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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kaitoz

    Version: 0.55 | Updated: 10/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    --------------------------- Bully Walkthrough + FAQ ---------------------------
    ----------------------- Version 0.51 - October 28, 2006 -----------------------
    ------------------------------ Created by Shiggy ------------------------------
    ----------------------------- shiggy4u@gmail.com ------------------------------
    WARNING - This walkthrough is NOT COMPLETE.
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    |  _ \ully Walkthrough + FAQ /=========================================\____
    | |_) |---------o-----------/              TABLE OF CONTENTS            \___\
    |____/        [A-1]         \============================================\
    Section code models:
    W stands for the letter that labels the Section (described below).
    X stands for the number that labels the Topic (described below).
    Y stands for the number that labels the Chapter (for Section B-1) or item (for
    other sections).
    Z or ZZ stands for the number that labels the subtopic.
     /+  \\\______________________TABLE OF CONTENTS_______________________///  +\
     || Section A: Table of Contents.................................... [A-1] ||
     || Section B: Basic Mission Walkthrough............................ [B-1] ||
     ||            - Chapter 1........................................ [B-110] ||
     ||              - 1. Go to the Principal's office................ [B-111] ||
     ||              - 2. Go to the boy's dorm........................ [B-112] ||
     ||              - 3. Inside the boy's dorm building.............. [B-113] ||
     ||              - 4. Breaking into Russel's locker............... [B-114] ||
     ||              - 5. Eunice and the chocolate.................... [B-115] ||
     ||              - 6. First Chemistry class....................... [CH-01] ||
     ||              - 7. Chasing and fighting Davis (The Setup)...... [B-116] ||
     ||              - 8. Having fun with your new weapon (Slingshot). [B-117] ||
     ||              - 9. Escorting Algie to the school (Save Algie).. [B-118] ||
     ||              - 10. Behind the old school bus (A Little Help).. [B-119] ||
     ||              - 11. Beatrice's lab notes (That Bitch)......... [B-1110] ||
     ||              - 12. Helping Bucky out (Defend Bucky).......... [B-1111] ||
     ||              - 13. Ernest and his speech (The Candidate)..... [B-1112] ||
     ||              - 14. Beatrice's secret diary (The Diary)....... [B-1113] ||
     ||              - 15. Halloween's treats (Halloween)............ [B-1114] ||
     ||              - 16. Bad boy on Halloween night (The Big Prank) [B-1115] ||
     ||              - 17. Gary and the basement (Help Gary)......... [B-1116] ||
     ||              - 18. Russel, the bully (Russel in the Hole).... [B-1117] ||
     ||            - Chapter 2........................................ [B-120] ||
     ||              - 1. Hidden bottles (Hattrick vs. Galloway)...... [B-121] ||
     ||              - 2. The lost character sheets (Character Sheets) [B-122] ||
     ||              - 3. Visiting the stores (Last Minute Shopping).. [B-123] ||
     ||              - 4. Hollywood (Movie Tickets)................... [B-124] ||
     ||              - 5. Carnival games (Carnival Date).............. [B-125] ||
     ||              - 6. Tad's house (The Eggs)...................... [B-126] ||
     ||              - 7. Riding the bike (Racing the Vale)........... [B-127] ||
     ||              - 8. Trophy bandit (Beach Rumble)................ [B-128] ||
     ||              - 9. Party at Come Hither (Panty Raid)........... [B-129] ||
     ||              - 10. More eggs at Tad's (Tad's House).......... [B-1210] ||
     || Section C: Classes.............................................. [C-1] ||
     ||            - Chemistry........................................ [C-110] ||
     ||            - English.......................................... [C-120] ||
     ||            - Art.............................................. [C-130] ||
     ||            - Gym.............................................. [C-140] ||
     ||            - Shop............................................. [C-150] ||
     ||            - Photography...................................... [C-160] ||
     || Section D: Basic Game Elements.................................. [D-1] ||
     || Section E: Other Obtainable Items............................... [E-1] ||
     ||            - Transistors...................................... [E-110] ||
     ||            - Rubber bands..................................... [E-120] ||
     ||            - G&G cards........................................ [E-130] ||
     ||            - Garden gnomes.................................... [E-140] ||
     || Section F: Thanks to............................................ [F-1] ||
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    |  _ \ully Walkthrough + FAQ /=========================================\____
    | |_) |---------o-----------/              BASIC WALKTHROUGH            \___\
    |____/        [B-1]         \============================================\
                                 \ This section is INCOMPLETE. (0.50)        /
     /+ Chapter 1 +\                                                      [B-110]
    1. Go to the Principal's office                                       [B-111]
    The first mission is very easy. It shows you the basic commands of the game.
