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    Slam Dunk Guide by CelebCelestial

    Version: v1.30 | Updated: 09/15/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    NBA live 2006 Slam Dunk Guide
    By: CelebCelestial
    Platform: Playstation 2
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    Contents (Ctrl + F to search according to the code)
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    1) [01uds] Updates
    2) [02int] Introduction
    3) [03bcs] Basic Controls
    4) [04odl] Original Dunker List
    5) [05tsl] Toss List
    6) [06ael] Additional Example List
    7) [07faq] Frequently Asked Questions
    8) [08cnc] Closing & Credits
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    Updates [01uds]
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    First version (v1.00) of guide made by 01-07-2006
    Original guide
    Updated version (v1.10) of guide made by 28-07-2006
    Great contributor "Rodney Ryan" provide invaluable information.
    Followings are the dunk provided by Rodney Ryan:
    -Vince Carter's arm in rim dunk
    -famous 720 dunk
    -statue of liberty 360 dunk
    -behind the back dunk
    -etc dunks
    Updated version (v1.20) of guide made by 01-09-2006
    Pearl Moore contributed information added.
    Contributors' e-mail provided.
    Updated version (v1.30) of guide made by 15-09-2006
    James Story contributed information added.
    His e-mail provided.
    = = = = = = = = = = =
    Introduction [02int]
    = = = = = = = = = = =
    I want to find a guide to help me in Slam Dunk Contest.
    But I can¡¯t found any, so I decide to make 1 myself.
    I hope this guide is useful.
    If you want to use any details from this guide to post at other web.
    Please give the credit.
    Square: S
    Circle: O
    Triangle: T
    Cross: X
    Left Analog Stick: LAS
    Right Analog Stick: RAS
    Slam Dunk: SD
    Clockwise: CW
    Reverse Clockwise: RC
    *To get my life easier, I type guide using the control based on PS2
    default control setting which I'm familiar with.*
    *PC and X-Box platform users may look below the basic control part to
    check the respective default control setting.*
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Basic Controls [03bcs]
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Default Control for PS2 platform
    SD on Ground
    S: 1 foot gather (this is the essential move of Jordan¡¯s dunk style)
    O: 2 foot gather
    T: 1 foot 180 gather
    X: 2 foot 180 gather
    LAS: Move player
    RAS: Ball toss
    SD in Air
    S: Tomahawk Tricks
    O: Pump Tricks
    T: Windmill Tricks
    X: Clutch Tricks
    LAS: Rotate Player (180 gather):
    L1: Modifier (Hold L1 when doing C gather to perform special gather)
    R2: Modifier / Run while training
    Default Control for PC platform
    SD on Ground
    S: 1 foot gather
    D: 2 foot gather
    E: 1 foot 180 gather
    X: 2 foot 180 gather
    SD in Air
    S: Tomahawk Tricks
    D: Pump Tricks
    E: Windmill Tricks
    X: Clutch Tricks
    Default Control for X-Box platform
    SD on Ground
    X: 1 foot gather
    B: 2 foot gather
    Y: 1 foot 180 gather
    A: 2 foot 180 gather
    SD in Air
    X: Tomahawk Tricks
    B: Pump Tricks
    Y: Windmill Tricks
    A: Clutch Tricks
    General knowledge: To dunk, must perform on ground tricks.
    Follow up perform in air tricks.
    Hold tricks longer and rotate LAS if necessary.
    Self alley-oops need time practice.
    Learn it from SD school better than ask people.
    Because it is hard 2 explain.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Original Dunker List [04odl]
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    The following are the original player who has the Highflyer ability.
    They might be your first choice to start with learning Slam Dunk.
    **2005's SD champion was Josh Smith, that's why EA games gives JS 99
    dunk rating. Same year other SD participant were A.Stoudamire, Chris
    Anderson and J.R. Smith**
    **2006's SD Champion was Nate Robinson, I think EA games gonna give
    him 99 jump rating and raise his dunk rating since he is so short 
    but he is able to dunk over Spur Webb who almost have the same
    height like him. Other same year dunker are A.Iguodala, A.Stuodamire
    and 2005's SD contest defending champion JS (Josh Smith).
