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    Fiend Challenge FAQ by BassDX

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/14/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    '||\   ||`                             
     ||\\  ||   ''              ''         
     || \\ ||   ||  `||''|,     ||  '''|.  
     ||  \\||   ||   ||  ||     || .|''||  
    .||   \||. .||. .||  ||.    || `|..||. 
    .|'''''|                  ||`                 
    || .              ''      ||                  
    || |''||  '''|.   ||  .|''||  .|''|, `||''|,  
    ||    || .|''||   ||  ||  ||  ||..||  ||  ||  
    `|....|' `|..||. .||. `|..||. `|...  .||  ||. 
    '||'''|,  '||`               '||      
     ||   ||   ||                 ||      
     ||;;;;    ||   '''|.  .|'',  || //`  
     ||   ||   ||  .|''||  ||     ||<<    
    .||...|'  .||. `|..||. `|..' .|| \\.
    NGB Fiend-Challenge FAQ
    By XBassXUmbraX (Alxgoody@aol.com)
    Version 1.0 (April 8, 2006)
    v1.0-Began this guide (04/08/06)
    Table of Contents
    I-What is a fiend challenge?
      A-Melee Weapons
      B-Projectile Weapons
      E-Basic Combat Tips
    IV-Fiend Challenge Strategies (Normal-Master Ninja)
      A-Monastery Archive Challenge (Ch 6)
      B-Ritual Room Challenge (Ch 7)
      C-Pill Bugs Challenge (Ch 10)
      D-Peristyle Passage Challenge (Ch 10)
      E-Stadium Challenge (Ch 12)
      F-Stairway to the Imperial Palace Challenge (Ch 12)
      G-Cyclops Wasps Challenge (Ch 13)
      H-Great Bridge Challenge (Ch 13)
    VI-Contacting Me
    I-What is a Fiend Challenge?
    A fiend challenge is a special encounter in the game that faces you off 
    against a large amount of the game's enemies (60 on normal to 120 on master 
    ninja).The sheer number of enemies will test your endurance most of all, and 
    are typically fought with waves of three enemies at a time. This encounter 
    must be done at once, leave and you'll have to start over. 
    One other reason to even bother to attempt these difficult battles is because 
    of the prizes, usually ranging from a talisman of rebirth to a spirit of the 
    devils. All in all, every fiend-challenge is worth the effort, and this guide 
    will give you strategies on how to win each and every challenge on every 
    difficulty (all challenges on normal are the same on ninja dog but ninja dog 
    has only 40 enemies)
    Before attempting a fiend challenge, it is important to know which weapons 
    are the best to use for a fiend challenge, and precisely on how to use them.
    A-Melee Weapons
    Dragon Sword/True Dragon Sword/Plasma Saber MKII:
    This is the weapon Ryu starts with, and has three levels. You should have it 
    at level 2 before attempting before the very first fiend challenge. 
    Basically, it's an all around balanced katana that's most effective on medium 
    enemies. You should also have the izuna drop scroll at that point, as izuna 
    drop is the most effective move of the DS (XYXXXY) Blade of Nirriti is 
    another great alternative (XYXXXX). The UT(Ultimate Technique) is not worth 
    using. However, at level 3, it gains the gleaming blade (360+Hold Y) and it 
    too is a great move to use. On lower difficulties, Flying Swallow (X+A)Y and 
    Guillotine Throw (X+A)(X+A) are easy alternatives. The TDS and Plasma Saber 
    will not be useful in any challenges by the time you obtain them. Great to 
    use in conjunction with shuriken to increase air time.
    These two sticks are not great weapons at all. It has a pretty good UT, but 
    it's very weak. You'll have the Vigoorian Flail by the time you begin your 
    first fiend challenge. If you are shooting for karma though, it is the best 
    weapon to achieve all 50 UTs (more to that later)
    Vigoorian Flail:
    They attack just like the nunchaku, only it's attacks are much stronger. They 
    easily decapitate enemies and also have an additional level. The UT is pretty 
    good as well, very useful on several occasions. The best attribute to the 
    flail is the large arsenal of kicks. Ripping Thunder (->YYY) with the armlet 
    of potency is one of the most powerful attacks in the game.
