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    Special Fights FAQ by Tinytim4x0

    Version: 2 | Updated: 03/19/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Uses PAL version of game (Canis Canem Edit)
     |                                           |
     | Note: Currently, I'm a bit out of         |
     | practice with my Bullying, so I'm not the |
     | definitive authority for Bully problems.  |
     | I need to play it again. I'll answer any  |
     | queries about the game as well as I can,  |
     | but, if you have an account on a proper   |
     | gaming community, it might be better to   |
     | consult them.                             |
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     | |          | |
     | | CONTENTS | |
     | |__________| |
    Bosses and fights listed by mission to reduce spoilers
    Enter code (e.g. [BFIi]) in Ctrl + F box to jump to boss. Remember to use
    the Case Match option so the computer can tell the difference between, for
    example, [BFIii] and [BFIIi].
    Chapter I
    	The Setup [1ASET]
    	The Candidate [1BCAN]
    	Help Gary [1CHEL]
    Chapter II
    	Prep Challenge/Boxing Challengers [2APRE]
    	The Eggs [2BEGG]
    	Beach Rumble [2CBEA]
    	Boxing Challenge (Fight 1) [2DBC1]
    	Boxing Challenge (Fight 2) [2EBC2]
    Chapter III
    	Greasers Challenge [3AGRE]
    	Bait [3BBAI]
    	Wrong Part Of Town [3CWPT]
    	The Tenements [3DTEN]
    	Rumble (Fight 1) [3ERU1]
    	Rumble (Fight 2) [3FRU2]
    	Cook's Date [3GCOO]
    	Glass House [3HGLA]
    Chapter IV
    	Stronghold Assault (Fight 1) [4ASA1]
    	Stronghold Assault (Fight 2) [4BSA2]
    	Jock's Challenge [4CJOC]
    	Defender of the Castle [4DDOC]
    	Nice Outfit [4ENIC]
    	The Big Game [4FTBG]
    Chapter V
    	Rats in the Library [5ARAT]
    	Townies Challenge [5BTOW]
    	Smash It Up [5CSIU]
    	Busting In Part II (Fight 1) [5DBI1]
    	Busting In Part II (Fight 2) [5EBI2]
    	Complete Mayhem Part II (Fights 1-4) [5FCM1]
    	Complete Mayhem Part II (Fight 5) [5GCM2]
    Author's notes
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     | | UPDATES | |
     | |_________| |
    Dates are of form dd/mm/yy
    07/12/06 - Submitted Version 1.
    08/12/06 - Submitted Version 1.1:
    	   * Corrected email address, because it ended in .com rather than
    	   * Corrected some minor capitalisation issues.
    19/03/07 - Took three and a bit months, but I finally got Version 2 done.
    	   * Made some crafty title boxes to lend the guide some pizzazz.
    	   * Updated the codes so they didn't all look the same.
    	   * Added the user suggestions I got - thanks go to them in the, um,
    	     Thanks section.
    	   * Changed the contents of the box under the title.
               Must play Bully again sometime.
     |  ___________  |
     | |           | |
     | | CHAPTER I | |
     | |___________| |
    |       |           |         |
    | DAVIS | The Setup | [1ASET] |
    |                             |
    | Balancing on an eight-foot  |
    | wall in an arena full of    |
    | heavy throwable objects is  |
    | not a good idea.            |
    Knock Davis off with bricks and garbage-can lids, or better yet, Firecrackers.
    If you don't have Firecrackers, you're a fool - they're invaluable.
    |       |               |         |
    | JOCKS | The Candidate | [1BCAN] |
    |                                 |
    | As it turns out, the Jocks are  |
    | actually a bit tougher than     |
    | this.                           |
    Watch your radar carefully to spot where the Jocks are. If the blip's not a 
    down-pointing triangle, the Jock is on one of the balconies. Each Jock only 
    needs one shot. but I personally prefer to fire at will - it makes sure. Watch
    out for the Bull mascot who appears towards the end - he needs multiple shots
    to dispose of. Jocks come in masses near end, so you really need to aim true.
    |         |                               |         |
    | RUSSELL | Help Gary/Russell In The Hole | [1CHEL] |
    |                                                   |
    | RUSSELL SMAAAAASH!!!!!                            |
    Be careful not to be grappled by Russell - this means no grappling on your part
    either, as it's just too risky. "Don't get grappled" should go without saying,
    but it really applies here. Best strategy: dodge bull attack, so Russell
    injures himself. Do one quick combo, then run away, then come back for another
    combo - repeat. Do not use hold-button attacks, or Russell will take the 
    chance. Only Firecrackers work as a weapon.