    You can move with the left analog stick and move the camera around you with the
    right analog stick. The yellow X mark in the map shows you where you should go
    to complete your next task; if the yellow mark is a triangle pointing up or
    down, it means the next objective is one level above or below you.
    Just run straight foward (holding "X" to run, and tapping rapidly "X" to
    sprint) until you reach the door of the main building of the school.Ignore
    anybody who bothers you. Walk to the blue mark on the floor and press
    "Triangle" to open the door. Head up the stairs until you reach the yellow mark
    on the map, then open the door to reach the Principal's office.
    2. Go to the boy's dorm                                               [B-112]
    Exit the building after the cutscene and head to the boy's dorm. If you wanna
    know exactly where you're heading, just press "Select" and check the map.
    Before you enter the boy's dorm, you can learn the basics of combat in Bully
    with the guys who are bothering you. Press and hold "L1" to block (and to lock
    on a target). Press "Square" to punch, and hold it down to do a more powerful
    punch. Press "Triangle" to grab and throw enemies and items on the floor. Once
    you have an enemy grabbed, you can throw grapple punches, which are close-in
    body punches. When an enemy is knocked to the ground, the "Square" button
    causes you to perform kicks.
    When the enemy is sufficiently pounded, that is his health is low, you can
    humiliate him. Press "L1" to bring up the actions menu. You'll see a red fist
    icon next to the "Circle" button. Just press the "Circle" button to perform
    the action.
    3. Inside the boy's dorm building                                     [B-113]
    Inside the dorm, you can go in front of the soda machine and press "Triangle"
    to purchase a soda. Soda gives you more health; when you drink it, your health
    meter will slowly fill up.
    Head to your room, marked with a yellow X. Go up to the wardrobe and hit
    "Triangle" to change your clothes. A menu will pop up. Scroll to "School
    Uniform" option and press "X" to change.
    After this, the game teaches you how to save your progress. Go up to the save
    book and hit "Triangle". Everytime you have to save your game, head to a book
    mark on your school map or minimap.
    4. Breaking into Russel's locker                                      [B-114]
    Go to the yellow star on your map, which marks the main school building. Walk
    into the yellow glow and hit "Triangle" to start the mission.
    Follow Gary. He will lead you to Russel's (a bully) locker. Here you will
    learn how to apologize and pay money. To apologize, open the actions menu with
    the "L1" button and select the peace sign, "X" to apologize. Follow the same
    procedure to pay him.
    After that, stand in the yellow glow in front of the locker. To lock pick,
    slowly rotate the left analog stick int he direction of the arrow. As soon as
    you hear a "click" and the arrow changes to other direction, stop the rotation
    and rotate in the opposite direction. Just follow the arrow. Also, make sure
    that for future lock pickings there are no other people around you.
    5. Eunice and the chocolate                                           [B-115]
    Follow Gary to Eunice, the big girl. Hold "L1" to bring up the actions menu and
    talk to her. She asks you to get her chocolates back to her. Head to the yellow
    mark on yoour map, the boy's bathroom. Move close to Constantinos and hold
    "L1". You can either greet him and pay him for the chocolates, or humiliate him
    until he drops them on your foot. Head back to Eunice and you'll automatically
    hand her the chocolates and go away.
    Head to the cafeteria so that Gary can explain some tricks to you.
    6. Chemistry 1                                                        [CH-01]
    You'll hear the bell ringing after some seconds. You are introduced to the Bell
    icon, which appears on your map to let you know where to find a class. Morning
    classes begin at 9 AM and run to 11:30 AM. A clock will appear in the upper
    left corner of the screen. You need to get to class by 9:30 or you'll be late.
    In the first Chemistry class, you have to match the buttons scrolling across
    the screen, just like the Pa Rappa the Rappa games. When a button appears in
    the middle box, press it. You have to be mistake free and you have three
    chances. If you pass, you get the ability to make firecrackers, which you can
    throw at enemies. If you fail, you'll have to go back and try again at 9:30 AM
    the next day.
    == THE SETUP ==
    7. Chasing and fighting Davis                                         [B-116]
    You need to chase Davis. Run by holding down "X" and sprint by rapidly tapping
    "X". Hop over the railing you get to with "Circle". Continue to chase Davis.
    Ignore anybody who gets in your way. When it comes to opening gates and garage
    doors, rapidly tap the "Triangle" button. If bullies are bothering you and you
    can't open the gates, then beat them up first and then open the gates.
    When you get through the third gate you'll be ambushed. Davis is on top of some
    crates. Ignore him and fight the bullies in the area until they're all
    defeaed. You can pick up objects, like trash bin lids, with the "Triangle"
    button. Once you have an object you can swing it as a weapon or throw it.
    When all of the bullies are defeated, you have to take out Davis. He has a
    health meter. Pick up a brick or a garbage can lid. Target Davis with "L1".