    War Hammer:
    It's a powerful weapon but it's ridiculously slow and has a lot of slack with 
    each hit. The combos are short, and the UT, though powerful, has a shorter 
    range than the other heavy weapons. You won't need this once you obtain 
    It's about on-par with the war hammer in strength but it has a much longer 
    combo at level 3 (6 hits) XXXXXY. The flaming whirlwind (->Y) is a powerful 
    and very useful tactic on large enemies. It is also a little faster than the 
    war hammer. However, the real reason this weapon is great in fiend challenges 
    is the UT. It has a very long range and can kill several enemies at once. 
    Also has a powerful wall attack.
    Wooden Sword/Unlabored Flawlessness:
    Don't use the WS unless you are playing for hardcore challenge. But when you 
    upgrade the WS to level seven (it's expensive so be sure to save up by 
    chapter 10), it becomes the Unlabored Flawlessness. Make not mistake, this is 
    not the typical paddle you may see in an old fashioned elementary school for 
    spanking juvenile delinquents, no, this paddle is the best weapon in the 
    game. The Dark Dragon Blade is more powerful at default stage, but the real 
    magic to this weapon is when you approach 5% health, the kanji will glow, and 
    this already powerful weapon increases power five-fold. It can annihilate 
    bosses in seconds, and is great in all fiend challenges. Besides the 
    extremely powerful UT which has a great range I might add, the XYXXXX or 
    XYXXXY (Izuna Drop) and ->Y are all worth using. Still pretty slow though, so 
    I suggest sticking with the UT. In most fiend challenges, you don't need to 
    be at low health to crush all foes in your wake. Also has a powerful wall 
    Spear Gun:
    IS this thing even useful on land?
    Ah, this weapon certainly isn't as powerful as the TDS, nor does it have the 
    Gleaming Blade, it has a few unique things of its own that makes it worth 
    using. In NGB, you don't lose health using it, so use it to your heart's 
    content. Actually, it has everything else in common with the TDS, but also 
    has a superior default UT, much faster, and much more likely to hit. It has a 
    further range than the DS/TDS. The coolest thing about this weapon is the 
    Dead-Soul-Blind (->XXXXXXXXXXX) which is so easily abused on ogres it ain't 
    funny. What an alternative to healing!
    Dark Dragon Blade:
    You can't get this thing until chapter 15. So why is it worth using? Simple, 
    it's the fastest heavy weapon in the game and also the most powerful at 
    default. It's flaming whirlwind is nearly twice as strong as the Dabi's, and 
    like wise the UT (though has a limited range). It makes the great bridge 
    fiend challenge far easier, but I will talk about completing it worst case 
    scenario, as to do that challenge in chapter 15 is impractical on a karma 
    This staff is kickass. It's very speedy (though not very strong until level 
    3) and all of it's combos are worth using. For fiend challenges, especially 
    the archive challenge, the UT is very effective as it has a superior range 
    and kills most enemies caught it it. 
    B-Projectile Weapons
    These weapons are activated by pressing the B button. They have little use in 
    a fiend challenge but are important to explain anyway.
    These standard throwing stars are very, very week. In conjunction with light 
    weapons though, they increase air time, always a good thing.
    Incendiary Shuriken: Much more powerful than regular shuriken but slower, 
    some bosses are very weak to it, but it is impractical in a fiend challenge.
    Windmill Shuriken: A powerful projectile that fires off like a boomerang and 
    decapitates enemies. Still not very practical for fiend challenges but pretty 
    good none the less.
    Smoke Bombs:
    Creates a small cloud of smoke and briefly distracts enemies. Very useful in 
    a karma run if used right. Use them and charge an UT somewhere, and with the 
    armlet of celerity, it makes UTs easier to charge. Impractical otherwise.
