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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Enders Shadow86

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/27/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    For every choice...
     7KOCGSGOOCO@      (6(        C#Qe##K@@3^   /6#Os//^^     ^%RG6R#GQOsKG
       OC(/   /  B      C@(        /eG//  ^R#@/    GC%          ^S%(/   /  3
       OGs       G      7QG         SG(     @@R    GsO           O6C       7
       G66       /     3^ @6        eC(     6/6    636           eOO       ~
       G6O            (7  @@       ^QO/     (//    sOC           s6O       /
       G6O       /    %7  7@        Gs~   ~7O^     ss7           S6s
       OOs(~^        ~%~   @/      ^GGR@#@RQ(      sC%           eOS7(/
       OOs7t(~~      C7    3G      ^GOt/(3K@#@S    O6C       ^   SC6GOO6/
       Oss           seO33((@/     ^GO7    ^@@R(   s63       ~   ee6    ^
       Oss           O#B%C%7@s     ^OO(     %@@s^  s63       /   O#e
       Oss          (6t^   /@@/    ^GG(      @@Q   ssC       //  @@O
       Oss         (3  ^  ^  @@    ^Q#      /s37   6s6       /(  C@@
       OOs         7%        s@^    QR^^ /(%/t/    GSS       t(   R@#^
       SK6        ^tt         @3^   K@KGeQ%%C%7    K@B6(^ (//3/    S@#/   ^
    ^O#SQ3      ~GK@7/~/   ^eReQ  ORQeOssKQ6//  ^O@eSes7(OCK@(     O#@@QC(
      ^  ^^                               _
                    _|_|_  _  |  _  __|_ / |_  _..__|_ _ .__
                     |_| |(/_ |_(_)_> |_ \_| |(_||_)|_(/_|_>
    							   ...a consequence.
                        Written & compiled by Daniel Perez
                              Began: December 8, 2005
                           Email: daniel.perez8@fiu.edu
                                Table of Contents
    1. Version History
    2. Contact
    3. Intro.
    	-Word From the Guildmaster
    	-Game Basics
    4. Tips and Strategies
    5. FAQS
    6. Walkthrough Intro.
    7. Walkthrough
    	-Oakvale [1A]
    	  -Hero's Guild [1B]
    	  -Quest Wasp Menace [2]
    	  -Lookout Point [2A]
    	  -Picnic Area [2B]
    	  -Bowerstone South [3A]
    	-Quest- Attack/Defend Orchard Farm [4]
    	  -Orchard Farm Good Mission [4A]
    	  -Orchard Farm Bad Mission [4B]
    	-Quest- Trader Escort [5]
    	  -Road to Darkwood [5A]
    	  -Darkwood [5B]
    	  -Barrow Fields [5C]
    	  -Darkwood Bordello [5D]
    	  -Oakvale [6A]
    	-Quest- Find the Bandit Seeress [7]
              -Clifftop Path [7A]
    	  -Abandoned Road [7B]
    	  -Twinblade's Camp [7C]
    	  -Twinblade's Elite Camp [7D]
    	  -Twinblade's Tent [7E]
    	-Quest- Find the Archaeologist [8]
    	  -Witchwood- [8A]
    	-Quest- White Balverine [9]
    	  -Knothole Galde [9A]
    	-Quest- The Arena [10]
    	-Quest- Find Theresa Again [11]
    	  -Grey House [11A]
    	-Quest- Rescue the Archaelogist [12]
    	  -Bowerstone Jail [12A]
    	  -Windmill Hill [12B]
              -Gibbet Woods [12C]
    	  -Prison Path [12D]
    	-Quest- The Graveyard Path [13]
    	  -Lychfield Graveyard [13A]
              -Old Graveyard Path [13B]
    	-Quest- Rescue Scarlet Robe [14]
              -Underground Tunnel [14A]
              -Cliffside Path [14B]
              -Underground Passage [14C]
              -Torture Chamber [14D]
              -Bargate Prison [14E] 
    	-Quest- Gateway to Hook Coast [15]
    	  -Hook Coast [15A]
    	-Quest- Return to Hook Coast [16]
    	  -Hook Coast Revisited [16A]
    	-Quest- Try and Stop Jack of Blades [17]
    	-Quest- Battle Jack of Blades [18]
    	  -Last Battle [18A]
    8. Expanded Content Walkthrough
    	-Quest- The Prophets of the Fire Heart [19]
    	  -The Prophet's Chamber [19A]
    	-Quest- The Ship of the Drowned [20]
    	-Quest- The Oracle of Snowspire [21]
    	  -Snowspire Village [21A]
    	  -Necropolis [21B]
    	-Quest- The Souls of Heroes [22]
    	-Quest- The Final Battle [23]
    9. Side Quests
    	-Silver Quests [s]
    	-Bronze Quests [b]
    10. Acknowledgements
    11. Copyright
    1. Version History
    Version 0.75:
    	-Completed- Contact, Introduction, Controls, Tips and Strategies,
    	 Walkthrough Intro., Copyright
    	-Incomplete-(things I'm working on) Walkthrough 75% complete, Side 
    	 Quests, Expanded content side quests, Fix spelling Hereos' Guild
    Version 0.85:
    	-Updated Walkthrough and SideQuests
    Version 1.00:
    	-Completed Walkthrough, New ASCII Art by PirateoftheFaqs, New 
    	 Acknowledgements section, Added some FAQS, Finished Extended Content
    2. Contact
    You can contact me at daniel.perez8@fiu.edu
    Please read through the entire guide to find the info. you need before emailing
    me. If you have any questions or comments, or want to add anything I'll give 
    you recognition in later versions
    But when you email me please put something like FABLE FAQ in the subject so I 
    know it isn't spam. Thanks for your feedback.
    3. Introduction
    Fable The Lost Chapters is basically Fable with a few extra features. The only
    extended content vital to the actual storyline is after you beat the original 
    Fable. The game is and action/RPG that basically lets you choose your own path.
    It's a very short game, so the guide may seem a little thin. The walktrhough is
    almost identical to the original Fable, so you can use this guide to play 
    either one. All of the Lost Chapters material is marked of in parenthesis so 
    you can easily tell the difference. 
    There is a lot of stuff to do in the large world of Fable and hopefully this
    guide can help you get through the story more easily and answer any questions
    you may have.
    ***Warning***  Remember this game is rated M for Mature. The material in this 
    	       guide may have to cover some mature material. Just a warning.
    A Word From the Guildmaster- (from Manual)
    Congradulations are in store for you. The fact that you have been provided with
    the Book of the Guild means you must be one of a lucky few with enough 
    potential to be invited here as a Hero apprentice.
    We consider this text sacred and even, I would say, magical. You would be wise
    to study it carefully from cover to cover in order to unveil is many secrets.
    The task ahead of you will not be an easy one. Only through years of hard work
    can you hope to unleash your latent powers. During its long history the Guild 
    has seen many apprentices fail through idleness and overconfidence, and I would
    be sorry to see one with potential such as you throw it all away. Albion needs
    its Heroes now more than ever.
    Becoming a Hero of Renown means achieving great things, and to accomplish less 
    than greatness is to have done next to nothing at all. You must understand 
    for the Guild, greatness has no bearing with regard to percieved good or evil.
    No, it has more to do with the Renown one achieves through actions, regardless 
    of morality. Be forewarned that the work necassary to become a Hero is not to 
    be taken half-heartedly. On the contrary, this will be a most difficult and 
    arduous training, encompassing all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. I say 
    this without a wisp of doubt. We ask that you apply yourself as never before,
    but having done that, the rewards and Renown you may achieve are unimaginable.
    This said, if you do actually graduate from the Heroe's Guild, you may one day
    even be acknowleged as the greatest Hero ever to stride the cobbled paths of 
    Albion. Statues have been erected all over the land in honour of those few
    Great Ones who came before you, thos laid to rest and permantely entombed at
    the Guild. We may only hope our successes throughout Albion, coarse a place as
    it is. Go now and seek your destiny!
    A- Interact
    X- Attack 				     
    Y- Block					
    B- Run/Flourish
    BLACK (RB- On X360)- Sheathe ranged weapon
    WHITE/ (LB- ON X360)Sheathe melee weapon
    Left analog- movement and zoom with bow (Hold down)
    Right analog- Camera/ Expand Map
    Select- Inventory
    Start- Pause Screen
    D-pad- items and expressions
    Left trigger- lock-on
    Right trigger- hold for magic 
    Magic Mode- (holding R)
    X,A,B- cast spells
    Y- cycle spells
    Game Basics
    Health Bar- Red bar at the top left of screen. Basically your HP, if an enemy
    hits you your health will deplete. Replenish it with potions and food.
    Mana Bar- The blue bar that is under the health bar on the upper left. When you
    use magic the mana bar depletes. It replenishes with time, but returns more 
    quickly with blue potions.
    General Experience Points- this sign shows up momentarily on the left side of 
    the screen to signify an increase in General Experience Points. General 
    Experience points are green. 
    Strength experience points- A sign shows up on the left side of your screen 
    when you increase your stength points. Use fists or melee weapons to make get 
    more experience. Red.
    Skill Experience points- Appears to indicate an increase in skills experience.
    Use your bow to accumalte experience. Yellow.
    Will Experience Points- Appears to indicate an increase in Will points. Use 
    magic to increase. Blue.
    Gold- on the bottom left of your screen your gold will show up in a pouch with
    the total gold you have.
    -So, there are three different types of attack and three different ways to 
    gather experience. Strength, Will, and Skill. You can basically choose what you
    want to use. 
    -Doing good things will give you good points or deeds. People will like you.