    Unfortunately, he's out before final**
    The followings are original dunker available in All-Star SD Contest.
    *****Atlanta Hawks*****
    Dunk: 84 Al Harrington
    Dunk: 99 Josh Smith
    *****Boston Celtics*****
    Dunk: 80 Paul Pierce
    Dunk: 87 Ricky Davis
    Dunk: 82 Tony Allen
    Dunk: 85 Gerald Green
    *****Charlotte Bobcats*****
    Dunk: 90 Gerald Wallace	
    Dunk: 85 Emeka Okafor
    *****Chicago Bulls*****
    Dunk: 80 Ben Gordan
    *****Cleveland Cavaliers*****
    Dunk: 80 Larry Hughes
    Dunk: 97 LeBron James
    *****Dallas Mavericks*****
    Dunk: 80 Jerry Stackhouse
    Dunk: 81 Josh Howard
    *****Denver Nuggets*****
    Dunk: 85 Kenyon Martin
    Dunk: 80 DerMarr Johnson
    Dunk: 85 Carmelo Anthony
    *****Detroit Pistons*****
    Dunk: 85 Ben Wallace
    Dunk: 91 Darvin Ham
    Dunk: 86 Rasheed Wallace
    Dunk: 80 Tayshaun Prince
    *****Golden State Warriors*****
    Dunk: 94 Jason Richardson
    Dunk: 89 Baron Davis
    Dunk: 82 Micheal Pietrus
    *****Houston Rockets*****
    Dunk: 93 Tracy McGrady
    Dunk: 90 Stromile Swift
    *****Indiana Pacers*****
    Dunk: 85 Jermaine O'neal
    Dunk: 86 Jonathon Bender
    *****Los Angeles Clippers*****
    Dunk: 92 Corey Maggette
    Dunk: 86 Chris Wilcox
    *****Los Angeles Lakers*****
    Dunk: 95 Kobe Bryant
    *****Memphis Grizzlies*****
    Dunk: 80 Eddie Jones
    Dunk: 80 Dahntay Jones
    Dunk: 90 Hakim Warrick
    *****Miami Heats*****
    Dunk: 80 James Posey
    Dunk: 87 Dwyane Wade
    Dunk: 90 Andre Emmett
    *****Milwaukee Bucks*****
    Dunk: 95 Desmond Mason
    *****Minnesota Timberwolves*****
    Dunk: 90 Kevin Garnett
    *****New Jersey Nets*****
    Dunk: 94 Vince carter
    Dunk: 95 Richard Jefferson
    *****New Orleans Hornets*****
    Dunk: 81 Chris Anderson
    Dunk: 97 J.R. Smith
    *****New York Knicks*****
    Dunk: 82 Tim Thomas
    Dunk: 80 Jamal Crawford
    Dunk: 80 Trevor Ariza
    Dunk: 80 David Lee
    *****Orlando Magic*****
    Dunk: 95 Steve Francis
    Dunk: 80 Keyon Dooling
    Dunk: 89 DeShawan Stevenson
    Dunk: 85 Dwight Howard
    *****Philadelphia 76ers*****
    Dunk: 90 Andre Iguodala
    *****Phoenix Suns*****
    Dunk: 85 Shawn Marion
    Dunk: 98 Amare Stoudemire
    *****Portland Trail Blazers*****
    Dunk: 88 Darius Miles
    Dunk: 90 Travis Outlaw
    *****Sacramento Kings*****
    Dunk: 80 Maurice Evans
    Dunk: 80 Kevin Martin
    *****San Antonio Spurs*****
    Dunk: 80 Brent Barry
    Dunk: 85 Tim Duncan
    Dunk: 80 Manu Ginobili
    ******Seattle Supersonics*****
    Dunk: 81 Ray Allen
    Dunk: 83 Rashard Lewis
    *****Toronto Raptors*****
    Dunk: 80 Chris Bosh
    Dunk: 80 Pape Sow
    *****Utah Jazz*****
    Dunk: 80 Andrei Kirilenko
    *****Washington Wizards*****
    Dunk: 82 Antawn Jamison
    Dunk: 80 Caron Butler
    Player who has dunk above 90:
    Dunk: 99 Josh Smith
    Dunk: 98 Amare Stoudemire
    Dunk: 97 LeBron James
    Dunk: 97 J.R. Smith
    Dunk: 95 Steve Francis
    Dunk: 95 Richard Jefferson
    Dunk: 95 Desmond Mason
    Dunk: 95 Kobe Bryant
    Dunk: 94 Vince carter
    Dunk: 94 Jason Richardson
    Dunk: 93 Tracy McGrady
    Dunk: 92 Corey Maggette
    Dunk: 91 Darvin Ham
