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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS |__/                             \__________   ___/\__/
    01) Introduction
    02) Controls & Basic Techniques
    03) Mechanics
    04) Weapons
    05) Items
    06) Walkthrough
           1. The Hunt
           2. Steamboat Massacre
           3. Honest Tom
           4. Find Jenny
           5. The Red Hand Gang
           6. Quick Killer at the Bridge
           7. Whore Coach
           8. Law and Order
           9. Escape From Jail
          10. Ambush The Train
          11. Defend the Hideout
          12. Take Down Hoodoo
          13. Save Soapy
          14. Hollister's Fort
          15. Attack the Fort
          16. Battle at the Steamboat
          17. Across the Badlands
          18. Escape the Ambush
          19. Magruder's Mine
    07) Sheriff Missions
    08) Wanted Posters
    09) Pony Express
    10) Card Tourneys
    11) Indian Hunter
    12) Ranch Hand
    13) Federal Marshal
    14) Gold Locations Checklist
    15) Shop List
    16) Legality
    17) Updates
    | 01) Introduction to GUN                                                     |
    The untamed west, saloon shoot-outs, gambling, prostitution, Indians, traders,
    and greed... Yes, all of the classicist elements of that bygone era are here.
    It's not hard to see parts of the old cinema in these types of games, and for
    any fan of The Wild Bunch or High Plains Drifter, it makes GUN more savory,
    because it doesn't riff directly from them (a glaring pitfall of Red Dead
    Revolver). Hopefully, the player will have as much with this game as I did,
    because I had a veritable blast.
    | 02) Controls                                                                |
    O-BUTTON                                     D-PAD (UP)
     -Weapon switch                               -Refill health (when applicable)
    X-BUTTON                                     D-PAD (L/R)
     -Jump                                        -Lean left or right
    SQUARE BUTTON                                D-PAD (D)
     -Melee attack                                -Holster gun
     -Decelerate/Use Skid Attack*
    TRIANGLE BUTTON                              L3 BUTTON
     -Action button                                -Reload
     -Mount/dismount horse*
    L1 BUTTON                                    R3 BUTTON
     -Throws weapon (when applicable)              -Zoom function (w/ rifle)
    L2 BUTTON                                    ANALOG BUTTON
     -Crouch                                      -Toggle Analog mode on/off
     -Speed up*
    START BUTTON                                 LEFT ANALOG
     -Un/pause game/Bring up menu                 -Walk (Acute angle)
                                                  -Run (Obtuse angle)
    SELECT BUTTON                                 -Trot (Acute angle)*
     -N/A                                         -Gallop (Obtuse angle)*
                                                 RIGHT ANALOG
    R1 BUTTON                                     -Look around
     -Draw Weapon (if holstered)
     -Fire Weapon (once drawn)                   R2 BUTTON
                                                  -Use Quickdraw Mode
     Take out your current weapon by pressing R1 or the L3 button. Use the R3
     button to move the crosshairs around (up/down/left/right) and fire with R1.
     Enter Quickdraw Mode (R2 Button) to give more accurate shots.
     Quickdraw Mode essentially slows down the enemy's actions, allowing you to
     get in better shots and waste less ammo. The more chain-kills you get in 
     this mode, the longer the duration stays. Accuracy shots (headshots, etc.)
     also increase the mode further.
     Your revolver-type weapon can be selected by simply pressing the O-Button.
     To get easy access to your other weapons, hold down the O-Button to show
     a menu. While holding down the button, press left, right, or up to equip
     the different weapon instantly.
     Pressing R2 puts you in first-person view with the crosshairs visible. A
     gauge, which represents how long you can use the mode, appears at the bottom
     of the screen will decrease as time goes on. Quickdraw Mode makes enemies'
     actions occur in slow motion (but not yours), lending you more time to aim
     for vital spots and waste less ammunition. Press left or right on the D-Pad
     to automatically switch targets in the area. Once the Quickdraw Mode is empty,
     you can refill it by chain-killing enemies.
     If you have weapons that can be thrown, press the L1 Button down to throw
     them. You can increase the distance you want to throw by pressing the L1
     Button down longer.
     Press the Triangle Button to grab the nearest person. While in this state,
     press Square to slit his throat or use the enemy as a "meat shield," in
     gamer terms. You can also subdue enemies in this state by pressing the 
     Square Button again.
     Moving on your steed is as simple as pressing R2, which accelerates its
     advancement and sets it up for going even faster or a skid attack. It is
     possible to kill your horse by strenuous spurring, so be careful that it
     doesn't drop dead when you're in the middle of nowhere.
     When advancing quickly towards the enemy, press Square to skid at the foe
     or kick it with the horse's front legs. This is a good alternative to using
     ammunition on enemies. Press the left analog stick straight down (not 'in')
     to screech to a halt. You can also press Square when not moving fast to rear
     the horse up and use that to kill enemies as well.
     There's nothing worse than getting stuck in a jam and taking extra damage
     because you have to reload in front of everyone. When the enemies have
     temporarily been cleared, reload with the L3 button to ensure you're always
     full up on ammo. If you're a fan of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, this'll
     be second nature to you.
     If you're taking heavy fire, find an item to hide behind and put your gun's
     reticle on someone. Tap L2 to stand back up and shoot. The reticle doesn't
     go up with you in this manner, and you can get your perfect aim off without
     having to do it in a firefight. Pretty useful when you want to conserve your
     A huge waste of time, but it's still something to do. Once you've bought the
     Scalping Knife, you can stand over enemies and slice up some epidermis. Press
     down on the D-pad and then press Triangle to perform this bloody action. It's
     also so incredibly useless, you should wait until you've bought everything
     else to buy.
    -Press the left or right analog sticks down to get the L3/R3 buttons. 
    -Asterisks denote controls on horseback. Only differing controls are shown.
    | 03) Mechanics                                                               |
    Just a general explanation of how things work:
    Pistols - Good at short ranges, but can't shoot long distances.
    Rifles - Good at short-to-medium ranges, and have zoom functions for aiming.
    Shotguns - Good at close-quarters ranges, but have short ranges.
    Sniper Rifles - Good at long distances, but bad at short ranges.
    Knives - Good at close-quarters ranges only.
    Tomahawks - Good at close-quarters ranges only, but better than knives
    -Entering this mode slows enemies' actions, letting you get off better shots.
    -The bar depletes as you are in this mode.
    -Killing enemies prolongs how long you are in this mode.
    -Killing enemies in succession prolongs your time in this mode further.
    -You take over for Patrick Denton in Dodge and keep the peace
    -Missions range from escorting people around to breaking up gang fights to
     saving hostages.
    -All of those missions are three-part
    -The Federal Marshal is only found in Empire City
    -You are employed to help keep peace in the territory
    -Missions are one-part, and usually involve killing foes and breaking up gangs
    -These missions can be accessed in both Dodge and Empire
    -These involve mail delivery
    -These missions are on a schedule, thus they have a timer
    -If the timer runs out, you fail the mission
    -Some missions have you change horses midway, which refills your timer
    -These involve playing against four opponents
    -You pay no money to enter, but you can win money
    -If you lose the round, you have to start over from the last round you won
    -These missions can be accessed at the Alhambra (Dodge) and Hoodoo's (Empire)
    -Once started, these missions only end when the target animal is killed
    -Each animal has specific characteristics that tip you off to its location
    -Sneak up on the animal until you're told you're in range to kill it
    -These missions are started at Hecht Ranch
    -The missions usually involve driving cattle, but sometimes you have to kill
     rustles as an extra element.
