Review by Darththeo

"Every bit as good as the Original if not better"

First off the drop you right off in the middle of the Action and it is Four Players off the bat rather then in the first one where you have to play the game and unlock characters and only start with Logan.


Similar to the First, but I loved the over heard action RPG Game play of the first one so seeing the same interface was nice.

Each X-Man has new powers and more powers adding ever more customization to the game. My strongest Character is Colossus, who is my favorite X-Man. Each character has now a wide assortments of moves, including two Super Moves. One that is Offensive similar to the first game and one that is Boost or something not directly Offensive. Colossus has Indestructible which does what it sounds like and Magneto has Metal Minion which summons a Metal Minion to fight with the team. Jean Grey 2nd power is much more interesting because she can bring back one fallen team mate. And also, more Mutant abilities have field use; Rogue can drain power from some items with one of hers. Also with the wider selection of powers, more customization exist.

The biggest problem with the game is that you are tempted to select a team of Four and used only them, this causes a huge level unbalance with those you don't use. Colossus in my game is level 39 and Toad and Nightcrawler are at level 28. That is a difference of 11 levels.

Now with Online Play to make a lot of people happy. Also with only three characters to unlock, it makes the game very fun.

The fact that some sets of characters give the team boosts make it definitely have a lot of replay value to the game. I never could really sit down for a long time and play the first I felt detached from its story, but this time, I didn't really stop playing all weekend.


Better voice acting and music that draws you right in as if you are in the game yourself. In the Madri Temple, I loved the music.


Yes, it is cell shaded and that puts off some people but trust me in makes in feel like a comic book.


A few minor problems with leveling of characters that are not often used, but overall, I loved this game.

If you are an X-Man Fan, you must get this game. If you are an RPG fan, you must get this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/26/05

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