    Conversely, doing bad things like breaking the law (stealing, killing, breaking
    in, destroying private property) give you bad points or deeds.
    -Main quests must be taken at the Heroes' Guild. 
    -You level up at the green experience point spending platform at the entrance
    to the Guild. 
    -Running with -B- and fighting keep you thin, walking and telepoting everywhere
    make you fat. Eating meet, running, and fighting will keep you in shape.
    4. Tips and Strategies
    - The first things to level up should be the physical stats. Later you can work
      on magic and skills.
    - Save often in the world and in quests do a lot of Hero saves.
    - Always be ready before taking on a quest. That means, have your best 
      equipment on, be maxed out with experience points, be healed, and have enough 
    - Remember to block using Y. Some players forget how effective it really is.
      You can also press Y and then move the left analog to do a rolling move. Do 
      this to get behind your opponents
    - Get behind opponents. It's much easier hitting an enemies back then having 
      them block your blows to their fronts.
    - When outnumbered.   Run.
    - Use magic and your bow for flying creatures or tall creatures (EG Earth 
      trolls and Giant wasp)
    - If you want to be evil, be careful. You might get a little too carried away 
      in a town and the guards might actually kill you. If they do and you have to 
      pay more fines than the money you have, you have to pay all your money and    
      you get kicked out of town temporarily.
    - If you want to be good, help out people that are attacked by bandits or 
      wasps. Kill as many bandits as you can but don't steal, attack, kill     
      innocents or guards.
    - There are many ways to make money in Fable. The simplest and easiest way is
      to complete quests and defeat opponents. Some other ways are mini-gambling 
      games, trading, fishing, stealing, etc. But these are riskier and the rewards 
      are usually not as good.
    - If trying to marry someone, don't use vulgar expressions, attack them, or 
      ignore them. Instead, give them CHEAP gifts (EG chocolate, roses), flirt, and 
      show off. Eventually, the heart over their heads will grow and they'll ask    
      you for a wedding ring. 
    - If you get lost, follow the map, this walktrhough, or simply talk to people 
      with a green aura surrounding them.
    - Do as many Side Quests as you can early on. They'll make you stonger, get you
      money, and get you Renown
    - A great way to earn strength experience points is to buy a lot of red   meat. 
      Have like 50-100 in your stock and assign them to one of your   directinal   
      buttons. When you fight you get your combat multiplier higher.   When the    
      combat multiplier is high (10+) you earn more experience. So   when it is   
      high chomp down on as many Red Meats as you can!  You'll see   the little 
      sign on the left of your screen gro exponentially. But watch   out, doing 
      this too much will make you obese.
    5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
    These are from REAL emails I get.
    1- How can I change my name from chickenchaser to something else?
    	There is a title store right outside the Guild of Heroes' that will 
    	have a list of names to choose from. They range from about 50 gold to
    	1000 gold. There is also a man sellig Titles outside the Arena.
    2- How do I get a wedding ring?
    	The best and cheapest place to buy one is at the Oakvale item shop. 
    	There are many other places that sell wedding rings and fake wedding
    	rings. Just keep your eyes open for them. 
    3- I'm playing Fable but I'm wondering if I can convert my save file to Fable
       The Lost Chapters?
    	First of all, if you have Fable already, you shouldn't buy Fable TLC.
    	Second, you cannot convert a save file from Fable to Fable TLC. You 
    	hvae to start from the beginning.
    4- Does the Hero Glitch still work on Fable TLC?
    	In a word, yes. But be careful not to do it too many times because it 
    	might corrupt your file.
    5- How do I get the Dark Wizard Hat/Bright Wizard Hat?
    	Complete the Book Collection sidequest [b3]. Donating six 'good books'
    	will give you the Bright Wizard Hat and donating six 'bad books' will
    	give you the Dark Wizard Hat.
    6- How do I know what are 'good books' and what are 'bad books'?
    	Two ways. Read the title. If it says something nice like 'Love Story'
    	it's a 'good book'. If it says something bad like 'The Ugly Guide',
    	it's a bad book. If you are still not intelligent enough to decipher
      	it on your own, go to the headmaster of the school and he will give
    	you a good reaction for a 'good book' and a bad reaction for a 'bad
    	book' before you even make the decision to donate the book.
    Here's how the walkthrough works.
    Every section has a number and a letter (E.G. 5B)
    There are some sections with just numbers. These are quests. After each quest 
    is a group of sections that have the same number. The letters represent 
    different parts of each quest. Some places do not have a quest mentioned, but 
    are mandatory to complete the story so they are included. Optional side quests
    are listed in the Side Quest section. 
    My intent with this is to make it easier for people to find the sections that 
    they are looking for.  For instance, they'll look for 7D instead of Twinblade
    camp. You can follow the numbers easier to find your way around the guide.
    Hope it helps. :)
    7. Walkthrough
    This walkthrough only includes the things you need to move the story along.
    The side-quests are in the side quest secion (look at table of contents).
    I will try and be as spoiler free as I can. If I slip up, please forgive me.
    And accept this as my apology :)
    Oakvale [1A]
    After the opening sequence your pops wakes you up and tells you to be a good 
    little boy.  What you need to do is do three good deeds. For ever good deed 
    you do, you'll get a gold piece!!! Actually, it's not that cool.  When you gain
    control, you should take a whil to get used to the controls.
    The first place to go is behind the house that is two down from your own. If 
    you get close to the door you'll hear some flirting and some material that made
    this game mature. Go behind the house and find a guy making some moves on a 
    young girl. Talk to the guy. He asks you to keep his cheating on his wife a 
    secret. If you accept, you'll net bad points and if you decline, you'll net 
    good points. 
    Next, go back to the main road and talk to the little girl whose looking for 
    Rosie, her little toy bear. After done talking to her, go down the road to 
    wheremany people are. There is a woman waving her hand near a house. she is the 
    wife of the man behind the house with a woman. Talk to her and tell her that 
    her husband is cheating on her. You have to in order to pass this section.
    Next, go down the road until you see three farmhouses. A cutscene will show up 
    and a man will ask you to watch over the area until he returns. While you're
    watching over the area, a little brat asks you to break the barrels inside the 
    barns. If you do, you will gain evil points. But stay in the area until he 
    comes back. 
    Lastly, find the alleyway were there is a big kid who is threatening a smaller 
    kid. You can either beat up the kid or the bully. Either way, you'll get the 
    teddy bear that Emily has been looking for. Go back and talk to Emily to give 
    her back her precious. You're done, so go talk to your pops. He gives you three
    shiny gold coins. Now you have enough to buy your sis a present. Go talk to the
    merchant standing outside a house. He has a funny accent. Buy the chocolate 
    then go north, cross a bridge, and enter a field with a scarecrow. Give her the 
    After the cutscene simply go back home. 
    Heroe's Guild [1B]
    After the cutscenes you'll be asked to go to the melee ring. Just find the 
    yellow blinking dot on the map and go to it. When you get there the bald dude
    tells you to hit a dummy as "hard as you can." Just hit the dummy till he gives
    you a stick. Now beat the heck out of the dummy with the stick. 
    After this little scene is done you get your FIRST QUEST! You can press select 
    to view your quests. Again, follow the map to the yellow dot until you enter 
    the Guild Woods. In the woods, just walk to the end of the path. All the 
    beetles are in the same place. Time to make beetlejuice. When you are done head 
    back to the hero's guild. Talk to the guildmaster and tell him you're ready for 
    your training. If you want to explore, go ahead, but return and talk to the old 
    bald dude. 
    When you wake up you're older. If you are playing The Lost Chapters, you can go 
    to Maze's tower and see an new cutscene not in the original. Look at the green 
    dot in the map. Meet up with the the guildmaster near the same place you met 
    him the first time. Your training will begin. First you have to just attack 
    Whisper. After that, you need to block her attacks with the Y button. Just make
    sure she doesn't get behind you. Then you will have a real melee fight with
    Whisper. Just block until she attacks and counter with a slash. If she jumps
    over you, move out of the way, face her, and keep bashing her. Don't worry if 
    you lose, you can always try again.
    Next run over to the archery range. Just follow his instructions on the 
    buttons. First he asks you to shot three dummies. The second time you can aim 
    using the left analog. Just press it in. 
    When you're done you need to go follow baldie again for magic training. There
    are some cooking apples on the floor you can pick up. In magic training you 
    first need to shock one of the dummies with your thunder. Press the Right 
    trigger button and then press X. When you're done, just repeat it against the
    other dummies until time runs out. You have learned the three hero disciplines.
    Again, you can either continue into adulthood or explore a little. Choose to 
    play with whisper so we can get some new weapons.
    Go over to the melee combat area to spar with Whisper. Choose, make this count.
    Just press Y and roll around and attack the heck out of her with X. You can 
    keep trying until you beat her with an A+.  The trainer there gives you an Iron 
    Katana. Next, go over to the archery area. Try to get as many points as 
    possible. Remember, the dummy in the front gives you 1 point, the second one 3, 
    and the last one 9. SO aim for the last one. If you get an A+ (I think it's 
    somewhere around 100 points you need) then he will give you a crossbow. 
    Next, go find Whisper in front of the melee combat area and talk to her. Follow
    her to the Guild Woods. Whisper will see some bandits across the river. Use 
    your bow or magic to get rid of them. when you are finished, go to meet baldie 
    where the blinking dot is. 
    After the cutscene, you grow to be an adult. The Guildmaster (aka Baldie) tells 
    you to go to your last training objective. Go into the Guild woods once more 
    and meet Maze. You must defeat him using everything you have learned. First,
    attack him with your sword. He won't attack you. Then use your bow. Lastly, 
    use your thunder. He doesn't attack you. This is really easy. At the end, you 
    have passed your training. Just get out of the Guild Woods and a cutscene 
    automatically starts.