    Throw the object with "L2". Repeat this three times until Davis is defeated.
    You'll earn the Slingshot and lose some respect with the bullies (you can see
    your respect with different factions by going into the "Select" menu and
    choosing "Status").
    == SLINGSHOT ==
    8. Having fun with your new weapon                                    [B-117]
    Go to the old school bus, marked with a yellow X on the map. When you arrive,
    pull out your slingshot by scrolling through your weapons with "R2" or "L2".
    Once equipped, hold down "L1" to target a window. Once locked on, you can
    scroll through the windows tih the right analog stick. Shoot out each window
    by pressing "R1" to fire.
    Go to the football field and meet Gary there. He tells you to climb a tree to
    the left. Follow the instructions for climbing the tree. Go out onto the branch
    and sit on it. Enter aiming mode by pressing up on the "D-Pad". You can charge
    your shot (for a more powerful shot) by holding "R2". Aim and release "R2" to
    fire. Shoot each of the football players. You will earn +5 respect with Nerds.
    == SAVE ALGIE ==
    9. Escorting Algie to the school                                      [B-118]
    It's best to start this mission after afternoon class so that the prefects
    don't try to bring you in for truancy. It begins at the Library.
    Algie has a problem with some bullies. You have to escort him to the school. He
    has a health meter. Don't let him get too damaged. Work your way toward the
    school. Take out the first bully. Algie will then have to go to the bathroom.
    THere is a timer, the red ring around the clock. Lead him to the school, beat
    up the two bullies along the way, and enter the main school building. Once
    inside, head upstairs. Go to the bathroom marked with the yellow X. Protect
    Algie while he does his business by beating up the two bullies that try to
    bother him. head with algie to his locker. You will earn $5 and +5 Nerd
    == A LITTLE HELP ==
    10. Behind the old school bus                                         [B-119]
    This mission begins in the boy's dorm building at bedtime. Head to the old
    school bus to find the hobo. Beat up the two bullies who will attack you. Gary
    and Petey have health meters. Petey is weaker, so protect him. To get to the
    hobo, enter the school bus and exit out the other side of it. During the
    cutscene you meet the hobo who tells you he'll teach you some army moves if you
    help him fix his radio.
    Now you'll have to find a transistor. Head toward the yellow X which marks a
    ladder. Go up the ladder until you reach the roof. There you'll find the first
    transistor. If you find more of these along your way in the game, you can 
    bring them to the hobo behind the old school bus to learn some new moves. When
    you bring this first one to him, you'll learn the Uppercut.
    == THAT BITCH ==
    11. Beatrice's lab notes                                             [B-1110]
    You begin this mission the the girl's dorm building. Don't worry about being
    caught, just enter and head left. Walk into the yellow glow to start the
    Head to the yellow X near the Library. Talk to Fatty and then offer him some
    money. He'll give you some stink bombs. Now head to the gym. Enter and head to
    the girl's locker room. Go to the locker marked with the yellow glow. Make sure
    there are no prefects watching and lock pick the locker. You automatically grab
    the notes and place a stink bomb inside. If a prefect does see you, run and
    exit to the outisde. If he'ss still on you, keep running and hide in a trash
    Return to the girl's dorm, but don't go in. Beatrice is waiting outside for
    you, on the left side of the dorm. She kisses you and now Beatrice likes you.
    When a girl likes you, she will always accept your gift (chocolate or flowers),
    therefore will always kiss you. You get a health bonus for kissing girls. The
    size of the bonus is determined by how many art classes you've passed.
    == DEFEND BUCKY ==
    12. Helping Bucky out                                                [B-1111]
    This mission starts inside de boy's dorm. You'll have to find Bucky by locating
    the yellow X mark on the map. Bucky has a health meter. Sprint to him and take
    out the two bullies beating on him. Keep beating the bullies in the way and
    help Bucky get into the garage. Then go to the yellow glow at the gate to end
    the mission. You will earn the Skateboard, +5 Nerd Respect and -10 Bully
    13. Ernest and his speech                                            [B-1112]
    This mission starts in the main school building. Earnest needs your help with
    his campaign. Inside the building, go upstairs into the AV Room. You'll have to
    keep Earnest safe for the duration of his speech. Equipped with the Super
    Slingshot, some kind of sniper slinghot, you'll have to shoot the enemies who
    show up from nowhere and are marked by a red arrow in the minimap. They will
    throw eggs at Earnest, taking down his health meter.
    Keep an eye on the stage itself, the balcony behind the stage, and the left and
    right balconies. About 3/4 of the way through the mission, the Bull Mascot will
    come onto the stage. He depletes Earnest's meter rapidly. He requires three
    shots to dispose of. Get him quickly as he is the biggest threat you'll find.