    You can fire these in zoom and are powerful! Unfortunately, they are too slow 
    for fiend challenges. Ditto the APFSDS cores and Explosive arrows.
    Armlets are important because they amplify one of Ryu's attributes. Necessary 
    in all fiend challenges.
    Armlet of the Sun:
    It's the armlet you should be using if you are not using any other one. It 
    increases Ryu's offensive power by about 15%. It isn't very apparent, but 
    Armlet of the Moon:
    It increases Ryu's defense 15%. A good ninja relies more on agility than 
    sheer defense. Go figure.
    Armlet of Potency:
    This armlet significantly increases the power of kick and throw techniques. 
    Mainly best used with the flail to spam ->YYY against larger enemies.
    Armlet of Celerity:
    It decreases the amount of time it takes to charge an UT, by about a second 
    or two. This is pretty much the best armlet to use in a majority of fiend 
    challenges and karma runs. 
    Armlet of Benediction: 
    Increases the amount of yellow essence an enemy drops. Not advisable to use 
    for a fiend challenge unless low on essence.
    Armlet of Fortune:
    Increases essence absorption. Good in a pinch if you are out of ninpo for red 
    Ninpo is a spell that Ryu learns when acquiring the necessary scroll. by 
    pressing Y+B, you take off one portion of your ki-gauge and unleash doom on 
    your enemies. Try to keep your ki bar full at the end of the chapter if you 
    are karma running. You are invincible when casting ninpo, like when 
    performing an UT.
    The Art of Firewheels:
    This ninpo does not last long, and its only purpose is to repel enemies. Not 
    so useful in fiend challenges.
    The Art of Inferno:
    The most powerful ninpo in terms of strength. You can tilt the control stick 
    to aim a fireball at a specific foe. It has splash damage so it can kill 
    multiple clustered enemies. If you need to attack multiple enemies though, I 
    The Art of Inazuma:
    This ninpo too is very powerful and either means instant death with a current 
    of thunder-bolts, or very near it, to most enemies. Ki is a precious thing so 
    don't rely on it too often. 
    The Art of Ice Storm:
    I only found this useful against large enemies if you are close enough to 
    them. Otherwise, Inazuma is a better alternative.
    E-Basic Combat Tips
    Here are a few minor combat tips:
    1. Learn to dodge: Ryu fortunately has a higher health bar than your average 
    ninja. Most other ninjas rely on evasion. To be on par, I suggest you learn 
    the same. First of all, every enemy is different in terms of how to dodge 
    attacks, so practice each challenge and study each type of enemies' attack 
    patterns. Depending on the type of attack, you have the following options to 
    Block: Hold L. Just be aware every enemy has guard breaking attacks, so 
    movement is the preferable method to dodge.
    Roll: Just press ->L. It's better to roll than to jump because it foes not 
    put you airborne and has a short recovery time. 
    Jump: Good for dodging certain ground attacks. It also get's you farther than 
    a roll
    Roll-Jump: Can dodge very fast against projectiles. It also has a further 
    distance than a regular jump.
    Roll-Cancel: The most important method of dodging in fiend challenges. If you 
    are blocking and your enemy does a guard breaking attack, you can immediately 
    roll back (or forward) and block, and roll-cancel again, until the combo is 
    finished. Also a good reminder is that you should generally hold L while 
    2. Always use a light weapon if you plan on facing a medium sized enemy head 
    on. Larger weapons are powerful but too slow. If you want to use larger 
    weapons on a medium enemy, then chain UTs.
    3. Learn how to use On-Landing: OL allows you to begin entering the button 
    combination for one technique while in the middle of another. This is 
    important for UT chaining. Generally, jump and hold Y before you hit the 
    ground and it shortens the time to pull an UT by a half-second. This is 
    crucial in a fiend-challenge.
    4. Hold L when near essence: Unless you need the essence to spend, use fallen 
    essence for UTs/ETs. Holding L while near essence will mean you won't take it 
    and be able to save it for an OL-UT. You can tilt the control stick while 
    holding L to begin a roll jump if you need to be moving.