    You can now work for the guild by taking on missions that people wish you to 
    do. When you are done selecting the skills you want, go to the map table in the 
    map room, and take the wasp menace quest. No, go out the front door to the 
    Look-out Point. In the original Fable you have two outfits to choose from at 
    the start. The Lost Chapters includes one more outfit, the Hooded Apprentice 
    Outfit. There is also a new expression, the Russian dance.
    -Quest Wasp Menace -	[2]	
    End the Picnic Area Infestation
    Lookout Point 2A
    Here, a man will come up to you and tell you to follow him to the wasps. Now 
    that you are in the world, you can do a world save by pressing start. Just 
    follow the man for right now. There is an old beggar who is being bullied.
    If you talk to him than fart in front of the bully, you'll get 20 good deeds.
    If you help the bully you get 20 bad points.
    Picnic Area 2B
    Kill the first few wasps until a big wasp shows up. For the big wasp, it's best
    to use your bow and lightning attack. But you can also run up to it and it 
    attack it with your sword. Remember to lock-on so you can keep him targetted.
    After defeating it you beat the quest. Pick up the food around the picnic area.
    If you want some bad points, kill the dudes there.
    When you get back to the Lookout point, the guildmaster tells you to find Maze
    in the Bowerstone tavern. Just follow the yellow blinking arrow in the world 
    Bowerstone South [3A]
    Once you get to Bowerstone, your weapons are taken away. Meet Maze at near the
    tavern. He'll reveal something in the story. Next, you can do some exploring. 
    Don't do anything that bad. You make have to pay a fine. And if you don't pay 
    guards that are much stronger than you will attack you. 
    When you are done go to the big blue transporter in front of Bowerstone. It 
    will take you back to the Heroe's Guild. When you get there, you have to choose 
    a new mission to go on. There is an exclusive Lost Chapters cutscene where you 
    have a converstion with Briar Rose, a mean lady. for this next mission, you can 
    either chose to help thieves attack an Orchard farm or help guards...guard the 
    orchid farm. Get out of the Heroe's guild through the front door and follow the 
    map to the Orchard.  Before going off I advise taking some boasts in the podium 
    right outside of the Heroe's Guild front door. 
    -Quest- Attack/Defend Orchard Farm - [4]
    Either lead the bandits to the crates and cover their backs while they steal 
    them, or help the guards defend against the bandits who are trying to steal the 
    Orchard Farm - The Good Mission [4A]
    You need to protect the crates from being stolen. Try to protect the guards 
    through the three or four waves of bandits. At the end, Whisper will appear to 
    challenge you. Just attack her with what you've learned, not too difficult.
    Orchard Farm- The Bad Mission [4B]
    In this mission you must escort the two thieves to the storehouse. You will get
    four waves of attacks of three guards each. Just heal if you get hurt and try 
    to protect the two other thieves. When you are doing bringing back all three 
    crates, Whisper will appear and challenge you. Just give her a good whacking. 
    When you are done go back to the Hero's Guild.
    Before you take on Trader Escort you should do a few things. First upgrade your
    character in the green thing near the entrance to Hero's Guild. Also, buy some
    new weapons and clothing. There's a store inside the Hero's Guild with some 
    good items, but you can also find a wandering salesman. You can also get a a 
    new hairstyle from the barbers in the Greatwood or anywhere else around the 
    world. Now is also a good time to fight some bandits and wasps in Greatwood to 
    gain some experience and items. 
    -Quest- Trader Escort - [5]
    Escort the traders in Darkwood safely to Barrow Fields
    Road to Darkwood [5A]
    You can take some boasts on this one if you want. First, go north through 
    Lookout Point and Greatwood. Then pass that to Greatwood Lake and continue 
    north to following the yellow arrow to Greatwood Gorge. Follow the path right 
    to Greatwood Gorge.
    Continue right to Greatwood Cullis Gate and then north to the Greatwood Cave.
    You'll likely face a few enemies but they're no problem. Finally, you reach 
    Darkwood [5B]
    When you enter a cutscene will show two traders asking you to get them to 
    Barrow Fields. Remember to protect them by telling them to wait for you while 
    you kill your enemies. Just follow the path until you get another cutscene of a 
    third trader who wants to join you. If you let him follow you, you get good 
    deeds. If you don't you get bad deeds. But if he follows you he eventually 
    turns into a monster so be careful. Follow the road to the Marshes. DO NOT go 
    near the demon door on the right. Save that for later. A Balverine will attack, 
    he's quick and he jumps in the air. Make sure he doesn't kill the traders. 
    Follow the road until you get to the marshes. Here, take your bow and shoot the 
    little jelly-like creatures. They blow up if you get close. Follow the path and 
    you will find yourself in Darkwood Lake. In this area, dispose of the two 
    bandits, then follow the path left to find some Leather Boots. In this next 
    section, it's best that you just run through it to get to the Darkwood Camp. In 
    Darkwood camp, each trader's health will replenish. There's a treasure chest 
    with a Steel Axe. There are also shops and a gambler who has the mini-game 
    black jack. When you are done, head to Ancient Cullis Gate. It's best to tell 
    the traders to wait while you scout ahead and kill the bandits. Just don't 
    allow them to run past you and get to the traders. At the end of the road 
    you'll find yourself in Darkwood Weir. There are no enemies here except the 
    boss at the end. Tell the traders to wait while you dispose of the giant Earth 
    Troll. Try to stay away from it and attack it with your bow or magic.  Then go 
    back and get them and take them to Barrow fields. 
    Barrow Fields [5C]
    Follow the traders to a cutscene, where you get paid!!! That's always fun!!!
    When you are done trading or killing innocents if that's your thing, head to 
    Oakvale to meet with Maze. Go to Oakvale [6A] if you wish to follow the story.
    *(Exlusive Lost Chapters contentand area)*
    Optional Area- Darkwood Bordello		[5D]
    Location: Darkwood Bordello, west of Darkwood Lake
    This is a new area only in the Lost Chapters. Go to Darkwood Lake first. When
    you enter, a cutscene will show where you meet Madame Minchze. After the 
    cutscene talk to Mr. Grope who is next to Madame Minchze. You need to find out 
    where the deeds are. You can do this one of two ways. Give him six beers and 
    Mr. Grope and when he's drunk he'll tell you where ge put them. They're at the 
    tree down by the lake next to the exit. You need to dig between the statue and 
    the tree.
    Once you have the deeds talk to Madame M. and after a cutscene you become the
    new owner! If you talk to her a second time you'll get the option of changing
    the Bordello into a woman's refuge. For this you get Renown and 400 good deeds.
    But before you do that, you should pleasure yourself with the girls at least
    10 times. This way, you can open the Demon Door behind the Bordello. 
    *** Though this has no relevance to the story, it is important to mention here 
    because it is not technically a Side Quest but you can reap a lot of benefits
    from it ***
    Oakvale [6A]
    In Oakvale, you'll see a cutscene before you have to meet up with Maze. He 
    tells you that you should go find the blind seeress to reveal more of the 
    story. Your old hometown has been rebuilt. There are a few things to do around 
    town. Explore a little. You can buy your old house for 5000 gold pieces. You 
    can do some trading at the tavern and other shops around. Look for the big 
    green dots for important things. When you are finished, you have to go back to 
    the Guild to accept the new mission. Now go back to Oakvale, down to the docks 
    and to the right. Enter the cave there.
    -Quest- Find The Bandit Seeress- [7]
    Find the Seeress in the Bandit Camp, who might tell you about your sister 
    Clifftop Path [7A]
    Here you have to sneak by three bandits to get through. You can either sneak by 
    them or just shoot them from far with your bow. If they don't see you they 
    won't sound the alarm. Remember to use trees and rocks as coverage, and only 
    walk by them when they have their backs turned. 
    Abandoned Road [7B]
    If you took the without a scratch or Don't Kill any Bandits Boasts then this 
    will be close to impossible. You have to collect 5 pieces of clothing along the 
    way to disguise yourself as a Bandit. They shouldn't be hard to find, as they 
    are all in big treasure chests. Once you have all five articles of clothing, 
    put them on and continue to a guard who will let you through.
    TwinBlade's Camp [7C]
    Here you can buy some weapons and armor but you'll need a Bandit Camp Pass to 
    enter the next area. You can buy one from the bandit behind the tent, Look for 
    green dot. Or you can win one from the gambler. The mini game is pretty hard
    but you should be able to do it in a few tries. 
    Twinblade's Elite Camp [7D]
    In this section, take a minute to gather all the items hanging around and get 
    used to your environment. To get to the next section you have to do one of 
    three things. You can simply kill everyone. You can pay assassins to 
    assassinate the guard. Or you can kill the guard with the key who is holding 
    two hostages. That's why the Don't Kill Any Bandits Boast isn't a good idea. 
    Once you are through to Twinblade's Tent.
    Twinblade's Tent [7E]
    Following the cutscene you will have a boss fight with Twinblade. First things 
    first, run past him to get to the treasure chests and crates that contain many 
    items that may help you survive. The most important thing during the fight is 
    to avoid getting out of the circle. The other bandits will slash at you and 
    tear you to pieces if you go out of the ring. Twinblade is invulnerable to all 
    your attacks. The only time you can hit him is right after he does a power move 
    and gets his two blades stuck in the ground. When this happens, go to his back 
    and nail him. Maybe three or four times of steady blows doing this will beat 
    him. After you defeat him, another cutscene will take place. After this you 
    have two options. You can attack Twinblade and all the other bandits will 
    attack as well, or you can just leave him be. I recommend you kill him and his 
    bandits to earn the experience. It doesn't change the story. Try to attack the 
    bandits first and stay away from Twinblade until he's the last one left. Then 
    just try to get behind him by rolling or with magic and attack his back. When 
    you are done walk back out of the gate to complete the quest. Maze has another 
    mission for you at the Guild. It's off to Witchwood. Do everything you need to 
    do at the Guild (leveling up) then transport to Witchwood Cullis Gate.
