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    Fable: The Lost Chapters
    Book transcript FAQ.
    Version 1.0
    Table of contents
    a.	Introduction [IntroAA]
    b.	Book transcripts [BookTranBB]
    c.	Thanks
    d.	Contact info
    e.	Legal Info
    A.	Introduction [IntroAA]
    I have been on the Fable TLC board a long, long time and I thought every 
    necessary guide had been written. Just recently 0bihashi suggested that someone 
    write a Book transcript guide and I though "Why the hell not."
    B. Book transcripts [BookTranBB]
    A Hero's Journey I  
    Page 126, "You stand before a rocky mountain and look up to the ragged clouds 
    cloaking it's peak. Suddenly, you feel a cold wind on your face. It seems to 
    come from a cavern straight ahead. It's black mouth wails to engulf you as you 
    move closer. If you choose to enter the cave, go to page 241. If you would 
    rather take the path west of the mountain, to page 37." 
    A Hero's Journey II  
    Page 241. "The cavern sends a chill down your spine as you are swallowed into 
    it's shadow. The stench of rotting flesh is overpowering. You light your torch 
    and its flickering flame illuminates a terrible collection of bones, half-
    chewed limbs, and thick gore. You notice a hand protruding limply from a mass 
    of tissue, the glint of emerald on one of its fingers. As you bend down to pick 
    it up, a huge roar echoes from behind you. You turn around to see a Undead 
    horned Bear, its face a nightmarish contortion of teeth, saliva, and scars. You 
    face it ready to attack. If you rush towards it with your sword, go to page 
    112. If you try to direct an arrow into one of its eyes, go to page 294. If you 
    decide to cast a fireball, go to page 89." 
    A Hero's Journey III  
    Page 167, "The wasp-headed creature at the door is fooled by the pass you took 
    from Koroln's corpse and lets you in. The dark robes you wear as a disguise 
    can't quite disguise your corpulent appearance, but the tavern's patrons pay 
    little attention to you. The lack of windows in this underground chamber, the 
    black curtains hanging raggedly from the walls and small number of torches, 
    make it hard to see anyone clearly. In one corner is a group of assassins, 
    hunched over a table and whispering. Near the door, two lizard-men, a woman of 
    great beauty but evil red eyes and a large man, whose hirsute face gives him 
    away as infected with a Balverine's bite, are playing a card game. To their 
    left, the bar man scowls as he pours a thick, black liquid into a skull. If you 
    order a drink, go to page 15. If you would rather join the card game, go to 
    page 101. If you wish to sit close to the assassins and maybe try to listen in 
    on their conversation, go to page 76." 
    A History of the Guild (TLC)  
    A passage at the back of the book has been marked out: "The tale of Avo's Tear, 
    the mythical sword that would one day strike down all evil, emerged from the 
    death of Solcius, the most powerful Mage ever to train in the Guild. Solcius 
    famously died closing a vortex that threatened to engulf the city of 
    Bowerstone. In order to perform this most dangerous of spells, Solcius required 
    an object to focus all his Will into one point in space. He took the sword from 
    a fallen guard and imbued it with all his powers before casting it into the 
    mystical void. The explosion killed Solcius and those around him, and the sword 
    disappeared along with the vortex. A legend soon began to spread: that the 
    sword still existed in this world, hidden somewhere deep in the Guild, and 
    awaiting a Hero worthy of wielding the formidable might of its blade." 
    A Love Story  
    Ralf was a hero who fought bravely and well. But his face showed the scars of 
    battle and frankly, no woman would look at him. In his despair, he robbed the 
    ancient trader barons of Greatwood and bought a house and a pile of presents to 
    give out. Women fell at his feet and eventually he chose a gorgeous one to 
    marry. But too late, he realized that the type of female who is impressed by 
    gifts and houses is too shallow to make a good bride. So Ralf decapitated her 
    and waved her lovely head about in triumph. And the phrase 'Trophy Wife' was 
    Arban's Thaumaturgica  
    "The ancient volume describes the forgotten rituals and magic of Hook Coast, 
    including ways of erecting and disabling force fields. It's written in an 
    arcane language you can't decipher. Perhaps the Guildmaster will be able to 
    read it." 