     |  ____________  |
     | |            | |
     | | CHAPTER II | |
     | |____________| |
    |             |                                   |         |
    | PREP BOXERS | Prep Challenge/Boxing Challengers | [2APRE] |
    |                                                           |
    | FUN FACT: Go up to the landing of the boxing building,    |
    | where you will get a perfect view of the ring. You can    |
    | then use your slingshot to snipe one of the boxers. If    |
    | you spared his opponent, the opponent will continue to    |
    | dance around the unconscious boxer. Utterly useless, but  |
    | great fun to watch.                                       |
    Use unpredictability. Hammer dodge and block, and let loose randomly. Hold
    square to knock out a boxer quickly when the prompt appears, or he will 
    recover. You may also want to step away from the boxers, swooping in only to
    beat them in. If you're low on health, step away from the opponent and wait
    for the end of the round, as Jimmy recovers a bit of health then.
    You should do the four Boxing Challengers as soon as you can, because they
    increase your punch damage, which will be very helpful.
    |             |          |          |
    | TAD SPENCER | The Eggs | [2BEGG]  |
    |                                   |
    | I'd speak my mind about Tad here, |
    | but for the fact that it'd        |
    | violate the GameFAQs content      |
    | regulations. Suffice to say, my   |
    | mind has a few choice four-letter |
    | words reserved.                   |
    You can ignore Preps (although it helps to beat them in) - your priority is to
    escape. Watch out for Preps at windows - a couple of charged shots will finish
    them off. Tad himself is about as powerful as a normal prep. Look out for the
    egg-throwers - they're more annoying than anything, but you should still keep
    an eye out for them. Attack the prep near the gate and obtain his key. Search
    the grounds for collectibles and wait for the police to lose interest before
    |      |              |           |
    | GORD | Beach Rumble |  [2CBEA]  |
    |                                 |
    | Frankly, I'd've let Gord keep   |
    | the trophy - it looks like the  |
    | organisers ran out of money, so |
    | stuck a kitchen funnel on a     |
    | block of wood and painted it    |
    | grey. Sadly, though, Jimmy MUST |
    | HAVE THAT TROPHY BACK.          |
    Ricky the Greaser will aid you - you must protect him. Defeat most Preps, and
    Gord will appear - defeat him for your trophy back. Easy.
    |            |                  |          |
    | BIF TAYLOR | Boxing Challenge | [2DBC1]  |
    |                                          |
    | Not to be confused with the Boxing       |
    | Challengers. You can if you want to,     |
    | though.                                  |
    Bif is quite hardy, but otherwise, do the same as before with Prep Challenge
    and with the Boxing Challengers if you did them - hammer random buttons. You
    should just about hold out.
    |                  |                                     |         |
    | DERBY HARRINGTON | Boxing Challenge/Dishonorable Fight | [2EBC2] |
    |                                                                  |
    | Like a rich violent Sam "Mayday" Malone. And Bif is his Norm     |
    | Peterson. Tad can be Diane.                                      |
    Hardest part of the game so far. In Phase I, you must fight your way to Derby -
    you need all the health you can get, so keep your distance from the Preppies
    and use your super slingshot.
    In Phase II, you fight Derby, who calls in backup. If you want, you can use
    the boards next to the two double doors to lock them, but it helps to let Preps
    in, because they're easy to beat and they drop beam cola. A few seconds after
    he calls for back-up, Derby will come out from behind the bar. Beat him in. He
    blocks attacks a lot, but he leaves himself open when he is preparing an attack
    - take the chance. Derby will run back behind the bar after a while and call
    more Preps. When Derby's behind the bar, do not attempt to attack - it's a
    waste of effort and weapons. It tkes a while, but eventually Derby will go
    down, and you can move on to the next chapter.