    -These missions increase your HORSE stat.
    | 04) Weapons                                                                 |
    NOTE: One "[]" represents one point out of ten.
    COLT NAVY REVOLVER 1851         This is the pistol you start out with. It's
    DAMAGE:    [][][]               fairly lackluster and is nearly ornamental,
    FIRE RATE: [][][][]             but it can take down prey with a few shots.
    RELOAD:    [][][][][][]         Upgrade this puppy as soon as you can.
    SCHOFIELD                       Ned's six-gun has break-apart actions for
    DAMAGE:    [][][][]             faster reloads, but it's barely an improvement
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][]           over what you've had. Still, its stopping
    RELOAD:    [][][][][][][]       power is better than what you've had before.
    VOLCANIC 10                     This gun drops into your hands after you beat
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][]         the "Law And Order" mission. It showcases an
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][][]       increase in damage, and can really put your
    RELOAD:    [][][][][][][][]     pistol upgrades to use by holding 10 ammo.
    DUAL PEACEMAKERS                These twin beauties are won after the twelfth
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][]         mission. They are the most powerful revolvers
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][][][][]   and really instill some power into the already
    RELOAD:    [][][][][][][][][][] powerful Quickdraw mode. 12 shots...it's gravy.
    WINCHESTER 1866                 Deals exceptional damage and is useful as a
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][]         long-range weapon, but don't expect to use it
    FIRE RATE: [][]                 in any melee fights. This is the initial rifle
    RELOAD:    [][][][]             Colton gets, and probably won't amaze you much.
    FERGUSON                        This is Ned's rifle you get in the latter part
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][][][][]   of "The Hunt." It's a huge step up from your
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][][][]     Winchester, and is above-average in all areas.
    RELOAD:    [][][][][][]         You get it permanently in the 16th mission.
    SHOTGUN MODEL 1887              Boy, does this thing hurt. It's won after you
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][][][]     defeat Crude at the Alhambra, and it's a great
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][]           weapon that mows down enemies within its large
    RELOAD:    [][][]               reticle range. Reload sucks, but you can deal.
    COLT DOUBLE BARREL              This amazing gun is obtained after the "Law
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][][][][][] And Order" mission is cleared. It boasts huge
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][]         firepower, and doesn't show a deficiency in 
    RELOAD:    [][][][]             the other areas, compared to the previous one.
    NOCK GUN [SECRET]               This seven-barrel shotgun is unlocked by 
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][][][][][] beating the game once. Its got the same stats
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][]         as Rudabaugh's double-barrel, but this one
    RELOAD:    [][][][]             holds seven rounds and fires like a semi-auto.
    CANNON NOCK GUN [SECRET]        This gun is unlocked after finishing all of
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][][][][][] the side-missions. It has the same stats as
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][]         the Nock Gun, but fires explosive shells at
    RELOAD:    [][][][]             the same rate of fire. No infinite ammo. :(
    SHARPS 1874                     Obtained during the "Defend the Hideout"
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][][][]     mission from Clay. A little late in the game,
    FIRE RATE: [][][]               but it's the ideal sniper rifle for a long,
    RELOAD:    [][][][][][][]       long time. Damage makes up for slow fire rate.
    REMINGTON                       The smoothest sharpshooter, you'll get it in
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][][][][]   the thirteenth mission. Its firing rate makes
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][]           for less-awkward firing, and can also reload
    RELOAD:    [][][][][][]         faster. Just holding it makes you more manly.
    BOWIE KNIFE                     Get up close and personal with this mean knife.
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][]           It does decent damage, but shouldn't take the
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][][][][][] place of a gun except when conserving ammo.
    QUICK KILLER'S TOMAHAWK         Does a little more damage than the knife, and
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][]         is obtained early enough. It would be way more
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][][][][][] fun to throw, but I guess ya can't have it all.
    WHISKEY BOMB                    The first thrown weapon you get and it's not
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][]         too shabby. It does area damage to catches
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][][][][]   enemies on fire, and is good power in a bind.
    DYNAMITE                        The ultimate in explosions is won after the
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][][][][][] "Escape from Jail" mission. It trumps the 
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][][][][]   whiskey bomb and has a larger blast radius.
    APACHE BOW                      Doesn't do much damage, but it can certainly
    DAMAGE:    [][][]               bring enemies down in pain, and often does.
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][]         Obtain this spectacular piece of work during 
    RELOAD:    [][][][][][]         the mission "Hollister's Fort." Aiye-aiye-aiye!
    BLACKFOOT FIRE BOW              This fiery bow is obtained in the follow-up
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][]           mission to "Hollister's Fort." It can light
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][]         objects on fire and has better stopping power
    RELOAD:    [][][][][][][][]     than the Apache Bow. It's...ahem, pretty hot.
    LOCO DYNAMITE BOW               Dynamite...plus bow...equals...AWESOME! Not
    DAMAGE:    [][][][][][][][][][] only does it do max damage for a bow, but it
    FIRE RATE: [][][][][][]         also does area damage AND can bounce off some
    RELOAD:    [][][][][][][][]     objects for trick shooting. Genius weapon.
     This horse can be unlocked by beating all of the side-missions. Not only does
     this fine steed have armor and boast a fine black coat, but its stamina never
     runs out. As long as you’re on it, you’ll have infinite health except when 
     you jump off high cliffs. It comes back to the mine when you leave it
     somewhere, so that's also a nice kicker. Colton still takes fall damage,
     though. =/
    | 05) Items                                                                   |
                   01) Pickaxe - This tool allows you to dig for gold
      ITEM SETUP   02) Scalping Knife
     [01][02][03]  03) Extra Health
     [04][05][06]  04) 2nd Extra Health 
     [07][08][09]  05) Shotgun Speed Loader / Shotgun Speed Loader 2
     [10][11][12]  06) Pistol Speed Loader / Pistol Speed Loader 2
     [13][14][15]  07) Cylinder Boring Kit / Heavy Cylinder Boring Kit
     [16][17][18]  08) Extra Dynamite Slot / 2nd Extra Dynamite Slot
                   09) Shotgun Ammo Belt
                   10) Rifle Ammo Belt
                   11) Rifle Speed Loader / Rifle Speed Loader 2
                   12) Barrel Extension / Long Barrel Rifle Extension
                   13) Hatchet Sharpener
                   14) Extra Quiver
                   15) Shotgun Barrel Choke / Shotgun Barrel Choke 2
                   16) Premium Arrow Fletching / True Flight Bow Talisman
                   17) Quality Arrowheads/ Obsidian Arrowheads
                   18) Mild Herbs / Powerful Medicine
    | 06) Walkthrough                                                             |
    | Mission 1 - The Hunt                                                        |
    Welcome to circa-1880 Montana! You star as Colton White, a fur trapper who,
    with your father, hunts big game for profit along the Missouri River. The two
    of you will start up the search for some quarry. As this is mostly a tutorial,
    don't expect any human enemies just yet. 