    Book of Spells  
    Berserk sends the Hero into a frenzy, with greatly increased speed and 
    This spell creates a powerful blast of energy which radiates out from the 
    caster, sending nearby enemies sprawling. Useful when greatly outnumbered.
    Enflame blasts the area surrounding the caster with a wave of fire.
    This spell creates and arc of pure energy which leaps from the fingertips of 
    the caster to the target. Higher Levels can strike more than one foe at a time.
    The magician's favourite! This creates a ball of fire in the palm of the 
    casters hand which flies toward the target when released. Larger Fireballs are 
    extremely explosive.
    This spell propels the caster through space in the blink of an eye. If a victim 
    is targeted, the spell enables the caster to move behind this unfortunate 
    instantaneously. The thief's greatest friend!
    This Insidious spell confuses the enemy, turning the target into an unwitting 
    Slow Time affects the very fabric of time itself: slowing everything in Albion 
    to a crawl.
    Once this spell is cast, each arrow fired is magically transformed into a 
    multitude of death delivering projectiles, causing much greater damage.
    For the most passively minded, this allows the caster to reduce the damage of 
    enemy attacks by surrounding him in a protective sphere of energy.
    This allows the caster to trade in his magical energy for health. A magician's 
    A singularly unpleasant spell. Drain Life allows the caster to heal himself by 
    draining his enemies life-force.
    This spell imbues the user's blade with the ability to strike multiple times 
    with a single blow. Combined with other spells, this little trick is 
    The Battle Charge propels the caster forward at great speed, smashing any in 
    his path, and blasting all nearby aside.
    Summon pulls an allied creature's soul from the netherworld to help the caster. 
    If this creature kills another, it is replaced by soul of the newly fallen 
    This Spell summons a number of ethereal blades from the netherworld to do 
    battle on behalf of the caster. 
    Creatures of Albion Book I  
    Nymphs are ethereal, yet dangerous creatures. There are three known types. The 
    Water Nymph, The Wood Nymph and the very powerful Succubus Nymph. All will be 
    eager to send you to an early death if you stray across their path.
    Mindless, attacking animals bred by the old Kingdom wall-guards for attacking 
    intruders, minions are keen to rip the flesh of anything in their way. The only 
    thing they fear are their masters and the bigger, more powerful minions known 
    as Dreadwings.
    Born of the fires of ancient Bolewood, scorpions are armored beasts with evil 
    hearts. Hushed voices tell of larger scorpions, bred in captivity for fighting.
    Horrific entities caught in the netherworlds. Screamers have long struck fear 
    into the population at night. They roam the land and are dangerous in their 
    Creatures of Albion Book II  
    The Wasps have stings that more than match their size. They are aggressive and 
    can kill if enough venom is injected into their foes. Their aerial antics make 
    them tough to hit, and weary travelers should especially fear the Wasp Queen, 
    leader of the hive. 
    The Beetles of Albion's woods are tough, dangerous foes when they attack en 
    masse. Those skilled at weaponry are required to defeat them. Villagers, even 
    armed, strong ones risk great harm if they take on a nest of Beetles.
    Born from beneath the ground of Albion, trolls are ancient, powerful beings. 
    The Earth Trolls are single-minded and extremely dangerous, but the mighty Rock 
    Trolls inspire awe and fear in all who behold them, Lumbering hulks they may 
    be, but they make mighty foes and demand respect from even the most powerful 
    The Undead are unthinking and impervious to what mortals consider pain. Wave 
    upon wave will keep advancing until they overpower their victims, so the only 
    way to stop them is with extreme force. 
    Creatures of Albion Book III  
    The wolf-people of the forests, Balverines are strong, cunning and fast. They 
    are evil through and through, but especially so are the stronger, more cunning 
    White Balverines born of a full moon. These are said to be the result of those 
    bitten who resisted the poison and, instead of dying, became one with the clan. 
    The Old Kingdom tells of silver weapons built especially to kill these White 
    The under-race of the dells and hollows, the Hobbes are short and squat half-
    people whose genetics are entwined with the mud and slime of the deep country. 
