Review by slinbob1

Reviewed: 04/17/06

Tomb Raider at its best yet!!!

I grew up playing the tomb raider games and they were all the best adventure games ever made accept angel of darkness; legend is pretty dam good.


I was amazed with the gameplay; the whole jumping from ledges and swinging on ropes looks and feels amazing. The shoot em up stile of fighting has changed to a lock on system but players can change it to manual aiming if they are up to the challenge. With matrix stile slow motion moves to pull off an awesome manoeuvrability it is perfect. The bike levels are a nice extra but could of been better. Some of the puzzles are quite fun to work out and some take a while... and so they should, like old times.


The music is perfect, background sound effects, perfect. Guns and moves all sound good.... need I say anything else?


The graphics are near best there is on XBOX. There is very little they could have improved on. The water for one of the levels as you look down from a high cliff looks stunning along with the scenery.


Well what can I say... I love the mythical legend of King Arthur in every form it has ever been told in and this one is pretty dam cool as well. It’s cool to see what happened to Lara's mother. The story starts off with a tutorial stile level which is cool then you get to learn about lara's past experiences in tombs with her colleagues.



This is the only place the game is a let down. The actual story and levels are not long enough, or maybe it was the tombs. Collecting the gold, silver and bronze awards is fun and annoying at the same time but after you have them all and complete time trials and the extra difficulties the only time to come back to it is after a few months. It’s a great story to play through if you have not played it in ages. So KEEP THIS GAME!!!!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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