    Your father will beckon you to follow when he kicks you awake, so do so and
    head up the trail. Ned'll find some tracks and head to an outlook, then snipe
    down a fleeing elk like it's novice work.
    Once you head down to inspect the kill, Ned'll enter the grass and ask you to
    shoot three quail. You'll have infinite ammo, so draw with R1 and go buck wild.
    When the white reticle turns red, the shot'll succeed -- it takes one shot to
    kill a quail. Use automatic aiming (left or right on left analog) to make the
    task a cinch.
    Ned'll commend you and ask you to use Quickdraw Mode to shoot down three more
    quail. Press R2 to slow things down, and aim like before. After using your
    iron to gun down three more, you'll have to do five in one go. Flick the left
    analog stick left and/or right to get all five.
    Satisfied, your father will ask you to come along to get another elk, but some
    wolves sneak up the trail. You won't have any Quickdraw this time, so either
    take them down manually or let Ned put some holes in their gut.
    Follow Ned up the rocky trail and pull out your rifle by holding down the O
    Button and pressing up on the D-pad. Crouch down on the outlook and press R3
    to zoom in on the herd. Kill two and go head down to them using the flat rocks.
    Some wolves will attack, and can be dismissed with a single rifle shot, from
    either you or Ned. Another wave will come from two different paths, but use
    the same procedure to do away with 'em.
    BOSS: Grizzly
    Out of the frying pan and into the fire: somehow, a grizzly bear sneaks up on
    Ned, a master trapper. He'll slap him away and make him drop his rifle, so pick
    it up with Triangle and get it out (Hold O + D-pad Up). The grizzly'll charge
    and lunge, but you can sidestep it by just pressing left or right. Some rifle
    ammo (blue boxes) is nearby, so don't worry about running dry. Head shots can
    bring it down easily, but eight or nine gut shots will down it as well.
    A steamboat whistle will draw you both down to the riverbank.
    | Mission 2 - Steamboat Massacre                                              |
    Once you've snatched Ned from the grizzly's clutches, Ned and Colton will hop
    aboard the Morning Star steamboat. Ned will go into a room with a woman and
    his son can see them looking into a safe. Ned will shut the door and a creepy-
    -looking preacher will mosey over to Colton in the meantime. Ned will tell you
    to keep an eye on him, and Colton will witness the preacher assaulting the girl
    Ned was talking with. She'll flee and he'll put a hatchet into her brain, then
    signal to enemies with rifles on the shore.
    Enemies will start climbing aboard, so deep-six them with a rifle shot. Once
    you and your father dispatch the ones in front of you, more will come on the
    deck's right side and duck behind some boxes. Crouch down behind one of your
    own and wait for a good shot. The steamboat's movement will signal Ned and you
    will be sent to destroy the boards jamming the paddlewheel. Take out the few
    enemies on the cannon boat using the same crouch-and-shoot method, then peek
    around a corner to get the other ransacker. Press Triangle at the back of the
    wheel to dislodge the board.
    Run to the cannon and start picking off keelboats -- little ones fall in one,
    big ones fall in two. Use the right analog to move the trajectory around. Don't
    worry about the cannonfire from the fort; you can't do anything about that at
    the moment.
    Once the enemy ships are sitting at the bottom of the river, the steamboat will
    lose control and run aground. Head back towards the ship's middle and duck by
    a box on the right wall to pick off the enemies. You can refill your health by
    taking the whiskey bottles (2) on the shelf.
    As you make your way to the opposite end, more enemies will drop down all at
    once, so use your Quickdraw to get in some easy headshots. If you're having
    trouble, there's a huge box of rifle ammo by the stairway that can be used for
    infinite reloads.
    Once up top, enemies will start climbing over the railing on the north side.
    Keep track of the two whiskey bottles on the shelf nearby, because you'll need
    'em coming up. Like below, there's also an infinite rifle ammo box right by the
    back railing, so don't stray too far. Ned will call you back over after those
    on the right side have been killed, so take out the last handful and you'll be
    done with the mission.
    With the boilers about to blow and enemies still closing in, Ned will tell you
    an important secret, give you a token to the Alhambra cathouse in Dodge City,
    and kick you off the boat, which soon explodes. In a follow-up scene on a 
    railroad, the reverend pays the price for not recovering the item in the safe
    and gets his ear sliced off by a man in an eyepatch...
    | Mission 3 - Honest Tom                                                      |
    Colton wakes up to a man pickpocketing his Alhambra token, and quickly gets on
    the defensive. Turns out the steamboat incident is three days past, and savages
    have scalped "every last man, woman, and child." No survivors. Colton sees a
    horse nearby and asks if it's for sale; the man asks Colton to make a wager...
    Mount the horse and follow Tom down to the meadow to begin horse training. This
    involves spurring the horse for awhile and jumping around in his viewing range.
    The wager is like so: if you beat Tom in the race, you'll win the horse from
    him. Follow Tom to the start of the race and take note of the rifle ammo next
    to the starting circle, for later use...
    Three laps 'round the meadow isn't such a trial. Hold down L2 and take care not
    to overwork your horse and kill it in mid-stride -- the little red gauge on the
    left-hand side of the screen shows how much stamina the horse has; the lower,
    the worse. If Honest Tom passes and you're nearly beating a dead horse, might
    as well restart.
    The racetrack is fairly simple: follow the trail and take the first left to
    the river, then take the next left and go through the waterfall for the most
    straightforward route. No detours and you can whip Honest Tom in his own race.
    The "X" on the map is your opponent, so don't spur your horse when you've got a
    good lead on him.
    Once the race is won, Tom will call you to the meadow for shooting exercises.
    Kill five of the buffalo with skid attacks, by getting speed and pressing the
    Square button when you get to them. Next, ride back to Tom and start shooting
    the bottles on the nearby rock; you'll need to get more than Tom, and you have
    to be on horseback. Quickdraw takes care of this challenge.
    Last challenge, and Tom's sweating...he doesn't want to give you the horse.
    Take care of the meadow wolves on horseback, either through a bullet in the
    head or skid/trample attacks. 
    BOSS: Honest Tom
    Well, turns out Honest Tom ain't so honest -- his buddies finally come to his
    aid and you'll get a chance to clean out their craniums. Get into Quickdraw
    Mode (preferable to trampling) and place a slug in their heads. Three kills,
    three graves... Mission accomplished!
     -Pony Express Missions
     -Poker Missions
    Head down the trail to where you started the race and head into the pass,
    leaving Blackfoot Territory behind... Take the river ferry into Dodge City.
    | Mission 4 - Find Jenny                                                      |
    Once in Dodge, you can go directly to the saloon, talk to the bartender, and
    cue the events where you find Jenny, the woman who Ned said to find before he
    was killed on the steamboat. I recommend doing the little missions with the
    Pony Express, Wanted Posters, and playing a few rounds of Texas Hold 'Em in
    the saloon to make some extra money ($55 altogether). Use the money to get 
    a Pickaxe ($15) so you can mine gold on the trail, a cylinder boring kit ($15)
    to upgrade pistol damage, and a health upgrade ($25) for later on. Don't worry;
    you don't start out with absolutely any currency.
