step 3: get out of the turret and go on the raised walkway and push the box to
           the ledge opposite the stairs, so you can climb on it and then jump and
           grab the ledge where the four boxes were.
    Step 4: go around the wall, jump down to the platform and use the bridge you
            just moved to climb another platform. Turn around and you will see the
            gold orb shining inside a dark alcove. Jump and grab the pole (it's a
            bit hard to see in the dark), and reach the alcove
    Step 5: grab the GOLD ORB
    Step 6: Return to the moving bridge again and jump to the metallic platform
            where the shielded guys were killed.
    NOTE: As suggested by "Telechubby", from Step 4 onwards you should raise
          screen brightness and coloring so you can see a little better where you
          are supposed to go.
    If you are not going for the gold reward, or you have already taken it, or you
    couldn't care less about rewards and crap like that, simply put the bridge in
    position "C" and cross it.
    Enter the door.
    - Checkpoint
    Another toxic section. Shoot every light brown pipe and grapple the shimmering
    thing to move the platforms and roll under the first one, jump over the second
    and take the right path.
    - Checkpoint                                                           (3BOSS)
    Drop down and go on the right path and pass through the door to watch a
    cutscene with Amanda and her... well, "new friend", that saved her life, but
    killed your friends.
    You'll be left in a giant circular room with the creature you saw (and escaped
    from) in Peru as the young Lara. There's a Tesla turret at the center, but you
    have got some things to do before actually have something to shoot. Yes, you
    can pull and shoot the creature around but it seems to be no way of killing it
    because, when its health gets very very low, it'll go away to regenerate it.
    It will throw grenades if it can't reach you, otherwise will attack you.
    Also, the turret isn't shielded unlike the one you just operated.
    First, ignore shooting at the creature. You won't do so much damage and, like
    you know, when it's close to death it'll heal itself.
    You have to operate the four levers placed on the wall of the room; they are
    lightened so you can quickly find them. As you one by one activate them, a
    lock will release part of a bigger mechanism and then a sword fragment, which
    will be inside a energy-sphere or something.
    Now, hop on the turret and shoot the four spheres that hang from the ceiling.
    They need to close the circuit to the two "anodes"; each contact lower a
    shield from the sword hanging above your head. When all of them are connected
    simultaneously you could grab the shield. Each hanging sphere stays in contact
    for just a few seconds, then it will return to neutral position.
    Sounds easy, but it's tremendously frustrating, I bet they added the creature
    just to "make things more exciting", because it will pull you off the turret.
    The strategy is simple (to describe): hop on the turret, shoot the hanging
    spheres (two-three shots) to make the contact, then rotate (I prefer counter-
    clockwise) and do the same with all the others. Usually, but not always, when
    the sword is ready to be grappled the creature will pull you off the seat,
    otherwise jump off and double-tap the grapple button to finish the level and
    watch a cutscene.
    *********** Alternate Strategy, submitted by "ExpertPenguin" **************
    If you don't like the annoying creature flying around and pulling you off the
    seat, you'll definitely like his strategy. The part of pulling the four levers
    before actually hopping on the Mag Gun is still valid from my strategy. What
    changes is what you do once on the Tesla gun. Here are his words:
    "Once on the machine, grab him [usually with the Lock button], and blow him
    into one of the generators.  While he's gone, you have just enough time to
    push each sphere into place, and when the forcefield is fully up, he can't
    get to you at all. Grapple onto the sword piece to complete."
    \      |
     \  6F |  England - King Arthur's Tomb?                                (01ENG)
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   The map on the knight's shield leads to a site that claims to have
           |   unearthed King Arthur's grave, a distinction also claimed by
           |   countless others. But this particular site meant something to a
           |   knight one thousand years ago, so it may mean something to me.
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   "Sword in stones... they're part of the monomyth..."
              /                     /
             / TIME TRIAL: 27m 00s /
    |   CROSSES  |  |                                               UNLOCKABLES  |
    |============|  |============================================================|
    |  1 Gold    |  | Find Gold Reward:  Special Forces, Urban outfit            |
    |  5 Silver  |  | Find all Silver Rewards:  Biker, Red Jacket outfit         |
    |  9 Bronze  |  | Complete Time Trial:  Goth outfit                          |
    |____________|  | Beat Time Trial:   Bulletproof Lara                        |
                    | Find the Gold and ALL Silver Rewards:  Biker, No Jacket    |
                    | Complete the level:  Biker outfit                          |
    What would you expect from a level set in England? Obviously, rain.
    Anywho, this level is, in my opinion, really superb, both for visuals, tricky
    puzzles, enemies, challenges, and irritating sections.
    Also, it has the easiest-to-get Gold Reward, and is by far one of the darkest
    level in the entire game. If you thought that the Kazakhstan level was dark,
    the you will change your idea after a few seconds. But let's get started!
    After the cutscene, Lara will be inside that old museum.
    Turn right and, with the Magnetic Grapple, hook the metal part and pull. Then
    move the big box on the left beneath the opening where the metal part was,
    jump on the box and then into the opening.
    Shoot the box inside this room for a BRONZE CROSS. Grapple and pull the other
    shining metallic grating and roll down.
    - Checkpoint
    Wow, you'll be outside again.  Walk to the gate on the left, and as you get
    near it, jump and grab the ledge over the window on the right. Vault up to
    grab another ledge and go to beyond that gate. Drop down and activate the
    main power.
    - Checkpoint
    Climb the vertical pole on the left of the power generator and climb up, and
    jump on the ledge you jumped off before. Don't fall down or Lara will die,
    because there's a broken electric wire in the water below, and it's raining,
    so you would get electrocuted.
    Drop down to the ledge of the window and proceed to the other two and then
    jump to the right (not drop) on the ground, where there's no water. Open that
    This is the same area where the level started; turn left and then left again
    to reach a sword, use the action button to pull it so the door can open.
    - Checkpoint
    In this "room", there are three switches, two on your left, one on your right,
    easily spottable because they are those poles with boxes in their upper part.
    You don't need to push them or the others in the next rooms to proceed; they
    activate the puppets that will play some acts that you can listen to and watch
    (if you stare at them) while you proceed with your jumping and swinging.
    When you arrive, however, turn right and go near the pole with the button on
    your right. Turn left and you'll see a hole in the wall; jump and grab it, go
    inside that hidden room, shoot the box and collect a BRONZE CROSS.
    Return back to the non-hidden room and jump on the pole on the right, and
    then the other one.
    NOTE: You might fall down if you don't time your jumps. If you won't die from
          the long fall, then return to the upper floor using the wooded ledges.
    This one will rotate 90 degrees, then jump on the other pole and finally on
    the wooded thing of the raised bridge.
    As it starts to go down with Lara's weight, jump on the pole you were on just
    seconds ago, and prepare to swing in the direction of the now-lowered bridge,
    because it'll raise again as soon as it opens completely.
    This is another similar section; shoot the hook that's shining so the upside-
    -down boat can create a platform. Reach the other side and turn right. Between
    the house with the two puppets and the wooden wall there's a conduct that you
    can enter to grab a BRONZE CROSS.
    Of course return to the main area and attempt to pull the sword off the stone,
    and a wooden part on the left of the door will fall, revealing a mechanism of
    the door itself. You have to use the Magnetic Grapple on it and pull to open
    the door.
    - Checkpoint, "The Forklift"
    You'll arrive in some sort of warehouse, with a forklift and some boxes that
    blocks your path.
    If you're after rewards, turn right and you should see a shimmering grating
    high on that wall. Pull it off using the magnetic grapple. With the forklift
    you now have to "build" a stair with the large boxes. It requires some work,
    especially if you're new to this kind of forklift controls. Specifically, if
    you're used to the controls of forklifts in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas"
    then you'll have a hard time maneuvering the thing around, because the control
    scheme is terrible, at least on the Xbox.
    However, I have no doubts that you will finally manage to reach that opening
    and grab the SILVER CROSS inside this "room".
    Drop down and now remove the remaining boxes that are obstructing the stairs.
    TIP: You can also blow through them (especially in Time Trial) if you pass
         between the first and the second box from the right.
    Stay on the forklift because the next section requires you to be "operating"
    Go down the stairs and floor it down this alleyway. You see the coffin up
    ahead near the wall? Smash it at full speed! It will break and a SILVER CROSS
    will appear.
    Return to the forklift and smash through the wall with the two large boxes in
    front. The wall should collapse and probably the boxes won't let you in so
    move them away (but you can zip between the two boxes to go through without
    maneuvering too much).
    - Checkpoint
    Race in this alleyway full of all sorts of traps. Don't panic, the powerful
    forklift will destroy them all!! When you arrive at the door, use the forklift
    abilities (?!?) and raise it. Smash through the next trap and then through the
    wall, ending your (small) forklift-section with an interactive cutscene where
    the only key you have to press is the jump button.
    - Checkpoint, "The Tower"
    TIP: This tower section is extremely dark, so you might want to raise the
         brightness of either the game or your TV/Monitor, or just stick with
         the default settings (like I do).
         However, there are many parts that will collapse on your way down, so
         I suggest you scan your surroundings with the R.A.D. to be prepared.
    You'll be at the top of a big tower and you have to get to the ground; too bad
    the stairs are broken. Turn right and grab the BRONZE CROSS with the Magnetic
    Go on the left side and go down the stairs, and stop. With the same technique
    you just used, pull the other BRONZE CROSS you see to you.
    Then, jump on the ledge in the opening of the wall (left of the torch), and
    then on the other ledge. This will start to collapse, so drop down and you'll
    realise these stairs are going to collapse too! Run down them and jump to the
    other set of stairs, that luckily a bit more stable.