    -Quest- Find the Archaeologist- [8]
    Witchwood  [8A]
    Just follow the path until you get to Witchwood stones. Here talk to the Demon 
    Doors. He asks you for his name. Next go straight and into the Temple of Avo. 
    Here collect the treasure and explore, there are a few side things you can do.
    DO NOT talk to the guy who tells you he knows the name of the Demon Door. When 
    you are done go back to Witchwood stones and go to the big four green dots. 
    There are stones with different letters on them. You need to hit them in this 
    sequence H-I-T-S. That is the demon doors name. If you hit it in any other 
    order two Balverines will attack you. When you get inside you will find the 
    archaeologist. Simple quest. Gather the items after the cutscene and teleport 
    back to the Guild. Take on the new quest, The White Balverine.
    -Quest- White Balverine- [9]
    Defend the people of Knothole Glade from the White Balverine.
    Knothole Glade [9A]
    Teleport to Witchwood Cullis Gate and continue following the yellow arrow until
    you arrive at Knothole Glade.
    Before you get into town, you have to defeat four regular balverines. They come 
    one at a time so it should be a cinch. As soon as you beat them, the gates open
    and it cuts to a scene where you talk with the mayor or chief. Just then the 
    White Balverine attacks. If you notice, all you have to do is hit it ten times
    for it to run away from you. I recommend using magic like the fireball to 
    accomplish this. When he runs away you can take a moment and go to the local 
    abandoned stores to steal some items, if your leveled up enough in GUILE. You 
    have to go another round with the Balverine until a cutscene shows. The wife of 
    the last balverine hunter reveals a secret and gives you a silver augmentation 
    that will help you kill the beast. Equip this to the weapon you want to use to 
    kill the Balverine with then head off to Witchwood Lake. This might be a hard 
    fight but I recommend one very important thing, BLOCK. The block is very 
    effective agains the White Balverine. If you get caught in one of its blurries
    of attacks it could be the end for you. so keep yourself healed as well. At one 
    point, he will call a bunch of regular balverines to help him out. Just focus 
    on the white Balverine and then dispose of his minions. When you are finished
    go back to Hero's Guild and pick up your new quest.
    -Quest- The Arena- [10]
    Earn gold and renown participating in rounds of combat at the Arena.
    First teleport to Knothole Glade, follow through Witchwood Lake to the north.
    In the Arena entrance just follow the path to the guards who let you in.
    The guard gives you a little speach and then you find yourself in a pep-talk.
    Some dude with an accent will tell you the rules in the Arena. When you are 
    free, try to steal some stuff or buy it if you like. Buy a lot of health
    potions and foods, you might need it. Talk to the guy with the accent and tell
    him you are ready to particpate.
    There are eight rounds in the Arena. I think you should be able to complete
    them consecutively if you have a lot of health potions and resurrection phials.
    If not you can always get out to restock between rounds. But you lose the money
    you would have earned for that round.
    Round 1
    Here you fight 4 waves of wasps. With each wave, the wasps get stronger. Very 
    easy though. 
    Round 2
    Here you will fight Hobbes in four waves. The first few waves are easy but they 
    get harder when the Hobbes get bigger. I recommend killing off the couple of 
    Hobbe Mages in the last two rounds before taking care of the warrior ones.
    Round 3
    Whisper joins you in this round. You have to fight balverines. There is one 
    White Balverine in the third round and two in the last one. Be careful with 
    them and BLOCK!
    Round 4
    You have to fight the undead. They are slow but the tougher ones love to block.
    Just get behind them and nail them.
    Round 5
    Everyone's favorite: bandits! Not really? Ok. You've probably been fighting 
    them the whole game. Use the same strategy. Simple.
    Round 6
    Earth TROLLS!!! Just two of them. You can use magic and your bow but be careful
    when they toss rocks at you. You have to be moving constantly.
    Round 7
    THis is getting tiring...Rock trolls. Much stronger than earth trolls but I 
    have a SPECIAL STRATEGY! All you have to do, is stand behind the trolls. THat's 
    right. They'll start looking for you but you can just get a bunch of blows in 
    before they actually notcie you kicking their A$$E$.
    Final Round
    Well a bunch of little ones and a big nasty one. Not a hard fight. Attack him 
    when he is charging. He might crawl into the ground and summon his little buds.
    If yo like to stay away from enemies, you can use magic and your bow as well, 
    but I think melee weapons are more effective, especially if you have used most
    of your points on strength and you have a good weapon.
    You have to fight Whisper. She's fast as hell but she doesn't have much 
    strength. Best way to beat her is to use magic like fireball or lightning. Just 
    lock on and blast away.
    After taking most of her life away you have two options. One will net you good
    deeds and one will net you bad ones. It's a major spoiler so I don't want to
    ruin it. You should know which is the good path and which is the bad path. If 
    you want the good points just leave the arena.
    After this quest you will probably be the richest you have ever been and you 
    will be very Renowned. Talk to the people around the arene, they call you great
    things and might even give you gifts.
    You now have to go find your sister at the Grey House.
    -Quest- Find Theresa Again [11]
    Yur sister wants to speak with you at the Grey House. Meet her there.
    Grey House [11A]
    Teleport to Barrow Fields and follow the yellow arrow to Grey House. Just go 
    in. You'll see a scene with your sister.
    After the cutscene you can go into the house if you haven't done so already. A 
    few undead will attack but there are some goodies in the cabinets and chests. 
    Now you have to find the archaelogist...again. He's in jail.
    -Quest- Rescue he Archaeologist [12]
    Before taking this quest is a good time to do some side quests and buy some 
    new weapons and armor. Things might get a little tough if you aren't prepared. 
    When you feel prepared go to Bowerstone South and then go up the stairs on the 
    right near the entrance. The guard will let you pass to Bowerstone North- the 
    rich part. Take a moment to explore if you like. Go to the shops, steal some 
    stuff, look around. The store in Bowesrtone North has a few great weapons. But 
    you may have to spend some time making some money to afford them.  When you are 
    ready follow the yellow arrow northwest to Bowerstone Jail. 
    Bowerstone Jail [12A]
    Here two guards will join you. The archaelogist was taken by minions. These 
    minions are tough customers especially if you are not equipped with the best 
    weapons and armor. Follow the path and a few more will show up. Probably like 
    five of them all together. When you finish disposing them continue to the next 
    Windmill Hill [12B]
    Here, a minion mage will create a barrier so you cannot pass. Basically, you 
    just have to go up the road killing off the minions. The minion who you have 
    to defeat to remove the barrier isn't too hard. Take a moment to scourge throw 
    and find some treasure in the area. When you are done enter the Gibbet Woods.
    Gibbet Woods [12C]
    A minion will be kind enough to summon a rock troll for you! How nice of him! 
    This is my strategy for the rock troll. I do one of two things. 1) Hit him with
    two slashes and one flourish and then roll away when he starts to jump, then 
    repeat. 2) Use my bow kinds of close to him. This way he will try to jump if 
    you get close. If he does just move back. If he tries to hurl his rocks at 
    you then move forward. After you beat him beat the minions behind him and 
    continue to the Prison path.
    Prison Path [12D]
    In this next part, you have 5 minutes to defeat all the enemies to free the 
    archaelogist. Just take it slow and defeat all the enemies as they come to you. 
    When you do this you will complete the mission. Now is another good time to do 
    some Silver quests. When you are done head for Lynchfield Graveyard.
    -Quest- The Graveyard Path [13]
    Talk to the Gravekeeper, then reach the Old Kingdom Graveyard
    Lychfield Graveyard [13A]
    When you enter you will see a scene with the gravekeeper and another gentleman 
    talking about something. After the scene get the items from the house and talk 
    to the gravekeeper. Just follow the path to Astro's graveyard where he tells 
    he clues you in that you need his armour, his shield, his sword and his helmet. 
    His helmet is in the gravekeeper's house. The armour is in the Lady Fylorn tomb 
    (near Astro's Tomb). You need to fish out his armour near trhe Dark Duke's 
    graveyard. when you have all four go back to Astro's grave and then head to the 
    Demon Door at the right of the entrance this area.
    Old Graveyard Path [13B]
    Your going to face literally unlimited amounts of undead in the start of this 
    area. JUst fight as much as you like and then continue. They will eventually 
    stop spawning. Follow the path, which is kinda creepy. At the end of the path 
    you'll see a door. To the right of the door is a chest containing a silver 
    augmentation. Equip it to your weapon if you don't have one already. Then enter 
    through the big door. In this area you have to fight off some more undead. Just 
    stay in the middle because if you leave you cannot attack the ghosts. When you 
    beat them you won't be able to teleport back anywhere so you have to go on to 
    the Underground Chamber.
    -Quest- Rescue Scarlet Robe [14]
    Enter the Underground Chamber and follow the path. There are no enemies here.
    Underground Tunnel [14A]
    In this area, the undead respawn continually. So just fight however many you 
    want and continue. When you reach a fork in the road you'll have to defeat a 
    few undead to let you pass. Going left at the fork will lead you to a chest 
    with a Resurrection Phial. Go right to the end of the path and you'll reach the 
    Cliffside Path.