    *Slam Contest Mode which you can play it split screen is able to
    choose every player from NBA*
    *Some player may have lower dunk stat than the others, but sometimes
    they could have other stat such as jump, quickness and others are
    higher than others*
    = = = = = = = = =
    Toss list [05tsl]
    = = = = = = = = =
    If you want to master the skill of self alley-oop in SD contest.
    You might have to learn how to toss the ball and que the correct
    timing. The following is the list of toss style.
    RAS control (# indicate the direction shows in regular analog clock)
    1. Push left or right = shoot toss
    2. Push up = scoop toss
    3. Push down = toss down and bounce the ball
    4. CW from 3 to 9 = turn back and perform down toss ball and bounce
    5. RC from 9 to 3 = same as above but different side
    6. Full CW from 3 = place ball on floor and do football gather toss
    7. Full RC from 9 = same as above but place different side
    8. Push and Hold left = toss the ball below right leg
    9. Push and Hold right = use elbow to hit the ball
    10. Push and Hold up = half squat double hand scoop toss
    11. Push and Hold down = tennis style toss down and bounce
    12. CW from 3 to 6 and Hold down = sit down and toss the ball
    13. RC from 9 to 6 and Hold down = same as above but different side
    14. CW from 9 to 12 or RC from 3 to 12 = turn back and toss ball up
    15. CW from 3 to 6 or RC from 9 to 6 = turn back and toss ball down
    16. CW from 6 to 9 = toss ball from left back using right hand
    17. CW from 6 to 9 and Hold left = left knee hit toss
    18. CW from 6 to 3 = right hand punch ball toss
    19. CW from 6 to 3 and Hold right = butt toss
    20. RC from 6 to 3 = right leg lift, toss ball under leg and bounce
    21. RC from 6 to 3 and Hold left = right knee hit toss
    22. RC from 6 to 9 = place ball behind and toss
    23. RC from 6 to 9 and Hold right = right leg kick from left side
    (While All-Star SD contest, contribute by bumdude)
    Press D-pad left / right while tossing ball:
    throw off-screen hit left / right Big Screen.
    Press D-pad up / down while tossing ball:
    throw off-screen hit clock or whatever up.
    **The distance you throw the ball is variable due the distance how
    far you stand away from the basket. Training Off-Screen tossing is
    hard, because it can only be done in SD contest. There is an easy
    way to master it, just simple get in SD contest mode and toss it
    until the time runs out, just simply restart the SD contest and you
    will be able to continue to practise, but make sure you set yourself
    as the 1st dunker and need no to wait till other dunker finish their
    moves. You can also have a look the score of you attempted dunk,
    even failed to dunk in the ball, you still got the points. By the
    way, you are able to realize you're true of potential of dunk
    through the points given, it does motivate you!**
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Additional Example List [06ael]
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    These are some example provided from me myself to share with you.