    Go down the stairs and stop so I can tell you something regarding a reward
    that would be hard to explain later when things get hasty.
    Jump on the pole and swing to the small alcove in the wall ahead. Drop down on
    the ledge of the alcove and jump to the other ledge, that will start to break.
    Once you reach the part of ledge that doesn't break, jump up to enter a hidden
    passageway. Go all the way to the left and grab the BRONZE CROSS.
    Drop down the ledge, and go down the stairs (Checkpoint) run and jump on the
    hanging rope. Jump to the small set of stairs and quickly run and jump on the
    OTHER set of stairs, because the former will collapse soon.
    You're almost done; at the bottom of these stairs, jump and grab the ledge on
    the left, and when you'll be inside the alcove, drop down. Drop down again and
    FINALLY, after a long jumping running and swinging, will be at the bottom of
    the Tower.
    Ok, now face the big entrance; on the right there's a "III" stone door that's
    part of the puzzle to get the Gold Reward, and behind you there's another
    stone door with a statue, that keeps the Gold Reward away from you until you
    have "defeated" the puzzle itself. The reward however has to wait a bit, so go
    into that entrance and proceed.
    - Checkpoint, "Flaming Traps"
    Turn left and jump the gap over the burning lava, or oil, or whatever. Turn
    right and right again, stop. You need the box up ahead to jump these flames.
    Don't place it too close to you. You have to time yourself with the flames to
    get through.
    When you go past the first set, there'll be another similar set, but with a
    different flaming activation. Grapple the metal box and push it into the
    flames. Once you have got their pattern, reach the other end, where there's a
    door on your right.
    Place the metal box close to the door and climb it. Jump on the other side and
    use the lever to open the door.
    - Checkpoint, "Rotating Tri-Blades"
    Cool name, uh? I know, I know, I'm an artist. With your back toward the door
    you raised, you are supposed to go straight.
    However, I have to tell you that on the (respectively) left and right paths,
    behind the rotating things, there's a ledge you can climb (with the aid of one
    box) to reach two pushable walls (one per side of course) with the signs "I"
    (left) and "II" (right). You COULD theoretically go on the left side with a
    box, use it to climb the ledge, push the "I", then go on the right side and
    push the "II", and finally return to the "III" to get the Gold Reward. Believe
    me, it's not worth it. Not because the outfit you unlock is horrible (actually
    I think it is, but it's only my opinion), but because the flaming traps are a
    real pain in the ass to cross four times with just two boxes, so you SHOULD
    ignore the gold reward for now and proceed.
    Of course you can instead ignore my advices and go collect it; I've done it
    a few times but it was too tedious with that flames and once you get it you
    have to return back!
    To move through the rotating tri-blades, put one of the boxes under the blades
    themselves so they stop and you can go beneath them without being hurt.
    We could get it later or ignore it completely (if in Time Trial or you've
    already taken it), but there's a reward on the left set of blades (where
    there's no box). Turn left and grab the SILVER CROSS.
    Return to the "entrance hall" of this weird place, and proceed to the "main
    hall". Since up ahead there's another flaming trap, my advice is to use both
    boxes to get past it.
    Like you did before, push the first box on the flames, and with the second
    push the first. Then jump over them, run and with a double jump reach the
    other side, where your path might be somewhat obstructed!
    Let's take a look: there's a lever on your right, a grated door up high, and
    another door in front of you.
    Operate the lever so the door in front of you can open; forget the door on the
    right. Forget also, for now, the two boxes. As you might have seen, the last
    flaming trap was deactivated when you operated the lever. Good to remember for
    - Checkpoint
    But for now, get past that door and proceed until you arrive on a large button
    on the floor. It has to be pressed to open the door in front of you, and you
    have nothing to put on it! So let's seek around if there's something ...
    Enter the opening on the left, yes, where there's the water, and reach the
    room at the end. There are a bunch of shimmering objects on the walls, hmm...
    Anyway, turn right and you should see a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
    and a Reward in the wall behind it, protected by some gratings. Use your
    Magnetic Grapple to make the chandelier swings and break the gratings, and
    grab the BRONZE CROSS with the Magnotis Gamble*.
    Now turn around and do the same with the other chandelier: the chandelier
    should fall into the water and a coffin should be shining inside the wall, so
    pull it in the water, giving you something to put on the button!
    Jump on top of the coffin. Note that the water has a flow that pushes things
    toward the other side of where you're supposed to go.
    That's why you have those shining torches: they help you reach the button, so
    use your Mangtiec Glaprpe*. For the last one you will need to use precision
    aiming to aim at the torch near the button. Pull the wire until you get on
    "dry land" and you can't pull anymore. Hop on the button and pull the coffin
    over it.
    Leave it there and go down the stairs to proceed.
    - Checkpoint, "Coffin or raft?"
    NOTE: I "drew" a diagram of this wet section, scroll down a little to find it.
    You'll soon arrive at a small river, a lever on the left, and another coffin
    on the right.
    Before anything else, turn around and enter the opening in the wall, and grab
    the BRONZE CROSS (the "B" in the diagram below).
    Pull the lever, hop on the handy coffin, and turn Lara on the right so you can
    see the wall. You soon will see an opening, quickly jump and go down in the
    water. Turn left and left again and you'll see your coffin behind the grating.
    Pull that lever so the grating can open, and the coffin can move. Climb on it
    again (who knows what the dead soul inside might think of all this), and you
    are only supposed to turn Lara left and jump in the opening, like before.
    However, there's a reward to take, a Silver one to be exact, so it's not like
    a stupid useless thing!
    Use the torches on the walls to reach the "S" on the diagram, it's on the
    opposite where you should jump, and you'll see the Cross shining on a ledge.
    While you will go crazy moving the coffin to the desired location, I'll let
    people who don't care about rewards take a look at the diagram.
       +++++     +++++          +++++       Legend:
       |   |     |   |          |   |          L   Levers
       |   |     |   |      .===|  L|          C   Starting position of the coffin
    ___|   |_____|   |      |   >   |        +++   Openable gratings
    E <               |S    |B  >   |   +++++ ++   Fixed gratings
    __< T   _____     |     |   >   |          B   BRONZE CROSS
       |   |     |   |      `===|   |          S   SILVER CROSS
       |   |     |   |          |   |     ^^^ <<   Jump here from the coffin
       |L  |     |   |          | C |        >>>   Where you came from
    ___|+++|_____|^^^|__________|+++|_         E   Where you are supposed to go
      +                                |
    __+________________________________|    (not drawn to scale)
     Ok I know it isn't perfect, and I hope you don't mind its lousyness. However,
    have you managed to grab the reward yet? Cool.
    With the coffin reach the T point, jumping over the "<<" when you're close to
    that gap.
    - Checkpoint, "Underground Castle"
    You'll fall in a big lake, where Lara can't swim down. On your way to the land
    you will see four (two on the left and two on the right) enormous shimmering
    levers. Once on land, the camera will switch to a larger view and different
    angle, so you can enjoy the castle.
    However don't get distracted, and pull both the poles on each side of the main
    door (those with burning pots) so they rotate 90 degrees clockwise.
    Go on the far left and climb the ledges, then jump on the pole on the right
    and on the slanted wall. Jump on the pole you previously rotated, and then, as
    it rotates again to its original position, double jump to grapple a certain
    metal thing. Jump to the other pole you rotated, and then, after it rotates,
    jump on the narrow wall.
    Coast the wall of the castle and jump on the ledge of the wall in front. Jump
    on the other ledge and then on the chain, then climb up to reach the roof.
    - Checkpoint, "Roof of the Underground Castle"
    You'll be on the roof (wow!), go on the left, past the gazebo-thing with the
    rope, and look right: behind some rocks there's the last SILVER CROSS.
    Then jump on the rope and climb down for a cutscene (watch out for clues about
    the puzzles!)
    - Checkpoint, "Inside the Castle"
    So it turned out that this isn't exactly an underground castle, but in order
    to not reveal spoilers, these three sections have "misleading" names, eheh.
    Anyway, turn right and go to the second coffin from the left, a short cutscene
    should start. The coffin is the one with "BEDWYR" written.
    NOTE: Bedwyr is the Welsh name of Sir Bedivere, the Knight of the Round Table
          that returned Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.
    Pull/push part of that coffin near the other column, so you can climb on top
    of it. Do you see the bell on the floor? and the chandelier?
    You have to make the chandelier swings, then climb on top of the column and
    then jump on the rope of the counterweight, that will raise the bell, and that
    must get hit by the chandelier to complete the puzzle!
    It took me FOREVER to decipher this one, and my only advice is to place the
    broken coffin watching the statue, so you can jump on the column from the same
    position you watch the bell.
    - Checkpoint
    Once you accomplish the task, the door will open, the rope will break, and you
    will still be inside the "castle". Uhm, something is not right!
    Go outside (well, "outside" is a big word), and a cutscene will play. You'll
    meet your new friend, the "Underground-Lake Snake Monster!!". Glad to meet you
    buddy. What's about that Metal thing? Oh, calm down you stupid monster!
    Ok, now, for a chance, you will fight against a monster you have to actually
    kill, and not just ignore.
    The strategy to kill the monster is however a little weird.            (4BOSS)
    I admit that I hadn't no clue, so I asked "Blue Vane", and
    he helped me, so you should thank him for this strategy.
    Remember that direct shoots to the monster do no damage to him.
    You need to shoot the four cages. Those cages are the things near the four
    enormous shimmering levers and gears. You'll know what to shoot because there
    are targets for them, like for the monster. Shoot the things until you see the
    "waves" coming out and the monster stops attacking you and just stares at the
    statue/cage/bell, hypnotised.