    Cliffside Path [14B]
    You'll encounter some more undead here. There is a lightning augmentation and 
    a silver augmentation in this area so it is worth your time to gather them up 
    before leaving. When you try to leave the area, more undead will show up and 
    block your path. Again, you have to defeat them to continue.
    Underground Passage [14C]
    In this area you will fight some guards. Don't worry if you are good. You won't 
    get bad points for killing these. And as a note, these are much harder then 
    your everday guards from town. Fight off the guards until you get to a fork in 
    the road. If you want to pick up two health potions and a resurrection phial go 
    left. If not, continue right. You'll come up to a room that has a lot of crates 
    that you can break. There is an Obsidian Katana in one of the treasure chests. 
    But just to let you know on your progress. I think an Obsidian Katana would be 
    useless at this stage of the game. I had a Solus Greatsword that has 314 for 
    Damage. The Obsidian Katana has 98. That should give you a good idea of the 
    weapon you have. Most people should have Master weopons or legendary weapons 
    by now. Anyways, I digress. When you are finished head to the Torture Chamber.
    Torture Chamber [14D]
    You'll see a cutscene at the beginning. When you are done open the gate by 
    pressing A on the lever. Now you have to escort Scarlet Robe back through the 
    Underground Passage and you get a little suprise by someone. (I think you have 
    to go all the way back to the Underground tunnel to get to the cutscene in the 
    orginal Fable.) 
    Bargate Prison [14E]
    After the cutscene you will find yourself in a prison cell. You are stripped of 
    all items, clothes, weapons, money, magic and you are head and face are shaved! 
    In the cell, just wait a little. The person in the cell next to you will begin 
    to talk to you and he tells you of a race that the warden has every year for 
    his birthday.
    When the guard comes back, you will start the race. It's simple. Just press B 
    and follow the guards directions. If you lose, just try again.
    In the Warden's office you need to sneak to the board next to the warden and 
    get the code. Press down on the left analog and then walk. Then you have to go 
    over to the book near the door. 
    You find yourself in the cell again. Again, you have to wait for the race to 
    take place. Just do the same thing as before and you'll be back in the Warden's 
    office. In the office you basically do the same thing as before. Get the code 
    from the board and then go back to the book. At the end the Warden will send 
    you to the cell but you will have the prison cell key. When you get back open 
    the door and go across to pick up a stick from one of the barrels. Getting the 
    people out of their cells gives you good points.
    In the courtyard you need to sneak by the guards. It's really easy. Just go
    right. You only have to avoid one guard. When you get to the torture chamber 
    Scarlet Robe tells you to get your equipment. Now, head back out to the 
    courtyard. You can use the prisoners that you let out as distractions. You need 
    to head up the stairs and enter the prison barracks. If you can't find it just 
    follow the arrow. In here you will find a full suit of guard clothing and all 
    your own stuff! Now head back to the Torture Chamber and get your mom out. Now 
    you have to escort Scarlet Robe the through the Underground Passage, the 
    Cliffside Path, and the Underground Tunnel until you get to the Underground 
    Chamber. Remember to protect her at all times because she is vulnerable. 
    When you get to the big pool of water at the Underground Channel a huge Kraken 
    will attack you. First you have to take down its tentacles one by one. My 
    startegy was to rollo away just as it was about to strike and then I hit it 
    with my sword. I had to cure Scarlet Robe a couple of times with magic. After 
    you take down the tentacles, the head will pop up. For the head, all I did was
    continually move to the side while I nailed him with my bow. It worked great.
    After the battle pick up all the green orbs and walk out for a cutscene.
    After the cutscene teleport back to the Guild if you want to do some side 
    quests. Now is a good time to stock up on items and do all of the side things 
    you want to do. If not, then teleport to Barrow Fields. Head through Darkwood 
    Weir until you reach Ancient Cullis Gate
    -Quest- Gateway to Hook Coast- [15]
    Just continue until you get to the portal. Here you have to kill enough undead
    until the bar on the right fills up. Then you will automatically be teleported 
    to Hook Coast.
    Hook Coast [15A]
    If you want there are a few shops to trade with. There is a new house to buy. 
    So, take some time to explore. When you are done head to the north part of town
    and Scarlet Robe will contact you by telepathy telling you to come back to the 
    guild. Well, do what she says and teleport to the guild. When you get there 
    something is definately wrong. Just head to Maze's Quarters and grab the book
    on the table to finish the quest. One of the easiest quests in a long time huh?
    Now you need to talk with the guildmaster. He will fill you in one what has
    happened and then he will give you the new quest. Taking this quest will 
    abandon all other side quests so get those done first. Thus, now is a great 
    time to complete all the side quests and gain some money and experience.
    Also, make sure you have the best equipment possible and a heavy supply of
    health potions, Will potions and resurrection phials.
    -Quest- Return to Hook Coast- [16]
    Dispel the barrier at Hook Coast Ruins and find the key in Hook Coast
    Hook Coast Revisted [16A]
    Teleport back to Hook Coast and go back to where you could not pass last time.
    There are scary ghosts that will pop out at you, but they're easy as hell! Get 
    it. LOL. Ghosts are easy as hell. haha. Ok, moving on. When you get to the 
    barrier you will hear the guildmaster dispel it and then you will get a sup-
    After the cutscene you will have to fight [the guy]. I'm trying to be spoiler
    free here. This fight is tough. You can't attack him when he has the blue arua
    around him. So it's best to heal up, or get ready when this happens. I found 
    that Divine Fury was my best friend in this fight. My Master Bow wasn't too
    effective. I basically tried to hammer him with my melee weapon when he wasn't
    blue and when he was, I would summon, heal, and use Divine Fury. But Divine 
    Fury is only in Lost Chapters, so if you have Fable, just try to attack him 
    with melee. He also blocks really well. So, try to get behind him. After you
    take enough damage, he will teleport somewhere else. Just find him on your map.
    He will telport like five times and eventually goes up to the lighthouse. If
    the lighthouse is locked because it is night time, you have to pick it. When 
    you beat him the quest is complete. Teleport back to Heroes' Guild and speak
    to the Guildmaster. After speaking to him step onto the cullis gate.
    -Quest- Try and stop Jack of Blades [17]
    You will have to go to four different focus sites to try and stop Jack from
    activating them.
    You start with the Witchwood Cullis Gate. Follow the path defeating the minions
    and undead until you reach the portal. But you are to late. You automatically 
    get teleported to Orchard Farm. You have yo follow the path to Greatwood Lake, 
    where again you are too late. You get teleported to Hobbe Cave. Again, just 
    follow the path. You will find Thunder about half way through the cave and he
    will accompany you to the Focus Chamber. Again, yoo late, You now go to Bower-
    stone jail and then head to Gibbet Woods. It gets pretty hectic on the way 
    with so many minions attacking you. Use divine fury, summon, slow time, any-
    thing you can to get by them. For the last time, when you reach Jack, he has
    already activated the four focus sites. 
    You now find yourself back at the Guild. There aren't many places that are 
    accessible. Go past the maproom to find the guildmaster and he gives you the 
    last quest card. 
    -Quest- Battle Jack of Blades [18]
    Take a moment to level up all that you can in the Experience Spending Platform.
    When you are finished head to the Chamber of Fate. Follow the arrow to the 
    Guild Caves and then to the Chamber of Fate where you meet Jack. 
    Last Battle [18A]
    You can't hit Jack until you take care of his minions. There are a few warriors
    and two mage minions. I used Divine Fury to take care of most of the minions
    and then I just used my bow to take care of the mages. When they are done, you
    can attack Jack. The first part is easy. I recommend using Berserk and just 
    attacking him. I was doing about 1000 damage with each blow. When you take 
    about half of his health, Jack will grow bigger and start flying in the middle 
    of the room. This form is a little tougher. He will attack you three different
    ways. One is a kind of weak attack with about 5 blades of something thrown at 
    you. For this, just roll out of the way and attack him with your bow or magic.
    The second is a little stronger but it's basically the same. He hurls about 
    5 big balls of magic at you. But these are more spread out so you just have to
    try and stay between them. You can also hide behind the rocks around the room.
    The third is a terrible attack. You can't do anything but just heal yourself. 
    He raises his sword and sucks the life out of you. He will also summon some 
    minions but what I did is just summon my own and use Ghost Sword to keep them 
    busy. This battle is a little tough but it's not too hard if you are smart.
    After you beat Jack you have a decision to make. It's pretty obvious which one
    leads to the good ending and which one leads to the bad ending. If you chose
    the bad ending you get to wield the Sword of Aeons.
    Note: If you are playing the original Fable, watch the credits roll and
    continue playing if you want.
    10. Expanded Content Walkthrough
    If you are playing The Lost Chapters then you will find yourself in Memorial 
    Garden after defeating Jack, and the guildmaster will ask you to go to the 
    platform outside the Guild. Do so, and you will have your next quest.
    -Quest- The Prophets of Fire Heart [19]
    Recover the Fire Heart from the Lookout Point Demon Door.
    The Prophet's Chamber [19A]
    After the cutscene, speak to the Demon Door and he will let you in because you
    have the mask of Jack. You now have to solve a puzzle. It really isn't too
    difficult. You have to turn all the moons into suns to release one of the 
    prophets. Turning all the suns into moons releases them by killing them. I 
    killed the annoying one. Not completeing in time will make you lose health and
    start again. If you die, you will use up a resurrection phial. When you release
    all of them you will get the Fire Heart and your next quest. I recommend
    getting Avo's Tear [b14] in the sidequest if you chose the good ending.
    -Quest- The Ship of the Drowned-[20]
    Place the Fire Heart in the lighthouse.