    Like every other encounter in the game, karma is a big factor for fiend 
    challenges. (remember, with the counter on, you can see how many enemies you 
    have killed so far.) First of all, the 1000 point kill bonus applies to 
    enemies, so that's 60K to 120K by default. Every challenge also has a time 
    limit, and that alone is worth 10K. It also increases your kill bonus by the 
    percent of amount of time remaining.
    That is:
    time bonus=10K
    kill bonus=1000(Number of Kills)+ 1000(Number of Kills)(time 
    remaining)/(total time)
    or simply:
    kill bonus=1000(number of kills)[(time remaining/total time)+1)
    But the most important thing about karma is UTs. Besides the basic 5K bonus 
    for each UT achieved within the time limit, ONLY 50 COUNT. That means you'll 
    get a maximum of 250K alone if you remember that simple rule. 
    UT bonus=5000(Number of UTs) and (Number of UTs)</=50
    **Note: If you leave the area before you finish a challenge, you can no 
    longer get any more karma for beating the challenge.
    Karma isn't everything, and this guide is was mainly written to give tips for 
    simply surviving each challenge. For more info on karma runs, refer to the 
    karma run FAQ.
    IV-Fiend Challenge Strategies
    This is it. You now know (or already knew) the basic preliminary facts that 
    will help you understand each strategy for each challenge.
    For your reference, there are 60 enemies in normal, 80 in hard, 100 in very 
    hard, and 120 on master ninja.
    A-Monastery Archives Challenge
    Location: Monastery Archives
    Chapters: 6-7
    Normal: 35 lesser imps, 25 monk fiends (?)/370 seconds
    Hard: 55 lesser bast fiends, 25 monk fiends/700 seconds
    Very Hard: 66 greater bast fiends, 34 monk fiends/1400 seconds
    Master Ninja: 40 red ninjas, 80 greater bast fiends/2800 seconds
    Overall Difficulty Factor: 6 on normal, 9 on all other difficulties
    Prize: Spirit of The Devils
    Recommended Weapons: Dragon Sword LV2/Lunar LV2
    Ah, the first fiend challenge experience is perhaps the most difficult you'll 
    face at this difficulty. But no matter, all of the imps' attacks can be 
    blocked. If a monk casts a circle, roll out of the way. All of the monks' 
    attacks guard break, so take them down first with XYXXXX. Use Izuna Drop to 
    take care of the lesser imps. It isn't that tough once you get used to it.
    This challenge is much more difficult on hard than it was on normal. Instead 
    of having to deal with those weak lesser imps, we're dealing with those bast 
    fiends you probably don't have the hang of fighting yet. Anyway, izuna drop 
    is still a safe bet, but you need to know when exactly to hit the cats, which 
    is after blocking their swipes or after dodging the pounce attack. Wind Run 
    and wind path (X+A,A) leave an opportunity for you to hit them. Taking down 
    the monks is the same, except they now have a double circle and swing attack. 
    Also, beware the basts' flying swallow, they do it very often, so always be 
    moving, blocking/roll-canceling (since it guard-breaks) and only be in the 
    air if you are in the middle of an izuna drop.
    Very Hard:
    Even more intense than hard with now 100 enemies total, you're going to be 
    trying for a long time, so have a spare controller ready. Besides the fact 
    that the monks now have a faster, triple circle attack, you'll be constantly 
    moving, and they are now a big pain to hit because they constantly 
    teleport/counter teleport. But the real isssue is the greater-bast fiends, 
    they are way stronger than lesser bast and all of their attacks guard break, 
    including the swipe! The pounce is now very deadly and can really toll your 
    health. In general, the same strategy before works, use inferno if desperate, 
    and perhaps throw in a few Lunar UT's here and there. 
    (Note for Hard and VH: You can go up to the third floor and only the monks 
    can hit you up there, making the battle less laborious, though longer. You 
    can then proceed to drop down to the second floor and charge lunar UTs over 
    and over again.)