    When he does, stop shooting and grapple the lever, pull, and the hanging cage
    will fall on the monster, depleting 25% of his health.
    Do this four times to kill him (25% * 4 = 100% !!!).
    Keep running and rolling because the monster can kill you in just one hit.
    He can charge at you and attack you with his head, and can also launch a green
    acid liquid from his mouth.
    DO NOT fall into the water, because the monster will come and throw you to the
    ground again, depleting much of your health, if not killing you.
    After you defeat the monster, he won't sink: his body will create a "path" to
    a door that you can use to exit this area. So swim and reach the shimmering
    level on the left (the ones in the middle of the lake, with your back to the
    "castle"). Climb the ledge, and jump on the dead monster. Use the small ledges
    to reach that opening.
    ******************* BIG WARNING WHEN FIGHING THE SEA MONSTER *****************
    Should any of the hanging cages fail to fall, even after repeated attempts and
    having sold your soul to the devil in exchange of passing this section, and
    still couldn't kill the monster, then you might be experiencing a glitch where
    you can't proceed further and thus have to start from scratch (or maybe from a
    save in Kazakhstan or before) to be able to kill the boss and proceed the game
    - Checkpoint
    After the right curve there's a spike pit, but you can easily use the hanging
    pot to reach the other side. Run and jump on the pole, and then on the small
    ledge ahead: don't worry, there's a slanted wall.
    Slide down and jump the gap: once you do so, a cinematic cutscene with another
    monster will start. Press the three buttons (Jump, Grapple, Action) when
    See that door behind you? Shoot the circle above the door, to free the rope.
    Go on either side and climb on the ledge of the metal shield, vault up and
    move to the middle of the door, jump on the rope.
    If you want the reward behind the door, rotate and drop on the other side,
    collect the BRONZE CROSS and climb again the door to return the rope.
    Otherwise, swing to the ledge under the door in the wall you see up in front.
    - Checkpoint, "Backtracking"
    Guess what? Yep, use the lever on the right. Slide down this tunnel.
    Do you recognise where you are? If you don't, you'll soon do.
    Drop down and turn left. See now? The room with rotating tri-blades, with the
    added benefit of annoying (and rather angry) mercenaries.
    NOTE: No enemy, until the end of the level, carries RC650s
    The lever next to you toggles the fires under the portion of floor ahead, so
    you can burn some mercy's there.
    Proceed and kill the three or four men hiding in the hall.
    If you are after the Gold Reward, read the indented part, otherwise scroll a
    bit down to proceed with the level.
        You can reach the "I" and "II" stone doors from the large room. Assuming
        that you are coming from the South, put a box under the ledges of the East
        wall (where there weren't no enemies before) as close to the South as
        possible. Climb up and push the "I" stone until it can't go any further.
        Drop down and do the same with the West ledge, pushing the "II" stone.
    Put a box under the rotating blades on the North, and move both boxes in the
    next small area.
    - Checkpoint
    Using one of your two boxes, stop the tri-blades on your left (West) and add
    this box to your "collection", bringing the total to three.
    Then go back to the hallway with fire traps. With three boxes to use now, it's
    a piece of cake to reach the end. Line them up and just walk over them, double
    jumping at the end to avoid burning Lara in flames, killing the occasional
    On the other side of the lava pit there's a mercy with a SMG.
    - Checkpoint
    The main hall at the bottom of the stair tower hosts one merc (on the right,
    usually), with a Grenade Launcher. Before jumping on the suspended metal thing
    that the guys have used to descend here, take the time to collect the Gold
        Push the stone with the "III" all the way to its end, then turn right and
        enter the door to collect the GOLD CROSS.
    Then use the broken stairs and jump on the metal thing and operate the panel
    with the green led to ascend. Kill the guy and, facing the guy you killed,
    look right to glimpse a shimmering metal object; grab it with the magnetic
    grapple and pull it to make the metal thing swings. Then jump on that stairs
    nearby and enter the door.
    - Checkpoint
    Behind the boxes in this hallway, as you'd expect, there are mercs. There are
    also dogs roaming round. This is the same hallway you raced with the forklift.
    Be careful as you approach the room at the end of this hallway: two men with
    shields will arrive from the right. Toss them a grenade or two to kill them,
    then grab their SMGs.
    Proceed and, after the stairs, there'll be another two men waiting for you,
    but without shields luckily.
    Then a cutscene would play and you may think you've finished the level. And
    indeed you're right.
    The next "level" is another long cutscene inside the Croft Manor, then you'll
    be brought to ...
    \      |
     \  6G |  Nepal - The Ghalali Key                                      (01NEP)
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   The key to restoring Excalibur is also the relic of my mother
           |   prized most, innocently given to her by my father in Ghana to
           |   replace the pendant she lost there. Once again I am compelled
           |   to go into my own past.
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   "This has always been what it's about..."
              /                     /
             / TIME TRIAL: 13m 40s /
    |PRAYER WHEELS| |                                               UNLOCKABLES  |
    |=============| |============================================================|
    |   1 Gold    | | Find Gold Reward:  Snowsuit outfit                         |
    |   6 Silver  | | Find all Silver Rewards:  Winter, Orange outfit            |
    |   9 Bronze  | | Complete Time Trial:  Winter, Pink outfit                  |
    |_____________| | Beat Time Trial:  Wield Excalibur cheat                    |
    You start on a cliff. Jump and grab the ledge of the icy wall and go left.
    Then climb the walls and slide down the slanted ledge. Jump and grab the other
    wall. Jump on the next ledge, descend, and jump and grab the ledge of the
    "middle" stone. It will start to break, so be quick and climb on top of it.
    Now jump and run on this slanted wall because it will break too. Jump on the
    pole and swing to reach a safe ledge. Climb on top of this small tower.
    - Checkpoint
    Hang on before continuing: grab the ledge of this tower on the opposite side
    you arrived, and drop down to find a BRONZE PRAYER WHEEL in a small alcove.
    Get on top of this tower again.
    You should clearly see the hint of a grappable object. Grapple it and swing
    to jump on the three stalactites; be quick because they'll collapse and you
    have barely enough time to make it.
    Then go around the icy ledge. Before climbing up, proceed on the right on this
    same ledge to reach a SILVER PRAYER WHEEL. Return on the left of the iced rock
    and climb up. Shoot the iced wall on the right and proceed.
    - Checkpoint, "Sliding down the Top of the Mountain"
    Turn left and jump on the stone block, slide and jump on the slanted stone,
    and then again on another stone block. Jump on the left on the breakable
    stone and quickly to the pole; swing using the magnetic grapple and get into
    that icy tunnel.
        When you land, turn around and shoot the ice on the right (use the R.A.D.
        of your binoculars) to reveal a small alcove with a SILVER PRAYER WHEEL.
        But you can't grab it with the Magnetic Grapple, you have to jump there to
        grab it by yourself.
    Proceed inside the tunnel and you'll soon see Rutland's men arriving with a
    But no matter, proceed on the right jumping on the broken wing, and descend.
    - Checkpoint, "Near the Plane"
    There, approach the fan and you should see a BRONZE PRAYER WHEEL on the right.
    Go down on the left and get on the ledge overlooking the crashed airplane. A
    jaguar is down there so kill it.
    Now, before stepping inside the plane, put the engine over the ledge, to act
    as a counter-weight for Lara. You'll know that you have put it right when the
    game autosaves.
    NOTE: There's a Silver Reward in this area; my advice is to go grab it right
          after a checkpoint, because up until you pick the confidence with the
          jump, it can become frustrating to fall over and having to restart from
          the last checkpoint.
          There are two checkpoints in the area, the first is this one (when you
          put the counterweight on the back-end of the plane), and the second one
          is the next one (when you avoid to fall with the plane).
        Before going inside the plane wreckage, look on the left (with your back
        to the plane) to find a iced place you can go. Jump on the platform, and
        use the Magnetic Grapple to pull the debris inside the pit. Run-up on this
        short ledge and jump on the other side. If you're lucky, you'll grab the
        opposite ledge, ready to grab the SILVER PRAYER WHEEL.
        Return to the plane.
    Then proceed inside the plane for a cutscene and after that, an interactive
    cutscene. The key to push are Action, Up, Roll, Jump. Another cutscene and you
    will be on the same place as before, but without plane.
    - Checkpoint, "Sliding Down Again"
    NOTE: If you haven't done it before, go grab the Silver Reward (read the
          previous indented paragraph.
    From where you are, jump on the slanted iced wall in front of you (from where
    the plane was), and then on the pole (which will collapse), and from there, on
    the other slanted wall. Proceed, jump the gap and shoot the ice, and be ready
    for another jump.
    Slide again and jump on the pole, and quickly jump toward the iced platform.
    - Checkpoint, "Iced Cave I"
    Proceed on the left and before going deeper into this tunnel, turn around to
    spot a BRONZE PRAYER WHEEL in the non-iced wall. Use the Magnetic Grapple to
    get it.
    Then enter the tunnel and jump on the ledge on the left. Climb up and jump on
    the pole on the left; proceed to iced ledge in front. Move to the left and
    drop down before the ledge collapses. Swing on the pole to grab another loose
    stalactite and then jump on the snowy unstable floor.
    NOTE: If you stay in the middle of the platform it won't fall.
    Before it collapses, quickly turn around and grab (with the Magnetic Grapple)
    the BRONZE PRAYER WHEEL in the wall; turn around again and run-up to jump and
    grab the stable iced ledge on the opposite wall and go to the right. Climb up.