    Often dim but always aggressive, Hobbes are led by tougher leaders. The 
    brainiest can even learn to use spells, some say.
    Albion is surrounded by nine seas, and the Krakens rule them all. These aquatic 
    creatures were here long before the Kingdoms of Old, yet few have ever seen 
    one. And not even the most boastful Heroes claim to have defeated a Kraken in 
    What more can be said about these fiery creatures who own the mountains? A race 
    in decline, they were once revered, but now they are just an ancient, albeit 
    powerful and dangerous relic of the Old Kingdom. 
    Creatures of the North (TLC)  
    This well-worn book was written by the local Snowspire historian and 
    adventurer, Rewer, but one of the blank pages at the front has recently been 
    filled with Scythe's uneasy handwriting: "This ancient volume contains the only 
    description of Summoners I have found. Their presence at this time is highly 
    unnatural. They should have faded with the centuries as I have. Unless 
    something else has returned them to this world..."
    Closely related to the Earth and Rock Trolls, these impressive beasts have 
    adapted to their arctic environment. Their frozen attacks are not to be taken 
    Related to the Nymphs of mainland Albion, though many have found them more 
    resilient. Their death is not brought about easily. They are able to conjure up 
    what local people call Wraiths, though many scholars prefer the term Hoar 
    These are Undead creatures, whose frosty visage perfectly mirrors the icy 
    spectre of death that permeates them.
    Colossal undead warriors reanimated through dark magics. Older accounts record 
    their ability to summon creatures from the underworld to unleash upon their 
    victims. More recent observers -- those few who have survived -- have dismissed 
    this as a myth. Still, their name remains, as does their reputation as one of 
    the most powerful creatures to ever walk our lands. Their command of lightning 
    is especially arresting. 
    Dusty Notebook  
    The book says: "I, Elvira Grey -- known from this day forth as Lady Grey -- 
    have come of age and, finally, to the power I have so longed for. This day 
    marks a turning point for the Grey family; an end to weakness, indecision and 
    regret. As I look back on my past, my only dissatisfaction lies in wasted time. 
    I wish that the masked messenger, whose words made the world so clear to me, 
    had arrived earlier in my life. Tonight I take my leave of this house, and 
    begin anew. Bowerstone will find its new leader a formidable woman..." 
    Eyes of a Killer  
    This handbook gives some tips on making yourself scarier to other people. 
    Performing acts of great evil, have certain tattoos applied to your body and 
    mastering a really nasty laugh are all considered winners. 
    Jack of Blades   
    He is known by no one, and he is known by all. He is said to be as ancient as 
    the Old Kingdom, and yet he has the strength of ten Heroes. Some say he is not 
    of this world, and has come to us only for the pleasure of death and 
    destruction. Some say he is but a legend, and the mask has covered the faces of 
    dozens over the centuries, all claiming to be the same Jack of Blades. Whatever 
    he is, he prevails in stories and in nightmares, and he is feared even by the 
    Making Friends  
    Among the gems of wisdom contained in this book are these: "It is generally 
    considered ill-mannered to hit people". "Albion is a materialistic place: 
    shower people with gifts and they'll love you for it" and "Performing good 
    deeds will make everyone appreciate you much more. 
    Scrawled Parchment  
    The fragment reads: "The air is running out and I have hardly the strength to 
    scratch the words on this letter. The lamp was extinguished hours ago, and my 
    life cannot be long in following it. Now that I've resigned to my fate, 
    however, I am concerned solely with my duty as the eldest of the Grey children, 
    rightful heir to the office of the Bowerstone Mayoralty. I can only hope that 
    these words are one day found, and the truth they speak become known to all. I 
    die at the hand of my sister, Elvira. The new Lady Grey is a murderess. I grow 
    weary now... Sleep is upon me and..." The final Scrawl is illegible. 
    Sisters Diary  
    "Harvest, Day 15 - Mother is away again. She never tells us where. I think 
    father is a little sad when she goes."
