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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Nethros

    Version: 0.85 | Updated: 04/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fable the Lost Chapters
    System: PC
    Written By Haik Avetian
    Last Updated: Thursday, April 28 2006
    Version 0.85
    Copyright© Haik Avetian 2006
    WARNING! This Guide is NOT Spoiler-Free
    Legal Disclaimer
    This Guide is copyrighted, and you are not allowed to post this 
    anywhere without my permission, even if you say that it’s made by me. 
    Legal Action will be taken if you ever try to do that, or steal it, 
    claiming it is yours.
    The newest version of the FAQ/Walkthrough will always be at
    http://www.gamefaqs.com (Not sure, they might reject some updates)
    Table of Contents
    1. Story
    2. Skills
      2.1 Strength
      2.2 Skill
      2.3 Will
    3. Walkthrough
        3.1 The Birthday Gift
        3.2 Guild Training
        3.3 Wasp Menace
        3.4 Maze’s Information
        3.5 Attack/Protect Orchard Farm
        3.6 Trader Escort
        3.7 Maze’s New Info
        3.8 Find Bandit Seeress
        3.9 Maze’s Request
        3.10 Find Archaeologist
        3.11 White Balverine
        3.12 The Arena
        3.13 Finding Theresa Again
        3.14 Rescue Archaeologist
        3.15 The Graveyard Path
        3.16 Rescue Scarlet Robe
        3.17 Gateway to Hook Coast
        3.18 Return to Hook Coast
        3.19 Try to stop Jack
        3.20 Battle Jack
      Fable TLC
        3.21 Prophets of the Fire Heart
        3.22 Ship of the Drowned
        3.23 Oracle of Snowspire
        3.24 Oracle’s Knowledge
        3.25 Souls of Heroes
        3.26 The Final Battle
    4. Side quests
        4.1 Hobbe Killing Contest
        4.2 Hobbe Cave
        4.3 Collect the Hero Dolls
        4.4 Hidden Booty Hunt
        4.5 Lost Trader
        4.6 Break the Siege
        4.7 Assassin Attacks
        4.8 Granny Necklace
        4.9 Mayor’s Invitation
        4.10 Execution Tree
        4.11 Execution Tree Rescue
        4.12 Bounty Hunt
        4.13 Bandit Spy Extraction
      Fable TLC
        4.14 The Sick Child
        4.15 Book Collection
        4.16 Trader Massacre
        4.17 Trader Rescue
        4.18 Murder with a Twist
        4.19 Investigating the Mayor
        4.20 Darkwood Disturbance
        4.21 The Ransom Victim
        4.22 The Hidden Sword 
    5. Main Features
    6. Enemy List
    7. Credits
    1. Story
    Once a time ago in Albion, a boy who lived in Oakvale had dreamt of 
    being a hero for all his life. Sometimes he wanted to be a warrior, 
    other times a mage. And sometimes, he thought of being evil. His 
    destiny WAS to be a hero. Will his name be praised, or be feared by all 
    people in Albion?
    Version 0.85: Finished writing the Twinblade quest. Going to start on 
    the Archeologist Quest soon.
    2. Skills
    Here are the skills you have In Fable. It includes spells as well.
    This is the skill that makes your hits stronger, and makes you able to 
    wield heavier weapons and armor.
    This gives you a longer health bar, and makes you larger.
    Toughness makes you be able to resist more damage. The more toughness, 
    the less damage.
    Accuracy defines your damage in ranged combat, and makes the crosshair 
    less shaky when you shoot with a ranged weapon, so you can aim better.
    Speed makes you faster in both melee and ranged combat.
    Guile makes you better at trading with merchants, giving you higher 
    profits for sales and less gold for buying. You also become stealthier.
    Magic Power
    This makes your mana bar higher.
    Attack Spells
    Battle Charge
    Battle charge is like a rush ability, where you run into your foes and 
    smashing them.
    Surrounds the caster with a wave of fire. Spreads more fire in higher 
    This spell creates a ball of fire in your hand, getting bigger and 
    bigger, before you blast it into someone.
    This spell makes lightning come out from your hand, and then frying up 
    enemies. In higher levels you can hit more foes at once.
    Multi Strike
    This spell makes you hit twice with one blow.
    Divine Fury
    This makes some kind of ritual circle by the power of gods, striking 
    all enemies in a radius.
    Infernal Wrath
    Kind of like Divine Fury, but I guess it’s from the power of Skorm.
    Surround Spells
    Drain Life
    This heals you while stealing an enemy’s health.