    After that, just keep picking off the enemies until the speech ends. You will
    earn $10 and the Super Slingshot.
    == THE DIARY ==
    14. Beatrice's secret diary                                          [B-1113]
    This mission starts outside the girls dormitory. You'll have to help Beatrice
    to get her diary back. Enter the school through the rear window; to do that, 
    head to the yellow X mark. To get to it, jump up the wall where the gate is
    broken using the "Circle" button. Climb the lattice. At the top, grab the G+G
    card on the balcony and then head through the marked window.
    Head to the marked math room while avoiding the prefects. Try to open it and
    you'll discover that it's locked. Then head downstairs being careful to avoid
    prefects. If you do run into one, escape from him, and then sprint until you
    are out of his sight. Hide in a locker or hop into a trash can until you are
    safe again. Enter the staff room and go to the yellow glow. Here you'll find
    the diary.
    Exit the staff room. Just run past through the prefects to the girl's dormitory
    building. Beatrice is waiting outside the dorm, on the left side of it. You
    will earn $20 and a kiss.
    Check out bellow the content of the diary, transcripted by shlammy:
    "That new Jimmy boy is so bad. Bad teeth. Bad hair. Bad
    smell. Bad attitude. But yet, there’s something about him
    that is just so alluring. I told Bucky about how I felt and
    he didn’t seem happy at all. That makes me a little sad
    because Bucky’s been such a great friend. I’d hate to think
    that something or someone in his life is not treating him
    Oh I knew it. I walked by him today, and he looked at me!
    He’s such a free radical... How I’d love to pair his
    electrons! The whole thought of us making sweet organic
    chemistry just sends shivers down my spine!"
    == HALLOWEEN ==
    15. Halloween's treats                                               [B-1114]
    This mission begins at the wardrobe in your room inside the boy's dormitory
    building. You need to pull pranks on five students. To pull a prank, you first
    need to get the prank from a student marked with a blue X. Go up to the nearby
    blue X, a mummy, and talk to him. He asks that you put a "Kick Me" sign on a
    student. He gives you the sign. Get behind any student, target him and press
    "Square" to place the sign.
    You can do the remaining pranks in any order. One is to egg three students.
    The student will give you a cartoon of eggs. Just target and throw them just
    like any other throwable object. Another is to light Volcano 4000, a large 
    firework, near some students. Take the firework and go up to the nearby group
    of three nerds. Place the firework with "R1", stand back, and wait for it to
    Another is to hit three students with stink bombs. This is the same technique
    as you did with the eggs. The last one is to make three students itch with
    itching powder, again with the same technique. After you've played five pranks,
    you'll unlock "The Big Prank" mission, which is only available at the Halloween
    night. If you sleep you'll miss out on it.
    == THE BIG PRANK ==
    16. Bad boy on Halloween night                                       [B-1115]
    Beat up Chad. Gary will feed Chad's dog with some rancid meat, and it'll poo.
    You end up with a bag of rancid poo. Head to the main entrance of the school.
    The prefects are all at a party so you don't have to worry about being caught.
    Go to the staff room door and place the rancid poo. Then you'll have to pull
    the fire alarm in a limited amount of time. There is one nearby and it is
    marked with a yellow arrow. Just pull it. You will earn the Red Ninja Costume.
    == HELP GARY ==
    17. Gary and the basement                                            [B-1116]
    Follow Gary to the parking lot with the school bus. Beat up the three bullies
    there. Follow him to the basement. Enter the basement and head to the yellow X.
    It is a control panel with a blinkg red light. You'll have to "Activate" it to
    open the doors. Go through them. You'll find a fenced-in cage. Gary wants to
    get into the cage, but it's locked. Go to the right side of the cage where the
    fence is partially broken. Climb over the fence using "Circle" and press the
    switch on the inside of the cage. The next doors open.
    In the next room the switch is again locked in a cage. Pick up a brick and go
    to the cage door. The window on the door is busted. Just throw the brick at the
    broom next to the switch (you can't target it, so just aim in the direction of
    it) and the switch will get activated. Alternatively, you can use your 
    Slingshot which is more accurate. The next set of doors open. Go through.
    In this room, go to the left side of the cage. There is a small opening. Press
    "R3" (click down the right analog stick) to crawl through the opening. Pick up
    the rubber band. Go to the blue glow which marks another switch and activate
    it. This opens a sliding door. Go through to the next room.
    This is the steam room, in which there is a stairway blocked by steam. You will
    see 27 pumpkins. Destroy all of the pumpkins for a bonus, the Pumpkin Head.
    There is also a transistor in the room, which you can use to learn fighting
    moves from the hodo. Grab the fire extinguisher on the right wall (if facing
    the furnace). Use "R1" to spray it into the furnace. This will cool the steam
    blocking the stairway. Go upstairs. Follow Gary to the next area. Before you
    hop down to him, locate one rubber band down the hallway, then drop down into
    the pit.
