Review by sk8brdr416

Reviewed: 08/08/05

Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike- Pure Bliss

To begin with, I am an avid fan of the Ghost Recon series. I have played every Ghost Recon available for the Xbox console. I remember staying up endless nights playing the original Ghost Recon. This game brings back the memories. This game includes many old maps, with new maps that are influenced by original Ghost Recon maps. If you have ever played the Embassy in Ghost Recon then you'll feel right at home in the Government District. Remember the Docks? Then play Sub Base and it'll bring back memories.

Control-10/10 The most important part of any game is the control. If you have played any Ghost Recon's before it will feel exactly the same. For those newcomers, the control scheme feels appropriate. The double joystick movement is in almost every single First Person Shooter, as is R Trigger to shoot. It is very easy to tell teammates an action to perform, too.

Graphics-10/10 The graphics are some of the best available on the Xbox today. The only fault is there isn't blood, but that isn't a big enough gripe to change the score.

Single Player-9/10 The storyline is decent, once again it involves terrorists. The story is good, but what is truly amazing is the open-endedness to completing a mission. For Ghost Recon vets, you'll love the ability to tackle the objectives in any order. The only major gripe is that some of the levels are dang hard, such as Bunker Hill Redux, where it is pitch black. Other than that I commend Ubisoft.

Multiplayer-10/10 This is the reason many people bought this game. Finding a game is a breeze. There are three categories: Solo, Squad, and Co-op. There are all the modes from Ghost Recon 2, plus a few more. There is a co-op scenario called Helo Hunt, where waves of helicopters attack you, and you must destroy them. This is a fun variant but it can be difficult to beat. The other mode is a squad based mode, called Armor Strike. In the mode both teams have 3 armored units. In order to win one team must Laze all three of the other teams targets before their armors get Lazed. This is fun and mildly difficult as it takes about 230 seconds to laze an armor. All in all multiplayer is well-balanced and fun.

Buy or Rent? Definitely a buy decision here. This game is well worth your $29.99. If you rent all you'll be doing is wasting $8 that could've gone to this game. Well worth it and a great investment.

Overall- 10/10 There is something here that everyone will like, such as open-endedness for the vets, and great experiences for all the new players. Also there are missions that are *****-to the wall action. Have fun and see ya online!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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