    If that's not working for you, here's an evil way to go about it, sent by
    "...you said to email this for additions. Derby Harrington can easily be beaten
    in the following way... Before you run up stairs grab the fire extinguisher of
    the wall. Spray then crack the ehads of preps. Just thought you might like to
    The reader says he doesn't need to be credited, so I won't - ha ha! Thanks.
     |  _____________  |
     | |             | |
     | | CHAPTER III | |
     | |_____________| |
    |          |                    |          |
    | GREASERS | Greasers Challenge | [3AGRE]  |
    |                                          |
    | FUN FACT: Wikipedia says that the        |
    | Greasers are references to the novel     |
    | "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton. Myself,  |
    | I reckon they're closer to the musical   |
    | "Grease," but there you are.             |
    Two words: Bottle Rockets.
    Eleven more words: If you haven't completed the Nerd Challenge yet, you're a
    |      |      |           |
    | GORD | Bait |  [3BBAI]  |
    |                         |
    | Yes, the trophy guy     |
    | again. He obviously     |
    | learned nothing from    |
    | that time you beat up   |
    | half the Preps.         |
    Firstly, you'll be wanting to track down Gord so you can initiate the fight.
    It's a good idea to be on a bike, because Gord's out cycling. Use the radar to
    find him, use the L1/R1 buttons to punch him, and then PEDAL AS FAST AS YOU CAN
    because Gord and his Preppie mates aren't best pleased. Watch carefully for
    oncoming Preps and keep Gord near you, as you lure him to the Greasers. When
    you get there, cycle into the red garage. Don't worry, that's the hard bit.
    Despite the next part being a big fight between you and the Greasers against
    him and the Preps, this is really quite simple. Gord and fco. will still be on
    their bikes, but don't bother chasing them. Get off your bike, rush to the big
    mound in the middle, and use your slingshot to snipe the Preps. Job done.
    |          |                    |            |
    | GREASERS | Wrong Part Of Town |  [3CWPT]   |
    |                                            |
    | Whoa, that tubby Greaser can't half cycle. |
    For defending Cornelius:
    Rush in and beat up the Greasers. Done.
    For escaping town with Chad and Algernon:
    This is just like a moving version of The Candidate. Keep a shot charged at all
    times, and keep altering the camera angle to look behind you. You don't have
    to defend Algernon and Chad - the only health to watch here is your own. Oh,
    and be warned - the Greasers have Firecrackers (although they can't use them
    very well) and some continue to chase you even after they've been knocked off
    their bikes.
    |        |               |           |
    | NORTON | The Tenements |  [3DTEN]  |
    |                                    |
    | Norton makes puppies hide and      |
    | babies weep. True story.           |
    Oh dear. This chap's sledgehammer can defeat you in three blows, so ALWAYS
    ALWAYS ALWAYS KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. Break open the crates for health if your
    health drops below half, because if Norton catches you then, you'll be killed.
    The Bottle Rocket launcher is only for the daring, because the only range at
    which it's really effective is the range at which Norton can hit you. Your
    best bet is to stay on the opposite side of the room while using your slingshot
    to dwindle his health - it's slow, but it works.
    |        |        |          |
    | PEANUT | Rumble | [3ERU1]  |
    |                            |
    | Peanut must be pretty      |
    | tough to survive in a      |
    | school like Bullworth with |
    | a name like Peanut.        |
    Peanut runs away when you approach him, but you can still catch up with him, on
    foot or on a bike. When you do, it's just a standard fight with three Greasers.
    The hardest part of this mission is avoiding getting caught up in the rumble
    |                |                                |           |
    | JOHNNY VINCENT | Rumble/Fighting Johnny Vincent |  [3FRU2]  |
    |                                                             |
    | Poor Johnny. His girl's unfaithful, he's slipping into      |
    | complete paranoia, and he fights like a wet teddy bear.     |
    From the start, Johnny will be on his bike, cycling around and attempting to
    hit you. So don't let him. Ignore him for now if you can - you can hit him, but
    it's far easier to wait a bit. Instead, focus your attention on the Greasers
    ranged around the junkyard throwing eggs at you - you must take them out to
    clear a path for Petey so he can operate the magnetic crane. A charged blow
    with the slingshot should finish each one off. Always keep moving as you do so,
    to avoid their projectiles and Johnny's blows. When Petey alerts you to the
    fact that he has reached the crane, stand under its magnet and wait for Johnny
    to approach. If done right, his bike will be sucked up from under him, and
    then it's time for a fairer fight. Well, I say "fair" - if you're sensible
    you'll have conserved your Bottle Rocket ammunition for this moment. Let rip!
