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    Collectibles FAQ by Diasean

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    Evil Dead Regeneration
    Powerups and Extras
    This is my first FAQ.
    Copyright 2005, Shane McCarthy
    1. Location: Sunny Meadows Insane Asylum
    In the room where you first start, through the glass in the office. 
    (NOTE: You must first see the cutscene with the handgun to be able 
    to break the glass.)
    2. Location: Sunny Meadows Insane Asylum
    In the leftmost bathroom by the elevators, hiding in a stall.
    3. Location: Sunny Meadows Insane Asylum: 
    After you enter secret passage from doctor's office it's in the 
    first open door on the right.
    4. Location: Sunny Meadows Cemetery:
    After you get attacked in the cemetery, follow the fence on the left 
    until you find an opening out onto the river. Follow the river back 
    towards the entrance and you will get extra #4.
    5. Location: Sunny Meadows Cemetery:
    After the save point just past extra #4, you will see another river
     as the ground starts to shake. Jump into the river and backtrack for extra #5
    6. Location: Sunny Meadows Catacombs:
    After you possess Sam again, climb in through the hole and head down the hill. 
    At the base of the hill you'll find another river. 
    Follow the river to the right to get the Extra. Just watch out for those spikes.
    Jump repeatedly to exit the river without dying… again.
    7. Location: Sunny Meadows Catacombs
    Just before you exit the level, when you cut open the pathway through with 
    the chainsaw, check on the right hand side of the doorway. Extra #7, Baby.
    8. Location: The Woods
    After you beat receive the harpoon weapon, backtrack to where you first
    encountered the wolf creatures. The drawbridge can now be pulled down 
    with the harpoon, allowing you to receive extra #8.
    9. Location: The Woods.
    When you are attacked by the flying creatures, you are in the right area. 
    There are climbable boxes on the building to the left of the ravine, 
    climb them and head back the way you came - you'll find ANOTHER pullable
    drawbridge, yank it down and run across. There you'll find a pullable cart,
    yank it and collect extra #9 from where it used to stand.
    10. Location: Forsaken Mines
    As soon as the level starts turn right and yank the pullable mine cart, 
    Taaa Daaa. Extra #10.
    11. Location: Forsaken Mines
    Peepers Second egg, turn right and break the boxes. You'll find Extra #11.
    12. Location: Port Turnham Shipyard
    After you receive the rocket launcher, you will enter a room where fat deadites
    will attack you from the storage containers. 
    The first storage locker on the right has Extra #12 in it.
    14. Location: Port Turnham Shipyard
    On the way to the Second Egg you blow up the gate and enter a yard and
    you are attacked. Kill all deadites, then instead of heading for the second egg,
    go to the end of the yard, on the right you'll see the Extra. 
    You'll be ambushed, destroy them and collect extra #14.
    13. Location: Port Turnham Shipyard
    After the Deadite ride, you'll enter a warehouse. Kill all the deadites
    and get up to the upper level. As you head out of the building, 
    turn left and collect the Extra #13 before you cross the bridge.
    15. Location: Swamp
    Ride the deadite. Turn right and smash the rocks, you'll collect Extra #15.
    16. Location: Swamp
    After you waste the large deadite and go through the pipe,
    you'll find Extra #16 through a cracked concrete covered archway.
    Turn right out of the tunnel, then left under the bridge to find it.
    17. Location: Port Turnham
    When you start the level take the first alley on the right, 
    break the box and get, you guessed it, Extra #17.
    18. Location: Port Turnham
    You'll find an electrified stretch of road at an intersection, blow out 
    the transformers with the rocket launcher and you can cross. 
    Follow the path until you reach the shed. Go behind it for Extra #18.
    19. Location: The Temple
    When you start turn right and continue until you find Extra #19
    at the cliff's edge.
    20. Location: The Temple
    When you find the arena, Metal design on blood covered floor
    - full of deadites to make deader. After they are defeated the stairs will rise,
    at the head of the stairs turn right or left and follow the wall towards the 
    other side of the arena. Congratulations, you just found Extra #20.
    HP Upgrades
    1. Location: Sunny Meadows Cemetery:
    After you possess Sam fr the first time and beat the large deadite You will 
    enter the area he ran through. Backtrack into the Cave Sam had to climb through
    and cut the branches back by the entrance - there is a health upgrade there.
    2. Location: Sunny Meadows Catacombs:
    After you use sam tounlock the gate, you'll find the upgrade in an alcove 
    on the right hand side as you travel down the corridor.
    3. Location: Forsaken Mines
    After the save point, you'll find a pullable cart on the right as 
    you walk down the track - yank and find upgrade #3.
    4. Location: Swamp
    After you waste the large deadite and go through the pipe, 
    turn right out of the tunnel, then climb up the concrete onto the island
    and cross the bridge, break the boxes to find upgrade #4.
    Rage Upgrades
    1. Location: The Woods
    After you get the harpoon weapon, follow along the path killing miners until you
    see a drawbridge on the left. Pull it down and run across here's your first
    2. Location: Forsaken Mines
    When you reach "Peeper's" The giant eye door. Make your way up to. 
    You'll find a breakable box with the upgrade inside.
    3. Location: Port Turnham
    After the Deadite Ride you'll find a save point, take the next 
    alley on the left, it'll get you to a ladder and the rage upgrade
    is on the roof.
    If you find anything else or have comments feel free to contact me at 
    playrgm at yahoo dot com. I won't be able to answer every question, 
    but if you check out this FAQ, you will see I covered most of them.
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