    18. Russel, the bully                                                [B-1117]
    This mission is a continuation of the "Help Gary" mission in the basement.
    You'll have to fight Russel, the bully. Russel's most damaging attack is his
    charge attack. You can easily defeat him if you avoid this attack. To do so,
    anytime you see him get down and start to charge, sprint in a random directon
    so that he misses you. He'll slam into the wall, do some damage to himself, 
    and will be temporarily stunned. You can get in a good 3-punch combo when he's
    Aside from that attack, Russel is pretty easy to beat. Run up to him, get in a
    quick 1-2-3 combo, and then run away before he can counter-attack. Repeat. When
    you see him set to charge, do as I said above. If you get caught by him you
    will ofter have the chance to reverse (hit "Triangle") or to get out of a
    sticky situation (rapidly tap the "Triangle" button). Just pay attention to the
    screen for these context moves. Also, don't forget to block with "L1" if you do
    find yourself getting punched by him. After he's defeated, you tell him to stop
    picking on the weak kids.
     /+ Chapter 2 +\                                                      [B-120]
    When you start Chapter 2, open your map. Note that a new section of the grounds
    are now available. The Trophy icon is a go-kart track; the "B" icons are Bus
    Stop points. There are also lots of new shops to access.
    1. Hidden bottles                                                     [B-121]
    This mission begins outisde the English classroom. You'll have to find
    Galloway's hidden bottles. One of them is in the cafeteria kitchen. Enter the
    kitchen and go right to the side room. Near a freezer you'll find the bottle
    and a rubber band. Another bottle is in the right side of the trophy case
    outside of the Principal's office. Break the glass using your fists and take
    the bottle. The last one is in the back stall in the second floor girl's 
    bathroom. Once you have them all, head to Ms. Philips room. After the cutscene,
    exit the building and head to the old school bus. Ms. Philips will be hanging
    out there. She will give you the Camera. Now you can take Photo classes.
    2. The lost character sheets                                          [B-122]
    This mission begins outside the Library. Melvin needs his G+G character sheets
    back. To find them, go to each of the marked locations. In one location, you
    get kicked in the balls and have to rapidly tap "Triangle" before five seconds
    runs out to get up. If you get up in time you get a sheet. In another location,
    you have to chase down a bully who is running from you. Sprint after him and
    when you get right behind him, hit "Triangle" to tackle. Beat him up, or repeat
    the chase if he gets away, until he gives up the sheet. In another location you
    simply have to beat up the bullies who have the sheet. And, finally, in another
    location, you have to beat up another bully. After you have all four sheets, 
    return to Melvin in the Library. You will earn $10.
    3. Visiting the stores                                                [B-123]
    This mission begins in the cafeteria. It takes you into town and introduces you
    to some stores. You have a time limit represented by the red circle around the
    clock. Head outside and go to the front gate to get the bike. Press "Triangle"
    to get Edna's bike. The controls are pretty simple; pedal by repeatedly tapping
    "X". To bunny hop press "Circle". To break, press "Square", and to get off, hit
    Visit each of the three marked stores. At Yum Yum's grocer, go up to the table
    in front of the counter to grab some meat. Across the street is the Happy
    Mullet barber. Enter and grab the razor off the table. Go to the clothing store
    and grab the bag of laundry. Then, ride to the "B" icon in the map, get off the
    bike and go up to the Bus Sign, activating it to make a bus come and pick you
    up. Return the items to Edna in the cafeteria. You should have no issue with
    time. You will earn $15 and unlock the Prep Challenge, marked by a red star
    icon in town. Complete it to earn a new save location.
    4. Hollywood                                                          [B-124]
    This mission begins at the movie theater in town. Pinky wants to be the first
    in line for the movie. You have to clear the line without causing any violence.
    First, steal Gord's bike and ride it away from the theater until you get
    confirmation to head back to the theater. Then go to the marked Yum Yum's and
    buy some chocolate. Return to the theater and give it to Eunice. She'll hold
    hands with you. Walk her to the back alley. She'll make out with you and then
    take off.
    Next, head to the last to guys in line. Just target the smaller one so they
    will run away. You will earn $15.
    5. Carnival games                                                     [B-125]
    This mission begins outside the movie theater in town. Start it at about 9 PM.
    The Carnival closes at 1 AM. Make sure you have a bike, because it saves time.
    Hop on your bike and ride to the Carnival. Pay for an admission ticket and
    enter. You'll have to earn tickets by playing the Carnival games:
    Strike Out: Hold "R1" and release it to throw. You want to hit three catcher,
    the orange targets. Tehre's also a baseball glove special target that will
    earn you a bonus ticket.