    Once you've gotten yourself acquainted to the town's geography and have spent
    a little dough, head to the saloon and talk to the barkeep, who'll call Jenny
    over. She'll notice the token and ask you to come upstairs, but only before you
    get interrupted by a jealous customer who thinks she's going to give you an...
    ahem, "poke" before him. He'll start to fire his gun at you... Idiot.
    Use the bar counter as a crouching shield and take out the large man and the
    man on the stairs with quickdraw. There's an Indian behind the pool table, so
    don't let him get any potshots off on you. As you head up the stairs, a woman
    being followed by a burly enemy will run down -- take him out. The second floor
    is mostly clear, but enemies will pour in through the balcony door, and slowing
    things down with Quickdraw will let you kill them easier. Remember, getting
    kills in succession increases the duration of Quickdraw Mode, so always try to
    use it to your advantage. Take the flask refill and head out.
    On the balcony, after taking out a few more guys, molotovs will get thrown. 
    Stand back so you're not in the fiery blast, and head into the side of the
    building. You can see a man through a hall in the wall, so kill him before he
    can get any shots off at you.
    As you go down the hallway, duck into the doorways and face the opposite doors.
    Enemies will have no trouble shooting you in the back. In a room with a hiding
    woman is a flask refill; there's on in the room kittie-corner to it, too. When
    you get to Jenny's room, her captor (Rude) will be losing his patience and will
    kill her if you don't stop him. Use Quickdraw or manual aim to put some lead in
    his face.
    Once safe, Jenny will show Colton some of Ned's things she's kept, including a
    Schofield six-gun that she'll give to you. Just then, a molotov flies into the
    window and a man's boisterous shouts of "you killed my brother!" can be heard.
    | Mission 5 - The Red Hand Gang                                               |
    The Alhambra is burning, and you've been called out. Now that the way you came
    in is blocked by flames, head to the stairs and shoot the man waiting for you.
    A large man will be holding a dynamite stick already lit, and he'll throw it at
    you if given the chance -- pop his head with a well-placed bullet to blow up 
    all those around him. Jenny will take out a rifle of her own and start to shoot
    as well.
    From behind a wall, you'll start to see people with torches try to burn down
    the Alhambra. Kill them before the interior's damage bar depletes, which isn't
    a tough task if you're using your revolvers. Take cover behind a pool table or
    the bar counter, any place where you can see both entrances. Take out the torch
    carriers first so the place doesn't fill up with smoke. Eventually, you'll get
    a notification that the interior is now safe; time for the outside.
    The enemies will come in waves, each on different sides of the saloon. When
    Jenny says you'll need a horse, it's not a bad idea -- trample and skid attacks
    will mow the enemies down like pigeon grass. Return to the saloon interior when
    you're told to, and you'll cue a scene where Crude asks if you have the balls
    to face him; you do, and you'll go outside.
    BOSS: Crude
    When the duel starts, do a Quickdraw kill on Crude (headshots don't equal an
    instant kill here) and strafe-fire towards the two guys on top of the eaves who
    are gunning at you. Kill them, then go back into Quickdraw and flick the left
    analog to find the rest easier, since some will be behind you, no doubt. When
    you get the five or six, the mission is complete. You'll get a Rude's Shotgun
    Model 1887 model as a reward. It's slow when it comes to reloading, but will
    rip into those who get too close with ease. No money, though...
    Once saved, the sheriff Patrick Denton will come over and want to deputize you.
    Jenny will bring you back inside, and Denton will drop you a request to help
    protect the bridge workers.
    | Mission 6 - Quick Killer at the Bridge                                      |
    Once the new day comes, you'll get a new weapon (Whiskey Bomb), which is a 
    thrown weapon. There'll be a long battle coming up, so if you want a little
    extra help, finish up any leftover side-missions and upgrade your six-shot's
    damage. Once you're ready, head over to Patrick Denton by the unfinished bridge
    to learn that Quick Killer and his Apache band have been delaying the progress
    for too long. 
    Head down to the middle section of the bridge to be immediately engaged by said
    Indian band. Kill the first one, and the bowman, then head to the other side of
    the bridge to catch some raiders climbing up. Quickdraw-kill 'em and move in to
    see a swarm of hatchetmen and flame-bowmen. Take a whiskey refill (or two) and
    take the ramp down.
    Kill any advancing enemies and take shelter behind a rock. This will lure them
    out, and when they stop right to kill you, you can open a hole in each's head.
    Denton'll send over a transport platform so you can search for the stolen TNT,
    and you can expect to find some.
    The red barrels of TNT will explode the bridge when shot, so don't let your aim
    down when the Indians hop onto the middle section. The enemy will come with
    torches, so disappoint them by throwing the barrels over with L1. You can get
    about three barrels off before more enemies come back, so throw them over the
    side by the transport since there isn't a fence part there. Once all six are in
    the river, get back on the transport and put your reticle down to the shore,
    where three flame-bowmen are firing at you. Quickdraw-kill them and head to the
    other side of the shore, where three more flame-bowmen will attack from the
    structure's base.
    Inform Denton of your progress at the top to cue a checkpoint, and then head
    back down the way you came. The Chinese workers will now be present, and the
    Indian forces will come both from the opposite shore and by the river, where
    you can pick them off with the rifle. If all the workers die, the mission won't
    succeed, so shoot on either side of the middle bridge strut to get aim at the
    main flocks.
    Denton'll draw your attention to the river after awhile, so let your rifle do
    the answering. The enemies are out of range for a good distance, but when they
    get close to the shore, you can snipe 'em from the middle section of the bridge
    or the ramp to the lower part. Take the canoemen out quick because hatchetmen
    will give one last go at chopping the workers into bits.
    Up top, the last section of the bridge will be put down. Denton will remark at
    how Quick Killer will think twice before attacking, only before Quick Killer
    sends an arrow into his hat. The other side of the bridge is covered in boxes,
    and Indians will take cover there, firing arrows into the TNT barrels behind
    you. Use Quickdraw to bat them out of the sky -- you'll have infinite Quickdraw
    for this part. Stay in Quickdraw Mode constantly, and soon the enemies will 
    poke their heads up and come to attack you. The infinite Quickdraw will deplete
    but you can get a few cheap shots at them as they stand in front of you.
    BOSS: Quick Killer
    Quick Killer himself will appear after two swarms have been stiff-armed, and
    you can use the rest of your Quickdraw to get a few shots as he, too, jumps
    over the boxes. His hatchet is close-range, so you can shoot at him when he
    swings at the air. Some well-placed shots will bring this guy down; just be
    careful you don't shoot the TNT on accident, because you'll get killed quickly,
    y'know? =p
     -New Deputy Missions
    You'll get Quick Killer's Tomahawk as battle spoils, too -- it's a great
    slicin'-and-hackin' weapon and does great damage up close, certainly more than
    your Bowie knife.
    | Mission 7 - Whore Coach                                                     |
    The bridge is finished, but you can't pass through on your own just yet; you'll
    need to start this mission. Find Jenny on Main Street and you'll see her taking
    a coach out. You'll be on horseback and have to protect the coach, so ride on
    out of town and take the dirt road that stems off by the railroad tracks. Stomp
    the first Indian you see with your horse, then Quickdraw-kill the flame-bowmen
    on the ridge. You can pull this off with your revolver, thankfully.
