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"If you think X-Men games are pointless, think again!"

Before I start, I just want to say some things. When I saw the trailer Marvel released on T.V, it amazed me how they made another X-Men game and how it wasn't getting old. I went to the store and bought this game and tried it out. Well, what do you know! X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse is one of the best X-Men game out there!

STORY (9/10)
So to start with, The Brotherhood and the X-Men are the two mutant forces that we know and probably like. They have to join together in order to beat Apocalypse, the first mutant on the universe. This happens when En Sabah Nur(Apocalypse's real name) kidnaps Quicksilver, Magneto's son. En Sabah Nur needs mutants to absorb their power to make himself much stronger than he is right now and the Brotherhood and the X-Men must stop him from doing that. They travel around the globe looking for Apocalypse and hoping to destroy him once and for all.

GAMEPLAY (10/10)

The gameplay is similar to Gauntlet: Dark Legacy and Diablo II(Lord of Destruction) which we all have heard of or maybe even have played. It's an RPG game which means that even if you do beat the main story, you can still keep going and power up your mutant(s). There are a total of 16 characters to choose from and 3 unlockable characters that you must get! You can't use all characters at once as you can only have 4 people in your party. There is also a new Level Up system which if you level up, you don't have to leave the action. Every character has about 10 mutant powers to choose from but again, can only use 4 at a time. As you progress and level up, you will be given four points to spend on your attributes (Body which is Health, Focus which is Mana, Strike which is damage, and Speed which can explain itself) and one point to spend on your skills. Yes, you can level your skills to make them much more powerful! The objectives gets annoying as all you do is find or negotiate with "instert name here", destroy "insert name here" and that's pretty much it. There are glitches and freezes, but only a few but that doesn't really ruin the game.


Purely amazing!!! The voice actors have done a great job, and their voice fits just the right character. Sadly, Apocalypse sounds like a normal person, not like a mutant monster. The background music is pretty good and the sound of every skill you use is unique. Every move you make, even the footsteps will make sounds and will satisfy you.


For an X-Men game, this has one of the best graphics of all. The graphics of the game are old school (which is cool, I'll tell you that) but, that won't stop you from playing the game. The environment is amazing, almost everything you see in the screen you can destroy. The feel of the game is also amazing, it kind of makes you "feel" like you are in the game. The graphics of the mutant powers are also good. For example, Nightcrawler's teleportation moves looks like the ones from the movies.


This is the main reason people buy this game. Either Co-op or playing online with friends. Online works the same as campaign mode. You basically play the game as how you would play the offline mode. Although, there is a twist. You can load a previously saved game, host it, wait for people to join, and then BAM! Start the game! Working as a team is not optional here. If you want to actually be a team, you'll have to communicate! There are some disadvantages online, like your teammate not wanting to cooperate with you or just hogging every kills. Still, that doesn't ruin the game, good job Marvel!


There are a lot of extras in this game like unlocking cinematics, concept arts, comic books, do I need to go on? Basically, to get these extras, you will need to look for them in the game or reach a certain point in the main story line. There are also extras called Danger Rooms. In order to actually play in the Danger room, you will need to find Danger room discs, which is located around the X-Men world. Danger room gives you extra missions such as to destroy all crates in the map within the time limit. There are also data discs, which if you collect 4 of them in each act, you will have the chance of holding more energy/health packs. The best extras in this game are the homing beacons. Collect four of these in each act and you will get the chance to unlock a new, powerful character.

The replayability of this game is excellent. Like I said before, if you beat the game, you can still keep going and continue to make your character the best of all. It doesn't get old because as you level up, you will have the chance of obtaining new mutant skills. Also, if you clear the whole map, doesn't mean the enemies are forever gone... They repsawn! Yup, it's that amazing.

OVERALL (10/10)

So in conclusion, I give X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse a 10 out of 10. This is a must buy game even if you are not a big fan of the TAS (The Animated Series). But, I'm telling you people, you will not regret buying this game, you will love this game and maybe even marry it.... So to end it all and all of these...

What a great job you did Marvel and gamers, enjoy!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/05/05

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