        If you're after the Gold Reward, grab the opposite ledge of the platform
        you're on, and move to the left. Drop down to another ledge and proceed to
        the left, dropping down again when needed. You'll arrive in a very well
        hidden alcove with the GOLD PRAYER WHEEL inside. Return to the platform
        the same way you got here.
    Jump and grab the ledge on the left wall. Go on the right and
    jump on the ledge on the opposite wall, drop down, and proceed to the vertical
    pole on the opposite wall. Jump on the ledge and then on the other one. Climb
    up and exit from this cave.
    - Checkpoint, "Open area with Enemies"
    There are several enemies here, included a guy with a grenade launcher and a
    guy with a RC650 on a platform high up on the right from where you enter.
    Kill them, avoiding their grenades.
    NOTE: From now on, do not fall into the water because it's too cold for Lara
          and she would lose most of her health.
    Once you've cleaned the area, hang on before proceeding, there's a hidden
        While staying on the same level you entered, go to the entrance of this
        area (where you just came) and jump on the first short iced platform you
        see on your left. Use the R.A.D. of your binoculars to spot a breakable
        iced wall on the West. Shoot it and jump there, and grab a SILVER PRAYER
        Drop down and go on the west of this rock, near the lake. Inside a small
        recess there's a BRONZE PRAYER WHEEL.
    Jump on the bigger iced platform (almost in the middle of this area) and then
    on the other one on the north, to reach the ledge where the Grenade-Launching
    man was. Grab the BRONZE PRAYER WHEEL and proceed to the upper ledge where
    the guy with the RC650 was.
    Then jump on the wire to reach an opposite platform. Slide down inside this
    - Checkpoint, "Iced Cave II"
        Proceed a bit forward and then look left to spot a dark alcove with a
        shining BRONZE PRAYER WHEEL.
    Walk to the other side of this cave, to end in a lake with some iced floating
    platforms. As before, do not fall into the cold water.
    Jump from platform to platform (shooting the hanging one) to reach an opening
    on the left.
    A stream of cold water, with floating iced platforms: you must go against the
    stream while jumping from platform to platform, avoiding the water as much as
    you can.
    Platforms flow in groups randomly disposed; between them there's nothing to
    jump on.
    A bit further from the start, there's a ledge on the right you can step onto
    to wait the next bunch of platforms; and you could easily see a ledge on the
    left, a bit further, with a SILVER PRAYER WHEEL.
    You have to go on the opening on the right on the opposite side of the reward.
    Walk inside and go up the stairs.
    - Checkpoint, "Collapsed Temple"
    Be careful when you exit the stairs, there's a jaguar behind the right column.
        Go down the stairs on the right, and, when you reach the lower floor, turn
        right and right again. Shoot the statue in the wall (use the R.A.D. if you
        can't find it) and grab the SILVER PRAYER WHEEL behind it.
        Go up the stairs again.
    Using the multitude of metal objects in the ceiling, swing from one to another
    to reach the opposite side. There's a jaguar roaming down there, so you should
    jump on the tall stone block (the one with the door), to could kill the jaguar
    without troubles.
        Drop down and (facing the large hall) climb the stairs on your right. Go
        all the way to the end of this balcony and grab the BRONZE PRAYER WHEEL.
        Return to the balance-puzzle thing and go up the other stairs on the left,
        and grab this other BRONZE PRAYER WHEEL.
    Now, let's make that door open. The balance has two scale pans: near the one
    on the left (facing the balance of course) there's a gold box, and near the
    other one on the right there are two boxes: one smaller that the other.
    For the door to open, you have to put the gold box (the one with a Buddah-like
    man) on the button above the stone block.
    To do that, first step on the scale pan on the right, and pull (with the
    Magnetic Grapple of course) the smaller box on it.
    Then go on the other and pull the gold box on it.
    Return to the right and pull the bigger box on it.
    The left scale pan should now be up; pull the gold box over the button so the
    door can open.
    Enter the door and go down the stairs.
    - Checkpoint, "Excalibur"
    Watch the cutscene, and say hello to your new toy.
    Go in either of the left or right hallway and, with the sword, blast open the
    - Checkpoint, "Collapsing Floor"
    A cutscene will play showing you your path and where you need to go.
    You must be quick and jump from broken platform to broken platform to reach
    the last one and, as it start to fall forwards, jump on the ledge ahead,
    completing the level.
    \      |
     \  6H |  Bolivia - The Looking Glass                                  (01BOL)
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   It's time to return to Bolivia and finally learn what these
           |   ancient artifacts can do. Amanda must want to activate the
           |   stone dais as well. Perhaps she knows its purpose, or only
           |   think she does.
           | -------------------------------------------------------------------
           |   "There's something in the light..."
              /                     /
             / TIME TRIAL:  4m 15s /
    | There's no |  |                                               UNLOCKABLES  |
    | reward  to |  |============================================================|
    | collect in |  | Complete Time Trial: Nothing                               |
    | this level |  | Beat Time Trial:     One shot kill cheat                   |
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   | Complete the level:  Special menu unlocked                 |
                    |                      Textureless Mode cheat                |
    Here we are, for the final showdown!
    After the cutscene, fight the mercenaries with your Sword or your pistols. Be
    sure to collect as many health packs as you can because soon you'll need them.
    When you defeat all the guys, a cutscene will play and ...
    - Checkpoint
    .. it's time to finally face the "creature".                           (5BOSS)
    First thing, the Creature can't be killed in one go.
    After a few shots, when her health gets low, she falls on the ground, stunned.
    You have then a limited amount of time to get where she is and stab her with
    the action button. This somehow forces you to not stay too far or you wouldn't
    be able to reach her before she recovers. When she does, she regenerates a
    certain amount of her health. This amount gets smaller and smaller as you stab
    her: you have to hit her four or five times before she actually gives up.
    When she does, prepare for a really intense finale and the ending credits with
    in my opinion some really good tunes.
    However, I smell the prelude for a "Tomb Raider VIII"...
    Cya there then!
    In the meantime, we'll enjoy Tomb Raider: 10th Anniversary Edition :)
    7.   Croft Manor                                                       (01CFM)
    If Lara "has been looking for certain artifacts...", then we "will be looking
    for certain rewards..." :)
    Lara's house is so big and full of secrets that I decided it deserves a whole
    new section for itself.
    Subsection will deal with specific rooms or quests, like the one needed to get
    the gold award or the other to open the two blockings inside the pool, or
    But first of all, let's have a look at the manor itself; unfortunately the
    in-game map is just plain useless because doesn't show the EXACT location of
    Lara inside her house but only in which part of the house she is.
    So I'll start with a quick overview of the house, then a section where we'll
    go around picking up the equipment (needed to get most of the rewards), then
    who knows what will be next.
    Inside the manor there are:
      1  Gold Crest
     10  Silver Crests
     16  Bronze Crests
    You can unlock these outfits:
     - Legend, Black
     - Suit
     - Suit, Cream
    For the sake of a simple to follow walkthrough inside the Croft Manor, I have
    arranged a simple path that should assist you from start to finish without too
    much going back and forth.
    So I assume that, especially with the Gold Reward Quest, you pick up any
    reward you see that I say it's safe to pick up, and any other I could tell.
    7A - THE HOUSE                                                         (CMHOU)
    You start in the main hall.
    Since we'll be running back and forth each room for various reasons, it's a
    _must_ to know where each area of the house is.
    To be coherent with the (almost useless) in-game map, assume that the computer
    room is due East, the stairs are West, the entrance door is South and that
    Winston and the fireplace are North.
    North-East there's a door that leads to the POOL.
    North-West, under the stairs, there's a door that leads to the GYM.
    Go up the stairs and turn left. Two doors will be on your right as you walk:
    the first leads to the LIBRARY, the second one instead leads to LARA'S ROOM.
    Notice the rhomb-shaped thing at the end of this hallway. There's another one
    on the other side, if you take a right at the fork on the stairs. Remember
    this for later (namely, the gold reward).
    Until you acquire the needed familiarity with the house, you might find
    yourself lost. Bring up the PDA and judge where you are by having a look at
    the blinking dot on the in-game map and then finding here where you are:
       __________________________                    __________________________
      |                          |_                _|                          |
      |       G Y M               _|              |_       P  O  O  L          |
      |___________________     __|                  |__      __________________|
                          | ^ |                        | ^  |
     ___________________  | | |________________________| |  |  __________________
    |                   |_|                                 |_|            |     |
    |        M    A    I    N                      H    A    L    L          ZIP |
    |                                  ________                                  |
    |______     ______________________|        |______________________     |_____|
           |   |                                                      |   |        
           | | |                                                      | | |
      _____| V |______             * not drawn to scale         ______| V |_____
     |                |                                        |                |
     |_   LIBRARY     |                                        | LARA'S BEDROOM_|
       |              |                                        |              |
       |______________|                                        |______________|
    You can change Lara's costume/outfit in Lara's Bedroom, where the wardrobe is
    (turn left after entering the room). Lara's Bedroom is on the top floor, the
    second door on the right.
    There's no door nor room on the right side of the stairs.
    7B - EQUIPMENT LOCATION                                                (CMEQL)
    Since you start the Manor level without equipment, here's where they are:
    Dual Pistols
    They are in Lara's Bedroom; after entering the room, turn left and you'll see
    two altars with levers and a circle thing in the wall. Operate both levers and
    the thing will open, revealing the two pistols.
    Magnetic Grapple
    Simple enough, it's in the computer room on the lower floor. Operate the small
    laptop laying on the floor and the safe will open. Get them.
    Personal Light Source
    Go to the Library, it's on the table.
    Binoculars with RAD
    Before getting the binoculars, you must have acquired the Magnetic Grapple.