    Force Push
    Anyone thinking of Star Wars? This pushes nearby enemies away with 
    Slow Time
    Makes everything slow-motion except for the caster. A higher level 
    makes it slower times and more time
    This creates a creature from a soul to fight for you.
    This confuses your enemy’s mind and makes him your ally for a while. 
    Higher Levels gives you more time to control him.
    Physical Spells
    Assassin Rush
    This is a very fast spell that makes you kind of teleported to a place, 
    if someone is targeted, you get behind him directly.
    This makes you a war machine, by increasing your speed and strength, 
    but decreasing civilized manners.
    Ghost Sword
    This summons a ghostly blade to battle for you.
    Heal Life
    This heals you.
    Multi Arrow
    If you use this spell and shoot with your bow, you shoot multiple 
    arrows at once.
    Physical Shield
    This surrounds you as a shield, absorbing damage to your mana. When you 
    have no mana left, the spell disappears.
    3. Walkthrough
    Fable Walkthrough
    3.1 The Birthday Gift
    After the cinematic you are woken up by your father who tells you that 
    it is your sister’s birthday today and you will get a coin for each 
    good deed you do. He will give you them.
    The first deed you should do is to retrieve Rosie, a teddy bear, for 
    Emily. So start by going down the hill, and go straight forward up the 
    next one. There you should find a bully and a kid. Talk to one of them. 
    Hit the bully 3 times to get good points, and make a good deed, or hit 
    the kid to get evil points and make a bad deed. If you hit the child 
    give the teddy bear to the bully and you’ll get some money. If you hit 
    the bully, take the teddy bear to Emily.
    The next deed you should do is the Stock Deed. Go down the hill and go 
    left as soon as you can. A man should ask you if you can watch his 
    stock. If you just stand there until he comes back you’ll make a good 
    deed. If you go and destroy all the barrels he got in his warehouse you 
    get a gold coin.
    Now go up the hill that leads to your house, but don’t go right, 
    continue forward and you should see a couple kissing. Talk to the man. 
    He will ask you not to tell his wife about this. He’ll give you money 
    if you promise not to tell her about him. If you accept, you’ll commit 
    a bad deed. If you DID accept and got your money, you can go tell his 
    wife about it and make a good deed. 2 coins in one deed.
    That’s all the deeds you can do. Once you’re done, go to the trader, 
    which is seen as something looking like a coin on the map. He’ll give 
    you chocolate for 3 gold. Accept and go to your sister, which is the 
    new gold marker. 
    When you’ve given her the chocolates, go out of the place and the 
    village will be attacked. Your character will hide and it will be 
    another picture cinematic.
    Now, the village is on fire. WHO CARES? Wait. You’re not evil? Anyway, 
    go up the hill and take the only path to your house where you will see 
    your father lying dead on the ground. Soon, a bandit will attack you, 
    but as he’s going to strike lightning strikes down on him, and he dies. 
    Behind him is Maze who takes you to the heroes’ guild. 
    3.2 Guild Training
    After all the talking you will be woken up by Whisper. You are going to 
    go to the guild master now. Go forward, and take the first door to the 
    right, and continue on until you get outside. Go forward to the two 
    apprentices and cross the first bridge you see there. Now go forward 
    and right to the ring with a dummy in it. The guild master will be 
    there. He will tell you to hit the dummy as hard as you can. Do so.
    The guild master says your punches are weak and will give you a stick. 
    Take it out and hit the dummy 7 times. The dummy will be destroyed now. 
    The Guild master is about to tell you what you will do the next day, 
    but you’ll find out that there is beetles in the woods. And the guild 
    master picks you to kill them.
    Go forward and right, into the opening. You should be in the woods now.  
    Go right and over the water until you come to the beetles. Take out 
    your stick and start hitting them all until the count is 10/10.
    You’ll be rewarded 20 Gold, 30 Renown and 10 Experience. Now leave the 
    woods the same way you came. Talk to the Guild Master. Just say yes to 
    his question. Another Cinematic.
    Whisper will wake you up again. This time you will race her to the 
    Guild Master. You don’t have to win though. Just go around until you 
    get to the ring.
    When you get there, it’s time to fight Whisper. First you’ll just have 
    to hit her some times and after that, block her hits, and after that’s 
    a duel. When you’ve finished you can get graded and get a prize if you 
    get a A+ by talking to the hooded man in black at the ring, it takes 
    time for him to come so I suggest you do the archery training first. 
    After Archery is Will training. Just follow the Guild Master and 
    complete the training on his instructions. When he’s done talking, you 
    can choose if you want to play with Whisper in the woods or go into the 
    final step of training. 
