How do you reverse aging?

  1. I heard you can

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  1. * Anyone saying you MUST go "good", or you must go "evil" does not know their game, because you must do BOTH. It depends upon the Chapel / Temple you are currently at when you are performing the age reduction. Your Hero's moral alignment should be opposite of the alignment of the place at which you are seeking a "gift".
    . . . . . If you are at the Temple of Avo (Temple of Light) it is best to be pure evil.
    . . . . . If you are at the Chapel of Skorm (CoS) it is best to be pure good.

    * Another important point - you can use the Hero Save function of this game to maximise this age reduction effect.

    Here is a nice trick:

    1. Complete every quest before the " Find the Archaeologist " quest without retrieving any keys AND without getting any books. (Might help if you've at least talked to the teacher to activate the Book Collection quest though)
    2. Get Skorms bow. To find out how to do this read the faq.
    3. Exploit the trader Money Making trick to get massive amounts of money and as well as skill xp.
    4. Use whatever method you prefer to gain will and strength xp. I like going back and forth between rooms at the Hobbe Cave.
    5. Go to the Heroes Guild and level up as much as you can.
    6. SAVE
    7. Teleport to Witchwood, thus starting the FtA (Find the Archaeologist) quest.
    8. Get the key by fishing in the lake in the next area.
    9. Donate 45,000 gold to the Temple of Avo then donate 1 gold to get the age reduction.
    10. Try to pull out the sword in the stone (+5 Physique, +2 Health, +3 Toughness - first try only)
    11. Teleport to the Heroes Guild and trade in exp (+5 Physique, +2 Health, +3 Toughness)
    12. Get at least 6 books from the library if you intend on getting a Bright Wizard Hat
    13. Head to the Guild Woods and fish for the key there.
    14. Recall teleport back, pull the Harbinger out and go up 1 area and get the key by digging beneath the statue on the right.
    15. Teleport to Bowerstone South
    16. Find all the books you can acquire in Bowerstone South if you intend on getting a Dark Wizard Hat.
    17. Give the school teacher your books from the Heroes Guild to get a Bright Wizard Hat

    * OR

    18. Give the school teacher your books that you've acquired from Bowerstone South for a Dark Wizard Hat
    19. Get the key from the shop
    20. Teleport to Greatwood Cullis Gate. Then go up to the Rose cottage and dig in the circle to get the key.
    21. Go to the Hobbe cave and dig in the circle of mushrooms to get the key.
    22. Go back and forth between rooms killing Hobbes to get your xp back up.
    23. Teleport to Barrows Field and make your way backwards to the Ancient Cullis Gate.
    24. Fish at the west bridge for a key and move to the Chapel of Skorm.
    25. Teleport to Twinblades camp. Dig in the circle to get the key. Hire the merc.
    26. Go back to CoS. Sacrifice him at 12 thus getting the age reduction.
    27. Move on over to the Darkwood Lake and get the key from the rock.
    28. Hero Save to your last save file
    29. Reload that save.
    30. Repeat steps 7 thru 29 as needed, but not more than 10 times

    ** NOTE :

    You can only get one wizard hat at a time so pick one and try the alternate on your reload.

    I do this until Ive leveled up as much as I need and my Hero is 18 years old.
    Then I do the FtA quest for real ignore the Temple of Avo . That way Ill always be able to go to both the Temple and the Chapel to reduce my age again later.

    You get up to 20 years off your age and 9 keys per run.

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  1. You can get a singular age reduction from the Temple of Avo, and the Chapel of Skorm with donations. Avo wants money, and Skorm wants souls of your followers. Each will give you a reduction of 4-10 years, but it can only be gotten once from each without using the Hero Save exploit.

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  2. There is only one age redution i know is whitch it is in the temple of avo and if you give them allot of money you will loose some age on you and if you donate allot of money you can get a legendary wepon and i heard if you give even more money you will get a necklace that will help you loose some age.

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  3. If you do the quest where the temple of avo is in the quest area the you can donate until you get the age redution and hero save to do it again. P.S. dont save if you only get like 2years cause it can corupt your file after awhile of hero saves. Theres only 2 quests that does this. Chifes ransom(recomended after game when your guy is old) and the gold quest find the archolgist(i think) if you do it right the same can be done with skorm i guess.

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  4. Oh and if you dont want to give money or sacrifices just shave your beard off and you will look young but you cant change the white hair thing but the white hair isnt half bad if your really famous with the paladin name and fully good it actually goes great with your character but if your rich i would just go to the temple of avo

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  5. And lol i think its funny how you can run around like a teen could when your 46 years old in the game lol!

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    All you need to know.

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  7. Start by going max good, because it's easier to get- max good without gear alignment modifiers.

    Go to the Chapel of Skorm. Guild Seal teleport to the Witchwood Cullis Gate and walk to the Temple of Avo and recruit the mercenary there. Guild Seal (Recall) to Chapel of Skorm to avoid long walks, then Guild Seal teleport to Oakvale and take the bodyguard next to the graveyard. Guild Seal (Recall) again. Save in case you get low value from the sacrifices. Go inside, if you hear a bandit boss saying "lights out" and something or other, and the mercenaries take their pay, then talk to the person and sacrifice both of them quickly.
    You should get a couple hundred evil alignment points and the Skorm Bow. Now go to Twinblade's Camp, recall, Bowerstone South, recall, getting the mercenaries at those places. Eat a moonfish if you're at daytime at this point. Sacrifice both of them and you should get the Necromancer title and a pretty significant age reduction.

    Now, get max evil (a good way to do this is to either spend a lot of money on Crunchy Chicks at Twinblade's Camp, or take a sidequest, go to the Boasting Platform, and kill everyone who gathers without actually boasting, rinse and repeat). Raiding several towns work, but you will incur massive fines.

    Once you are max evil without equipment influence, save up 45,002 gold. You can do this by buying and reselling beer kegs from wherever the price is "green" (lower than standard) to where the sell price is "green" (I found a good place at the trader in Barrow Fields).

    Go to the Temple of Avo (be careful not to kill bandits or balverines as they contribute to Good points), and donate 45,000 gold. You will get The Sentinus, a decent greatmace, but not nearly as good as the Sword of Aeons or Avo's tear. Donate 1 gold for Paladin title, and donate another 1 gold for the other age reduction.

    Be warned that the age reductions will have gone to waste if you gain more experience, because you gain age by experience, not hours played. The changes will probably soon reverse themselves if you resume fighting, and max out again at age 65.

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  8. You can get a singular age reduction from the Temple of Avo, and the Chapel of Skorm with donations. Avo wants money, and Skorm wants souls of your followers. Each will give you a reduction of 4-10 years, but it can only be gotten once from each without using the Hero Save exploit. Like he said.

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