    Teleport to Hook Coast and you will be welcomed by a guard who fills you in on
    some info. Then, go to the lighthouse and go all the way up. Just activate the
    fire Heart to summon the ghost ship. But before it does, a summoner appears and 
    tries to destroy the lighthouse. The summoner wasn't that dificult for me. All
    I did was cast Berserk and kill it with about 6 or 7 cuts of my Avo's Tear.
    After you beat it, more summoners will appear. You now have to go back and 
    battle minions and two summoners with Briar Rose. Make your way back to the 
    lighthouse defeating all the enemies and the ghost ship will finally arrive.
    -Quest- The Oracle of Snowspire- [21]
    Meet Scythe in Snowspire. Then, go to Necropolis and recover the tablets
    containing the Glyphs that will awaken the Oracle.
    Afterwards, you find yourself in Lost Bay. Follow the path until you see
    another cutscene with an Ice Troll who blocks your path. Try to use Berserk 
    or one of your other strong magic attacks. If not then just use the same
    strategy that you use with other trolls. Continue on to the Northern Hills.
    There are a few chests in this area that you want to pick up. There is a Ages 
    of Will Potion to the right of the entrance and a Health Augmentation near the
    exit to Archon's Shrine. You'll face some Warrior minions and mage minions 
    here. At the end of the road, you'll face another Ice Troll. After you beat it
    go past it to enter Archon's Shrine. There is a Cullis Gate here so if you want
    to teleport anywhere you can use it. There is also Orkon's Club in a chest just
    to the left of the entrance. Just follow the path until you see a cutscene with
    Briar Rose who tells you to go on to Snowspire Village.
    Snowspire Village [21A]
    When you get into town you will meet Sycthe and he will give you your new 
    mission. When you are free to roam it is a good time to go around town and
    explore. There is a new house to buy for 25,000 gold, a few shops with new 
    items and equipment, and of course some things to steal if your bad. When you
    are finished head back out to Archon's Shrine. Here you will face some new 
    enemies. They are like undeads with ice. It's very difficult to hit them with
    melee weapons, so just use your bow from afar. They are very slow so you can
    easily take care of them. Continue to Northern Hills and then go north to
    Necropolis and yo will see a cutscene where the guards let you in.
    Necropolis [21B]
    Here is where the real quest begins. This isn't too hard. You'll have to face
    a few of those undead ice monsters but they aren't too dificult. What you have
    to do dig near all the green dots. Those spots are also signified by sparkles
    above the graves. If you dig in the wrong graves a summoner appears with some
    help. Just go berserk and mash them. But here is a list of all the graves that
    contain a glyph if you don't want to fight. You need to read the headstones 
    before digging.
    These are the graves that contain glyhps.
    -I. Lovett. Albion is beautiful
    -T. Fung. Master Spellweaver.
    -George W. 'He gave support until the end'
    For the last glyph you need to go to the end of the road and defeat an Ice 
    Troll followed by two summoners. When you have all four glyphs, simply head
    back to Snowspire Village and talk to Sycthe.
    A lot of the story is revealed to you now. When you are done you need to speak
    to Briar rose in Acrhon's Spine. She clues you in on what you have to do to
    open the Bronze Gate.
    -Quest- The Souls of Heroes- [22]
    You will need three Hero souls to complete this quest, but it's pretty straight
    forward.The first soul you need is that of an ARENA CHAMPION.
    Soul 1- Arena Champion
    The first thing you need to do is meet Thunder in Knothole Glade. So, simply
    teleport there. When you enter you will see a cutscene where the mayor of
    Knothole tells Thunder to leave. After the cutscene you can do one of two
    things. Kill Thunder and take his soul. This is the easiest way. Thunder has
    the same attacks as before, but you probably have new spells and are much
    stonger. Just beat the crap out of him.
    The other way to pick up the first sole is to go to the arena. This is much
    tougher. You will have four rounds. The first round is trolls with minions.
    The second is minion mages, trolls, and minions. The third is balverines, white
    balverines, minions, and minion mages. The fourth will feature minion mages
    and summoners.
    Once you have the soul teleport back to Archon's Shrine to speak with Briar
    Soul 2- Heroine
    When you get back you will need to collect the soul of a HEROINE. Again, you
    have two choices; kill Briar Rose, or collect the soul of Scarlet Robe. Killing
    Briar Rose is easy. She will clone herself to several different Briar Roses.
    Just hit them until you find the real one. She goes down easier than the girls
    at Darwood Bordello. You do get a LOT of evil points for killing her though.
    To collect Scarlet Robe's soul just teleport to Oakvale and go to Memorial
    Garden. You will face some screamers but they're easy. When you defeat all the
    enemies you will face Scarlet Robe and she will sacrifice her soul to you.
    Either way you collect ther second soul, head back to Archon's Shrine and you
    will be instructed to collect the OLDEST soul.
    Soul 3- Oldest
    You need to head to Heroes' Guild to see your two options now.
    If you decide to kill the Guildmaster you need to go to the Guild Woods. You
    will have to fight a bunch of guards while the guildmaster gives them magical
    support. Don't try to hurt the guilmaster you won't be able to. Just kill all
    the guards and baldie will ask you one last time to take Nostro's soul instead.
    If you decline you automatically get the soul. If you accept, just go pick up
    Nostro's Soul.
    If you decide to collect Nostro's soul teleport to Lyncfield Graveyard. There
    will be a battle between Nostro's risen undead army and minions on the path to
    the Circle of the Dead. You can just run by them or fight if you wish. When you
    reach the Circle of Dead Nostro will greet you and tell you to claim his soul
    with honour in battle. The fight is pretty easy. What you should do is stay
    close to Nostro, because there are times when you can't hit him. When you can't
    hit him he is translucent. When he is, attack his little undead helpers. When
    he turns opaque, or soild, attack him. I used Berserk and killed him with a few
    After collecting the third and final soul teleport back to Acrhon's Shrine to
    face Jack in the Final FINAL battle. This is the final battle, there will be no
    more final battles after this final FinAL Battle. Got it? Finally. It's a good
    idea to save before it. When you are ready to face Jack, enter the Bronze Gate.
    -Quest- The Final Battle-[23]
    You will see Jack in his new form as a dragon. This battle is MUCH MUCH easier
    than it looks. It does look intimidating but it's not that tough actually.
    The dragon will summon some minions, use fire, and a jumping attack. The best
    time to hurt the dragon is before it starts to fly, which means immediately.
    Use all the spells that make you stronger- Berserk, Slow time, Pysical Shield.
    Then hammer at the dragon. If you are strong, then your initial attacks will
    really hurt the dragon. For the rest of the time just use your bow or magic
    when you can't reach the dragon and Berserk melee when he gets close. After
    beating him you again have the decision to have a good ending by destroying
    Jack's mask, or the bad one by holding back and not throwing it in the flames.
    Congrats on beating Fable The Lost Chapters!
    9. Side Quests
    There are two different types of side quests. Bronze and Silver. Silver ones 
    are Quests that you must go to the Guild and pick up a Quest car for. In these, 
    you can take boasts, but they have no relevance to the story. The Bronze Quests 
    are usually shorter and easier and can be done at any time.
    >Silver Quests< [s]
    Silver quests MUST be taken at the Heroe's Guild. They are just like regular
    quests except they have nothing to do with the story. If I miss any please 
    feel free to email me what I have missing.
    Hobbe Killing Contest
    Location: Orchard Farm
    Availabe: After Orchard Farm Mission[4A/4B]
    Available after Attack/defend Orchard Farm. You have to accept this mission in 
    the Hero's Guild. This may be a little to difficult for you now. You fight 
    alongside Whisper clearing out an area full of Hobbes. Pretty simple. You can 
    take boasts.
    Hobbe Cave
    Location: Hobbe Cave
    Avaialable: When you have enough Renown, but after Darkwood
    For this mission, you first need to go to the Rose Cottage. Go to the house
    and speak to the grandmother who is missing her grandchild. She tells you
    he is in the Hobbe Caves and gives you a key.
    Now, follow the yellow arrow to the caves.  In the caves fight off any enemies
    then enter the right doorway. There is a bandit in here who is locked up by 
    Hobbes. If you beat the Hobbes who are guarding him, he will get out and ask 
    you if you want to look for treasure with him. Bringing him along is a good 
    idea. You might need him later. Battle your way through the cave, it's very 
    linear and the chests are easy to find. Once inside the Focus Champer and 
    you'll finally see the missing kid. But a nymph shows up and says she needs the 
    boy for a sacrifice. You have a few options. You can offer the bandit as the 
    replacement for the boy. You can kill the nymph and free the boy. Or you can 
    sacrifice the bandit and kill the nymph. If you fight the nymph, she's fast and 
    she flies so lock on with the left trigger and use magic ot beat her. 
    Now you need to fight your way out of the caves. Twice I tried this but the boy
    died, making me restart. You can run by all the Hobbes if you like but it needs
    to be quick. If the bandit is still alive when you get out of the cave, he will
    ask for his share of the treasure. Either give it to him or kill him. Now head 
    back to report to granny.
    [s3] (Lost Chapters Exclusive)				-----------------------
    ========================================================|*Note- You can take  |
    Trader Rescue					        |       both Trader   |
    Location: Twinblade's camp            		        |       Rescue and    |
    Available: After Find the Bandit Seeress[7] is complete |       Massacre      |
    Teleport to Twinblade's camp. A guard will meet you and give you some intel.
    I know it usually doesn't help much but try to be stealthy. Make your way 
    through the camp until you get to the first trader. Clear the area of all 
    bandits before talking to the trader because more bandits will show up and you 
    have to protect the traders. I recommend hiring the swordswman in the camp. 