    As a matter of fact, you can trample all the Indians in the next area, too, to
    avoid any difficult horseback shots. When you get to the mountain pass, it'll
    be blocked and impossible to pass without blowing it up first. Get off your
    horse and head inside on foot, immediately ducking behind the nearest rock.
    Take the two Indians out, head under the rock and get the Indian waiting for
    you on the rock above.
    By the railroad tracks, three more Apaches will start slinging arrows, so 
    strafe across the road and take cover behind the next rock, turning your 
    attention to the second tier while the other three's arrows hit the rock. It's
    a flame-bowman, so take him and his friend out before you turn into a
    Get out your rifle and gun down the Indians by the tracks. Go over there and
    get the whiskey refill, then head up to the second part of the rock-hewn trail.
    Now that the risk is over, take a TNT barrel back to the barricade and shoot
    the barrel once you're out of the explosion epicenter. Mount up again and head
    through the canyon to the lone house by the river.
    Again, you'll see the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune, so use your
    steed to stomp the savages -- don't bother with any trick shots. Keep up this
    trend when you get back into the mountains. But first, your driver will be shot
    down by an arrow, fall under the coach, and break the wheel off. It'll take a
    while to fix, so protect the coach until then.
    Flame-bowmen will attack from up on the ridge, then some will jump down to
    attack. Once they're gone, some will come from down the road, then Jenny will
    call you to attack those hiding by where the path twists. Kill a few, then turn
    around and wait for an enemy on a horse to come by. Take the horse and go down
    to skid attack all the Indians, even those that come on horseback. This tactic
    works well, mostly because the horse takes any damage meant for Colton.
    Once the wheel axle is fixed, Colton will ride atop the coach. Shoot the TNT
    barrels to cue the last portion of this joyride. Take out your rifle and start
    defending your ride. Flame-bowmen will come from up the trail, but you can
    shoot them before they get in your range. Around the second bend, Indians will
    be kneeling by TNT barrels -- you know what to do.
    Horseback foes will then come, so use your built-up Quickdraw to knock 'em out
    of their seats when they turn to fire. Take note of how damaged the Coach is,
    also. Once you come out by the lake, more enemies will swoop down for the kill.
    Use your shotgun for those by the other burning coach, then take your rifle
    back out to and get the rest of the flame-bowmen. Destroy the wagon that has
    TNT when it comes up beside you.
    Enemies will jump onto your wagon at this point, if given the chance, so make
    them disappear before then. After you cross the river, it's just a few more
    bowmen and two TNT wagon that stands between you and Empire City. The citizens
    of Empire will rebuff any enemies who try to attack, and you'll make it safe
    and sound. 
    HEALTH +25
     -Federal Marshal missions
     -New Bounties
     -Ranch Hand missions
     -Hunting missions
    Once you arrive in Empire, Jenny will meet with Hoodoo Brown, the mayor, who
    tells Colton to come back and see him for a "proper sit-down" later.
    | Mission 8 - Law And Order                                                   |
    Talk to Hoodoo's deputy in front of the Empire casino to go meet Hoodoo, up in
    his office. The deputy's name is Rudabaugh; the other in the office is JJ Webb.
    When Colton says he's looking for the Reverend Reed, Hoodoo tells him he'll see
    about digging up some information if he'll put on a sheriff's badge. The next
    time Reed shows his face, the law will be on Colton's side... Colton accepts
    and immediately gets put into action, at the nearby saloon.
    Ride to the saloon and talk to the barkeep, who'll tell him Chavez (the man
    he's looking for) just left and was talking to two dirty-looking guys having
    a quiet conversation amongst themselves. When they see the badge on Colton,
    they draw their guns. Get into Quickdraw Mode _immediately_ and deliver your
    law and order, because the bar counter is open-ended and the enemy will come
    from both sides. Clear out those by the back wall so you can get a better shot
    at any coming in the door. There's about eight.
    A man will walk in when you're done, then quickly jump on a horse and flee
    when he sees his comrades' bodies. Hoodoo's two deputies will give chase, so
    follow them towards Hecht Ranch. An ambush will occur, and you have to stomp
    it out -- if you follow the man, you'll end up leaving the mission area and 
    fail. Your objective is to follow him, anyway; killing him makes you fail the
    mission as well.
    Raid the ranch when you've cleared the ambush, and be prepared for a bunch of
    bandits. Being that there are lots of horses here, go buck wild and skid attack
    every last one of those crackerjacks.
    A scene will play where Rudabaugh and Webb enter the barn and find a man and a
    woman. After showing that they're unarmed, Colton starts to walk away...but his
    friends shoot the two anyway and plant a gun on the man. Colton won't have it
    and it's time to deal out some personal law and order.
    BOSS: Rudabaugh
    BOSS: Webb
    Webb will be on horseback and Rudabaugh will be on foot, so take out the latter
    first. In fact, Webb will "drive-by" the barn door and then leave for awhile,
    while Rudabaugh will roll around every so often to escape your aim. Shoot him
    in the head, in Quickdraw Mode specifically, and he'll eat dirt soon enough.
    Rudabaugh will keep running around, so hop on a horse and skid attack him to
    death or pop out shots with your rifle when he breezes past. My advice is to
    do the best of both worlds: shoot him with the shotgun on horseback. Not only
    with this mess him up, but you won't have to endure much of his quick shooting.
     -New Federal Marshal missions
     -New Pony Express missions
     -New Ranch Hand missions
    You'll now get to collect your bounties: Rudabaugh's Double-Barrel Colt Shotgun
    has twice the fire rate and amazing stopping power at close range. Webb's hand-
    -cannon is a Volcanic 10, which has a quick reload and holds 10 bullets. Head
    back to the Empire casino to start a sequence where Colton gets put in jail for
    Jenny's murder...
    | Mission 9 - Escape From Jail                                                |
    Colton will wake up in jail and meet two resistance members fighting back 
    against the "one-eyed pig" Magruder's forces. One is Port and the other is an
    educated man named Soapy, whose behind a door that can only be opened by an
    When the guard walks by, press Triangle to get him and kill him. Jimmy the lock
    to get out, and collect your weapons on the desk, including a new weapon called
    the Apache Bow. Head outside with Port and look for three horses to stash. All
    the villagers will be on the lookout. The Apache Bow is silent, so that'll be
    your weapon of choice.
    Each time you get a horse, park it under the bridge that leads to East Empire.
    When you have three, head to the livery and throw a whiskey bomb to distract
    everyone. Take your bow back out and head up Main Street, put a shaft in anyone
    who might alert the others. Head to the powder keg place and steal one, then
    head back to the jail and put the keg on the circle. Blow it and bolt back to
    the bridge underbelly.
    Once you make it out of town, keep up with Port until you get to the railroad
    branch near Hecht Ranch. Soapy'll leave the part for the calmer climbs of Dodge
    but Port will lead you back to his hideout. Follow him to River Canyon, where
    you'll meet Clay Allison.