    Fun Dunks probably not a good dunk use in SD contest mode since it
    gives you not much point in SD contest (Except Jordan's 1 hand
    windmill tricks)
    *RAS # indicate toss skill from toss list
    Fun Dunks:
    Start from 3-pt line left / right wing, S, L1+T
    =Carter¡¯s pump dunk
    Start from 3-pt line left / right wing, S, L1+O
    =Kobe¡¯s Nike commercial dunk (reversed)
    Start from 3-pt line left wing, S, L1+X
    =left pass to right hand and clutch before dunk
    Start from 3-pt line left wing, L1+O, L1+O
    =combination of two special tricks
    Start from inner of 3-pt line, S, S
    =Jordan¡¯s vertically stretch dunk
    Start from right side between curve and straight 3-pt line, S, L1+S
    =Jordan¡¯s 1 hand windmill tricks.
    This dunk gives your descent score.
    ¡®In Air Tricks¡¯ SHOULD BE HOLDED.
    The following dunks probably help's you earn some point in SD
    Contest! In SD Contest, self alley-oop GENERALLY have higher point
    compare with normal dunks.
    Scoring Dunks:
    Start from side line of 3-pt line or outside back the board, X, O
    =time saving skill
    Start from center of 3-pt line, RAS #14, T, T
    =back toss and ordinary back dunk
    Start from center of 3-pt line, RAS #10, T, O
    =remember the way he dunks in SD comic?
    Start from 3-pt line left wing, RAS #1, T, T
    =way Desmond Mason dunks in SD contest
    Start from center of 3-pt line, RAS#4/5, X, T/O
    =Wade¡¯s dunk at the game menu
    Start from center of 3-pt line, RAS#1, O at ft-line, X
    =just a ordinary clutch dunk.
    Start from 3-pt line left wing, RAS#1, T, Any tricks
    =a nice move to practice LAS rotation skill
    Start from 3-pt line left wing, RAS#1, S, Any tricks except T
    =normal alley-oops
    Start from center between inner circle and 3-pt line, RAS#8, O, T
    =dunk with fast finishing move ends
    Start from center court, RAS#2, T, Any (X best)
    =a nice move to practice for long range dunk
    Start from center of 3-pt line, RAS#12/13, X at ft-line, Any tricks
    =sit toss dunk
    Start from center court, RAS#6/7, X before inner circle, O
    =football style dunk
    The followings are the dunk provided by Rodney Ryan
    Those dunk are written down in X-box control format.
    R & L represent the two trigger while others you may find it through
    the list provided right at the basic control list.
    Holding L and b as soon as you pass the 3 point line you can do a
    cartwheel and combining it with any other dunk gives you pretty good
    Holding L and B in the air and releasing b when the ball goes under
    your leg and touches other hand and you will pull off a between both
    legs dunk with the right timing this dunk gives you 50 all the time.
    Holding r and l and tap x twice and hold y until last second and you
    will do vince carter's arm in rim dunk  but you will go to your armpit
    and get either 50 or 49 every time.
    From the back corner behind the net hold r and then tap b and hit b
    again when the ball touches your other hand and you will be a 180
    under both legs dunk which scores great points.
    Holding down R the whole way tap y near the foul line then twirl the
    left joystick twice (fast)then hold y uuntil the player is finished
    his first turn then let go of y and you will complete the the second
    turn automatically and do a 720 dunk which is the best dunk in the
    game and scores 50 everytime but is near impossible to find timing
    right for this dunk but when you get it right it's great.
    The statue of Liberty Dunk- if you press y and twirl the right
    joystick ccw then hit b you will perform the statue of liberty 360
    dunk nice dunk and gets descent scores in high 40's or 50 if performed
    perfect also a 360 between the legs dunk which is not that hard to
    perform gets 50 most of the time i found that strange . There is a
    second way to do the 720 but instead of completeing the second spin
    you only turn half the way and dunk it two hands backwards so it's
    more of a 540 reverse dunk still gets huge points and looks cool.not
    totally sure how to do this i have hit accidently trying to do a 720.