    First free the first trader. After that, go to Twinblade's elite camp. Make the 
    first trader wait for you at the entrance. Then, kill all bandits in the whole 
    area. Go back and pick up the trader. Now go to one of the two traders and 
    release them. More bandits will appear. Just stay close to your traders. Again, 
    kill everyone on the map. Now, rescue the last trader and again bandits 
    reappear. Just kill everyone on your path back to twinblade's camp. In 
    Twinblade's camp, there will be more enemies. They should be easy enough.
    [s4] (Lost Chapters exclusive)
    Trader Massacre
    Location: Barrow Fields
    Available: After Find the Bandit Seeress[7] is complete
    Take this if you want bad alignment. It's pretty simple. All you have to do
    is kill all the guards and traders in Barrow Fields. Take as many boasts as 
    you can for this one. But it's not a good idea to accept this if you are good 
    and don't want any bad points. If you are good and want the gold and Renown, do 
    the quest and then choose NOT to kill the last merchant.
    Break the Siege
    Location: Knothole Glade
    Available: After you complete the Arena [10]
    Teleport to Knothole Glade. A bandit will approach and asks you to take a 
    message to the chief. After the cutscene, take a moment to get ready. DO 
    NOT Under ANY circumstances kill the bandit leader. He is the one with his 
    arms raised. If you kill him you fail the mission. Got it? Good. When you are 
    done exploring tell the guard at the gates to open her up. Try not to let the 
    bandits get past you. If theydo ignore them. Kill the ones in front of you and 
    then go back and kill the other ones. After this quest is a good time to steal 
    some armor from the armor shop because no one is there. 
    Lost Trader
    Location: Abdandoned Road
    Available: After you complete the Arena [10]
    Teleport to Oakvale and then head to the Clifftop path and then to the
    abandoned road. When you get there a trader will approach and tell you that his
    brother Thomas is missing somewhere up ahead. Follow him until he stops and says
    that he's too scared to go any farther. Just follow the road to the silver dot.
    There will be only a hndful of bandits on the road but a few will spawn behind
    you so watch out. Once you find the trader you have to escort him back to his
    brother. Bandits will spawn out of nowhere and attack you just keep the trader
    close by and don't RUN with B. Just jog normally so he can keep up. This really
    isn't that hard and the rewards are only mediocre.
    Execution Tree Rescue
    Location: Bowerstone Jail
    Available: After Rescue the Archaelogist[12]
    This is the choice to make if your bad.                 -----------------------
    In this one you have three minutes and forty seconds    |*Note- You can EITHER|
    to get to Headman's Hill. Along the way, you will       |       take          |
    encounter guards. Just kill them and keep moving. When  |	Execution Tree|
    you reach Headman's Hill you'll have to kill the        |       OR            |
    executioner but it's no biggy.	                        |       Execution Tree|
    							|       Rescue.       |
         							|       Not Both!     |
    Execution Tree
    Location: Bowerstone Jail
    Available: After Rescue the Archaelogist[12]
    Take this mission if you have a godd Hero.
    When you get to Bowerstone Jail you'll meet the guards and the criminal. Just 
    follow the guards and protect them from the bandit attacks. You have to go 
    through Bowerstone Jail, Windmill Hill, Gibbet Woods, and finally Headman's 
    Hill to complete the quest. Just make sure the criminal doesn't get hurt.
    [s9] (Lost Chapters exclusive)
    Darkwood Disturbance
    Location: Darkwood Lake
    Available: After Rescue the Archaelogist[12]
    Go to Darkwood Lake. The best way is to teleport to Barrow Fields and follow 
    the path from Darkwood Weir to Ancient Cullis Gate to Darkwood Camp and finally 
    to Darkwood Lake. When you get there you'll meet Briar Rose. First, take care 
    of about 5 minions then a cutscene will activate. You now have to protect Briar 
    Rose from the minions while she recites some thing there. 
    Bounty Hunt
    Location: Greatwood Entrance, Fisher Creek, Greatwood Lake
    Available: After Rescue Scarlet Robe [14]
    In Greatwood Entrance you will see a scene where the bandits talk about there
    plans. They are gonna split up. One bandit will take a small group and head to
    Fisher Creek and the Bandit Leader is heading to Greatwood Lake. When you have 
    control head over to Fisher Creek first. You will see a cutscene. All you have 
    to do is take care of the three or four bandits here and the man will be free.
    Then, head to Greatwood Lake. Again, you only have to defeat about four or five
    bandits and you will finish the quest. 
    Bandit Spy Extraction 
    Location: Bowerstone Jail
    Available: After Rescue Scarlet Robe [14]
    First, go to Bowerstone North and talk to the banidt Tanya. When you are free
    you have to follow the convoy of traders and guards and rescue Otto, an under-
    cover bandit. If you have a good Hero kill as little guards as possible. If you
    are evil, just kill everyone. You should find Otto in Gibbet Woods, he has a 
    green aura around him. When he's following you just go back to Bowerstone Jail.
    On the way you'll have to fight the traders and some guards. When you reach 
    Bowerstone Jail a BUNCH of guards will show up. You have to use some tricks to
    keep your friend alive. 1) You can use the Slow Time 2) Summon a beast to keep 
    the guards busy 3) Use Divine Fury/Eternal Wrath to take care of them quick.
    Either way, remember to heal Otto if he gets too hurt.
    [s12] (Lost Chapters Exclusive)
    The Ransom Victim
    Location: Knothole Glade
    Available: After Last Battle [18A]
    Talk to the mayor at the end of Knothole Glade. The mayor says his son has been
    taken by bandits. He says that his son is being held in  Witchwood cave. The 
    other son of the mayor will offer you extra gold for bringing the missing son
    to him. First, go to Witchwood Lake, then to the Temple of Avo. You'll 
    probably be stong enough now to do the Sword in the Stone Quest [b10]. When 
    you are done head to the Witchwood stones and go to the cave where you first
    found the archaeologist. When you meet the bandits who took the kid, you have
    two options. You can give the bandit the 7500 that the mayor gave you and then
    escort the kid back to Knothole Glade fighting balverines, trolls, and nymphs.
    Or you kill the leader, keep the money,and escort him back facing bandits. The
    second choice is recommended. On the way back, make sure to keep the boy close
    and heal him if he gets hurt. He's pretty funny. Especialy if he gets hit and 
    says "Something's trying to kill me! This is the best day ever!" When you get 
    back to town you can either give the boy to his brother, or his dad. Both lead
    to the same reward.
    >Bronze Quests< [b]
    There are many bronze quests that you can take. They are short, have no 
    relevance to the story and can be done at almosy any time. I may not have all 
    the Bronze quests but feel free to notify me of any missed ones and I'll give 
    you credit here.
    [b1] (Lost Chapters exclusive)
    The Sick Child
    Location: Bowestone south
    Available: After Maze's info in Bowerstone [3A]
    After you meet with with Maze for the first time in Bowerstone, a little girl
    will ask you to follow her. Do that and she takes you to a woman who has a sick
    boy. she asks you to help her child get better. She says a withc in Bowerstone
    Quey can cure him. Let's find her. Just enter the quay and she's directly ahead
    of you. The witch asks you for four blue mushrooms so that she can make an 
    The first mushroom is in the pond near the demon door in Heroe's Guild.
    You need to fish it out. Just aim your rod at the ripple.
    For the next mushroom, go to the Guild Woods. Find the green dot on the map and
    go to it. The guy gives you a love letter for a girl who lives in Oakvale. Go 
    to Oakvale and find her next to a well near the cemetary. She gives you a reply
    letter to take to the man in the Guild Woods. Go back and either give him the 
    letter or just tell him she like him to get the second mushroom.
    For the third mushroom, you need to go to the Picninc Area. There is an 
    annoying woman who asks you to make her laugh. Just make her laugh three times 
    to get the mushroom. Or kill her. Either way.
    For the fourth mushroom, you need to talk to a gentleman in BArrow Fields. He 
    is selling it for 1500 gold. But you can just take it. It'll give you bad deeds
    and the guards will come after you. The fine is 750, but you can just leave the
    area really quick.  
    Now go back to the damn witch who has the nerve to tell you that she had the 
    antidote all along. Now, deliver the potion to the mom with the sick child to
    complete the quest.
    Beardy Baldy
    Location: Bowerstone Query
    Available: After Maze's info in Bowerstone [3A]
    A man in Bowerstone Docks has an unusual request for you. He asks you to change
    your appearance becuase his daughter like guys only a certain way. After you 
    finish altering your appearance the man finally says that his daughter is fake
    and he just likes making Heroes look silly. He gives you a tattoo for a reward.
    I don't recommend taking this quest unless you are interested in tattoos. Waste
    of time.
    [b3] (Lost Chapters exclusive)
    Book Collection
    Location: Bowerstone South
    Available: After Maze's info in Bowerstone [3A]
    A man near the tavern will ask you to donate some books. Just find him in the 
    school he runs later. Everytime you show up, the man will find a book in your 
    inventory and read it to the class. You cannot choose the books to give him, he 
    does. After you donate 6 books, the man will give you a either a Bright Wizard 
    Hat or a Dark Wizard Hat. If you give him 6 good books first, you'll get the 
    Bright Wizard Hat. If you donate 6 bad books first you'll get the Dark Wizard 
    Hat. The names of the book, and the heamaster's reaction clue you in on if they
    are good or bad books.
    Fishing Lessons
    Location: Fisher Creek
    Available: After Maze's info in Bowerstone [3A]
    Find the Firsher Creek by going to Greatwood entrance and pressing down on the 
    right analog. On the mini-map you can see the way you need to go to get to 
    Fishers creek. There is a man who is trapped in his house. Kill the wasps and
    he gives you a free rod. Cast the line in the water where it is bubbling to 
    get the golden fish. Then the man will speak to you and he opens the fishing 
    competion quest.