    "Harvest, Day 18 - I had that nightmare again last night. There's a big room, 
    and right in the middle of it there's a big swooshing light that feels like 
    it's going to suck me in. I still couldn't see what was in the middle of it. I 
    don't think I ever want to."
    "Harvest, Day 19 - I had another dream. I was opening birthday presents and I 
    was so happy. Then something happened, and it was so horrible it woke me up. I 
    think that part was only a dream though."
    "Harvest, Day 21 - It's my birthday today! I bet my brother forgets again, but 
    at least mother will be back. I got up early to look out over the sea, and now 
    I'm going to play in the top field." 
    The Arena  
    Heroes left the Guild and made their choices, good or evil, in Albion. But, 
    with the freedom to do as they chose, they often clashed. Sometimes they fought 
    to the death. These bouts were often arranged in advance and people traveled 
    from miles around to see them. Eventually the Arena was built, and the bouts 
    became bigger and more spectacular. Creatures from across Albion were captured 
    and brought there for Heroes to kill. One rule remained from the olden days, 
    though. Should either combatant so choose, the battles could be to the death. 
    The Balverine Slayer  
    This book is a worshipful, some say exaggerated, history of Knothole Glade's 
    most famous Balverine Slayer, Scarlet Robe. It tells the story of her first 
    encounter with one of the beasts, and the tender age of fifteen, when she 
    astounded Knothole Glade's elder warriors by killing a particularly fierce 
    Balverine using only a piece of wood. It goes on to give a detailed account of 
    her stay with the Heroes Guild, her pivotal role in the Great Balverine 
    Extermination battle and her triumph in the Arena. 
    The Bloodline  
    Though the Old Kingdom vanished centuries ago, pieces of it remain scattered 
    throughout Albion. The Guild in its magnificent glory, ruined architectural 
    corpses, dark and unholy secrets throbbing beneath the earth. But more survives 
    than stone and magic. For there is still among us the living legacy of the 
    Kingdom itself. A lineage that is connected with all that made the Kingdom 
    great and somehow ended up destroying it. Whether they are descendants of 
    Archon himself, or of the makers of the sword, or perhaps of those who managed 
    to extinguish its power, it is not known. Though generations separate them from 
    the days of the fall, their walk today survivors of this bloodline, and an 
    ancient power courses through their veins. They may live as Heroes or they may 
    hide among the masses, but their link to the sword wielded by Archon himself, 
    the sword of Aeons, is confirmed in all the documents I have unearthed. If I 
    can find the living descendants of this Bloodline, I may be able to uncover 
    what happened to the sword, and perhaps the days of the Old Kingdom can be 
    restored. There is one to whom all the signs direct me. Though she lives a 
    quiet life now, she has done much to mark her as the one. And now the bloodline 
    continues through her children. A son and a daughter. And the power that lives 
    in her will be passed on to them one day. 
    The Dragons  
    Many Dragons lived in Albion, but the Old Kingdom huntsmen killed them for 
    sport. The survivors fled to the mountains and the Northern Wastes and overtime 
    they grew less powerful, and their fiery breath less dangerous. Without man 
    they had no natural enemies. But a dragon is a dragon and to this day when an 
    Albion child has an accident in this underpants it's known as 'Seeing a 
    Dragon'. Although sometimes it's just known as 'pooing yourself, you dirty 
    little boy'. 
    The Guild of Zeroes  
    This satirical pamphlet purports to be a journal of a Zero in training, and is 
    a thinly veiled attack on the Guild, the self-claimed superiority of its 
    members and the cult of celebrity that surrounds them. The author disappeared 
    shortly after its publication. 
    The Hierarchy of Weapons  
    The close range weapons of Albion are broadly divided into four types based on 
    their materials and process of manufacture. The first and lowliest weapons are 
    made of Iron, usually forged by blacksmiths. Better are the steel weapons. 
    These are stronger, lighter and sharper. Only the Steelmasters can create 
    these. Next are the Obsidian Items. This secret, magical material is still not 
    understood, but it's believed to be dark and evil. The weapons are often 
    blackened and twisted, but very light, strong and powerful. Then there are the 
    Master Weapons. Blessed, worked to a high degree and anointed, these are the 
    best a combatant can get, apart from the Legendary Weapons. These have names 
    and are unique. Very few have seen them, and fewer still have ever wielded one. 
