Review by darkness992

Reviewed: 02/27/06

Arena Football. Good idea? Yeah.

EA Sports had a new idea, to get a license and make an Arena Football game that's better and recent. Was it a good idea? Yeah, I think so.

Graphics - 7/10 - First issue I'm going to address is the graphics in this game. The graphics in Arena Football are good, well done for a first game, and on first glance, are semi impressive. If you are really in depth with graphics, or you don't like flaws, then the graphics may not amaze you. The sides or players can get edgy, the players show no expression, the sidelines aren't well done and the crowd is horrible. The only big issue I have to address is the lack of work on the crowds. For some reason, EA decided they would make a few not-so-bad looking people and then fill the stadium with paper people that hardly move. The only real thing the crowd will do is say "Nice Kick" and I think that may be a player. Honestly, that's an upset.

Sounds - 7/10 - If you expected the sound in this game to be great, you are partially right. The music is okay, its very recent music if that's what you are into. During a game, there is no commentary like there is in Madden, sadly, but if you don't ever listen to it anyway, you'll be alright. The players have similar voices, but some are diverse. The hits into the wall sound somewhat exaggerated as well. Also, if EA uses an actual person for the Referee's voice, then they had no interest in changing who he was. The voice is the same for both Madden 06 and Arena Football.

Game play - 9/10 - The game plays like arena football, exactly what it is designed to do, and that's a good thing. When playing the game, the way the buttons are set up are simple on pass plays and running plays. The kicking set up is original and adds a challenge. The plays are usually run well, and the timing is good in the AI. The game is well drawn out and has celebrations, some interrupted, and consultations after big moves. The game engine does have some flaws though. The only major one is the physics outside the field. After a player goes over a wall, it’s almost like they are dead, and show no sign of movement, but are uninjured. They also drop the ball, which leads to the next problem. In this game, it’s apparent that legs, arms, and the ball all have the amazing power to pass right through that wall when going over it. The ball also slides right through the stands, to where it can't be seen. Also, celebrations and interruptions get to repetitive. Also, don't play on a level less than All-Pro unless you need to or you are new to the game, there's no point.

Overall - 8/10 (not average) - If you like Arena Football, then this game is obviously yours. If you like the NFL, then you'll probably like this game as well. Despite some flaws in graphics and the game engines, this game is pretty good and I recommend getting it if you like football. It has a whole new set of rules and a whole different style, which is enjoyable all over again after playing Madden games for months.

Rent or Buy - Well, I'd say it depends. If you are a football fan or like Arena Football, buy the game, it’s cheap. If you want to experiment in the game, like the NFL, or are not sure, then I'd rent it and see how it goes over.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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