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    Larry the Titan Location FAQ by YuGiOhFm2002 / YuGiOhAngel

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/19/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  Teen Titans
                  Larry the Titan Location FAQ/Guide
                  For PS2
                  Version 1.0
                  Copyright 2006 YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel
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                  First Created : 5/27/06
                  Last Revised on : 6/19/06
    Table Contents
    I. Legal Info
     II. Introduction
       III. Larry the Titan Locations
    ============================I. Legal info=================================
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    % II. Introduction %
    III. Larry the Titan Locations
    Larry the Titan #01 (Titan Tower)
    After you use the first elevator/lift go up the hallway you come out to and
    enter the first door to your left (the door a flow of enemies comes out of)
    to find 1st Larry the Titan (it will appear only after you defeat the
    enemies in the hallway).
    Larry the Titan #02 (Thriller Driller)
    As you go through this level you will eventually start running away from a
    "boring" machine. As you start to run from this machine a bunch of enemies
    appear and after you defeat a few the 2nd Larry the Titan appears in the
    center of the tunnel (just before the tunnel curves).
    Larry the Titan #03 (Power Plant)
    Near the beginning of this level you will open the gates to the power plant
    and gizmo will toss some barrels towards you. Give chase to Gizmo defeating
    the enemies along the way and after you have defeated the enemies for this
    area another gate will open. Enter the gates and destroy the two turrets you
    see here over looking a ledge you need to drop down to continue through this
    level. After you destroy the turrets you will see the 3rd Larry the Titan
    appear where the left Turret was.
    Larry the Titan #04 (Magic Mayhem)
    Make your way through this level and you will eventually be fighting enemies
    at the titans favorite pizza place hangout. After you have defeated all the
    enemies at this area you will end up at the side of building near the pizza
    place. Make your way straight ahead along the side of this building and you
    will see some big windows on your right as you go along the side of this
    building. Just before you reach the corner of this building up ahead you
    need to jump onto the ledge of the large window here and hit it to smash it
    open. You will find 4th Larry the Titan inside the small room just behind
    that window.
    Larry the Titan #05 (Smugglers)
    This Larry was one that eluded us for a few days because we couldn't figure
    out where it could be hidden and then we found it by accident because we
    happen to have enough of the area in view to see it pop up out of thin air
    instead of being hidden like all of the other Larrys. The biggest problem
    with this Larry is you only have a very short amount of time to get it (and
    the level might end before you grab it). To get this Larry make your way to
    the last area of this level that the enemies are loading shipping containers
    onto a trucks and when you finally reach this area quickly take care of all
    the enemies that appear here. Eventually the lift will go up to get another
    enemy for you to play with. Once the lift comes back down with it deal with
    that enemy and any others that show up but keep the small area just to the
    left of the lift in view. After you have defeated almost all the enemies
    here complete this level you should see the Larry appear at that small area
    to the left of the lift (I'm not sure what exactly unlocks this Larry but it
    usually appears for me when i've just about cleared the whole area of
    enemies before all containers are taken). Quickly go and grab 5th Larry the
    Titan before this level ends.
    Larry the Titan #06 (Jail of Horror)
    Make your way down through the Jail putting away the inmates that you come
    across into Raven's orb and you will eventually enter a room with about 20+
    small goo/slime creatures ("Plasmus's Droppings") waiting for you. AS you
    enter this room go up the staircases to your left or right and you will find
    the 6th Larry the Titan at the middle area of the walkway you come up to at
    the top of the staircases (near the big number 3 on the walkway floor).
    Larry the Titan #07 (Danger Yard)
    Make your way through this level until you reach an area with many train
    tracks. Make your way to the farthest train tracks that a train is on and
    once you clear the enemies here that train will move. Look along the tracks
    near the tunnel the train went into and you will see 7th Larry the Titan on
    the tracks here.
    Larry the Titan #08 (Urban Chaos)
    Make your way through this level until you get to the part that Cyborg
    uses a sign to make a bridge and then Cinderblock throws a barrel to blow
    it up. After you have seen that part you will be at a rather large area with
    many enemies. Make your way to the far right of this area to find the 8th
    Larry the Titan near the door(s) of the building here.
    Larry the Titan #09 (Slade Ambush)
    Make your way through this level until you enter the wire frame area (the
    area made up of green squares). Once you enter this area make your way
    around the corner of the walkway to your right and go down the steps towards
    the structure/building you see in front of you. Destroy the blocks you see
    closest to that building and you will find the 9th Larry the Titan under
    those blocks. 
    Larry the Titan #10 (Dock Duel)
    Make your way through this level until you fall through the floor (you may
    think it's a glitch or something but it's part of the game) and into a
    limbo/empty type area with many enemies that will appear. Before you defeat
    the enemies here quickly make your way to the far left part of this area to
    find the 10th Larry the Titan.
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