    The Northern Wastes  
    The nine seas surround Albion, but to the North is the Wasteland. Some say 
    there's nothing, and others that it is Jack of Blade's true home. The old 
    Scribes say that it was once a mighty empire before the glaciers came. 
    Libraries of arcane knowledge still exist beneath the ice, and those who once 
    lived there sleep deeply beneath the cold blanket, ready to reawaken when the 
    time comes and Albion is ruled again by one man. 
    The Oakvale Raid  
    Written by one of the few survivors, this is a harrowing account of the night 
    Oakvale was burnt to the ground in the most savage Bandit raid in Albion's 
    recorded history. Despite the honesty of the author's grief, the book raised 
    some controversy by refuting the established theory that laid the blame on the 
    Bandits of the Twinblade clan, and suggesting that the feared Jack of Blades 
    masterminded the attack. 
    The Old Kingdom  
    Long ago the kingdom of Archon ruled every corner of Albion. The World was 
    peaceful and in perfect order, though many wondered if the force that held it 
    altogether was not corrupt. For Archon had in his possession a sword of vast 
    and mysterious power, and Albions elders wrote of gradual changes overcoming 
    their leader. These changes spread to the kingdom itself. Strange structures 
    were erected round the world, and huge armoured figures were seen guarding four 
    hubs of energy and Archon's Castle itself. Every living thing was touched by 
    the Swords influence, and soon foul creatures the world had never seen before 
    darkened the peoples lives. And yet no record exists of what caused the fall of 
    the Kingdom. So suddenly, so irrevocably. Archon and the Sword disappeared, but 
    the darkness remained. 
    The Other Land  
    During the Old Kingdom, people fled the hatred, the pain within Albion in their 
    masses. Boats sped from the shores in every direction. And one group of 
    emigrants pitched up in paradise. Warm seas, palm trees and coral sands 
    beckoned. And the inhabitants welcomed the visitors with food, comfort and 
    grace. But the people of Albion had headcolds and when they passed these onto 
    the islanders, almost all of them died. And the Albion Settlers, not knowing 
    how to farm the weird fruits, catch fish or hunt the wild pigs and chickens, 
    died too. But the few islanders who survived buried the dead and rebuilt their 
    paradise. With new, impenetrable beach defenses. 
    The Pale Balverine  
    There was an Archer who believed he was the best in the land. He was also a 
    lord, but had fallen out of favour with his people and had been imprisoned for 
    lying. Determined to prove himself on his release, he set off to battle 
    fearsome Balverines. He was bitten but did not die. Instead he changed and over 
    time became a powerful, evil Balverine. Normal weapons hardly hurt him. So 
    thick was his skin. But he hadn't counted on a red-robed woman's solid silver 
    arrow of truth which pierced him and killed him. 
    The Repentant Alchemist  
    This is a play by Philipth Morley, Albions most celebrated dramatist. It is the 
    story of a Bowerstone innkeeper who discovers his wife is cheating on him with 
    every man in town. As revenge, he concocts a new ale with the peculiar 
    properties of making anyone who drinks it die horribly if they should have 
    indulged relations with the innkeeper's unfaithful wife. He soon finds himself 
    without living customers and decides to partake of his malevolent beverage 
    The Rotten Apple  
    This classic political treaty uses the first metaphor to provide a theoretical 
    solution to all of society's problems. The most controversial of these ideas 
    involves the abolishment of the Heroes Guild (symbolized by a rare breed of 
    crop-destroying insect immune to most pesticides). By an extraordinary 
    coincidence, when taken literally, most of the advice is also extremely 
    effective in actual fruit farming. 
    The Sock Method  
    Subtitled 'How to Make Yourself Sexier in Ten Days', this guide advises its 
    readers to master really Heroic poses, learn to flirt, wear stylish clothes and 
    avoid bad haircuts. 
    The Story of 'X'  
    A story about something. 