    High Striket: The good old strength test. Rapidly tap "X" to earn three
    Splish Splash: The dunking tank. Use the analog sticks to aim and press "R1" to
    throw the ball. I suggest you to simply get the target going by pushing up on
    the left analog stick. Watch as it move around. When it's over the bullseye,
    press "R1".
    Shooting Range: Aim and shoot at the bottles and bandits.
    After you have 10 tickets, go to the yellow X, the souvenir tent. Buy a teddy
    bear and give it to Pinky, who will now like you and kiss you whenever you
    == THE EGGS ==
    6. Tad's house                                                        [B-126]
    This mission begins in the boxing gym in town. It is upstairs, but don't get
    confused because there are two staircases in the gym. You need the aquaberry
    sweater to begin this mission. Not the vest, the sweater. It costs you $17,50
    at the clothing store, which is northwest of the mission.
    Head to Yum Yum's and buy some eggs to throw at Tad's house. Take your bike and
    ride it there. Gary is there and he's feeding Tad some misinformation, who will
    get really angry. Now you'll have to find a way out of Tad's yard by beating up
    his friends and shooting the friend in the window with your Slinghot. Then, go
    to the front gate and beat up Tad for the exit key. After the mission eggs
    become available for production in your room.
    7. Riding the bike                                                    [B-127]
    This mission begins inside the boy's dormitory. There is a marked bike outside
    of the dorm. Hop onto it and ride to the yellow X on the beach. You'll have to
    face off a bike race. To go fast you have to rapidly tap "X". Pretty easy. Go
    through each checkpoint and come in first. You don't have to literally go 
    through the glow of each checkpoint. So as long as you pass it, it'll register.
    After the first five checkpoints you can jump up a ramp to save some time.
    Press and hold "Circle" for a more powerful jump. Also, don't run into any
    adults as that will make you fail the mission. If you fail, simply go back to
    the beach to start again. You will earn $15.
    == BEACH RUMBLE ==
    8. Trophy bandit                                                      [B-128]
    This mission begins at Shiny Bike shop on the beach. After doing the "Racing
    the Vale" mission, some rich kids will steal your #1 trophy. Head back to the
    lighthouse (the beach clubhouse) and beat up the preps. Gord is marked with a
    red arrow; you'll have to take him down to get the trophy back. After this
    mission, bike races are unlocked and opened from 11 AM to 7 PM marked by a
    trophy icon at the bike shop.
    == PANTY RAID ==
    9. Party at Come Hither                                               [B-129]
    This mission begins at Come Hither XXX store in town. You simply have to get
    inside the shop between 8 PM and 12 AM.
    == TAD'S HOUSE ==
    9. More eggs at Tad's                                                [B-1210]
    This mission starts outside of Yum Yum's in town. Ride to Tad's house. Open the
    gate and equip your eggs. You'll have to manually aim each of the six eggs. To
    do so, press "Up" on the "D-Pad" to enter manual aim mode. Aim at the open 
    window and press "R1" to throw the egg. Work your way around the house looking
    for open windows. Throw an egg when you see one. If you run out of eggs, you
    are told to go back to Russel's stash. It is marked with a yellow X. Pick up
    more eggs. After all six open windows have been egged, exit the grounds to earn
    | __ )
    |  _ \ully Walkthrough + FAQ /=========================================\____
    | |_) |---------o-----------/                   CLASSES                 \___\
    |____/        [C-1]         \============================================\
                                 \ This section is INCOMPLETE. (0.50)        /
    Classes are marked by a Bell icon in the map. Morning classes run from 9 AM to
    11:30 AM. Afternoon classes run from 1 PM to 3:30 PM. There are five levels
    to each class. Passing a class earns you new skills and abilities. If you are
    half an hour late for a class you enter Truancy mode, wherew if you are caught
    by a prefect, he'll send you to class.
     /+ Chemistry +\                                                      [C-110]
    In Chemistry classes you have to match the buttons as they go through the
    middle box.
    Chemistry 1 - Make firecrackers from the chem set in your room.
    Chemistry 2 - Make stink bombs from the chem set in your room.
    Chemistry 3 - Make itching powder from the chem set in your room.
     /+ English +\                                                        [C-120]
    In English classes you have to from various words from scrambled letters.
    English 1 - Elm, low, mew, meow, mole, mellow, mow, ower, owl, well, woe.
    English 2 - Fight, fights, fig, figs, hit, hits, fit, fits, sit, sight, gifts,
    gift, this, its, his, sift.
    English 3 - Elm, elms, isle, isles, less, lime, limes, mess, mile, miles, miss,
    slim, slims, slime, slimes, smile, smiles.
    English 4 - Acorn, any, arc, can, car, con, corn, corny, coy, crayon, crony,
    cry, narc, nary, nay, nor, oar, racy, ran, ray, rayon, roan, yarn, yon.