    Master Ninja:
    Yikes! 120 foes, and those monks are replaced by red ninjas! The above 
    strategy still applies, but those shurikens will really get on your nerves, 
    and even worse, leave you open to a greater bast pounce or double flying 
    swallow! All I can say is use the same strategies above, including the second 
    floor lunar UT chaining. It may take some luck and importantly, patience, 
    because these enemies are very agile and you will need to act fast. If you 
    beat this challenge, give yourself a pat on the back like I did, it is 
    probably the hardest challenge in the game, even with the lunar "cheat".
    B-Ritual Room Challenge
    Location: Ritual Room
    Chapters: 7+
    Normal: 15 ghul archers, 45 ghuls/550 seconds
    Hard: 19 ghul archers, 61 ghuls/600 seconds
    Very Hard: 25 ghul archers, 75 ghuls/750 seconds
    Master Ninja: 30 ghul archers, 90 ghuls/1100 seconds
    Overall Difficulty Factor: 3
    Prize: Lives of The Thousand Gods
    Recommended Weapons: Vigoorian Flail/Nunchaku
    Strategy: This challenge is much easier compared to the archive challenge in 
    the last chapter. What a relief! And best of all, as the game difficulty 
    increases, the challenge is mostly the same. What you should do is equip the 
    flail and charge an UT in the corner so the archer can't hit you, wait for a 
    ghul to approach since they are so slow, and let him have it, instant kill, 
    lots of essence, but consider taking it for saving up for the UF. As for the 
    archers, ->YYY if you can't UT them, just be careful because they shoot 
    accurately and fast. Make sure you release your UT's quickly or prepare to be 
    smooched by a zombie for tons of damage. Yucko! There weapons are also 
    powerful but slow. Overall an easy fight.
    C-Pill Bugs Challenge
    Location: Elevator room below ancient aqueduct
    Chapters: 10+
    Normal: 60 Pill Bugs/100 seconds
    Hard: 80 Pill Bugs/180 seconds
    Very Hard: 100 Pill Bugs/200 seconds
    Master Ninja: 120 Pill Bugs/240 seconds
    Overall Difficulty Factor: 5
    Prize: Talisman of Rebirth
    Recommended Weapons: Dabilahro/Unlabored Flawlessness
    Strategy: These things are very ugly, and the time limits expect quick 
    extermination. They are bugs after all, weak defense but appear in large 
    numbers at a time, do not let this over-whelm you. Get out your Dabi or UF (I 
    use UF) and equip smoke bombs and the armlet of celerity. Set off a smoke 
    bomb and quickly run to the platform to charge an UT. Once the bugs close in, 
    let them have it, use the essence for another fast UT, and repeat. The only 
    things to worry here are their tackle attacks, they guard break, so roll 
    cancel if you will, and if you get caught in a tackle, it really hurts, so 
    quickly mash the buttons as you did with the ghuls a few chapters ago. Easy 
    essence, easy UT's.
    D-Peristyle Passage Challenge
    Location: Elevator room below ancient aqueduct
    Chapters: 10+
    Normal: 60 Imps/200 seconds
    Hard: 80 Imps/360 seconds
    Very Hard: 100 Shadow Imps/1000 seconds
    Master Ninja: 120 Shadow Imps/1300 seconds
    Overall Difficulty Factor: 6.5, 
    Prize: Lives of the Thousand Gods
    Recommended Weapons: Dabilahro/Unlabored Flawlessness
    Strategy: This is a marginally difficult challenge if you attempt to rely on 
    izuna drop. However, despite the fact these are now stronger pink imps, you 
    have the Dabilahro now. Equip that bad boy and t celerity armlet and run to 
    one end of the hall, and charge an UT. If it is ET stage, release it anyway 
    and you can kill multiple enemies. Repeat this using essence to charge UTs 
    and keep spamming the dabi UT until all enemies are defeated. UF wall attacks 
    and UTs are an alternative. In Very Hard and Master Ninja, you have to deal 
    with shadow imps, much more evasive than the pink imps, and of course their 
    attacks guard break, including their deadly slide attack. The strategy though 
    is still the same, again, you just need to be good at on-landing UT's. Not 
    much else to it, just make sure you hold L to repel the essence until you 
    reach the end of the hall to charge an UT.