    If you choose to play, go to the Guild Woods. You and Whisper will talk 
    a bit, and then you will see 3 bandits. Kill them with your bow or 
    lightning. After that go out of the Guild Woods and go to the Map Room 
    (Where you first put your foot on.) Talk to the Guild Master.
    Now after all the talking and stuff, you will go into the Guild Woods 
    again where you will meet Maze. Hit him 7 times with your sword, shoot 
    him 7 times with your bow, and use lightning on him 7 times and you’ve 
    passed the test. Boy, was that easy. Go out of the Guild Woods and the 
    Guild Master will talk to you. You’ll go to the Room of Fates and be 
    awarded Guild Seals. After that the Guild Master tells you to go into 
    the green light thing. Go inside and here is the choosing of what type 
    of character you will be. Warrior, Thief/Archer, Mage. Of course, you 
    can always combine them. I picked Warrior which is Strength, but I put 
    some points in Skill, which is for Thieves/Archers later. Will is for 
    When you’ve done all that you will complete the Guild Training quest.
    3.3 Wasp Menace
    Here begins your journey. Press the action key while there is a blue 
    aura around the map, click on Wasp Menace, and click on Take Quest. Go 
    out of the Guild using the big door. You’ll come to the Lookout Point. 
    Go forward a bit and you’ll see a man running towards you. He’ll tell 
    you that the Picnic Area is infested with wasps. When he’s finished 
    talking, follow him there, or follow the gold marker on the map.
    When you get to the Picnic Area, kill all the wasps and the Wasp Queen 
    will appear. She’s very easy, but if you let her hit you some times, 
    you’ll get a scar. Chicks will find you unattractive with scars. But if 
    you have a lot of renown and a good haircut, they’ll still fall in love 
    with you.
    Anyway, when completing the quest, you will be Rewarded 500 Gold, 200 
    Renown and Wasp Queens Head (Trophy)
    3.4 Maze’s Information
    Head out of the Picnic Area, and go to the Gold Marker on the map, that 
    leads to Bowerstone South. When the Guard inside has stopped babbling 
    about rules, go forward to Maze.
    He tells you that there might be someone alive in your family, except 
    for yourself. Your sister. This is important, so don’t press escape. 
    3.5 Protect/Attack Orchard Farm
    Anyway, after this, I recommend you to get a haircut. Go left and up to 
    get to the barber saloon. If you don’t find it, it’s a red and white 
    lined thing outside it. For the max attractiveness you can get 
    currently, get yourself these haircuts: 
    Normal Haircut, Normal Beard. But beards are ugly for me, so I just 
    took Normal Haircut. Anyway, head back to the Guild now by using your 
    Guild Seal or the Cullis Gate.
    At the guild you’ll meet Briar Rose. She seems to be important...Or so 
    she says. But I didn’t know about her, nor did my character. Anyway, 
    take the quest that suits you the best. If you’re good, take the 
    Protect quest, if you’re evil, take the Attack quest. Either way, 
    follow the Gold Marker on the map until you reach your destination. 
    Kill the Guards/Bandits and Steal/Protect the crates until you will 
    fight Whisper. She’ll teach you how to flourish. It’s not hard; I bet 
    you already used it. Anyway, after beating her, you get rewarded with:
    1000 Gold
    400 Renown
    3.6 Trader Escort
    Follow the Gold Marker until you reach Darkwood, killing traders on 
    your way. (AIN'T ANYONE EVIL?) and keep an eye out for the Bandit Toll. 
    When you come there, decline their offer. It might be a bug so you must 
    pay them sometimes, happened to me before. Kill the guard before he 
    sees you. When you reach Darkwood, you’ll see traders come to you. Your 
    quest is to take them to Barrow Fields. 
    Go on a little bit and you’ll see a trader that has been bit by a 
    something. If you’re evil, say no when he asks if he can follow you, if 
    you’re good, say yes. Now, when you’ve declined his offer and grown 
    your horns (really, there is no evil people reading this?) go in the 
    opening and you will get to Darkwood Marshes. 
    Kill the Balverine here, and go on until you come to the water, where 
    there are some sponges. Kill them with one shot of your bow; just drag 
    the string a little before shooting. After that, continue on to 
    Darkwood Lake.
    Here there will be a lot of water, and you’ll only encounter bandits. 
    It might be hard to kill them and protect the traders at the same 
    moment though. There’s a Bordello here by the way, but it’s closed at 
    the moment. Go a little further and you’ll be in the Darkwood Camp. 
    There are no enemies here so just calmly go into the camp and buy some 
    potions and resurrection phials, and maybe play some games for money. 