    Johnny'll go down quicker than either Russell or Derby if done right.
    |          |             |            |
    | STUDENTS | Cook's Date |  [3GCOO]   |
    |                                     |
    | Take on half the school from the    |
    | safety of a tree.                   |
    When up in the tree you're ordered to hide in, the students will arrive en
    masse. Edna's health bar is actually her patience - don't worry, it replenis-
    hes itself when no students are near. Don't bother charging shots, just let
    rip on the students as quickly as possible to whittle down their numbers before
    you fail within ten seconds (as I did). The first part is the hardest part -
    everything else is gravy after that. After a couple of minutes, Dr. Watts has
    been successfully sedated, and you earn a cool $60.
    |                      |             |             |
    | MR. HATTRICK'S HOUSE | Glass House |   [3HGLA]   |
    |                                                  |
    | Not really a boss fight, sadly, not in the       |
    | common sense of the phrase. It'd be fun if the   |
    | whole house WAS a boss, though. And also very    |
    | very surreal.                                    |
    Alright, not really a fight, but... You must, as a favour to your English
    teacher, carefully deconstruct Mr. Hattrick's windows and garden. The optimal
    course of action is hinted at in the title - once you're at Hattrick's house,
    find the greenhouse at the back. Run inside and smash his plants. Then start
    on the panes of glass in the windows and ceiling - by this time, Hattrick will
    have called the police, but they won't find you for a while because their
    search is thorugh and they start on the driveway, so don't panic. Once you've
    destroyed the greenhouse, the meter you have to fill will be quite bloated
    by now, so you only need to destroy a few more of Hattrick's items - try
    sniping the house windows or kicking the closest plants. Once you're done,
    Hattrick will finally appear (with a HUGE cone of vision) and you must escape.
    My only advice here is "Run like the blazes."
     |  ____________  |
     | |            | |
     | | CHAPTER IV | |
     | |____________| |
    |                 |                    |         |
    | NERD STRONGHOLD | Stronghold Assault | [4ASA1] |
    |                                                |
    | AWESOME. It's a bit like those Tom Clancy-     |
    | based strategy shooters, only you're not       |
    | actually in command of any sort of team, as    |
    | such. And the terrorists are all, in Weird Al  |
    | Yankovic's words, white and nerdy. Well, apart |
    | from that Cornelius chappie. Incidentally,     |
    | Cornelius is, to put it delicately and quite   |
    | possibly offensively, one of the "insecure"    |
    | boys. Others include the Trentman and Kirby    |
    | the Jock. But I may have digressed a bit.      |
    I have reason to believe that this is the best mission in the game. I'll
    break it down into phases.
    <<PHASE I>>
    You need to find where the Nerd Boss is hiding. Talk to one of the Nerds -
    he'll vow silence, but you can get the information you need by beating him a
    bit. He'll tell you to go to the Observatory. But there's a problem - the door
    is code-locked, and the guardian Nerds is also keeping mum. Beat him a bit,
    and you'll get the code. (By the way, see if you can spot the Nerd reference
    in the code. It helps to be a Lucas fan.) Now begin the actual assault...
    <<PHASE II>>
    Bully really does feel like a videogame now. The Nerds, shoot-'em-up-style, are
    dotted around the path, ready to attack with Bottle Rockets. The Nerds are
    weaklings, though, so a charged shot with your best friend Mr. Slingshot will
    finish them off. If you want to use Bottle Rockets, they do drop ammunition,
    but they're a lot more accurate with their launchers than you are with yours,
    and the slingshot works quite outside the range where they spot you. Work
    your way to the observatory, and keep your health up with the dropped Beam
    Colas - there a nasty skirmish at the gates.
    One user, who wishes to keep his email address anonymous, has another method:
    "I have a better way of getting through the stronghold. As soon as I get
    through the gate with the access code I just mad dash all the way to the door
    with the 2 nerds with the yardstick and stinkbombs shoulder charge through them
    or just knock them down..." (The rest of his/her method applies to the next
    <<PHASE III>>
    Earnest, the Nerd Boss, is manning the Spud Turret Gun. This is simply
    destroying the transformer next to Earnest, and a charged shot will do that job
    too, but it's far easier said than done - if you're not behind a pillar, the
    spuds will do horrendous damage. There are two additional Nerds to take care
    of if you wish, but for now, take refuge behind a pillar and, if you can, shoot
    out the gadget. When done, Earnest will escape to the observatory and bar
    the doors. Take out the remaining Nerds and man the Spud Launcher for the final
    The user mentioned in Phase II suggests this alternative method:
    "...Then you'll see the spud cannon dash all the way to the last pillar wait
    for the spuds to hit. Then run by the gate beat up the 2 nerds by the gate,
    the spud cannon cant hit you when you're that close to the gate make sure your
    right on the gate when you arm your slingshot then come out slightly if you
    want you can wait and do it but i just come out so slightly then shoot my
    slingshot at the light."