    They are in the pool; go to the Pool's sub section (CMPOL) to read more.
    7C - LARA'S BEDROOM                                                    (CFLRB)
    - 0 Gold
    - 0 Silver
    - 1 Bronze
    - Dual Pistols
    - Wardrobe
    When entering the room, on your right there's the wardrobe, where you can
    change Lara's outfit.
    On your left there's your weapon. You should see two altars with levers and a
    circle thing in the wall. Operate both levers and the thing will open, and you
    can easily grab your Dual Pistols.
    The BRONZE CREST is behind Lara's bed, couldnt't be that simple.
    7D - THE MAIN HALL                                                     (CFMHL)
    - Magnetic Grapple
    - Dual Pistols
    - 1 Gold*
    - 1 Silver
    - 2 Bronze
    - Magnetic Grapple
    Facing the stairwell, stay on the bottom floor and go left near the stairs and
    keep walking to the door underneath the stairs (NOT the door that leads to the
    Pool), and grab this easy BRONZE CREST.
    Now go up the stairs and turn left. As you get close to the first door on your
    right (that leads to the Library), stop and turn around.
    You should see a shimmering thing in the wall. Grapple it and pull it until a
    hidden alcove opens underneath it. Grab the BRONZE CREST.
    Return to the stairs and turn right; that is, go to the other balcony. When
    you get near the second column on your right, stop and turn around. Enter
    first-person aiming mode and look the the wall in front of you; there's a
    circular thing sticking out the wall that you can shoot at, because you'll
    notice that the cross hair will turns red. Shoot it until a hidden alcove is
    revealed underneath it and grab the SILVER CREST.
    * The Gold Crest is listed here only for the sake of completion, because
      you have to go through the "gold reward quest" mission to grab it.
    7E - THE LIBRARY                                                       (CFLBR)
    - Magnetic Grapple
    - Dual Pistols
    - 0 Gold
    - 2 Silver
    - 2 Bronze
    - P.L.S. (on the table)
    - "Start of the Gold Reward Quest" place
    - Entrance to a secret passage, leading to Lara's Bedroom
    NOTE: I suggest that, while you're here, you'd better start the
          "Mini-Quest for the Gold Reward" thing (see below).
    I won't explain the Gold Reward quest here, I'm here only to talk about hidden
    rewards. The PLS is on the table so is not that hidden; however on the right
    of the entrance door there's a breakable wall with a hidden alcove and - among
    with a movable library - a SILVER CREST.
    Inside the left wall (obviously, on your left when you enter the room), there
    is another SILVER CREST. It's behind that part of the library that's a bit
    brighter than the rest, and has two white shields with red crosses on the
    columns in front of it.
    Note however that if you take the Crest while the library is closed, you will
    not be able to read the third clue, but that won't stop you from continuing
    the quest.
    Go up the stairs. A BRONZE CREST is on the right of the door, while on the
    opposite corner of this room there's a lever that, if operated, reveals a
    another hidden alcove with a BRONZE CREST.
    That's all, if you want to read more about the hidden passage or the brighter
    library then you should read the "Mini Quest for the Gold Reward", (CMMQG).
    7F - MINI QUEST FOR THE GOLD REWARD                                    (CMMQG)
    - Magnetic Grapple
    - Dual Pistols
    - 1 Gold
    - 3 Silver
    - 3 Bronze
    [these numbers include the 2 Silver & 2 Bronze Crests found in the Library,
     but NOT any other Reward in any other area you'll come to (Pool, Bedroom)]
    Getting the gold reward takes you through a rpg-like (or maybe CSI-like) quest
    where you collect clues and figure out what do next in order to advance.
    Please note that before proceeding to the next step, Lara MUST have read the
    clue that led her to that step, meaning that, for instance, the 4 books in
    the library can be operated ONLY after you have read about them.
    When you have acquired the needed equipment, which you should already have, go
    to the Library.
    Lara should be watching at her lower right: shoot the wooded wall and grab the
    SILVER CREST. Notice the small movable library. Go to the table where Alister
    is, and take the PLS (which is needed too).
    Notice the two pressure buttons on each side of the table.
    Facing the table, look right, and little up. You should see another little
    library over a shimmering metal border. Grab and pull that border to let the
    library fall.
    Place it on either of the buttons. Then take the other library (near the door)
    and push it on top of the other.
    An opening will open. If it doesn't open, go away like in the Pool or the Gym
    and then come back to see if the game has changed its mind.
    While you are here, you might want to go up the stairs and collect the TWO
    BRONZE CRESTs there (read the section above for their locations).
    Enter it, and use the PLS to see where you're going. Grab the SILVER CREST on
    the way; shoot the boxes that reveal a statue behind them and operate it. A
    nearby wall will rotate; go there to read it. The writings say:
                    "Above the Waters, Twin Sisters turn their backs
                   one upon the other to leave the Ambages unguarded"
    Then, shoot the boxes in the corner left of the writings to reveal a BRONZE
    CREST. Proceed in the dark hallway and go up the stairs. Operate the statue on
    the left, and the door will open, leading you to Lara's Bedroom.
    Take the door on the left and return to the main hall, then proceed to the
    pool (because the clue says "Above the Waters").
    When you arrive, turn right. You should see a statue with a shimmering and
    retracted spear; use the grapple to pull it out. Walk along the pool on the
    right of the entrance and look right for columns with two handles: pull them
    away from the wall. Do this for the two of them.
    When you arrive at the North wall (opposite the entrance), climb on the ledge
    of the last column you pulled out and turn South, jump on the spear, swing and
    jump and grab the ledge of the curved balcony. Proceed swinging and jumping to
    reach a bigger balcony.
    You should see two statues with spears and an alcove between them. These are
    the "Twin Sisters" referenced above. Rotate them so they won't be facing each
    other, and a cutscene showing the thing inside the alcove rotating will play,
    and if you go read it, you'll end up with another clue that says:
                "Within the Hall of Knowledge, Tomes of Cerulean, Topaz,
                  Viridian and Crimson in turn reveal their Arcanum."
    Now return to the Library ("Hall of Knowledge"). There you'll notice that four
    colored books stick out of the library and are more noticeable than the
    One of the book is on the right side of the door. Call this book "A". Another
    is in the left wall west of the door, near a part of the library with two
    crests and that's brighter. This is book "B".
    Another book is on top of the stairs, book "C".
    Another is inside the study on top of that stairs, book "D".
    The colors in the clue are:
      Cerulean => Blue
         Topaz => Yellow
      Viridian => Green
       Crimson => Red
    so, as "Sup3rn0v4" suggested, the order is Blue, Yellow, Green, Red.
    Or A, D, C, B according to my given designations.
    Of course the "activate" button is your action button. This will open the
    brighter library to reveal a small room where there's a wall with writings,
    and a SILVER CREST. Read the writings that say:
                   "Above the Hearth, revealed visage and countenance
                        touched in haste raise up the Steward."
    Return to the Main Hall, but do not go down the stairs.
    After exiting the door from the hallway and arriving in the main hall, turn
    right and proceed to the statue with the tongue sticking out. There's another
    one on the other balcony.
    Look left and you should see three spears near the glass wall of the computer
    room. Use the grapple and pull them so you'll have three poles. Don't jump
    Now you need to "operate" the tongue and quickly swing to the other side and
    operate that one BEFORE the first have finished rotating.
    If you do it right, a new cutscene will show a statue raising from the lower
    floor, then the camera will show you a button near that statue. Also, you have
    another clue to read in the wall just in front of you. It says:
                        "The risen Athena turns to face the Sun,
                     whose burden then reveals the Gulden Laurel."
    The "risen Athena" is of course the statue you just saw.
    Jump down and rotate this statue to face the sun, i.e., West (considering how
    we organised the whole thing), opposite the computer room. Then step on the
    button nearby.
    Another cutscene will play. The statue will return underground, and a pillar
    with the gold reward on top will raise from the floor. Go up the stairs and
    use the spears to drop on top of the pillar and grab the GOLD CREST. As you
    do it, the pillar will return underground too, and you have completed this
    "quest", thus unlocking the "Suit" outfit.
    Go to Lara's Bedroom to have Lara wear it.
    7G - THE POOL                                                          (CMPOL)
    - Magnetic Grapple
    - 0 Gold
    - 3 Silver
    - 4 Bronze
    - Binoculars with R.A.D.
    - Entrance to a secret underwater passage, leading to the Gym
    Like in the Gym, consider South the wall where the entrance door is, and the
    rest North (opposite wall), East (right wall) and West (left wall), with your
    back to the entrance.
    That being said, a BRONZE CREST is inside the pool, grab it and operate the
    LEVER. It unlocks the first layer of the underwater passage inside the Pool.
    Get out of the water and go around the pool itself, and watch out for spears
    you'll need to pull out with the Magnetic Grapple, like you did in the "Quest
    for the Gold Reward" section.
    Also, pull away from the wall the columns with handles; there are two of them
    on the East and only one on the West. That one hides a BRONZE CREST and you
    should push it near the edge, otherwise it might interfere with your future
    Grab the other BRONZE CREST behind some deckchairs on the North wall.
    Now go on the North-East corner and jump on the column you previously pulled
    out of the wall.
    Turn south and jump and grab the spear. From there, jump on the curved balcony
    and proceed to the other spear, to swing to the South balcony.
    Grab the BRONZE CREST on the springboard.
    Do you see the two statues? The floor has a strange "X" drawn, so turn the two
    statues and make their spears form an "X" too... The wall inside the alcove
    will rotate, and a statue with a tongue appears: "operate" its tongue and the
    second gate of the underwater passage will open.
    Do not drop down though.
