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"Hello Mr. Hawk. I'm ready for more of the same."

Have you played Tony Hawk's Underground 2? You have? Then you've played Tony Hawk's American Wasteland. Eh, what's that? You say you haven't? Oh well. There basically the same game. But that doesn't mean that THAW is no fun. Sure it's tons of fun. But Tony Hawk games are more of expansions than completely new sequels. Another thing: Give it a rest Neversoft! You've been making TH games each year since 1999! Spend more time on one and make it more improved. The following review is an interview with myself.

You may have heard from magazines that THAW is taking a completely new approach on the skateboarding game genre. That there is BMX biking. There is only one level. (Los Angeles, California) That there are new tricks. That is all true but I would not call it completely new al all. I would call it 75% the same as THUG 2. But hey, every Tony Hawk has been fun so it doesn't matter if it's the same. Well actually it kind of does. But don't worry you'll still have a great time playing THAW. First off, the one level your in is Los Angeles. I used to live near the big city of LA, and I can tell you that THAW's version of LA is not a scale model like True Crime's. And another thing: The one level is split up into many parts such as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Skate Ranch, Santa Monica and more. The level is huge in all, and it's pretty neat.

Is there really no loading times? Yes in fact there is. I think that Activision should have put: "No Loading, except in Classic Mode, Create-A-Modes, after watching a THAW video, and once you put the game in your Xbox" on the box cover instead of just "No Loading." In story mode there is no loading when your skating between places, but there is loading in Classic Mode and the Create-A-modes. There is also loading once the game's intro movie shows and once you are finished watching a THAW video.

Speaking of intro movie, what is THAW's storyline? Is it any good? The storyline, and I'm being honest, sucks. The storyline is basically about you and some fellow rogues stealing random things from around the parts of LA to build a monster skate park called "Skate Ranch." You'd think that the cops would notice you stealing the Hollywood sign. But strangely they don't. The story kind of annoyed me really. I liked Tony Hawk game better when they didn't have storylines. Like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2? That one has really outdated graphics now. How are THAW's graphics? They are pretty good, although they have changed little from THUG 1 and THUG 2. Although the graphics don't seem as blocky this time around. They have improved. But your a loony if you think there better than the graphics of Halo 2.

Halo 2 had an excellent multiplayer mode, and Xbox Live! Hey I heard that THAW is the first Tony Hawk on Xbox to have online play. How is it? I think it's great! I don't have to do 2-player splitscreen all the time because I can go on Xbox Live and play. Now I can do fire fights and Trick Attacks with people all over. So if your not a PS2 owner, and you missed out on THUG 2's online play, then get THAW for Xbox. If you have a Gamecube your luck is out. Unless, of course you don't care about online play. Also, the Xbox version is the only to support custom soundtracks. is the soundtrack to THAW? I don't listen to it. The only songs I listen to on the THAW soundtrack is "Institutionalized" and "Peace Frog." Instead I use my trusty Xbox's support of custom soundtracks! Now I can put Bob Dylan, Death Cab for Cutie, and all the other strange bands I like on and listen to them while busting out my mad combos!

What about the voice acting? How is it? To be honest, it's pretty bad. Apart from your main character, most of the characters sound like there little kids. Mindy's voice strangely sounds like a person from the children's TV show: Kid's Next Door. (Not like I watch or anything....) And Activision, publisher of THAW, created a Kids Next Door video game. Hmmm....

Overall THAW Is a worthy game, but falls short of innovation. But hey, if your a fan or not, it's still fun.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/28/05

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