Best Weapons for GOOD and EVIL?

  1. Alright 2 set this straight i was wondering what the Best Weapon as in Swords axes Bows ect were for bot and where to obtain them if u could please list them

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  1. Most weapons aren't aligned either way, and all but one of those that are will be outclassed eventually. Here's a pretty general list though:

    Sword of Aeons: The best light weapon in the game for those inclined to be evil, obtained after fighting Jack of Blades the first time and is retained upon killing your sister. With 230 damage and health, mana, and experience augmentations, this is a very viable weapon.

    Avo's Tear: The "good" equivalent to the Sword of Aeons, and identical in every way in terms of stats and augmentations. This is obtainable after meeting with the prophets of the fire heart, provided you destroyed the Sword of Aeons.

    Solus Greatsword: The strongest Greatsword in the game until you progress through most of the storyline in Snowspire, this weapon is buyable after completing the Arena. Its price is slightly variable depending on your Guile, though it ranges between 62,000 and 75,000 as I recall. It boasts an attack power of 314, with sharpening and fire augmentations, in addition to one open augmentation slot. It makes no difference whether Whisper lives or dies for this behemoth.

    The Bereaver: This is obtained through the demon door in Necropolis by sacrificing all your silver keys. It begins its life with a health augmentation and two open slots, though Its initial damage rating is inferior to Solus at 285. If you add a sharpening augmentation, it matches exactly at 314. Its basically the same weapon with more customization options, and is worth the effort if you like pondering all the various uses of augmentations.

    The Katana Hiryu: This is the best light weapon until you fight Jack of Blades. It is found in a 15-key silver chest in Lady Grey's Bedroom, which can be reached either by marrying the witch or ousting her and becoming mayor yourself. It doesn't trail far behind Aeons and the Tear, offering 214 damage and sharpening and flame augmentations. If you prefer light weapons, this is actually superior to Aeons and the Tear throughout generous portions of the endgame; its flame augmentation will rip through the icy inhabitants of the Snowspire region.

    Skorm's Bow: This is generally the most powerful bow in the game; the only possible exceptions are Arken's Crossbow (its silver augmentation will make it more powerful against balverines, undead, etc) and a Master's Crossbow with three sharpening augmentations (though the speed reduction by switching to a crossbow is not worth the +2 damage this offers). It offers an attack power of 264, lightning and sharpening augmentations, and the speed of a longbow. There are many explanations as to how to best obtain this in "Answers", and all better detailed than I can describe.

    Master Longbow: Nothing special here, but the best longbow for the pious among us. It has a base attack power of 180 and will run you anywhere in the 20,000's (depending on your Guile and shop stock). The only saving grace this weapon has are its three open augmentation slots.

    Arken's Crossbow: Nothing complicated about obtaining this ratty looking piece of equipment, it awaits you in a 15-key silver chest in Darkwood Lake, across from the door leading to the Bordello. It has an attack power of 220, as well as silver, flame, and piecing augmentations. It requires more effort to obtain than Skorm's bow in the end, but is a reasonable alternative for those adverse to gaining evil points.

    Master Crossbow: Potentially the strongest bow (numerically) in the game, if you augment it thrice with sharpeners. This leaves you with 266 power and an otherwise ordinary, slow crossbow. You could sacrifice one or two sharpening augmentations and make a fire/lightning equivalent of Arken's, or equip it with some of the more expensive augmentations if it please you. This weapon's base cost is also in the 20,000's.

    Overall, Aeons, Avo's Tear, and Solus or the Bereaver are your best melee options; your alignment matters little for these. Skorm's Bow has no true equal, though there are a few decent bows out there.

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