    Fishing Competion
    Location: Fisher Creek
    Available: After completing Fishing Lessons Side Quest [b3]
    The fishing competion begins when you enter and talk to the fisherman after the
    Fishing Lessons Quest. In this quest all you have to do is fish and then bring 
    the fish back for a weigh in. So, you can basically bring in fish whenever you 
    feel like it.
    Over 50g- fisherman Hat
    Over 30g- silvery key
    over 15g- Rod of Champions
    Bandit Toll
    Location: Greatwood Gorge
    Available: After Orchard Farm Mission [4A/4B]
    Available after Attack/Defend Orachard Farm. There is a thief here who blocks 
    your path. If you have no gold on you, he tells you to go get him some. If 
    you're rich he asks for 400 gold coins, I think. Either way, you don't have to 
    pay. If you want some good deeds here's your chance. Just attack him but be 
    careful, because there are a lot of thieves in the next area and it's best if 
    you fight them separately. It's best to get left and plunder the treasure and 
    barrels at the bandit camp. You'll find some chests here with a fire augment-
    ation, 500 gold, and a steel pickhammer. You can also break some of the barrels
    to find some items like health potions.
    Treasure of the Ghost Pirate
    Location: Beach at Oakvale
    Available: After Trader Escort [5]
    There is a ghost near on the beach in Oakvale. Talk to him and he'll tell you 
    to dig up his treasure and give it to his wife. If you do this he'll tell you 
    the location of some treasure. You need a Spade first, which you can buy in 
    Oakvale. Then dig up the 500 gold pieces on the left of the docks in Oakvale. 
    You have two options: 1) give the wife the money and dig up the treasure or 2) 
    keep the money and dig up the treasure. The treasure is in the cemetary north 
    of Oakvale. Look for the swordsman for hire and continue to the cmetary. The 
    treasure is around the statue in the center, but take this time to collect the 
    rest of the barried treasure in the cemetary.
    [b6] (Lost chapters exclusive)
    Chicken Kicking Competion
    Location: Oakvale
    Available: After Treasure of the Ghost Pirate [b5]
    After completing the Treasure of the Ghost Pirate Quest, you can take this one.
    Talk to the man near the beach where the ghost lives. Just talk to the man down
    by the beach after he sets up his "arena."  You basically have to to kick 
    chickens and get a total score. Try to aim at the sides and to the back. 
    Getting a running start helps too. Here are the prizes- 
    250 points- chicken hat
    150 points- silver key
    50 points- chicken expression
    Chapel of Skorn
    Location: Chapel of Skorn near Darkwood Camp
    Available: After Trader Escort [5]
    Here there are two evil preists. You can kill them for good points or you can
    carry out sacrifices to get rewards. You can sacrifice mercenaries or 
    villagers. Always save before sacrifices just in case you don't get the items. 
    You can get three items from sacrificing. Necromancer title, Skorn's Bow, and 
    Gift of extended life. This is actually easier to do if you have good alignment 
    instead of bad. But honestly, it's almost impossible to earn any reward if you 
    are evil.
    [b8] (Lost Chapters Exclusive)
    Murder With A Twist
    Location: Oakvale/ Twinblades Camp
    Available: After The Bandit Seeress Quest [7]
    First meet some guards at the back of the house where you saw the man cheating
    on his wife at the beginning of the game in Oakvale. He'll ask you to.....
    assinate an assassin. Well, that sounds interesting. You need to go to
    Twinblade's Tent area. You'll see the assassin and two bandits. Keep approaching
    him with your weapon drawn and he will get the clue that you were sent by his
    brother. He then says that he will pay you 2000 gold pieces to kill his brother.
    Reject that because he'll give you a second offer of 2500 gold pieces.
    You have a few choices. You can reject the assassins bribe, kill him, and go 
    back to the guard. You'll get the max good points and 1000 gold. You can take 
    the 2500 from the bandit, kill him, and go back to get the 1000 gold from the 
    guard. You can take the 2500 and kill the assassin, then go to the guard and 
    kill him and his friends for the max experience. Or you can take the 2500 and 
    go kill the guards for the most evil points.
    Temple of Light
    Location: Temple of Avo
    Available: After Find the Archaeologist Quest [8]
    The opposite of the Chapel of Skorn. You basically have to donate to earn some
    rewards. Again, the amount of money you have to donate is crazy. This is better
    kept for after the end of the game.
    The Sword in the Stone
    Location: Temple of Avo
    Available: After Find the Archaeologist Quest [8]
    You cannot pull th sword out the first time you try it. You need to up your
    strength five levels, your health two, and toughness three, OR you have to
    have your stats maxed out. The highest level that you can have in each is 7.
    So, let's say you're at level 5 with all your stats. You would need to level
    up all three to level 7 in order to pull it out and get the rewards of 100
    gold, 100 renown and the Harbinger.
    Ghost Granny Nacklace
    Location: Orchard Farm
    Available: After Find the Arhaeologist Quest [8]
    Talk to the farmer of Orchard Farm. He tells you to go talk to the ghost of 
    his mother. Find her near the cemetary, look at the map. She tells you a 
    bandit killed her and stole the family heirloom. Go back and talk to her 
    son who asks you to get revenge on the bandit who might still be in Greatwood 
    Lake. The bandit will be the only enemy in the area. When you are almost to him
    granny shows up and confirms that he is the bandit who killed her. Kill him 
    with a bow shot to the head then get the Dead Lady's Heirloom and take it back
    to the farmer in Orchard Farm for your reward.
    Investigating the Mayor
    Location: Bowerstone North
    Available: After Arena [10] when Bowerstone North becomes available
    This quest involves numerous steps. First go into Bowerstone and talk to the 
    captain of the guards who mentions that he has a deranged man locked up who
    will be hung on Lady Grey's command. Find the green dot in the northwest first. 
    The man there will ask you to investigate Lady Grey. Next, you have to go talk 
    to a man in Barrow Fields. Just teleport there and go to the green dot near the 
    Demon Door. Speak with him and he mentions that he was in love with Lady Grey's 
    sister and that she died of an illness quite suddenly. With the new info. head 
    back to speak to the locked up man. He asks you to speak to the ghost of 
    Amanda, Lady Grey's sister. Go to Grey House and in the stables to the right of 
    the entrance flash your lantern three times. You'll see the ghost head to the 
    cellar. Scary huh? Follow her in and she tells you to take the letter near her 
    corpse to tell people what really happened. Just when you are about to leave, 
    Lady Grey shows up. You have a few options here. If you're good it's best to 
    not cover it up. But you will miss marrying Lady Gray and a legendary weapon 
    from the Demon Door inside her house. If you're bad you can cover it up and 
    still get the goodies. You also get a 15,000 dowry from marrying her.If you 
    choose to cover it up and marry Lady Grey, the you have to defeat Thunder. 
    A third option is to marry Lady Grey before doing this quest. Then you can 
    proceed with the investigation but don't choose to cover it up if you're 
    already married becasue all teleportation devices will be de-activated and 
    you'll have to go on foot everywhere.
    Mayor's Invitation
    Location: Bowestone Jail
    Available: After Investigating the Mayor or before you marry Lady Grey
    Go to Bowestone Jail and you will meet up with Thunder. He tells you to go 
    to Headman's Hill so he can kill you and marry Lady Grey. You need to walk 
    to Windmill Hill, then to Gibbet Woods. In Gibbet, take the path that leads 
    left to Headman's Hill and meet Thunder and a huge crowd. He's tough and I 
    recommend using magic or your bow when he uses his thunder move and 
    attacking him with melee otherwise. Use your flouish to inflict massive 
    damage. After you defeat him you are free to marry Lady Grey.
    Arhery Competition
    Location: Knothole Glaes
    Available: After Break the Seige [s6] is completed
    Just outside of Knothole Glade is a gentleman that offers this competition. 
    It's pretty self explanatory. Just shoot the dummies. The ones in the back 
    are worth more so aim for them. Prizes you getr are health potions, red meat, 
    and getting a new high score gets you a treasure clue and 100 Renown.
    [b14] (Lost Chapters Exclusive)
    The Hidden Sword
    Available: Available: After the Prophets of Fir Heart Quest [19]
    This is only available if you are playing Lost Chapters and chose the good 
    ending. You will hear the guildmaster and Briar Rose talking about a hidden 
    weapon and that Maze might know something about it. So, head over to Maze's 
    quarters. Or his old quarters to find out some more. Read his bookcase and you
    will find Maze's journal entries about where to find Avo's Tear. Now, head 
    back down and read the grave in the garden. Afterwards, you will recieve Avo's
    10. Acknowledgements
    I want to thank my girlfriend Eliana for reviewing this guide for errors. I 
    also want to thank GameFaqs for the great service they provide gamers like me.
    I want to give a huge thanks Jared Haslip (aka Pirate of the Faqs) for creating
    my ASCII logo. I have ZERO artistic talent when it comes to ASCII art, so he 
    really saved me. And lastly, I want to thank my readers who appreciate all the 
    work I have put into this guide and use it for what it was meant to be used 
    I couldn't have done it without the help of some amazing people. Thank you.
    11. Copyright
    This entire document is Copyright 2005 Daniel Perez. All trademarks are 
    property of their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used 
    without my permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your 
    website, making links to my guide, including parts of my guide in your own, or 
    making reference to any material contained within.
    All the sites mentioned below have permission to do the above. Please email me 
    at daniel.perez8@fiu.edu to enquire about gaining permission to use this 
    The only authroized websites that can use my guides are:
    Thank you

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