    Also very interestingly while doing a 720 after you tap y and complete
    the 2 spins it doesn't matter what button is pushed you still do the
    The back dunk - jump with x the hold L and hit b and he will pull it
    behind his back and release b when it reaches his other hand .this
    dunk gets 50 most of the time.and the cover the eyes dunk is pretty
    cool but only gets like 45 in a dunk contest but is easy to do if your
    running out of time tap b then hold L and x and his arm covers his
    eyes hold it as long as you want for dramtic effect.
    The following dunk contribute by Pearl Moore
    hold down the TURBO modifier(R on gamecube), then press 1-foot 180 
    gather. instead of ringing a 720, make a 540 then hold down the 
    other modifier and press any other dunk knob. same timing like the 
    720,you let go whatever dunk knob used after the player makes the 
    first spin in the air.
    The following dunk contribute by James Story
    First an interesting thing with the Vince Carter arm in the rim dunk,
    if you hold the trick button down longer, the dunker stays in the rim
    and points to the crowd, and you get a higher score!
    MJ/ Desmond Mason Side 2 Side Dunk: Start from the side, R1 Square-
    Jump, L1 Triangle-Trick
    180 Between Legs Dunk: Going Straight To Basket, R1 Triangle-Jump,
    R1 Triangle-Trick
    Double Between The Legs: Going Straight To Basket, R1 Circle-Jump L1
    (Tip: Make sure you hold the trick down long enough, its abit longer
    on this dunk)
    Under the Legs: Behind The Basket, R1 X-Jump, R1 Circle-Trick
    (Note: This has difficult timig)
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Frequently Asked Questions [07faq]
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Q: How do I perform toss dunk?
    A: Use RAS to toss ball and perform the tricks on cue.
    Q: I follow your additional dunk list but it doesn¡¯t works, why?
    A: You must figure out the exact timing and location.
    It is hard to explain the location very details.
    Q: Why I can¡¯t perform (any) dunk well?
    A: Some dunk need to hold ¡°In Air Tricks¡± a bit longer and
    some need to rotate LAS to dunk successfully.
    Q: Why I always run out of time to perform dunk in the SD contest?
    A: Don't perform self alley-oops when time is running out.
    Try perform the simple basic Jordan¡¯s dunk or other dunk.
    (most dunk from back of board give more score).
    Practice more before entering contest.
    Q: Why I perform the same dunk as others do, but score different?
    A: Try holding your ¡°In Air Tricks¡± a bit longer before you dunk.
    And there rumors said having less attempts may affect your score.
    Q: Why most tosses are performed by right side?
    A: I have no idea whether other different handed-player
    may have different style a not, since i use Kobe to test.
    Sorry, and I hope you can tell me the result if you test it out.
    Q: Accidentally toss ball into basket before dunk, does it counts?
    A: I¡¯m sorry that I¡¯m not sure what will happen during SD contest.
    Since I never try it before.
    Toss in basket while training is nothing.
    Anyone who knows the result, please have an e-mail to me.
    Thank you.
    Q: How should I win over my friend in SD Showdown Contest?
    A: Well, there are two hint I can give. 1st, you might have to
    practise more before you play SD showdown Contest with others to 
    avoid fail dunking in contest since it's sucks to minus point.
    2nd, try to use normal dunk such as s + T, O, X, S or T + O, X and
    others. Only use special self alley-oop dunk which you are pretty
    confident that you can do it prefectly when it cames to the money
    ball which gives you double! Another case is use self alley-oop
    dunk when your point is far below than your opponent.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Closing & Credits [08cnc]
    = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Anyone who is willing to share more special dunking moves.
    Please e-mail me (xm1003@hotmail.com).
    I¡¯ll give you a credit also.
    Please read the whole guide before e-mail and ask me question.
    Thank You
    Anyone who got question to ask Rodney Ryan.
    Please e-mail him (rodneyryan@msn.com).
    Pearl Moore (alwaysmoore@hotmail.com)
    James Story (jamesstory63@hotmail.com)
    EA games: No EA, no NBA live 2006
    bumdude: Thank you for telling me how to toss ball off-screen
    (c) 2006 CelebCelestial

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