    Facing the pool, go on the left of this balcony and jump on the spear there.
    Swing and jump when ready, ready to grapple the hanging metal thing and then
    swing again to jump to the other spear, to finally reach the North balcony.
    Grab the Binoculars near the horse-like statue, and use the Magnetic Grapple
    and Lara herself to put the ball (I guess you know by know which ball I am
    talking about) onto the circular button near the springboard.
    A suspended hanging thing will lower from the ceiling.
    Grab the SILVER CREST behind the statue on the left (facing the pool).
    Now, go to the springboard and with the Magnetic Grapple (after the England's
    level, I prefer to call it "Magnotis Gamble", but I'll stick to its real name
    for the sake of the unaware reader) grab and pull the hanging thing and as it
    swings toward you, jump.
    While on the hanging thing, grapple the curved balcony on the East and grab
    the SILVER CREST there.
    If you happen to fall down, just use the half-column on the West, the one that
    had a Bronze Crest in its alcove and that I told you to push near the edge of
    the floor.
    From there, just grapple the hanging thing, jump on it, and then on the other
    side (thus on the balcony).
    While on the balcony, dive down and enter the secret passage. Grab the SILVER
    CREST near the entrance and reach the Gym's pool (the locked gate will open
    automatically as you get near it).
    7H - THE GYM                                                           (CMMQG)
    - Magnetic Grapple
    - 0 Gold
    - 3 Silver
    - 6 Bronze
    Just to have some point of reference, assume that the wall and the door to
    enter/exit the Gym is due South, so the pool is East and so on.
    Note that the small gate inside the pool can't be opened from within the gym,
    so do not bother. Another note is that, for some reason, you can't use the
    Magnetic Grapple to grab rewards here.
    You'll see some yellow shining spherical objects; there are movable pipes and
    ladders that help you reach all the rewards.
    This walkthrough and the order here is the "text version" of a... say, "Video
    Walkthrough" I did for this level that I doubt will ever be posted somewhere.
    Of course your order may be different from mine, this is just one combination,
    especially if you are arriving from the Pool-Gym secret passage, where the
    only changes may be the two Rewards near the pool area you're arriving from.
    After entering the Gym, make a few steps and turn left, you should see one of
    those yellow spheres that shimmers; use the Magnetic Grapple and pull it so it
    will be parallel to the West wall.
    Locate the small blue ramp [whose reading says "Gregory Gym Supplies LTD."(1)]
    and jump on the nearby horizontal pole, then on the vertical one, and then on
    the pole you just rotated.
    Jump to the upside-down V-shaped stone, and slide down, but before falling,
    jump on the ledge of the wall in front. Vault up and jump to the vertical pole
    hanging there. Jump to the other one and face the South wall to see a reward.
    Drop to the slanted stone and, like you just did, before falling to the floor
    jump to the alcove and grab the first BRONZE CREST.
    Drop down and walk toward the North wall. As you get near it, you'll see
    another set of exercises and a small rock width a ledge (in northern part of
    the gym, not close to a wall). On the East side of them there's a half-moon
    shaped thing, with another yellow shimmering sphere: grab and pull it, so the
    pipe rotates and will be vertical.
    Grab the ledge of the small rock and jump through the poles there, then, when
    on the vertical pole you jump to from the half-moon one, climb up and jump on
    the alcove with the second BRONZE CREST inside.
    Drop down and use the Magnetic Grapple on the yellow thing again so it returns
    to the previous state (i.e., horizontal pole).
    Run and dive jump into the pool to collect the third BRONZE CREST. Get out,
    and locate the Silver one on a ledge on a side of this same pool. Run-up from
    the West and jump on that small ledge to grab the first SILVER CREST.
    Do you see the yellow spherical thing shimmering just a little above the place
    you took the Silver Crest? Grab and pull it.
    Return to the rock with the ledge, and use the vertical pole of the half-moon
    object to jump on a pole on the East wall. Now use the wall on the left to
    reach the horizontal pole on the movable part you moved before, the one above
    the Silver Crest.
    From there, swing and jump on the slanted pole, and then on the other, and
    another. Then on the movable platform. The camera should point to the South,
    otherwise do it yourself and use the Magnetic Grapple to pull the platform
    toward the alcove with the reward. Once close, jump in it and grab the second
    Now I just drop down (losing a little bit of health, but who cares after all).
    Walk toward the North wall but watch the West one. After you pass the small
    blue ramp, you should see (on your left), a movable vertical ladder on the
    West wall; use the Magnetic Grapple and pull.
    Now use the blue ramp to get to that ladder; return to the slanted stone, jump
    on the ledge and go around the stone; jump on the vertical pole and then on
    the one on the wall; then on the ledge and finally on the ladder. Climb a bit
    and jump on the other pole and from there on the ledge of the alcove the
    reward is in. Grab the BRONZE CREST and return to the ladder. Climb all the
    way to the top and then jump toward the middle of the gym where, unseen by the
    camera but I swear it's there, there's another movable platform.
    It will start to move toward a fixed platform with a SILVER CREST.
    Use the magnetic grapple to pull the platform toward you, and jump on the pole
    hanging from the roof on your right.
    Jump to the vertical pole (due North) and then on the ledge in front. Jump on
    the ledge on the right and go around this wall. Jump to the pole, turn around
    and drop down to enter the alcove and grab the BRONZE CREST.
    Now pull again the movable vertical platform over the small isle in the small
    pool, where the reward was, so it is flat to the wall again.
    Return there again swing from pole to ledge to grab the BRONZE CREST.
    (1) I just did a quick search for "Gregory Gym" and Wikipedia says there's a
        "Gregory Gymnasium", which is the home of the University of Texas Longhorn
        Women's Volleyball team; one of their sports is gymnastics.
    8.  Boss Strategies                                                    (00BTR)
    Let's face it, some bosses are tough and are maybe they're the tougher part of
    this game, because navigating around is essentially straightforward, and the
    time needed to solve certain puzzle is all about intuitivity and using the
    Instead of a whole new section where I would say basically the same things
    already said in the walkthrough section, I'll "link" to each level' walkthru
    where each boss strategy get described.
    To get there, of course the search (or find) function of your browser/editor/
    /text viewer and paste the link code (either with or without parenthesis, does
    not matter)
       Location        Level    Boss Name        Link code
       -------------   -----    --------------   ---------
       Bolivia           1      No boss.         -
       Peru              2      No boss.         -
       Japan             3      Takamoto         (1BOSS)
       Ghana             4      Rutland          (2BOSS)
       Kazakhstan        5      Unknown Entity   (3BOSS)
       England           6      Sea Monster      (4BOSS)
       Nepal             7      No boss.         -
       Bolivia Redux     8      Amanda           (5BOSS)
    9.  Inventory                                                          (0INVT)
    Your tools, your friends, are listed here.
    9A - Weapons                                                           (0WEAP)
    This is the list of all weapons. The "Ammo:" line is to be interpreted as
    number of rounds in a clip / size of magazine.
    Don't take the Rate of fire too serious for now. It was a brief test.
    The Range is basically how many steps Lara can go away from the current locked
    enemy/object before the reticule turns grey. However note that grey reticule
    doesn't mean completely missing the target.
    Dual Pistols
       Ammo:  15 / Infinite
       In-game description: Dual RGP Mach 5 Pistols, counterbalanced to reduce
           recoil. This set includes custom high capacity magazines.
       Power:  3 / 10
       Rate of fire:  6 bullets/sec
       Range:  15 steps (regardless of upgrades)
       First found:  Always with Lara
       1. Increased Magazine Size (40 bullets)
         Oddly, I had that benefit BEFORE being notified of the upgrade (I had
         collected 13 silver rewards)
       2. Increased Accuracy
       3. Increased Damage
       This is Lara's trademark, dual pistols that never run out of bullets.
       However, they are weak and it takes a lot of bullets to kill enemies, but
       nonetheless it's quite a good weapon. The range is quite good too, but of
       course not as good as the RC650.
       Useful for destroying boxes, shooting spots to continue the game, and where
       you don't want to waste bullets of your other more powerful weapons.
       Ammo:  40 / 160
       In-game description: The MG415 Submachinegun allows for single shots and
           full-automatic fire. Close range accuracy is above average for a weapon
           of this type.
       Power:  6 / 10
       Rate of fire:  10 bullets/sec
       Range:  15 steps
       First found:  as you approach the Temple in Bolivia (first level)
       I admit I don't like that weapon so much. Besides, you can only find it on
       the second half of first level, and you'll soon acquire a RC650 to switch
       Its range is somewhat between the pistols and the RC650. Has a higher rate
       of fire and a higher power, but that's all.
    RC650 Assault Rifle
       Ammo:  30 / 150
       In-game description: The RC650 Assault Rifle fires 5.56mm rounds housed in
           a synthetic polymer magazine. This weapon sacrifices power and
           accuracy for range with sustained fire.
       Power:  5 / 10
       Rate of fire:  9 bullets/sec
       Range:  20 steps
       First found:  guys at the bottom of the Temple, Bolivia (first level)
       This is my favourite weapon and I bet the favourite of many other players.
       Not only it looks cool when Lara holds it on her back, but also has the
       farthest range available, lot of power at medium-close range, and a good
       one at far distances. Accuracy is also great too, thanks to a mounted
       Ammo:  5 / 25
       In-game description: Pump Action shotgun. Fires a wide spray of buckshot
           capable of great damage at close range with decreasing effectiveness
           based on distance from target.
       Power:  8 / 10 (close range)
               1 / 10 (far range)
       Rate of fire:  1 bullet/sec
       Range:  11 steps
       First found:  Marketplace in Peru (second level)
       Like all games that feature a shotgun, it has a great power at close-medium
       range, but lacks range so it isn't an all-purpose weapon.