    HEALTH: +25
     -New Pony Express missions
     -New Bounty missions
     -New Poker Tournaments
    Given your explosive hijinx back in Empire, you'll now be able to use Dynamite
    as a weapon. It can be lit and thrown for a time explosive or doused and thrown
    to be shot as a trap.
    | Mission 10 - Ambush The Train                                               |
    Talk to Clay at the Resistance Base to start the mission. A gatling gun is on
    its way from Dodge, so follow Clay down to the train tracks by the Indian
    Hunter. Port will be there, too, and his arm's all healed. Help him take the
    TNT kegs to the loose rocks by the train tunnel. The object is to stack four
    barrels and shoot them, to cause a cave-in when the train comes by.
    As you stack the third one, a resistance member'll ride in and tell you the
    gatling gun guards had laid a trap by Dodge and your allies are getting pumped
    full of lead. Follow them to the Dodge depot to start the firefight. Take note
    of the 'Resistance' lifebar.
    The enemies on the train (you can't horse stomp them :() will throw dynamite
    every once in awhile, and there aren't that many Resistance members, so make
    sure to put their safety first. Once the four or five on the train are dead,
    horsemen will come. Shoot a rider off and steal the horse, then skid attack
    all the rest -- this saves time for when you are called back to the TNT cache.
    Once given the signal, take the shortcut back to the hidden kegs. If you don't
    remember, cut across the Badlands and take the twisting turn to the Devil's
    Canyon Mine, then cut across from there to the tunnel. You should have ample
    time to put the fourth keg in the circle. If you didn't take the shortcut, you
    may still fail because you'll need to climb the ledge and shoot the barrels.
    Shoot the barrels when Port gives the go-ahead and the trail will derail. Hold
    your position on the ledge and DO NOT jump down, because you'll get swamped by
    enemies on both sides and they'll have the height and cover advantage. Keep
    Port and Clay's health in mind, and make good your Quickdraw. Also, you can't
    man the gatling gun at this point, so don't be tempted... 
           Moomoomashoo from the GFaqs boards has said that the gatling gun /is/
           available for use here, and that it was a good way to bring the enemy
           ranks in for a slaughter. I found sniping a lot easier from a hiding
           spot, but this may work too, if you're the daring type. Have at 'er!
    Eventually, all of the forces will wane until they're dead an' gone.
     -New Federal Marshal missions
     -New Deputy Missions
    Port will call you over and open a boxcar, showing a bunch of Apache warriors
    inside. They ask for water, having probably been used for slaves. The leader of
    the Apache, Many Wounds, will come and take them home. VERY reminiscent of the
    speech used in The Outlaw Josey Wales, if you ask me... Once the scene is over,
    you'll get a notification that you're making enemies, and it will advise you to
    upgrade and do side-missions. 
    | Mission 11 - Defend the Hideout                                             |
    NOTE: This place is going to be swarming with guards. You may want to boost
          your quickdraw duration by buying the Mild Herbs/Powerful Medicine from
          the Indian Trader. They will help _a lot_.
    Talk to a guard at the Resistance Base to cue up a nighttime bonfire party. You
    will learn that Clay's commanding officer in the war was Magruder. You'll see
    a scene from the past where Major Magruder, Clay, and Ned arrive at a doctor's
    house searching for a cross. Magruder will kill the Indian and the doctor, and
    Clay will throw a cross to Magruder. If you ever wondered how Magruder's eye
    was shot out, a woman with a rifle shoots the cross, breaking it, and a piece
    hits him in the eye. Ned will protest to Magruder's methods and get shot as 
    well. When the scene ends, Colton will ask Clay about his real father, but he
    won't have an answer 'cause he doesn't know.
    A Resistance member will run over and say a horseback militia is approaching,
    and Clay will give you a sharpshooter Sharps 1874. It "has great range and
    firepower - perfect for sniping enemies at a safe distance." Follow Chavez Y
    Chavez to the ridge, so you can put your new weapon to work. Remember, if Clay
    dies, the mission fails.
    The slow fire rate may lend you a little damage, but it's very accurate. When
    you find enemies throwing whiskey bombs across the wooden bridge, get out your
    Volcanic and smoke 'em. When the machine gun jams, get your sniper rifle back
    out and shoot anyone on the rocks. When the machine gun is working again, use
    your built-up Quickdraw to down any approaching enemies.
    Once the militia is pulling up daisies, head back down to Clay and he'll take
    off on horseback, asking you to defend the fort. The gatling gun's reticle as
    big as its barrel, so you can gun down the cavalry that comes soon after with
    a little leeway. Shoot their horses to kill them, as well, so you don't have
    to aim specifically as much. You have infinite ammo, so don't let anyone by
    Talk to Port once the horsemen are gone to learn about a cannon that's blowing
    the cliffs to bits. Infiltrate towards the cannon by the wall near the stream,
    and make your way up to the little knoll. When the cannon fires at you, run to
    its front and go into Quickdraw, then shoot the cannonman in the face. There is
    a metal shield around the weapon, so this is necessary. Use the cannon to blow
    up any enemies (sorry, no reticle) that come down the path and you'll finish
    this mission off with style.
     -New Federal Marshal missions
     -New Bounty missions
     -New Pony Express missions
    You'll also get to keep that sharpshooter weapon. Now that's what I call battle
    spoils. Unfortunately, Clay is captured and taken to Empire. Colton will devise
    a plan to take the howitzer cannon and the gatling gun onto the offensive...
    | Mission 12 - Take Down Hoodoo                                               |
    Talk to Port at the base to initiate the next mission. The howitzer's been
    snuck down to the Empire outskirts, so go to meet it. You'll learn that Hoodoo
    has brought in up to thirty men; time to make thirty graves, eh? Port will go
    to move the cannon into town, so provide coverfire...or as much as you can by
    using your horse to run over everyone. You wouldn't believe how effective a
    method that can be. There'll be one pesky man on a roof that you'll need to get
    with a sharpshooter, but the rest are hoof fodder. Your horse may run away if
    you get off it, though -- in that case, shotgun your way through the ranks.
    Horsemen will come when you get in sight of Hoodoo's Palace, but you know how
    to deal with them. Make sure you don't shoot Port in the middle of the fight,
    because the horsemen will run right in front of him. If you die, you'll have
    to restart the entire level from the beginning, so make sure you've got all the
    upgrades you need before you go in (the Quickdraw and Pistol upgrades, mostly).
    If your horse dies, you can get one nearby when you come to the bridge. You
    can man the cannon if you want, but you won't be able to Quickdraw on the TNT
    wagon that comes by and you'll be less accurate. Stick to horse-stomping all
    that moves.
    You'll get a message to infiltrate the saloon through the laundry once all the
    enemies have been repelled (they'll respawn infinitely at the casino front).
    Put your Quickdraw on as soon as you enter the laundromat's entryway and kill
    the man who ambushes you through the backdoor. Head down the stairs, kill the
    man unaware of what's happening, and enter the basement tunnel complex.
    A man will be waiting for you around the corner; kill him. Let the three 
    innocents by, then kill the next guy around the corner. The backroom will be
    chock full of TNT barrels, so aim more carefully -- you'll need them to blow
    the door you just past open. The two Chinese behind the counter will return
    fire as well, so you have no choice. Get the health refill, take a barrel and
    go back into the tunnel.
    Through the blown-up door, you'll see a scene where Hoodoo pulls one of Clay's
    teeth out. "Sounds like some of your boys are attempting a rescue. The fools,"
    says Hoodoo. Head up the tunnel to prevent any more torture, and kill the two
    guarding Clay. Untie him from the butcher's table, and he'll tell you Hoodoo's
    upstairs. Refill your health, reload, and head upstairs.
