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"Driver parallel Lines is simply an amazing achievement"

Driver Parallel Lines is a game that I thought would be truly broken, much like its last game that was the sour game, Driv3r. This game can be said to be a game that actually gives Grand theft Auto a run for its money. I was surprised at this simply amazing game, this is Driver, and you are the wheelman.

Story - 9.6 - The first and most powerful presentation is the games lovely plot. You begin the game in New York City as a washed up wheelman that goes by the name, the kid, or TK for short. As you begin your early in 1978, you're an 18 year old kid, getting all the fast cars, money and drugs. The game introduces TK to very interesting characters, such as TK's best friend and roommate, Ray. Most of the story is presented to you in these beautiful game cut scenes movies that look simply outstanding. The story is you simple moving up in the ranks so to speak, but has a major change that results in you getting thrown into prison. This is why the games story ties into the actual gameplay itself. You play the second half of the game in 2006. You are now 46 years old, but TK hasn't forgotten; now you're for blood, for revenge. The story is very well presented and I truly thank Atari and Reflections for making such a high end plot.

Gameplay - 10.0 - Superb and quite near the perfect formula. Driver parallel lines gameplay is like none other. The Game allows the player to explore and take part in many jobs that span across New York and a small part of New Jersey. You can drive anywhere, the world is yours. The main game missions or jobs are quite fun and challenging, a lot of work but it's what makes the game so solid. The game offers a large selection of over 80 vehicles; some are secret, ranging from Muscle cars, sports cars, even Racecars, sedans to motorcycles. You can even get commercial vehicles like a dump truck or ambulance. These can either be found or stolen off the streets. The vehicles change as you move from 1978 to 2006, newer and faster cars appear and the gauge that measures your speed looks more advanced as well. Another part of the game allows you to bring any car or truck to one of ray's auto shops so that you can customize them. Put on everything from bullet proof windows to custom body designs. You can also upgrade a cars performance by purchasing new motor upgrades and suspension accessories. You can also install a nitrous system so that your car can unleash nitro for that extra boost!

To make money in this game your going to need to find several side-missions, anything from taxi services to Hitman work, it all earns you cash, which can be used to buy more parts or ammo. There's also several races you can take part in right outside each of the save garages. There are three different races. One is a Road course for trismo like racing. The second is a basic complex track with a figure eight style of racing. And last but not least, there's an off-road track full of Jumps and lots of hills. This makes for a great way to earn cash, or just get more racecars. It's a lot of fun and gives the player an great way to feel the real speed the game has to offer.

The next major part of Driver parallel Lines is the shooting. TK gets a hold of some awesome weapons and there's no shortage of them. One of the coolest features is that you can fire weapons outside of your window while driving. This proves that the new Driver is targeting a lot of what Rockstar Games Grand theft auto has done. This is done quite well, but feels a tad uninspired. Over the course of the game you get guns like the .44 revolver and the Service 9 UZI. But that's all 1978, when you progress to 2006; guns become more fearsome, weapons like the TMP and the Australian AUG assault rifle as well as an awesome and stunningly fun weapon, the RPG missile launcher. Weapons are not used much but they are easy use when the time comes, pull the left trigger and it locks onto the nearest enemy. Bam, kill him. What kind of foes will TK encounter? Several body guards, gangsters and an occasional police officer. The gunplay was greatly improved in this installment of the driver series.

Graphics/sound – 9.2 – Driver Parallel Lines looks as good as it plays. The way New York is displayed is amazing. The grass looks alive, the road looks as hard as ever and the cars all look very sharp. The only negative I can sight is the poor representation of the textures. The Ground may look vivid and detailed but up close it really looks scratchy. The came other wise seems to be more alive as a whole. The characters models all look very fresh and the civilians actually look good for once. The city is more alive than ever before in an driver game, the people talk, the police and medical units spring into action when there's trouble, it all happens around you. This game also has a fairly descent Sound track as well, while the 2006 era songs are quite lame and not very popular, the seventies music is great with hits like Low Rider from War and Ghost Rider written by suicide. The cars all sound powerful and very on track as do the weapons, the guns sound very good. I'm surprised at how great and accurate the weapons all sounded good stuff.

Closing – 10.0 – This game is the first great hit in 2006 and shows how greatly a company can improve upon a failed series. I loved this game and I still am, it's truly as good pr even better in some spots as the powerhouse Grand theft auto series. I thank my Dad for buying me this and you all out there should do the same. Thank you Atari for taking time and listening to your fans, I'm waiting for a sequel, this was truly the surprise hit everyone was waiting for. Perfect, 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/20/06

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