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"The third game in the Crash racing series goes double. Whoop-de-doo!"

I curse both Vivendi Interactive AND Naughty Dog. See if NG had stuck with the Crash Bandicoot series, we wouldn't be left with mess like this game in the series. Although Vivendi could have at least TRIED to make a good game that actually doesn't have style over substance. What a shame.


Crash has to race in a themepark to repair some dumb mechanic soldier no one cares about. Even if it's written by some guy off Ren and Stimpy, we deserve better than this. Much better than this.


They don't deserve to be called graphics.They deserve to be called primitive. Seriously, the PS1 would be pushed, but only just. It doesn't even have a half decent framerate. Truly and absolutely appalling.


Like the graphics, the game sounds are quite old. And not in a good way. The voice acting is nothing short of crap. Crunch and Nina, in particular, don't exactly have the best lines in the world. The only good thing in the sound is N-Gin, who rules. Shame it's no reason to buy the darn game.


Here's where the game trips over it's shoelaces over and over again. You must find the track gate to actually race. Hell, to gather crystals you don't even reaaly NEED to race. You have dull minigames as well tasks for other characters and people selling crystals. You'll have to race once or twice, but then all you have to do is get on your feet and do the stuff I said above. The racing isn't even presented that well. If you team up the race is practically over. Shooting opponents down sends them way behind, but if you get trashed, you end up in exactly the same spot you got killed, and even spawn as soon as you get killed. The cars handle like crap on wheels. No, really.


You'll beat the main bit in a day, and won't bother to do the rest. It's just so unrewarding.

Sorry Vivendi, to excite us we need substance in our games. I don't see how anyone would like this. Even the kids may tire of it quickly. You'd do best to give this one a miss.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 04/10/06

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