Where can I find the treasure clues and where do they lead?

  1. I cant find them all ive looked everywere

    User Info: rowley2

    rowley2 - 9 years ago

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  1. they lead to the farm behind the one of the hay stacks by a barn. But dont go dig it up just yet, i did and i could not aug it. you need to find all the clues so it can have attack and defense stat. the clues are just what TanMan2011 said but there is the third clue. It is where you do the archery game in Knothole Glade. You can either kill the man and get a trophy and the clue or do it the hard way and try and win the contest. I usually kill the guy. But you can do whatever you like.

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  1. u have to kill all the assassins that attack u in various places(see FAQ),
    they lead to Orchard farm.

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  2. ---------------------
    The Frying Pan [?]

    =Damage: 100=
    =Augmentations: *4 free slots*=

    To get the Frying Pan weapon you must find ALL the treasure clues. If you get
    the weapon before the clues, it will be USELESS.

    Treasure clue 5: This is in Orchard Farm, in the left side area. Open the chest
    to find the clue.

    Treasure clue 2: Finish the "Lost Trader" quest*

    Treasure clue 4: Complete the Knothole Glade archery competition

    Treasure clue 6: Find at Windmill Hill

    Treasure clue 1: Complete the "Bounty Hunt" quest*

    *These quests you will find at the Heroes Guild throughout the game

    To get the last clue, you need to do the Assasin Attacks quest. After doing the
    "White Balverine" and "Break the siege" quests you will be told by the
    Guildmaster that assassins are after you. You will find them at Knothole Glade,
    Witchwood Cullis Gate (Focus Site, big rock coming out of the ground), Windmill
    Hill, the Prison Path, and Hook Coast. Kill them all, and the last one you kill
    will drop the Treasure Clue 3.

    Now go to Orchard Farm, walk between the barn and the two haystacks and dig.
    You will get the Frying Pan. If the Guildmaster says "Well done, you found the
    clues, and got the treasure." You have done it right.

    User Info: TanMan2011

    TanMan2011 - 8 years ago 4 4

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