    <<PHASE IV>>
    You have infinite spuds, so don't stop shooting for one moment. Concentrate
    your fire at the doors - if the Nerd numbers get overpowering, it's best to
    shoot out a few, although, when I did this phase, the Nerds never hit me once.
    Once the doors are out, progress to the boss fight!
    |         |                                    |          |
    | EARNEST | Stronghold Assault/Nerd Boss Fight | [4BSA2]  |
    |                                                         |
    | This boss reminds me of another boss from a different   |
    | game (probably a Grand Theft Auto game) but I can't for |
    | the life of me think who or what. Answers please.       |
    This is a true videogame boss.
    Hide behind a pillar as soon as Earnest mans the Spud Launcher. Health is in
    crates dotted around the arena if you need it, but it's really best to keep
    behind a pillar. Use your slingshot to take out the devices on both sides of
    Earnest to make the scaffolding collapse - each takes several shots.
    Now get health as soon as you can because this is by far the most dangerous
    part of this boss fight, and possibly even of the whole game. Earnest scatters
    the floor with Firecrackers, and there's very little chance of finding a spot
    which won't be covered by the blast radius... UNLESS you take more of the
    anonymous user's advice:
    "Also during the fight with earnest all you have to do is go in the bottom
    left corner in the room during the firecracker bit no firecrackers will hit
    you from there and you have a clear and very easy shot at both targets."
    I can't test this advice - I'm not going through half the game again to do so
    - but I see no reason why he/she should lie. So it's most likely true.
    Thanks again, reader.
    Finally, Earnest will use Spud Launchers again, but this time there's less
    health to help you. Again, hide behind a pillar. Take out the final pieces of
    the support, and Earnest is finished.
    |                     |                |           |
    | JOCK DODGEBALL TEAM | Jock Challenge |  [4CJOC]  |
    |                                                  |
    | I dislike dodgeball, a game which involves       |
    | creative injuries. However, I dislike Bully's    |
    | virtual dodgeball even more. That is a testament |
    | to how much I hate Bully dodgeball. It's not     |
    | that it's bad - it isn't. But it IS hateful.     |
    Did you do all the Gym classes? If not, do them now, because they're very good
    practice for this dodgeball match. Other than that, I can't really help you;
    but remember to jump before you throw the ball, so that you throw it mid-jump.
    That tactic was invaluable for me, and it should be for you too.
    |                    |                        |          |
    | JOCK FOOTBALL TEAM | Defender of the Castle | [4DDOC]  |
    |                                                        |
    | It's like Stronghold Assault, but Jimmy is a Nerd and  |
    | the Jocks are Jimmy. It's a world gone topsy-turvy.    |
    As soon as you can, run to the barricade, get out your heavy artillery and fire
    away - the more Jocks you take down, the easier the mission will be. When you
    run out of useful ammo, wait for the Jocks to inevitably break the barricade,
    then sprint back to the observatory and man the Spud Launcher. Don't stop
    firing at the Jocks, you can't let any of them through. Mission complete.
    |        |             |         |
    | MASCOT | Nice Outfit | [4ENIC] |
    |                                |
    | FUN FACT: The guy in the suit  |
    | is Constantinos, the black-    |
    | haired non-clique student who  |
    | pokes fun at you all the time. |
    | All the more reason to spud    |
    | his face into the back of his  |
    | skull. If you like beating him |
    | up, try Penalty Shots for      |
    | furthur Constantinos injury.   |
    Find a girl to kiss and do the Boxing Challengers before you attempt this
    Firstly, you need to annoy the mascot. Do this by repeated use of the sling-
    shot. Remember to watch out for the other (irate) Jocks.
    When the mascot is sufficiently annoyed, the action switches to the emptied
    swimming pool. I found this boss hideous - it may help you to think of it as
    a reprisal of Russell, as the Mascot uses roughly the same headbutt tactic.