    The enemy will be turned to the door, so get a potshot off at the man behind
    the counter. Start shooting down the oil chandeliers and catch the place on
    fire, for a little support. Hoodoo will be upstairs, so clear the ground floor
    and kill the enemies who go down the stairs (and consequently writhe in flame).
    Both rooms upstairs have health refills, so shoot Hoodoo and bring him down to
    half-health. If you shot all the chandeliers upstairs, this won't be much of a
    problem. He'll attack you and then kick down the door to upstairs; follow him.
    BOSS: Hoodoo
    A scene will play upstairs where Colton shoots Hoodoo. He'll get some answers
    about the steamboat and kick a gun to Hoodoo. Hoodoo will grab for it, and you
    can finish the fight (Quickdraw if you're cheap) and blow Hoodoo out of the top
    floor window to his death below. 
    Hoodoo: "I'M HOODOO BROWN!!"
    Colton: "You were."
    HEALTH: +25
     -New Poker missions
    You'll get Hoodoo's decorate dual-Colt 45 Peacemakers as a reward. They're the
    gun that rules the west, and have fast shooting and fast reloading -- the apex
    of your pistol capabilities. Watch the scene where Clay throws rocks at Hoodoo
    in his coffin. Colton will be off to dodge to pull a certain safecracker out 
    of retirement... Next: the return of Soapy!
    | Mission 13 - Save Soapy                                                     |
    Find Denton in Dodge to start the mission. He'll be tied up on the bridge,
    after having met with a mob of the colorful citizens in town. Soapy'll be in
    the process of getting lynched at the gallows, so head up to the water tower
    to get a clear shot at the rope (Just like Good, the Bad, and the Ugly!)
    In the process, you'll find some enemies behind the tower's base waiting for
    any troublemakers like yourself, so put your dual revolvers to work and turn
    'em into fertilizer. Climb the tower to see a scene where Soap's about to get
    a nice hemp necktie. Denton'll give you a Remington-Creedmore sniper rifle to
    do the job right (yay!).
    Shoot the guard by Soapy, then shoot the rope as he falls in the trapdoor. Keep
    the enemies clear as Soapy crawls across the battlefield. They'll come from by
    the wanted poster building mostly, so stand on the infinite ammo box and unload
    your sweet shootin'. Don't shoot the TNT barrel until the third wave of enemies
    Riders from the east will try finish off Soapy, so either use your rifle to
    blow 'em from their seats or, as Denton asks, head down there and make quick
    work of them. There's a checkpoint from where Soapy crawls under the wagon.
    Kill the riders and go to Soapy, so that he gets up. Jump on a horse and stomp
    all the enemies who come out of the Alhambra, and head down to the ferry with
    Soap. Snipe the enemies on the ridge, then shoot the rope when you cross the
    river. Watch any enemies go over the waterfall and this mission is dust.
     -New Ranch Hand missions
    You'll get to keep that Remington sharpshooter. It has fantastic range and
    firepower, and also a faster reload rate. Thanks, Denton! Finally good for
    A scene where Magruder learns of his loss at Empire, and of Soapy's rescue,
    plays out. He'll send the one-eared Reverend Reed to go retrieve the safe's
    contents, figuring you'll be doing the same...
    | Mission 14 - Hollister's Fort                                               |
    Head with Soapy up into Blackfoot Country, and into the pass that was once
    locked by a large log gate. Colton will spy a fort and ask Soapy to keep watch,
    only to have Soapy let guards sneak up on him. Sergeant Hollister will make his
    way over, and take you captive. Colton will notice the rifle -- his father's --
    on Hollister's back, and ask where he came by it; the reply is "from the cold,
    dead hands of an Indian-lovin' fool." He'll get his soon enough.
    Colton and Soapy are condemned to sit around as free men within the fort's
    confinement. Hollister will leave to go to the steamboat, and Colton will see
    Reed leaving along with him. Time to enlist some help to get out of here. The
    fort is a big, big place...
    Find three Indians getting beat on, and execute their attackers with the grab-
    -and-slit method. Yes, you still have your tomahawk. Once you have all three
    Indians safe, do as they say (like, to a 't') and you'll do fine.
    1) Remove the guard at the gate with the grab-and-slit method.
    2) Crouch down and follow the Indians behind the hay bales.
    3) Kill the sleeping guard silently.
    4) Hide behind the boxes when the person's suspicion is aroused.
    5) Head into the medical hut and kill the guard by the stove.
    6) Wait for a guard to leave at the other end, then kill the remaining guard.
    7) Kill the peeing guard. Poor guy. :(
    8) Kill the sleeping guard by the garbage chute flap-doors.
    9) Let Soapy pick the lock
    10) Enter the garbage chute.
    Once you're at the other end of the tunnel, pick up the dead man's Apache Bow
    and get the guard who stays behind. Go over and get your weapons back. Shoot
    the enemies by the waterfront with your bow (because it's, like, silent), while
    making your way towards the flames downriver. Kill in this order to remain
    1) Man by first machine gun
    2) Man by second machine gun
    3) Man walking by first and second machine guns
    4) Man at third machine gun
    5) Man at fifth machine gun (at the end)
    6) Man walking by the horses.
    7) Man walking on the road by the horses.
    Get to the horses and wait for Soapy; then, ride down in front of the machine
    guns and rendezvous with the Indians. Head to the Indian Village down the path,
    and slide through the gate (with Square) to break out into Blackfoot Territory.
    Slide into the guards attacking the settlement, and then gun down the horsemen
    who appear afterward.
     -New Pony Express missions
     -New Bounty missions
     -New Poker missions
    You'll also get the Blackfoot Fire Bow. It does more damage than the standard
    bow, and can easily kill and ignite explosives. Plus, it's so...hot! Watch the
    scene where Fights-at-Dawn (the Blackfoot leader) tells a story about how Colt
    got his necklace. Then, Colton will devise a plan to take out the fort's cannon
    emplacements and then kill the men inside of it...
    | Mission 15 - Attack the Fort                                                |
    You'll automatically be send back into the fort the next day without any other
    chance to do side-missions. Your objective is to find the canoes by the river.
    Run in and Quickdraw-kill the men on the machine guns first. The road is now
    blocked by spiked logs, so get in the canoe and get out your rifle for when you
    come out from under the bridge. Shoot the TNT barrels on the shore to kill the
    riflemen behind the rocks, then turn to the right side and kill the men on the
    beach before they can counterattack.
    Head into the cave and pop the heads of the two men behind the first rock.
    Switch to your revolvers, and take out the three soldiers who come down the
    path; then kill the two men who come down the garbage chute. Head up the ladder
    into the fort, and kill the two men conversing with their backs to you.
    Duck behind the left building and use the coffins beyond it as cover for the
    volley of men sent at you (including a Viking-ogre hybrid man). Once they're
    done, kill the men in the infirmary (two whiskey refills here). Come up the
    right side of the cannon room and use your Quickdraw when they come out from
    the ground-floor doorway and from the stairway behind you.
    Take a deep breath and try to conserve your whiskey, because about ten guys
    will come from the 2F cannon room and the balcony in an attempt to fill you
    with holes, including with dynamite. Throw some of your own if you wish.