    English 5 - Age, aged, are, dagger, dare, dear, drag, ear, egg, era, erg, gad,
    gag, gage, gear, grad, grade, rag, rage, raged, ragged, read, red.
    English 1 - Ability to apologize more effectively.
    English 2 - Ability to give better shove taunts.
    English 3 - Ability to apologize to prefects for small crimes.
    English 4 - Range of taunts increased.
    English 5 - Ability to apologize to police for small crimes.
    Thanks to Doctor What and slapshot9809 for the English classes number 4 and 5!
     /+ Art +\                                                            [C-130]
    In Art classes you have to pay attention to the enemies and power-ups as
    explained before each try. Hit "X" to begin. You have to draw a line to make a
    box to reveal part of the picture. You can't run into enemies and the line
    you're drawing too. If you box in an enemy, he'll disappear. At any time, you
    can move along the edge of the painting to position your brush.
    Art 1 - Ability to trade a gift for a kiss. 25% bonus health added to your
    second health bar, a lighter green bar over your current health bar, which
    works like reserve health, per kiss.
    Art 2 - 50% bonus health added to your second health bar per kiss.
    Art 3 - 75% bonus health added to your second health bar per kiss.
    Art 4 -
    Art 5 -
     /+ Gym +\                                                            [C-140]
    Gym classes work in two different ways; wrestling battles and dodgeball games.
    Check the different strategies for different stages:
    Gym 1 - Wrestling: You will learn new fighting techniques. Headbutt ("Triangle"
    then hold "Square"), Three-hit Charge Combo ("Triangle" then tap "Square" twice
    and hold "Square" on the last push).
    Gym 2 - Dodgeball: Offense commands are: "X" to throw, "Circle" do jump, 
    "Circle" then "X" to jump then throw and "Square" to pass. Defense commands
    are: "X" to catch, "Circle" to dodge and "Square" to switch between characters.
    Once the ball is in your possession, you can either pass it or throw it at an
    opponent. Hopefully, the ball bounces back to your side and you can do it
    again. If not, get ready to play some defense. When the ball is thrown at you,
    hit "X" to catch it. Win 2 matches to pass.
    Gym 3 - Wrestling.
    Gym 4 -
    Gym 5 - Dodgeball.
    Gym 1 - Headbutt and 3-Hit Charge Combo fighting techniques.
    Gym 2 - 
    Gym 3 - 3-Hit Combo Takedown and Knee Takedown fighting techniques.
    Gym 4 -
    Gym 5 -
     /+ Shop +\                                                           [C-150]
    In Shop classes you have to rapidly tap the button or slowly rotate the left
    analog stick in the direction of the arrow as shown in the game screen.
    Shop 1 - Basic BMX skills.
    Shop 2 -
    Shop 3 -
    Shop 4 -
    Shop 5 -
     /+ Photography +\                                                    [C-160]
    In Photography classes you have to take photos of different things. Check the
    strategies for each level below:
    Photography 1 - You have to take photos of the various banners around the
    campus. Each banner is marked by a yellow X in the map. You will be told if
    it's a "good" or "bad" photo. If it's bad, try getting more of the banner in
    the pictures, that is, get it from the side, not straight on.
    Photography 2 -
    Photography 3 -
    Photography 4 -
    Photography 5 -
    Photography 1 - Ability to save pictures to your photo album.
    Photography 2 -
    Photography 3 -
    Photography 4 -
    Photography 5 -
    | __ )
    |  _ \ully Walkthrough + FAQ /=========================================\____
    | |_) |---------o-----------/            BASIC GAME ELEMENTS            \___\
    |____/        [D-1]         \============================================\
    Bedtime - At 7 PM your bed is ready for sleeping. Follow the ZzZzZ's on your
    map to your bed. Sleeping after 2 AM will get you passing out on the spot the
    next day.
    Curfew mode - Curfew is at 11 PM. If you are caught out of bed after this time
    you'll be sent back to bed.
    Errands - If you see a character with a blue arrow over them, they want you to
    do an errand for them. Target them to see what they want. You can either accept
    or just walk away. Errands earn you money.
    Lock picking - Check below a list of items you'll find inside the lockers in
    the Bullworth campus:
    Across from Boiler room: Bullworth Hoodie.
    2nd floor, kitty corner from Biology: Bullworth Gym Pants.
    Girl's locker room in the gym: Bullworth Polo Shirt, carton of eggs.
    Down hall from AV Room: Text book.
    Boy's locker room in the gym: Bouquet of flowers.
    Jobs - In Chapter 2, after the "Last Minute Shopping" mission, you're able to
    take on various odd jobs in town. They are labeled with the $ icon. Complete
    the jobs tasks for money.