    Firstly, get out your Spud Launcher and/or your Bottle Rocket Launcher, and use
    Firecrackers too. That should whittle the mascot's health down by half. Now
    it's a fairer fight once you're out of ammo, but the Mascot is very good at
    fighting, so there's no good strategy until the Mascot "gores" you. If he does,
    hammer triangle to recover, then find the Mascot again. He'll be preparing a
    Russell-style headbutt, so use whatever tactic you used then to avoid it.
    Wait until the Mascot injures himself on the wall, then rush in and beat him.
    Repeat, and the boss'll go down, completing the mission and giving you the
    Mascot outfit (which, by the way, is almost entirely useless, so try not to use
    it if not compulsory).
    |     |                        |          |
    | TED | The Big Game/Jock Boss | [4FTBG]  |
    |                                         |
    | The proper name for rain during a       |
    | climatic event in a piece of fiction is |
    | a "pathetic fallacy". Students, use     |
    | that phrase in your English essays for  |
    | MASSIVE POINTS.                         |
    One of the better bosses. Ted, at the opposite side of the field, will throw
    explosive footballs at you. They only explode if they connect or if they're
    left too long, so dodge the football (it's not hard, just look for the trail in
    the sky), pick it up and throw it at one of the other football players. Take
    out all three of Ted's player henchmen, and he'll get more players and you
    have to take THOSE players out. You must do this football-throwing part three
    times in all - the second time, a Jock will periodically attack, and the third
    time, several Jocks will attack. It's a good idea to take the other Jocks out,
    as they can seriously mess you up when you're aiming a football, but don't
    get caught up in brawls, as Ted's still throwing footballs.
    After the third time, you're attacking Ted. Lock on to him, run after him and
    press square to perform a tackle, which will immediately defeat Ted and win
    you Chapter IV.
     |  ___________  |
     | |           | |
     | | CHAPTER V | |
     | |___________| |
    |      |                     |         |
    | RATS | Rats in the Library | [5ARAT] |
    |                                      |
    | Even the rats know that trouble's    |
    | gonna come                           |
    | To the edge of the city, see the     |
    | little guys run...                   |
    The library's swarming with twenty rats, but frankly, this mission is easier
    done than said. Just slingshot the rats. If you can't find one, use the radar.
    Get back your Nerd respect.
    |         |                   |         |
    | TOWNIES | Townies Challenge | [5BTOW] |
    |                                       |
    | So wait. If the townies are expelled  |
    | students, how can they afford houses? |
    See the first line of the guide for Greasers Challenge [BFIIIi], and replace
    "Bottle Rockets" with "Spud Launcher."
    |                  |             |          |
    | SPENCER SHIPPING | Smash It Up | [5CSIU]  |
    |                                           |
    | Tad's probably going to lose Prep status  |
    | when it turns out you've wrecked his      |
    | family's respect. house and, now, their   |
    | means of income. He deserves it, though,  |
    | so that's alright then.                   |
    You're not actually fighting the building, but you do need to destroy more than
    Zoe during the time limit. There's an easy way to do this. Run to the back of
    the building, destroying anything easily destructible to reduce Zoe's lead,
    and climb up the stairs until you're on the same level as the aisle height.
    Destroy stuff like Russell if you wish, then climb over the floorboard to the
    top of the aisle with all the expensive items and statues on it. Then SMASH.
    Work your way along the top, destroying everything you can. By the end, you'll
    have racked up a couple thousand dollars, and should be easily ahead of Zoe.
    Now just keep up the lead for the rest of the time limit. Easily done.
    |      |                    |         |
    | OMAR | Busting In Part II | [5DBI1] |
    |                                     |
    | I didn't write this mission up like |
    | for Stronghold Assault because it's |
    | a bit more puzzle centric. If       |
    | you're stuck pre-Omar, it's nothing |
    | that some deft charged sniping with |
    | the slingshot won't solve. Don't    |
    | worry about health, there's plenty  |
    | in the crates.                      |
    Omar comes with two Townie henchman, and they all have boards. Don't use your
    Spud Launcher - you should conserve the ammo for the next boss. Otherwise,
    Omar is just like Peanut from Chapter III - just beat him in.
    |       |                    |         |
    | EDGAR | Busting In Part II | [5EBI2] |
    |                                      |
    | It's a sad day for Bullworth when    |
    | Edgar, a 6-foot man with a 6-foot    |
    | pipe, can be bested by a 2-foot boy  |
    | with a permanent cold.               |
    Difficult, this, but if you saved your spuds, it's far easier. Firstly, you
    need to actually find Edgar. Navigate the obstacle course down to the bottom
    where Edgar waits, with a FORKING GREAT PIPE.
