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"Keep on being a ghost in ghost recon."

Introduction: This is the 6th ghost recon made but its called ghost recon 2: Summit strike. It's called the second one because of there was three different ghost recon and it had a different mission story line too each of them. Then they made three other ghost recon 2.

Graphics: 8/10

The graphics look like PC. The cut-scenes are only at the beginning of every mission which lets you in with all mission details on a map. So you would only hear your character talking. During game play its graphics are better on one player than two players for some strange reason. When people talk their mouths move which is not very much shown army styled games and not very many games make the characters eye's blink. The guns are very detailed so they look exactly like the real thing.

Sound: 8.5/10

The sound of the guns all have there own style of sound if you pick a rifle some of them are louder than a teen driver down the street with the music on but then there are some rifles louder than a firework.

Controls: 8.5/10

The controls have one purpose for every button. This makes it easy to learn the controls.

Game play: 9.5/10

Since I played the multiplayer first I will talk about the multiplayer. Looks like that when you go online you can play four players on one screen and have it online. There are a whole lot of different modes you can play which would keep you busy for a few days especially the missions when you play mission mode, it is harder than trying to dodge a bullet. Because of the easiest mode is normal. But once you hit day three if would be a little easier. Now on to single player, the one thing I found on single player is that the missions are way easier on that then multiplayer. The loading time that you can run to the kitchen grab a drink and walk back and you'll be almost done. But it makes up for it with the fun game play, and all the guns.

Story: 10/10

I will use the some of the words in the back of the case. It says “The Kazakh President has been assassinated, and the Pakistani warlord responsible for this act is making a bid for controls of the country. Enter the ghosts: an elite band of specialized military working in concert with u.n. forces as the track the rouge warlord and his military forces across Kazakhstan. The Ghost provide the only possibility of thwarting his attacks against various high profile targets. If they fail, there is a very real risk of national devastation.

Weapons: 10/10
Like I said the weapons are very detailed. You got about 10 different guns for every class, like rifleman, grenadier, gunner, marksman, and lone wolf. And like I said the weapons have their own very sounds.

Replay value: 5/10

The replay value has no replay value but there is always one for every game and this one is for fun.

Rent it or buy it?

I would buy it just because the game is just so fun and it can't be beat in a weekend or not even two or three weekends. Well if you was a really really really good gamer than you would be able to beat this game in about 2 weekends.

Pros:good storyline
Good detailed guns
Very addictive
Good objects as in vehicles and stuff like that.

Cons: very hard

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/05/05

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