    E-Stadium Challenge
    Location: Stadium of Zarkhan, coming back after completing the puzzle
    Chapters: 12+
    Normal: 60 Gallas/400 seconds
    Hard: 80 Ogres/2500 seconds
    Very Hard: 50 Ogres, 50 Vigoorian Berserkers/2500 seconds
    Master Ninja: 120 Vigoorian Berserkers/5000 seconds
    Overall Difficulty Factor: 7.5 on Normal/Hard, 8.5 on VH/MN
    Prize: Lives of the Thousand Gods (Normal) Spirit of The Devils 
    (Hard/MN),talisman of rebirth (VH)
    Recommended Weapons: Dabilahro/Unlabored Flawlessness
    Here, you have to fight 60 of those nasty fire breathing galla monsters. 
    Luckily, you have the dabilahro to kill them quickly this time. Or use XYXXXX 
    with the UF, instant kill. Try going up the lower platform and keep spamming 
    dabi UT's, up there, only the fire will hurt you. Also, don't try to hit a 
    galla if you see it raise it's head back or you'll get bitten for damage. 
    They give lots of blue essence so this won't be that bad.
    This definitely going to take a bit more work to finish than 60 gallas. Just 
    take out your UF at 5% health, kill the first ogre with two ->Y's. Then 
    continually chain on-landing UTs and ->Y's to kill them. You can spam dabi 
    UTs on the upper platform too. But the least complicated way to kill them is 
    to go very close, roll-cancel (roll after a guard-breaking attack) into the 
    Ogre, and just keep using ->Y with the Dabi or UF. Just make sure you are 
    good at fighting Ogres toe-toe, or this will be very difficult.
    Very Hard:
    This is going to take a while, oh boy... 50 ogres AND berserkers, whom take 
    forever to kill. First of all, take out the first ogre that spawns. However, 
    the berserkers can be a big pain in the ass and will constantly be chasing 
    you, trying to get you to fight them. Go for the ogre first because 
    berserkers do not attack off-screen if one enemy is already on screen, what a 
    relief. Of course you better watch out for the camera, if a berserker manages 
    to walk into your view, tilt the camera quickly or face a fire ball to the 
    face. Once isolated, killing the ogres is the same as it was on Hard. Once 
    the arena is clear of ogres, time to attack the berserkers. Now you can 
    attack from the platform and spam dabi UT's like in the galla challenge, but 
    if you want to practice fighting them toe-toe(since you will have no choice 
    by the coming of ch. 13), then stick to roll canceling and answering back to 
    each of there strikes with a ->Y from the Dabi (The UF is ineffective unless 
    at 5% health). When a berserker loses half of its health (4-5 ->Y's), it will 
    raise its huge butcher knife like sword and turn red. Again, a reminder, 
    remember to keep one berserker on camera at a time. Right when it turns red 
    is a free opportunity to hit, but rush and you may get hurt. Now they have a 
    nasty lunge attack that's difficult to counter. Anyway, you can use (X+A,A) 
    but bigalski jokes that method is for old people like himself, who do not 
    have the reflexes of adolescents like myself. Anyway, once a berserker 
    finally goes down, it will ALWAYS drop blue essence, so you can UT it (or 
    heal if desperate). Once the next ogre spawns, repeat. This will be a long 
    tough battle, but so be it.
    Master Ninja: 5000 seconds? That's more than an hour for you to complete the 
    challenge, and given the high health of berserkers, it is plausible. 