    Pick up the panel and hold L1 to block Edgar's FGP, then beat Edgar a bit with
    it. Ater two FGP hits, your panel will be destroyed, but Edgar will be tired,
    so use this grace period to take another panel from the wall.
    After a while, Edgar escapes, so chase him to the next arena. The intention
    is that the two of you engage in an FGP battle, but don't yet - NOW is the
    time for spudding! Empty your spud reserves on Edgar, and Bottle Rocket him
    too - this should lower his health a lot. NOW grab an FGP, and whale on him.
    Don't hold back. Eventually, Edgar can take no more, and the battle is over.
    |                |                         |         |
    | CLIQUE LEADERS | Complete Mayhem Part II | [5FCM1] |
    |                                                    |
    | Well, so much for besting a champion boxer,        |
    | clearing a path for Petey, destroying a barred     |
    | door with high-velocity potatoes and dodging an    |
    | onslaught of exploding footballs. (It's been a     |
    | tough year for Jimmy Hopkins. Oh well, nearly done |
    | now!)                                              |
    In order of proximity to school gates:
    GREASERS: Johnny and the boys have commandeered the girl's dorm. Focus your
    attention on Johnny until he goes down, then help Russell with the other two
    JOCKS: You can fight Ted properly now. You may want to focus on those Jocks
    with bats first. Once they're down, take out the remaining Jock.
    PREPs: The hardest clique. Use spuds on Derby, then aid Russell as quickly as
    NERDS: Ooh, it's gone a bit Lord of the Flies. Just beat Earnest and co.
    Now head to the school building for the climax.
    |      |                                        |          |
    | GARY | Complete Mayhem Part II/Final Showdown | [5GCM2]  |
    |                                                          |
    | Well, glad to see he's actually doing an honest day's    |
    | work for once this year. Shame he's got no musculature,  |
    | really.                                                  |
    Aaaah! Gary!
    First, you need to chase Gary (you can't use your weapons in this fight).
    Climb over the planks of wood carefully - it's just basically like navigating
    the pipes when fighting Edgar. When you're climbing the ladders, watch the top
    carefully - if Gary appears with a wheelbarrow, use the left joystick to dodge
    it as the game tells you to. When you're on the roof, approach Gary slowly,
    because he's rigged the bells to collapse - a trap that can be dodged if you
    go carefully. After the cutscene, the fighting may begin.
    The arena is tiny, but if you can rain down blows on Gary, he won't stand a
    chance. Every third of Gary's health meter or so, he'll grapple you against
    the side - press triangle repeatedly to escape, and don't be alarmed when
    the arena collapses. Just keep hitting Gary, and the final showdown'll be
    done in no time.
    A bit of a letdown, eh? Anyway, that's it. Enjoy the endless summer!
     |  ________________  |
     | |                | |
     | | AUTHOR'S NOTES | |
     | |________________| |
    If you're reading this, I can only presume that you hold sufficient interest in
    this guide to actually want to know more - in which case, thanks for using
    this guide!
    (Don't be put off by the email address, I do use the account. It's just for
    when I'm unable to use my usual email address - which, by the way, I won't
    provide so your emails don't get lost in a load of other mailing lists. That's
    proper consumer care, right there.)
    Any site can use this guide. I haven't had enough experience yet to decide
    which sites are too unscrupulous to bother with.
    >> The anonymous reader who donated the crafty tips for Stronghold Assault and
       Nerd Boss Fight.
    >> The reader who cheerfully sent in his head-crackingly evil method for the
       final boss of Chapter 2.
    >> Rockstar, one of the few game companies left who can actually make a good
    >> Jack Thompson, whose self-righteous rants and incompetent lawsuits first
       bought my attention to Bully.
    >> Sony - I'm more Nintendo-orientated than Sony-orientated, but the
       PlayStation 2 is a DAMN GOOD bit of hardware.
    Thanks for reading!
       7th December 2006

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