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"It's amazing how a great game can improve so much."

Ghost Recon 2 was a great game. It was a big change from the original Ghost Recon, but it did not feature too much stealth. Stealth is what puts the ghost in Ghost Recon. This game features the same format as the second, but brings back the stealth from the first part of the series. And it gives us the best Ghost Recon game to date.

Single-player 10/10
The game-play in this game is amazing. It puts you into the battlefield. You usually control an elite unit of three soldiers(ghosts) or sometimes even go solo on some missions. It has the unique option of either over-the-shoulder(third person) or the classic first person view which was adapted in Ghost Recon 2. The controls are the exact same, so no confusion making the transition. But the big difference I saw was the enemy AI. Ghost Recon 2's enemies acted stupidly and would jump into a cross fire which mostly would catch you by surprise and be your death. But in this game the enemy quickly takes cover and maybe even goes into a crouch position. Even every so often it seems as though the enemy always sees you and makes a perfect shot to your head. Also, the objectives in this game seem much more realistic and stick to the storyline. Overall near flawless game-play.

Multi-player 10/10
The best part about this game. It has brand new maps and even some of the old classic maps. Also, many more new game types but none that I personally liked. I still enjoy the old squad types.

Graphics/Sound 9/10
The graphics are almost exactly the same. The same beautiful wide open areas. The guns sound like guns. Not much improvements, but not much to improve on.

Replay Value 7/10
There are some great missions that you could play over and over again, but then there are the ones you hate and never want to think of it again(especially the infamous Bunker Hill Redux).

Rent or Buy?
Definite buy. Both the campaign and multi-player(online) are awesome and can get very addicting.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/12/05

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