    Attacking the berserkers is the same as in VH, just 120 this time, and a 
    better prize. You won't have to worry about ogres cutting you off either, but 
    be patient and stay focused, if you are too senile to stay focused that long, 
    than sticking with the platform spamming is just fine. Camera control is a 
    F-Stairway to the Imperial Palace Challenge
    Location: Stairway to the Imperial Palace, after the previous challenge
    Chapters: 12+
    Normal: 40 imps, 20 lesser imps/250 seconds
    Hard: 54 imps, 26 lesser imps/450 seconds
    Very Hard: 50 imps, 50 shadow imps/450 seconds
    Master Ninja: 60 imps, 60 shadow imps/650 seconds
    Overall Difficulty Factor: 6
    Prize: Lives of the Thousand Gods 
    Recommended Weapons: Dabilahro/Unlabored Flawlessness
    Strategy: Sue me, I am lazy. But so is team ninja, because winning this 
    challenge requires the same strategy as the one in chapter 10's peristyle 
    passage, if not, easier since the inclusion of weaker imps. If you beat that 
    challenge, you'll beat this one. The environment gives more room to move 
    around as well.
    G-Cyclops Wasps Challenge
    Location: Magma Cavern, after defeating smaugan
    Chapters: 13+
    Normal: 60 Cyclops Wasps/120 seconds
    Hard: 80 Cyclops Wasps/175 seconds
    Very Hard: 100 Cyclops Wasps/215 seconds
    Master Ninja: 120 Cyclops Wasps/270 seconds
    Overall Difficulty Factor: 3
    Prize: Talisman of Rebirth
    Recommended Weapons: Dabilahro/Unlabored Flawlessness
    Strategy: This challenge isn't much of a challenge at all, but let's get to 
    the point. Cyclops wasps are probably the easiest enemies in the game next to 
    brown ninjas and bats. But anyway, these disgusto one-eyed wasp abominations 
    have one mere attack, they charge back and do a medium speed lunge with their 
    stinger. It does little damage and is blockable, but in groups, just watch 
    out to not get hit, you get stunned for a second. Now as to killing these 
    things, just get out your Unlabored Flawlessness and charge up an UT as soon 
    as you walk into the square little room. The small area of the room makes it 
    very easy to kill multiple wasps with a single UT, and just charge another, 
    wait for them to come close, and release. Inazuma is also good if you need 
    essence in a pinch.
    H-Great Bridge Challenge
    Location: Portal in Great Bridge Square
    Chapters: 13+
    Normal: 10 True Imps, 50 Imps/400 seconds
    Hard: 44 Ogres, 66 Gallas/1000 seconds
    Very Hard: 30 Black Spider Ninjas, 35 Red Ninjas, 35 Vigoorian 
    Berserkers/1700 seconds
    Master Ninja: 40 True Imps, 40 Ogres, 40 Vigoorian Berserkers/3400 seconds
    Overall Difficulty Factor: 7 on Normal, 8 on Hard, 8.5 on Very Hard, 9 on 
    Master Ninja
    Prize: Talisman of Rebirth (Normal/Hard). Lives of The Thousand Gods (VH/MN)
    Recommended Weapons: Dabilahro/Unlabored Flawlessness, Dark Dragon Blade
    The last challenge in the game really is a great one, although on normal, the 
    only difficult challenge is taking out the true imps, though insist on 
    calling them "laser-eyeball crab monsters". Whatever you call them, crabs are 
    some of the most difficult enemies in the game, but they are very weak to 
    inferno ninpo. In general, use either inferno ninpo with the armlet of 
    fortune or 5% UF to deal with the crabs. These monsters have three attacks, 
    the first is the most dangerous, they shoot a sweeping laser that resembles 
    paz-zuu's, it guard crushes, and it's very hard to avoid. Up close, they will 
    either to a somewhat slow but guard-breaking swipe, or grab you with their 
    pincers and smash you in the ground for big damage. But generally, you only 
    deal with one at a time, so make sure you are aiming the inferno at them. 
