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    FAQ by Poln

    Version: 1.04 | Updated: 05/02/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pac-Man FAQ v1.04
    by Poln (haroldr@hotmail.com)
    What's New
    Revamped the FAQ cause of problems
    Minor fixes (spelling/grammar)
    Added spoiler [1st and 2nd intermission]
    Quick look
    Points for scoring
    10 points for eating a dot.
    50 points for eating an energizer.
    The energizer turns the ghost to blue, leaving you a chance to eat them. Then 
    it flashes, then it will soon be changed into dangerous colors. As you advance
    to higher levels, the time for blue ghost will be shorter as to a point that 
    when you eat one, it will turn the opposite direction.
    If you want to use the energizer, you should (IMO) wait for the ghost to come 
    at you, then you can zap them.  In higher levels, they may not exist, your
    mileage may vary.  I believe in level 13 (I don't remember), the "blue" may 
    not exist.  If you're not sure, just go through to see if it will work or not.
    When you have eaten all of the dots, the board will flash and you will go to 
    the next level. If you eat all of the dots while the ghost are blue, oops, too
    late so try to leave a few dots behind to finish up eating the ghosts as best 
    as you can before finishing up the board.
    Eating ghost (when they're blue)
    1 -  200 pts.
    2 -  400 pts.
    3 -  800
    4 - 1600
    After eating a ghost, it will return back to its home place (the box).
    Fruits (extra)
    Under the box,  occasionally have a fruit.  Cherry is 100, Strawberry is 300, 
    etc.. the last one is a Key which is worth 5000.
    After you eat all the dots, you will advance to the next level..  After you 
    complete a certain number of levels, it will go into intermission.  This is 
    one of the original ideas of the game.  They had the idea in later games such 
    as Number Munchers & Word Munchers [Apple II, Educational Use Only] 
    (1984-1986), and Super Puzzle Fighter II (1997).  It's fun...to see what they 
    Spoiler (intermission)
    In the first intermission (after you played 2 games), Pac-man is being
    chased by all 4 ghosts from left to right across the screen.  Upon return
    to the opposite direction, 4 blue ghosts came trying to run away from
    Super Pac-Man has come to eat them.
    2nd intermission I don't remember well.. 
    In the second intermission (after you played 3-4 more games after the 1st
    intermission), same thing, but w/ one ghost chasing him (don't know who)
    this time from right to left.  The ghost went through the bar ripping its
    suit exposing itself the bare area.. very embarrasing.
    That's all I remember.  Unless you know that the others are..
    Oh, BTW....in the new game MOTOCROSS GO! (1997) [motorcycle racing], when you
    go to the fork of the road, you will see a Pac-Man figure give a thumbs up.  
    I'm thinking that he likes the race.  Pac-Man is still around today.
    c. 1980-1984, 1996-1998. All rights reserved.  

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