    On your way out of the camp, you can take a turn left and get to the 
    Chapel of Skorm where you can sacrifice to Skorm if you’re evil. If 
    you’re not, go there and kill the priests. 
    Anyway, when you get to the Ancient Cullis Gate, take the only path 
    available again, but beware of the bandits here. There is also Hobbes 
    at the gate at the end of the level. When you killed them and enter the 
    gate, you’ll get to Darkwood Weir, the final level of Darkwood.
    There will be no enemies, except for an Evil Mud Golem at the end. If 
    you survive and kill it, check for scars, as I usually do. Anyway I’ll 
    try to give you a strategy on how to beat it. Roll away from its rocks 
    it throws and roll behind him and hit it until it makes another move. 
    If you got an Ebony Longbow by the way, I envy you. It might get 
    annoying after a while if you always get his by his rocks when you get 
    up. Get to a wall close to him and target lock him, roll forward and 
    hit him until you get hit, and then heal when you got little Health. I 
    lost NO Resurrection Phials during this. Just some 7 Potions. Mud 
    Golems will be a lot easier later. 
    When you got out of hell, enter the “cave” which actually leads to 
    Barrow Fields! FINALLY! Follow one of the traders. When you get to some 
    guy at the bridge, you will have completed your quest. You’ll be 
    2000 Gold
    500 Renown
    3.7 Maze’s New Info
    Go to the Gold Marker on the map, and you’ll get to Oakvale. Your 
    birthplace and where the Bandit Raid took place. When you enter, you 
    will be greeted with a familiar character. Emily. The girl who was 
    looking for Rosie, the teddy bear. Anyway, when you’ve had some 
    psychopath visions, go forward to the tavern and talk to Maze.
    He will tell you that he has heard nothing of your sister, but a Blind 
    Seeress in Twinblade’s Camp can tell you about your sister. And Maze 
    tells you a little bit of Twinblade before leaving. Now, use your guild 
    seal to go back to the guild or do some stuff now that you are in 
    Oakvale. When you get back to the guild, get the golden quest card, and 
    you’re on your way.
    3.8 Find Bandit Seeress
    Go back to Oakvale and go to the beach. Go right and enter the cave 
    leading to “The Clifftop Path” (If you can’t find your way around, 
    press M to bring up the map, or another key if you’ve changed the key 
    This area can be a little difficult. For a strategy, be seen, kill the 
    guards, and quickly run to the last rock of the map, it should be huge. 
    Hide behind it and wait for the guards to go. When you see your chance, 
    go for it. Don’t get seen. 
    When you get through the gate, you’ll hear two bandits talking about 
    you needing a full gear. So you gotta get bandit clothes. Every type. 
    They are all in here. It’s pretty straightforward. Kill everyone you 
    see, open the chests and stuff. Before going into the next level, put 
    on the clothes. There is also a Demon Door here.
    When you get inside the camp, you can change clothes again if you want. 
    I suggest you to resupply your Health Potions and Resurrection Phials. 
    It’s time to play games. Go to Dennis, The Gamemaster and talk to him 
    two times. If you don’t want to bet any money, don’t. You’ll need to 
    bet 1 gold though. 
    The rules are simple: Remember what stuff is on the table, then pick 
    out what wasn’t there before.
    I won after like my 5th try. There is also another way, if this is too 
    hard. There is a bandit somewhere In the camp who will sell you his 
    pass for 1000 gold. But I like this way better. Go to the gate and talk 
    to the guard. He’ll say you got a valid pass. Enter. 
    It’s not that easy to get to Twinblade now. You are not invited. You 
    have to take his guards out and sneak in while the gate is open. You 
    can either pay 2000 gold, or rescue some prisoners. 
    Go forward, and then turn left after the second time you can turn. Kill 
    the guard, take his key and open the door to the prisoners. The guards 
    will run out now :D Just enter the gate.
    The other way is to go to the assassins and talk to them. They’ll want 
    2000 gold from you. If you say yes and have the gold, enter the gate. 
    But this is a big waste of money. 
    But now, finally the moment we have been waiting for. Boss Battle!!! 
    You fight Twinblade. Just listen what he has to say, then kill him. 
    He’s pretty easy. Just roll away from his attack, and when his swords 
    gets stuck in the ground, hit his back until he takes them out. Repeat 
    this until you win. 
    When it’s done, the seeress, also known as your sister will come to you 
    and there will be another cinematic. When it’s done and she has left, 
    you can choose if you want to spare Twinblade or kill him. If you 
    decide to let him live, walk out of there, if you want him out of the 
    way, hit him and you’ll fight a bit more before he dies. Leave, and 
    you’ve completed the quest.
    More to come :D

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