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Reviewed: 09/26/05

One of the greatest X-Men games ever made. A must have for everyone.

First of all I am a huge X-Men fan, and a huge Marvel fan at that. When I heard X-Men Legends was coming out in September '04, there was no doubt in my mind that I needed to get this game. Now, September '05, the sequel to one the the greatest X-Men games to date comes out: X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse.
Story (9/10)

So basically the game is about the 2 forces that we all know and love, the X-Men and the Brotherhood. Apocalypse needs the mutants to take their powers, one of them being Magneto's son. They need to join forces to help get to Apocalypse and eventually, destroy him. To do this they must move to various places around the world to make camp and to set off for their objectives. In the first game, the 2 forces were both kind of worn down, and now that time has come, for 2 of the strongest forces in the Marvel universe to take down one of the most popular (and coolest) enemy around, Apocalypse. Get ready for a very fun, long, and satisfying adventure (about as much time as the first legends I might add). And at the end of the day, when you're in bed thinking of your team, and how strong they've grown, you'll be very, very happy.

Gameplay (9/10)

The gameplay is great. You an choose from 16 different X-Men or Brotherhood characters and use them to your advantage. As you can only control 4 Brotherhood or X-Men characters at a time, you can switch between the 4 that gives the game a lot of variety to choose from. There's also a new leveling up system which allows you to level up automatically so you never have to leave the action, but you can always do it manually too if you'd like. As you play through the game all of the characters get experience. You can use this experience to higher your ratings (attack, speed, defense), or make your powers stronger. This time around everyone has 10 powers to choose from and to equip. I think that's awesome 'cause in the first game everyone had only 4 powers. But let's move on. The gameplay can get kind of repetitive sometimes though, seeing as all of your objectives revolve around the same type of thing (find this, or break that, talk to whom). On the flip side though the action is fast and intense, and you're always satisfied. Not to mention I did notice some slowdown, but no freezing or glitches abound.

Graphics (9/10)

I love the graphics in this game. All the environments are destructable which is one of my favorite parts of the game, and they're huge compared to the first game which gives all the levels a more variety. A lot of people talked about how the first games levels were way too small, but now you got what you wanted people! The graphics aren't exactly cel-shaders, but the environments and the character models look very unique and different from what we see today. The lighting effects are gorgeous and there are lots of enemies to look for. The powers also look very nice. Everything looks like it should and looks like you would want it to be. From Magneto's telekenesis, to Cyclops's optic blast, this game makes for a very unique style of graphics. The few cutscenes looks very fine and up to date, everything is up to par with the games that you'll see today.

Sound (9/10)

Wow. Just wow. The voice acting and work are amazing. Every character sounds frighteningly like the real thing and just how you would picture it. There wasn't a lot of music in the first game, just a couple of tunes here and there, but his time around they added a nice and varied on and off orchestral soundtrack. Everything sounds as good as it can get (though they could have made Magneto sound a little cooler), from Wolverine's cold hard statements to everyone's own style of voice this game definitely gets an applause for its sound. All powers sound very realistic and compelling. Enemies also get a hands up for making better sounds than before (I'm sick of hearing "Muties!" all the time). The sound definitely gets you involved in the game.

Multiplayer (10/10)

Ah yes, multiplayer. One of the biggest new thing that they put in the game was online co-op for the Xbox and PS2, and to say the least, it's nothing short but awesome. You can play the whole game from scratch online if you'd like or you can play it at home co-op with 3 of your friends. Either way is just pure genius... I love it!. Anyway, basically how online works is that like I said if you're the host you can start a game from scratch or you can load a saved campaign of your own. You'll wait for people to join and then you'll all start playing. It's all about working as a team. You'll need to stay together and they've limited the areas you can walk to without being with the other players. There's some slowdown here and there online but there's nothing that would ruin the fun. Multiplayer plays a huge role in this game and that's why I'm giving it a 10.

Extras/Replay (9/10)

This game is so fun you'll surely want to play it again... and again, and again. Also they added 3 difficulty levels to your advantage, so you'll might whip through the game on easy, but hard can be some what of a challenge. You can also visit the danger room for some cool extra missions to try out. You can view all the comics that you've collected too. You might just even want to go back to the game to break things... yeah, it's that fun.

Overall X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse is a very fun, fast paced, action/rpg that anyone will like. If you're not a Marvel fan definitely pick this game up, even if you haven't played the first one, it really doesn't matter. And if you are a Marvel fan, or even an X-Men fan at that, I say go get this game right now! I demand you! But please people, you seriously will love this game. You might even sleep with the box at night, but I'm just gonna stop right now.


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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