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"College Hoops 2K6 Cuts Down The Nets"

It's a shame that Sega and 2K Sports isn't as popular as EA Sports because generally their games are just better. This rings especially true for basketball. I suppose if you are interested in arcade type basketball games NBA Live or March Madness are the games for you. However Sega is committed to developing the best possible basketball simulation and College Hoops 2K6 does not fail at doing this.

Graphics and Sound (8/10):

The graphics are pretty good and most of the players actually look like their real life counterparts. The overall presentation is pretty nice, still looks like a professional broadcast even without the ESPN license. The announcers have been changed due to it, and I think the team of Linquist and Raffery are a step back from last year, but they still get a decent job done.

Gameplay (9/10):

This is where this game shines. The gameplay is almost perfect. If you play a game with say Youngstown State and try and play Illinois at the higher difficulty levels, you won't have a very good chance at winning. It's not perfect however, on the higher difficulty levels it seems the computer can make three pointers with ease while even your better rated shooters can struggle. The game is very biased towards big men play as small guards will have a hard time driving to the hoop and making lay ups. I don't understand why it is easy to drive with guards in NBA2K6, but a lot harder in College Hoops. Also, while the AI is improved from last year it is still questionable. The computer gives up too easily, when you are up by 10 with a minute and half to go, they won't even foul. Also sometimes, with certain teams the computer won't even attempt a three point shot unless they are down by a lot.

Replay (10/10):

This is a game that will keep you playing until next season. Recruiting has been improved in Legacy mode so you can keep playing over and over as you get new players each year. The main new feature is being able to recruit high school underclassmen. It's nice locking up that 5 star recruit when he's still a junior in high school and not worry too much about getting other high level recruits.

Intangibles (7.5-8/10)

There are a lot of other things that are good about this game and a few bad things. First the good, since the NCAA won't let people use real names, you have to generate fake names, the good thing is they have a database of the names of pretty much any name that is in a D-I team. So if you take the time the announcers will actually call that 6'8" scoring machine on Gonzaga Adam Morrison if you change it. Speaking of Morrison, some of the ratings that they have on players are a bit odd. Morrison is only rated a 85 and this year he's become the best player in the nation. I suppose all sports game suffer from questionable ratings however and the fact that there are always players and teams that are surprises or disapointments. The true bad point about this game however are the glitches. There is the famous Legacy glitch at the end of certain Legacy seasons, the game will freeze up. I've also experienced a freeze during games when a timeout occurs and you try and substitute players in.

Overall (not an average- 9/10)

Bottom line, this is the best college basketball game money can buy. If you are a fan of college basketball this game is a must buy. It's only 30 bucks and you can't go wrong.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/07/06

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