Review by goldendoorbell

Reviewed: 10/09/06

Soccer at its best

FIFA 06 is based on the 05 season, and this game, includes just about everything that happened in 05, its fast paced action and the improved commentating really adds to the game.

I hated the last FIFA game. Its graphics where unsatisfactory, and it was a somewhat unattractive game, but all this has changed. FIFA 06 has improved on 05 defects and has ended up becoming a challenging and addicting game.

This game just about sets a new dimension in soccer gaming. Like in other years, FIFA features teams from international and club teams from all over the globes with all the big names still included like Ronaldiniho, Ronaldo, Beckham and many others, except this time, there faces are actually more realistic, in fact, the player graphics have improved so much that even Michael Owen doesn’t even look like a brawler and Ronaldo doesn't even have crooked teeth.

Although its great for a soccer game, but soccer, like many other team sports have one massive draw back, it usually only appeals to two player gaming, as single player gets very tedious and boring. To combat this FIFA bought in a "career mode" in which you are the manager and operate a club.

But even though it isn't bad, it isn't terribly interesting either, so that’s why you only buy FIFA 06 if you are sure you have a few mates to play with.

Sound- Around the menu FIFA 06 has a huge play list with around thirty hit singles so you will never get bored of the same old tune. In game the massive crowd cheer always seems to spur you on. 10/10
Game play-as I said before, it is only really a multiplayer game, it lacks depth also in single player, although it still is a great way to pass time if you play with mates.

Graphics-Well this is what I would call crystal clear. Although the bright colors may be said as unrealistic it certainly puts a new edge around the game, I have seen the great jump in graphic qualities over the years, and this game certainly has some of the best graphics. The pictures are sharp and clear, making the ball easier to see.

Overall FIFA 06 is one of the greatest games of soccer ever.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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