    The Tailor's Tragedy  
    This is a play by Philipth Morley, Albions most celebrated dramatist. The 
    title's tailor is a young man from far away lands who washes up on the shores 
    of Oakvale after the merchant ship he is traveling in is torn apart by storms. 
    Thanks to the generosity of the townspeople, he is able to open a store, and 
    the outlandish style of his suits and dresses soon make him a success. he 
    eventually marries a beautiful girl and dies a happy old man surrounded by 
    loving children. The title is thought to be a misprint. 
    The Tale of Maxley  
    As everyone knows, Hobbes are stupid creatures. But every so often a clever one 
    comes along. Maxley was one such Hobbe, and tired of eating raw flesh and 
    sleeping in streams, he left to seek his fortune in the world of humans. He 
    murdered a nobleman and stole his clothes, dressed up and walked tall on the 
    road to Bowerstone. When he arrived people complimented him on his appearance. 
    When he answered, his Hobbe grunting gave him away. The guards killed Maxley 
    and put his head on a spike. It is better to keep quiet and be thought and 
    idiot then to open one's mouth and prove it. 
    The Tale of Twinblade  
    Heroes, good or evil, need self-discipline. And Twinblade, a young, powerful 
    swordsman, was no different. After graduation, he stopped taking Quests at the 
    Guild when he realized he could take what he wanted from anyone. His love of 
    gold and growing resentment of other Heroes drove him to live in the woods as a 
    thief. His strength and ruthlessness led him to face and kill other Bandit Clan 
    Leaders and he united the Forest Clans and became King of the Bandits. But deep 
    inside him, Twinblade never lost the code of honour and respect the Guild had 
    instilled in him. 
    The Trials of Aarkan  
    This epic poem was once taught in every school, but its themes were 
    regurgitated so often by lesser verse makers it lost all its power and is now 
    virtually forgotten. It tells the story of a young boy whose village is 
    destroyed by a band of savages. Orphaned, he is taken in by an old warrior who 
    teaches him the ways of the sword. As a grown man, he slays an ancient evil and 
    restores order to his world. 
    The Trigamist  
    This cheap and racy novel tells the story of a no good scoundrel Geroneous 
    Wilkout, a young man who marries three women in three different towns and pays 
    the ultimate price. Having posed as a Hero from the Guild in order to win the 
    three ladies' hearts, Geroneous finds juggling three households a difficult but 
    rewarding lifestyle, until one day his deceit catches up with him. After a mix-
    up in his busy schedule in the more intimate of his matrimonial duties, the 
    three wives discover their husbands secret and devise a terrible punishment: a 
    visit from the Mythical Castrating Mountain Monkey. 
    The Ugly Guide  
    Though admittedly writing for a small market, the author of this manual has 
    many handy tips on making yourself less attractive. Among the chief ideas are: 
    eating plenty of fattening pies, releasing that uncomfortable build-up of bowel 
    gases and making rude gestures to your would-be admirers. 
    Theresa's Letter  
    Dear Brother, I have always known we were special, and now I have found proof. 
    This book tells of a bloodline from the days of the Old Kingdom, and its 
    connection to a sword powerful enough to rule the world. A bloodline mother 
    belonged to, I am certain. a bloodline you and I belong to as well. Perhaps 
    with your eyes you will understand it better than I do. I speak to the pages, 
    but they don't speak back. Theresa. 
    Three Haikus by Miko the Bard  
    Terrible beauty, Buildings scream in agony, Oakvale is burning. Warrior or 
    Mage, Choose evil or choose goodness, A beard or moustache. Sword of Albion, 
    Sleeping until the true blood, Flows red on its blade. 
    Windbreaker Rule Book  
    This guide to making yourself obnoxious, includes the following tips: learn to 
    swear and do it whenever you please, hit people for no reason at all, and break 
    wind with wild abandon. 
    You Are Not a Bad Person  
    Originally written to help reformed Bandits and serial killers to become 
    accepted members of society, this book teaches you how to appear less scary to 
    impressionable villagers. It seems not waving your weapons about, avoiding dark 
    clothes and evil-looking tattoos, and letting out the odd giggle all work a 
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