    Taking out the regular imps is about the same as it was in chapters 10 and 
    12. Not a great prize for this challenge though.
    Things are different here than on Normal. Now we deal with larger enemies, 
    Gallas and Ogres, you deal with them the same way as in the stadium, but 
    things can be difficult because those gallas are very annoying and love to 
    roll at you off screen. The platform trick is also absent so you need to do 
    your best to isolate your opponent. Try to take care of the ogres first the 
    same way you did in the stadium, and then the gallas are less annoying, 
    again, use the same methods in the stadium. If you still aren't good at 
    dealing with ogres now, maybe attack the gallas first. **
    Very Hard:
    This is quite different from your previous two attempts at this challenge, 
    First of all, we are dealing with ninjas first. And also, the fights go in 
    waves. First you need to kill all 30 black ninjas, then red ones will appear. 
    You should be good at dealing with these guys, just constantly roll cancel 
    and guard against the very annoying incendiary shuriken. Once you have 
    defeated enough ninjas, you have to deal with, are you read?... Berserkers! 
    That's right, this is why this challenge can be so difficult, the berserkers 
    still have tons of health and controlling the camera is harder this time with 
    the smaller space. Once again though, roll canceling and ->Y with the dabi is 
    the best way, it just gets complicated once they turn red since they are much 
    harder to hit. Also, remember to UT the next berserker since they always drop 
    blue essence. After a long fight, you'll get a decent prize for your efforts. 
    Master Ninja: Many people skip this challenge, but you read this FAQ so you 
    could complete it, no? Well this challenge sort of combines all aspects of 
    the last three on the lower difficulties together. That means this challenge 
    makes you deal with crab monsters, ogres, AND berserkers, all fought in waves 
    of 40! Kill the crabs with inferno, but this time you're against three at a 
    time. Try to conserve ninpo by hitting them when they are close together, as 
    it has splash damage. Equip the armlet of fortune for this wave as well. This 
    will take time and it might be hard to survive this part of the challenge if 
    you want to be ninpo efficient, especially those lasers. Try using the UF's 
    UT as well, it is an automatic kill if you are at 5% health. Next wave is 
    easier, you SHOULD be good with ogre slaying by now, so you can get past this 
    wave easily. Use Dead-Soul-Blind with the Kitetsu on them if you need to 
    heal. Once the ogres are all dead, the last and most difficult part of the 
    challenge is the berserker face-off. Now if you can do it on Very Hard, this 
    is no different, just stick with ->Y with the dabi, roll cancel, and keep one 
    on screen at a time, if one accidentally strays in screen, jump to the other 
    side of the arena and just repeat. Only difference is that you must fight 5 
    more, I remember dying once when I got to the last 5 berserkers once and got 
    careless and died, especially when they turn red. It's alright if you heal 
    here, this will be a long, arduous fight,**
    **Note: Alternatively, using the Dark Dragon Blade and taking on the 
    challenge on Chapter 15 makes the challenge significantly easier. The DDB has 
    a more powerful ->Y and it's UT automatically turns a berserker red, It dies 
    to only three more ->Y's.
    Congratulations, you have now beaten all the fiend challenges!
    I would like to thank the following in no particular order:
    -Spartan of Yugiohetc.com, for encouraging me to buy this game.
    -Bigalski, Weibull 760, and the rest of the community of Iberians ninja 
    gaiden and gamefaqs boards for helping me with the fiend challenges. Your 
    videos have also been a big help and had useful strategies.
    -Yebyosh and Bigalski, for providing me the time limits and other stats for 
    each of the challenges, thanks for taking the time!
    -All other writers of gamefaqs, whom have encouraged me to begin FAQ writing.
    -And Team Ninja, for developing this great game. 
    VI-Contacting Me
    Despite the help of the above people, I know certain things could have been 
    better, and perhaps others already have alternate strategies. So if you can 
    catch any content errors or have any other useful advice, email me at 
    Alxgoody@aol.com. Do not spam me, I have more than enough of that already.
    This FAQ is property of Alex Goodman (XBassXUmbraX) and may only be used on 
    the following sites:
    You may use this guide for your own leisure and you may print it out. 
    However, do not sell copies for your own profit. If you are not one of the 
    above sites, please contact me first to gain my permission to use this guide 
    on your site. Copyright 2006, Alex Goodman

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