       Quite frankly, in this game I think this weapon sucks, because for the most
       part you'll be trying to engage enemies at long distances. And when you're
       near them it's easier to just push the Action button to make Lara kick them
       to dispose of them quickly.
       However, like always, the shotgun it's a very satisfiyng weapon to use and
       definitely worths a try or two.
    Grenade Launcher
       Ammo:  3 / 15
       In-game description: Multi shot military grade grenade launcher. Fires 40mm
           fragmentation grenades with pinpoint accuracy
       Power:  8 / 10
       Usefulness:  Low
       Range:  untested yet
       First found:  Ghana (fourth level)
       Take your standard grenades and add a better aiming control, then expand
       the amount you can carry and boom! (literally), you have this thing.
       Unfortunately, ammo are very rare and hasn't a great fire rate.   
       Ammo:  4
       In-game description: JW33 fragmentation grenade. Cast iron construction
           with raised waffle pattern. Granular TNT filler provides for a powerful
           highly lethal blast radius.
       Power:  8 / 10
       Usefulness:  medium-low
       First found:  Marketplace in Peru (second level)
       These rolling red grenades are you friends when dealing with way too many
       enemies, when jumping and rolling around it's not enough to not get shot.
       Throw one nearby them and BOOM! Mercenaries soup. However pay attention to
       the grenades they throw AT you: when you see one rolling towards you, roll
       away because Lara's running speed isn't enough to get out of the blast
       Ammo:  Infinite
       In-game description: The legendary sword of King Arthur. Actually composed
           of four pieces, the weapon is composed of an unknown material and only
           becomes functional when all parts are combined. When wielded, the sword
           emits an energy blast of great power.
       Power:  10 / 10
       Rate of fire:  1 burst/second
       Range:  untested yet
       Usefulness:  medium-high
       First found:  Nepal (seventh level)
       This is like the weapon that Takamoto uses when you fight against him. It
       shoots a burst of energy, and the spread isn't as wider as Takamoto's one.
       However it's really powerful and can blasts everything in one shot.
       You get to use it only at the end of the game, and for the final battle. If
       you want it as secondary weapon, you have to beat Nepal's Time Trial and
       activate the cheat using the combination found in the "Special" sub menu.
    Soul Reaver
       Ammo:  Infinite
       The in-game description is the same of the Excalibur.
       Power:  10/10
       Rate of fire:  0.9 burst/second
       Range:  21 steps
       Usefulness:  medium
       First found:  Complete the game, Beat all time trials, Collect ALL Rewards
       You can only use this weapon if you punch the code; it's like the Excalibur
       (so that's why the description is the same), but the burst is red instead
       of green. Does almost the same amount of damage of the normal Excalibur,
       but to me this is kinda slower, that's the reason of the "0.9" ROF.
    9B - Gear                                                              (0GEAR)
    Magnetic Grapple
       In-game description: A portable grappling device that replaces the standard
           hook with a superstrong electromagnet that can be turned on and off
           remotely from the base unit. 25ft (7.5 mt) or 300lb (136 kg) test
           microfilament wire connect the two pieces.
    Health Pack
       In-game description: Standard field use medikit that will replenish health
           when used.
       In-game description: State of the art binoculars with included R.A.D.
           technology allows for Remote Analysis and Display of object
           characteristics from up to 1200m away
       When you're in R.A.D. mode, the row of four icons at the bottom of the
       viewfinder tell how the object can be manipulated. From left to right,
       they mean:
       - You can shoot it (Explosive)
       - It's a mechanism of some sorts (Mechanism)
       - You can move it (Movable)
       - You can destroy it (Breakable)
       In-game description: Ultra-bright LED portable light source. Kinetically
           charged, the PLS will shine for a limited time before shutting off to
    9C - OUTFITS / COSTUMES                                                (0OUTF)
    I thought this quick outfit list could be useful for someone; they are listed
    just like in the game so in case you see a "???" on your screen you can easily
    find what costume you're missing and what to do to get it.
    I also took screenshots of some of them, like bikinis. URLs are further down.
        Name                     Level         How to unlock
        ---------------------    -----------   ---------------------------
        Legend                   -             Available from the start
        Legend, Union Jack       BOLIVIA       All Silver Knives
        Legend, Black            CROFT MANOR   All Silver Rewards
        Legend, Blue             PERU          All Silver Statues
        Legend, Pink             GHANA         All Silver Masks
        Biker                    ENGLAND       Complete level
        Biker, Red Jacket        ENGLAND       All Silver Crosses
        Biker, No Jacket         ENGLAND       All Silver and Gold Crosses
        Evening, Ripped          JAPAN         Complete level
        Evening, Red             JAPAN         All Silver Buddahs
        Classic                  PERU          Gold Statue
        Classic, Grey            GHANA         Gold Mask
        Winter                   KAZAKHSTAN    Complete level
        Winter, No Coat          KAZAKHSTAN    Complete level
        Winter, Orange           NEPAL         All Silver Prayer Wheels
        Winter, Orange No Coat   KAZAKHSTAN    All Silver Orbs
        Winter, Pink             NEPAL         Complete Time Trial
        Winter, Pink No Coat     PERU          Beat Time Trial
        Catsuit                  JAPAN         Gold Buddah
        Snowsuit                 NEPAL         Gold Prayer Wheel
        Suit                     CROFT MANOR   Gold Crest
        Suit, Cream              CROFT MANOR   All Silver and Gold Crests
        Special Forces           KAZAKHSTAN    Gold Orb
        Special Forces, Urban    ENGLAND       Gold Cross
        Goth                     ENGLAND       Beat Time Trial
        Goth, Lace Shirt         JAPAN         Beat Time Trial
        Sport                    BOLIVIA       Gold Knife
        Sport, Green             BOLIVIA       Beat Time Trial
       *Swimsuit                 100%          Get 100% and beat all Time Trials
       *Swimsuit, Black          100%          Like above, plus get ALL REWARDS.
        Amanda                   GHANA         Beat Time Trial
        Amanda, Winter           KAZAKHSTAN    Beat Time Trial
    * Bikinis can only be worn in Croft Manor.
    Legend, Pink    http://img177.imageshack.us/img177/8301/trllegendpinknx6.jpg
    AVAILABLE AT THE START       BOLIVIA                   PERU
    ----------------------       -------                   ----
    Legend                       Legend, Union Jack        Classic
                                 Sport                     Legend, Blue
                                 Sport, Green              Winter, Pink No Coat
    JAPAN                        GHANA                     KAZAKHSTAN
    -----                        -----                     ----------
    Catsuit                      Amanda                    Amanda, Winter
    Evening, Ripped              Classic, Grey             Special Forces
    Evening, Red                 Legend, Pink              Winter
    Goth, Lace Shirt                                       Winter, No Coat
                                                           Winter, Orange No Coat
    ENGLAND                      NEPAL                     CROFT MANOR
    -------                      -----                     -----------
    Biker                        Snowsuit                  Suit
    Biker, Red Jacket            Winter, Orange            Suit, Cream
    Biker, No Jacket             Winter, Pink
    Special Forces, Urban
    Swimsuit, White
    Screenshots:    http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/3019/trlbikiniwhite1lx3.jpg
    Swimsuit, Black
    Screenshot:     http://img130.imageshack.us/img130/4402/trlbikiniblack1bs5.jpg
    10.  Cheat Codes                                                       (00CHE)
    Once you complete the last level - Bolivia Redux, (01BOL) - you'll unlock the
    "Special" menu, which contains the "Cheat" sub menu. At the beginning it has
    only the code for one thing; to unlock more codes, you have to beat Time Trial
    in each level of the game.
    To activate a cheat, you punch the code while in-game; if you punch more than
    one then the previous one will be deactivated.
    And note, you *CAN* *NOT* input a cheat code if you haven't unlocked it!
    If a valid cheat code has been inserted, the game plays the same sound effect
    you hear when a Gold Rewards is collected.
    This is the list of cheats, and which level' time trial you need to beat;
    otherwise, what to do to unlock it.
    Textureless Mode
    REQUIREMENT - Complete the game
    Textures are disabled and you only get to see the world in a flat-shaded style
    (but I'm not sure it's a flat-shaded rendering)
    Draw Enemy Health
    REQUIREMENT - Beat Time Trial in Bolivia
    Under each enemy, a floating number appears, telling how much his health is.
    Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo
    REQUIREMENT - Beat Time Trial in Japan
    Obviously, the magazine size of the RC650 turns into the "infinite" symbol.
    Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo
    REQUIREMENT - Beat Time Trial in Kazakhstan
    The same thing, but for the Grenade Launcher
    Infinite Shotgun Ammo
    REQUIREMENT - Beat Time Trial in Ghana
    The very same thing, but for the Shotgun
    Infinite SMG Ammo
    REQUIREMENT - Beat Time Trial in Peru
    Do I really have to tell you?
    REQUIREMENT - Beat Time Trial in England
    Getting shot by enemies won't draw Lara's health. However, falling, fire, and
    so on still kill or deplete her health
    One Shot Kill
    REQUIREMENT - Beat Bolivia Redux Time Trial
    Enemies die with a single shot. This also applies to two bosses: Takamoto and
    Rutland, but not any other.