    Paper delivery - First, pick up papers. Then, deliver them. Target a mail box
    by holding "R1". Release "R1" to throw the paper into the mailbox. You only
    have to deliver the number of papers shown. You don't have to hit every
    mailbox. Each time you suceed you earn more costumers.
    Boxing challenges - Boxing challenges are being held at the boxing gym in town
    starting from Chapter 2. You earn extra punch damage for completing them.
    Penalty shots minigame - In the basketball court outisde of the gym, you can
    play the penalty shots minigame. You get five shots with a soccer ball to hit a
    kid against the wall. The cursor is purposely hard to control. You have a
    limited time to kick each ball.
    | __ )
    |  _ \ully Walkthrough + FAQ /=========================================\____
    | |_) |---------o-----------/           OTHER OBTAINABLE ITEMS          \___\
    |____/        [E-1]         \============================================\
                                 \ This section is INCOMPLETE. (0.50)        /
     /+ Transistors +\                                                    [C-160]
    There are six transistors hidden in the game. Each time you get one, you can
    bring it to the hobo behind the old school bus in the campus to learn a new
    fighting technique.
    1. Found in the mission "A Little Help" (Chapter 1). Hobo teaches you Uppercut.
    2. Found in the steam room of the basement. "Help Gary" mission (Chapter 1).
     /+ Rubber bands +\                                                   [C-160]
    1. In the boy's dormitory hallway, near the green couch.
    2. In the Principal's office, reception area, left of the reception desk.
    3. In the shower of the girl's locker room at the gym.
    4. In the old school bus [see "Slingshot" mission (Chapter 1)].
    5. In the same parking lot as the old school bus, across from it, in a corner.
    6. To the right of the gym doors.
    7. In the basement, in the caged area that you have to crawl through the hole
    in the fence to get inside [see "Help Gary" mission (Chapter 1)].
    8. In the basement, down a side hallway off of the arena pit cage area [see
    "Help Gary" mission (Chapter 1)].
    9. In the kitchen in the cafeteria. Right side of the kitchen, near a freezer.
    10. On the right side of the boy's dormitory (outside).
    11. Face the main entrance of the main school building. Go all the way to the
    right and you'll find it in the corner of the school and a low wall.
    12. At the right corner of the boxing gym in town there is a garbage can. It's
    behind the garbage can.
    13. In the corner of Aquaberry clothing store's dressing room.
    14. In the Gazebo to the left of Tad's house [see "The Eggs" mission (Chapter
    15. See how to get the first garden gnome below. Take the first left after that
    garden gnome house and go up the first driveway on the left. Go through the 
    archway to find a ramp that you can jump with a bike or moped. At the base of
    the ramp is the rubber band you're searching for.
    Check out YuGiOhFm2002's Rubber Band guide to find all the 75 rubber bands in
    the game.
    After you find them all, you unlock the Rubber Band Ball as a weapon in your
     /+ G&G cards +\                                                      [C-160]
    1. On the balcony near the rear window of the school [see "The Diary" mission
    (Chapter 1)].
    2. Behind the dumpster near the body shop.
    3. In a stall in the bathroom of the boy's locker room in the gym.
    4. Face the burger joint in the middle of town. To the left you can find a
    staircase. Go up the staircase and find the card on the patio.
    5. At Tad's House, on the right side of the front of it [see "Tad's House"
    mission (Chapter 2)].
    6. Locate Dragon Wing Comics in the town due north of Bullworth Academy. Behind
    it you can find a stairwell leading down to a basement entrance. The card is at
    the bottom of the stairwell.
    7. At the end of the dock outside of the beach clubhouse (lighthouse).
    8. Across from Come Hither is the Worn clothing store. Behind the Worns store
    you can find an alleyway. The card is on a dumpster in the alleyway.
    9. Go to the Carnival but don't enter. Go to the right of the entrance to find
    the card in a corner
    Check out Eric Waechter's G&G cards guide to find all the 40 cards in the game.
     /+ Garden gnomes +\                                                  [C-160]
    1. Locate the bus stop next to the beam cola and brown chocolate bill board in
    the middle of town. Go up the street perpendicular to the sign. You'll soon
    pass the garden entrance on the right. Go to the first house on the left. The
    gnome is on the left site of that house.
    2. At the garden entrance that you pass in #1.
    | __ )
    |  _ \ully Walkthrough + FAQ /=========================================\____
    | |_) |---------o-----------/                 THANKS TO...              \___\
    |____/        [F-1]         \============================================\
    shlummy - Beatrice's diary content
    Doctor What - English classes 4 and 5 (http://docwhat.gerf.org/)
    slapshot9809 - English classes 4 and 5
    YuGiOhFm2002 - Rubber Band guide
    Eric Waechter - G&G Cards guide

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