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"Online play has a lot to improve on"

Single player mode on this game is pretty fun. The only real drawback is the sound of some of the weapons. Many of them sound like a .22 and have no realism to them. The AI is very good. THey hide well, circle you from behind, flank you, very challenging. The one drawback was I rented this game and beat it in 3 days or less. Not many missions overall. I'd have liked to see at least another 5 missions. This game in single player mode can be beaten in a relatively short time leaving you wanting more.

Another drawback to single player play is the very limited commands and directions you can give your squad mates. Your choices are suppressive fire, flank left, flank right and hold. It would be nice if it was more like Rainbow Six and you could order your team members to fire at certain targets or grenade a certain area, etc. I do give props to the fact that your AI teammates will fire upon and kill some tango's that you don't even see or aren't aware of but being able to give them more directives would be a good thing.

The real drawbacks comes when you go online. Generating a game list under Optimatch takes way, way too long. When you do finally get the list you have to wait for a game to start before you can join. At times this takes so long that you will simply back out and start all over again which again involves a long wait for the game list to generate.

Many times you will go to join a game that claims it's in the lobby but by the time you join, the game is in session and you're back to waiting. I believe this is because it takes so long to generate the list that by the time those games show up they've already started.

I've also run into a lot of games (when you finally do get to join and start playing) where "teammates" will kill you seconds into the game. Now this isn't a fault of the game itself but there should at least be some sort of 'team kill punishment' involved so people have some sort of penalty to pay for killing teammates just for the fun of it.

The online menu system is horrible. Way to many clicks of the A button just to log on and get to the point where you can attempt to get a game list generated.

Also, I have yet to be able to figure out how to get to my XBox email. I get a flashing envelope saying I have a new message but finding it is almost impossible. I also haven't seen a download new content option anywhere. I know the game is still new and probably has no downloadable new maps etc, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't know where to locate them if it did.

Even getting to your friends list takes far too many clicks and menu choices. Even a simple task like adding a player to your friends list is time consuming. You will spend more time on this game (online) waiting and choosing menu options than you will actually playing.

This game has decent graphics and gameplay but would have benefited if they had taken the Rainbow Six Black Arrow online play/menus/options and integrated them into Summit Strike. Rainbow Six BA has a lot of things not as good as this game (like weapon choices etc) but the online menu options and ease of use blows this game away. I've also noticed that the communication between online teammates is poor at best. At times all I hear is static and the volume can be pretty low.

Overall it's a fun game to play but I rented it to check it out online but ended up enjoying the single player mode far more. For this reason alone I would never actually purchase this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 08/18/05

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