    Wield Excalibur
    REQUIREMENT - Beat Time Trial in Nepal
    Use Excalibur as Lara's secondary weapon
    Wield Soul Reaver
    REQUIREMENTS - Beat the game
                   Beat ALL Time Trials
                   Collect ALL Gold, Silver and Bronze Rewards
    Use the Soul Reaver as Lara's secondary weapon (go the weapons section to read
    about it)
    10A - THE CODES                                                        (CHTCD)
    Textureless Mode
    PC:  Press and hold Backspace, then press 1
    PS2:  Press and hold L1,
          then: L2 - Cross - Circle - Cross - Triangle - R1
    Xbox:  Pull and hold Left Trigger,
           then: Black - A - B - A - Y - Right Trigger
    Xbox360: Press and hold Left Trigger,
             then: Left Button - A - B - A - Y - Right Trigger
    Draw Enemy Health
    PC:  Press and hold Backspace, then press 2
    PS2:  Press and hold L1,
          then: Square - Circle - Cross - L2 - R1 - Triangle
    Xbox:  Pull and hold Left Trigger
           then: X - B - A - Black - Right Trigger - Y
    Xbox360: Press and hold Left Trigger,
             then: X - B - A - Left Button - Right Trigger - Y
    Infinite Assault Rifle Ammo
    PC:  Press and hold Backspace, then press 3
    PS2:  Press and hold L2,
          then: Cross - Circle - Cross - L1 - Square - Triangle
    Xbox:  Press and hold Black,
           then: A - B - A - Left Trigger - X - Y
    Xbox360: Press and hold Left Button,
             then: A - B - A - Left Trigger - X - Y
    Infinite Grenade Launcher Ammo
    PC:  Press and hold Backspace, then press 4
    PS2:  Press and hold L2,
          then: L1 - Triangle - R1 - Circle - L1 - Square
    Xbox:  Press and hold Black,
           then: Left Trigger - Y - Right Trigger - B - Left Trigger - X
    Xbox360: Press and hold Left Button,
             then: Left Trigger - Y - Right Trigger - B - Left Trigger - X
    Infinite Shotgun Ammo
    PC:  Press and hold Backspace, then press 5
    PS2:  Press and hold L2,
          then: R1 - Circle - Square - L1 - Square - Cross
    Xbox:  Press and hold Black,
           then: Right Trigger - B - X - Left Trigger - X - A
    Xbox360: Press and hold Left Button,
             then: Right Trigger - B - X - Left Trigger - X - A
    Infinite SMG Ammo
    PC:  Press and hold Backspace, then press 6
    PS2:  Press and hold L2,
          then: Circle - Triangle - L1 - R1 - Cross - Circle
    Xbox:  Press and hold Black,
           then: B - Y - Left Trigger - Right Trigger - A - B
    Xbox360: Press and hold Left Button,
             then: B - Y - Left Trigger - Right Trigger - A - B
    Bulletproof Lara
    PC:  Press and hold Backspace, then press 7
    PS2:  Press and hold L1,
          then: Cross - R1 - Triangle - R1 - Square - L2
    Xbox:  Pull and hold Left Trigger,
           then: A - Right Trigger - Y - Right Trigger - X - Black
    Xbox360: Press and hold Left Trigger,
             then: A - Right Trigger - Y - Right Trigger - X - Left Button
    One Shot Kill
    PC:  Press and hold Backspace, then press 8
    PS2:  Press and hold L1,
          then: Triangle - Cross - Triangle - Square - L2 - Circle
    Xbox:  Pull and hold Left Trigger,
           then: Y - A - Y - X - Black - B
    Xbox360: Press and hold Left Trigger,
             then: Y - A - Y - X - Left Button - B
    Wield Excalibur
    PC:  Press and hold Backspace, then press 9
    PS2:  Press and hold L2,
          then: Triangle - Cross - Circle - R1 - Triangle - L1
    Xbox:  Press and hold Black,
           then: Y - A - B - R - Y - Left Trigger
    Xbox360: Press and hold Left Button,
             then: Y - A - B - R - Y - Left Trigger
    Wield Soul Reaver
    PC:  Press and hold Backspace, then press 0
    PS2:  Press and hold L2,
          then: Cross - R1 - Circle - R1 - L1 - Square
    Xbox:  Press and hold Black,
           then: A - Right Trigger - B - Right Trigger - Left Trigger - X
    Xbox360: Press and hold Left Button,
             then: A - Right Trigger - B - Right Trigger - Left Trigger - X
    11.  Frequently Asked Questions                                        (0FAQ0)
    None so far.
    #1  Q:  On the Xbox version, are custom soundtracks supported? (by me)
        A:  No
    #2  Q:  Hell, cutscenes are cool the first time you see them, but they get
            annoying the 35829th time... How do I skip them?
        A:  Bring up the pause menu and choose "Skip Cinematic". Cutscenes that
            shows you clues about your path can't be skipped.
    #3  Q:  This freakin Sea Monster in English is tough as hell! How I'm supposed
            to defeat him? (submitted by many people)
        A:  You basically must shoot the four bells while the monster is nearby;
            then, as you see waves coming out of the bell itself, shoot the
            hanging cage. It will fall down and hurt the monster.
    #4  Q:  Gold. Reward. In Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan gold reward. Platform. Moving.
            Magnetic Gun. Platform not moving. Gun not shooting. Help. (submitted
            by lot of people too)
        A:  For the gun not shooting, it's because you need to power it again, so
            I bet it's impossible to get the gold reward the first time you enter
            the room.
            The second time, you have my holy and precious diagram you can find by
            searching for (KZHGD} with alternate strategies.
    #5  Q:  How I'm supposed to play time trials ? (There's no option in the main
            menu ! (submitted by naomi blackburn)
        A:  From the main menu, choose "Load/Save", then from the sub-menu choose
            "Replay Level".
            Select which level you want to play, by scrolling the list of already
            completed ones. Then, from the next screen choose "Difficulty" and
            select the fourth option ('Time Trial'). Confirm and change Outfit you
            you want to, and then hit "Continue".
    #6  Q:  Does missing a reward on a level screws up my game or I can go back
            and grab it at a later time? (submitted by Tim Chung)
        A:  You can come back later using the Replay level option and grab it
            without problems.
    #7  Q:  How do you grab those screenshot from an Xbox? (submitted by Ghost 990
            and many others)
        A:  When I need to capture one, I load a debug bios and then launch the
            game. The debug bios is basically a program that runs parallel to the
            game and allows interesting "debug" capabilities.. and one of them is
            to capture what is currently being displayed.
            However, not all games accepts running under this condition, like The
            Godfather, Driver 4, Need for Speed Underground 2 and many others.
    12.  Contributing Readers                                              (0RDRS)
    Listed in no particular order. Contributors get added at a random point thanks
    to a CIA's random position generator(tm) stolen using my psionic powers.
    - Brandon Smithson for yelling at me to give proper assistance in getting the
      gold reward in Bolivia
    - Christine James and Jaime for the location of various rewards in the Ghana
      level; also, both of them submitted the location of the gold one.
    - Blue Vane for the alternate strategy to get the Gold Knife in Bolivia.
      Also for helping me with the Sea Monster in England.
    - Archangel White Tiger for an alternate strategy to defeat Rutland
    - Unicron told me that with the "One shot kill" cheat on you can kill both
      Takamoto and Rutland with.. one shot. I already wrote about that in the
      cheats section, but only refered to killing Takamoto.
    - Telechubby for reports of missing/confusing parts in the Kazakhstan
      walkthrough, and a missing reward in the same level
    - Jaime for a missing reward in Kazakhstan (the same that Telechubby
      reported), however he took the time to grab and upload a screenshot to
      help me identify it, thanks :)
      (but next time, make it brighter, although I can do it myself)
    - Dan isthecoolest for reporting me what you get for beating Kazakhstan's
      time trial
    - Arainn Dickson mailed suggesting to run a spell checker on the document, and
      I found thousand of stupid errors or wrong words, so thanks
    - Sup3rn0v4 for suggesting to also add the color sequence of books you need to
      push in the Croft Manor (for the "Gold Reward Quest") 
    - ExpertPenguin for an alternate strategy for the boss in Kazakhstan.
    - darren mccall, Patrik Franzén and Rodger contributed alternate strategies
      for defeating that @!$# creature in Kazakhstan - they'll be added as I test
    - ÜberCharlie for telling me what Indiana Jones was supposed to "write" in the
      stoned-floor in "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade"
    - Bravo2 for telling me that I missed to completely fill the Kazakhstan level
      box with rewards for time trial
    - Matt Murphy, Carson Clews (reported a minor mistake), Bevan Hogben,
      Lordakira900, Gretchen B. Walker, Erin Roget for various reason or no reason
      at all (actually, the reason is their patience)
    - Also, Worridor, CPS, and all those who left a message through my website.
    - James Vere wrote just to suggest me play previous Tomb Raider games.
    - Those who left a comment on google videos or youtube about my videos.
    - Every other I have forgot.
    I apologize for not being to active in the past months and I hope that both
    those who receveid a reply after two months and those who didn't haven't sent
    out a killer seeking me :(
    13.  Thanks                                                            (00TNX)
    Thanks goes to Crystal Dynamics for a quality Tomb Raider game, Eidos
    Interactive for their choice of developers, and the following list of sites,
    people, and stuff:
    - every contributor listed above
    - IGN.com for infos
    - Youtube.com and Google Video(tm) for hosting my video walkthroughs
    - Google Mail(tm) for their excellent spell checker
    - EditPlus by ES-Computing for this excellent text editor (I wrote all
      revisions of this faq up to 0.92 with this one; too bad doesn't support
      multibyte documents the way I want)
    - Notepad++ by Don HO for this excellent text editor (revisions from 0.93
      onwards are written with this one)
    - Wikipedia for various consulting
    - you for having read this
    - sef for PC controls
    - romek1uk for Xbox 360 Controls
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