    Man the cannon and destroy the four bunkers down by where you got in the
    canoes. You have to drop the (cannon)balls in from the wooden top or you won't
    make any impact. Shoot your way to the second cannon and shoot the 4 keelboats
    by the river entry point.
    Head downstairs from the second cannon-house, kill the man who enters, and
    crouch-run outside to the little fence. Beyond it is a four-man firing squad
    waiting for you. Go into Quickdraw and rise up, using the left-analog flicking
    to take them all out easily.
    Leagues of men will pour out of one house and start shooting at the Indians;
    use the same method you used on the firing squad just now to dispose of them.
    The same goes for the next house's worth. When you can man the third cannon,
    destroy the ammo dump in the house it's pointed at.
    Duck behind the wicker baskets (!) in the newly-opened wall and take out the
    soldiers that come through the longhouse. Let the Indians attack one entrance
    to draw the fire, and then attack through the second one -- first in the door,
    then on the left (from where you enter) wall. Once the room is clear, men will
    come through the door. Whew, almost done with this part.
    Head through the left entrance and up the ramp, then get out your dynamite and
    duck behind a wooden stake cluster. Kill as many enemy guns as you can and run
    to where the bridge can be lowered. Charge up your dynamite, point the reticle
    at the cannon and charge the dynamite about halfway before you throw it, and
    it will catch right in front of the howitzer.
     -New Deputy missions
     -New Federal Marshal missions
     -New Ranch Hand missions
    | Mission 16 - Battle at the Steamboat                                        |
    Talk to Fights-At-Dawn to commence the sixteenth mission. Hollister will have
    escaped, and you'll be hunting him down. Once you get on a canoe, you'll land
    and see dynamite thrown at you. Fights-At-Dawn will get caught in the blast,
    and Hollister will proclaim, "You'll never kill me!"
    BOSS: Hollister
    Armed with dynamite and a dead-eye with a gun, Hollister can pack quite a
    punch. Use dynamite of your own when he hides, and put as many slugs into his
    face as you can with Quickdraw. Head-on tactics will drain your life quite a
    bit, so avoid them as much as possible.
    Once his life is almost gone, Hollister will strap himself with dynamite and
    advance towards you. Just backup and he'll blow up when the countdown ends,
    eliciting a response from Colton: "Shame to waste good dynamite!" He maintains
    his wit in the face of danger. =p  Colton will pick up Ned's rifle which had
    survived the blast and add it to his collection. Fights-At-Dawn will comment
    that his spirit is soaring and then part ways. 
    Beyond the bend is the wreckage of Morning Star steamboat. Soapy'll get to
    work with his hiding ploy, and Magruder's riders will storm in on horseback.
    You can choose stick it out, but like usual, being on horseback has all the
    advantages and lets you conserve your health for the next fight. There's a 
    steed on the other side of the steamboat, so kill a rider or two and make a
    break for it. Even in Quickdraw mode, these riders can fire pretty fast, so
    don't waste any more health than need be.
    Once the riders are dead, get to the safe on the Morning Star deck. Soapy will
    get to work with his cracking and Colton will take out a piece of a gold
    cross. Reverend Reed will be there on his armored stallion and Colton will put
    the cross piece back into the safe (HILARIOUS!), which only serves to infuriate
    our dear man of God.
    BOSS: Reverend Reed
    Reed will rear around on his armored horse, so don't bother shooting at that if
    it comes into view. Instead, wait till the reverend runs up onto the ridge and
    take out your Remington and place one in his face. It will devastate his health
    and send him back down to fight you for awhile. He can end up killing your 
    steed, so try to end the battle as quick as you can.
    HEALTH: +25
     -New Bounty missions
     -New Poker missions
    You'll get a Cavalry Sword as spoils from one of Magruder's men once you win.
    As the reverend lays dying, Colton will walk over and shoot him in his leg. As
    Reed protests that he's unarmed, he'll say "This is for Jenny" and will blow
    his foe's brains out against a rock. Soapy'll say the cross's bar is incomplete
    and that the writing is Latin. Watch the scene where Magruder throws a tantrum
    at Reed's death and the loss of his prize, and Colton will say between-missions
    that the Apache chief is in possession of the other cross-piece...
    Ride into Dodge from the fort, then go to the cabin by the stream in Devil's
    Slot Canyon to meet with Soapy. You'll see dead Indian carcasses hanging from
    a tree, and then you'll be captured and brought to Many Wounds atop the plateau
    He'll give Colton a bag from a healer, who'll then ask what they are. A scene
    from the past will show the aftermath of the incident Clay, Ned, and Major
    Magruder went through at the healer's place. A young Many Wounds will carry a
    child out, and then give it to Ned, who blames himself for what's transpired.
    Colton will know that he is that child (although I don't think his age fits
    in the confines of the story...), and Many Wounds will bring out the second
    piece of the cross. Soapy'll make note of each Latin phrase, and think they
    show a map... Many Wounds will ask you to join him at a place he's seen such
    markings before.
    | Mission 17 - Across the Badlands                                            |
    Many Wounds will explain that Magruder's search for the lost city of gold has
    brought much suffering to the Apache tribe, and that Ned and he learned much
    from each other. You'll arrive at the Badlands, and will learn that the house
    lying in ruins is your house and where the flashback scenes had taken place,
    where your father was slain.
    And you're almost slain with them -- more of those tough cavalry officers from
    the steamboat arrive to spoil your fun. Unlike previous tactics, they don't
    seem to want to be kicked out of their seat by skid attacks, so rifle-blast
    them off when they come by or use your usual Quickdraw-killing. Kill all the
    enemies quick, so Soapy and Many Wounds don't bite the big one. Return to them
    and Many Wounds will stay behind to tend to his wounded friend; you and Soapy
    will go to the cabin atop the mountain by Piper Lake. Giddyup!
    Soapy'll tell you how he got his nickname on the way. He was cracking a safe
    and was caught by a man's mistress, so he escaped into the waste chute of her
    watercloset to avoid capture. He was in there for two days and needed quite a
    scrubbing afterwards. =p
    Head to the mountain's small tunnel and start your ascension. If you haven't
    been here yet, there may be two cougars waiting for you. Climb the very top,
    to the point that you can overlook Magruder's mine. The mission will finish,
    and you'll get the Loco Dynamite Bow as a reward (can you say 'party'?)
    The two parts of the cross will be put in place in a slot with more Latin
    writing on it: "From God's altar, twixt the tears of god and the spires of
    heaven, when sun and moon meet dusk, behold their kingdom." Colton will comment
    that Magruder's missed the mark and that the city of gold is above them, not
    below. Unfortunately, a cannoneer from the railroad below aims well and sends
    a nice present up two the two after seeing the gold cross shimmer, and Soapy
    tumbles down the cliff into the enemy's clutches...
    | Mission 18 - Escape the Ambush                                              |
    You'll have to get down the mountain to get Soapy, but those tough cavalry
    members will have already snuck up in the meantime. Take out your rifle and
    shoot the enemies who appear in your view between nooks and crannies. Once
    you've cleared the mountain, you'll see a scene where Soapy's safecracking
    hand has had a finger blown off. Soapy tells him where the location is, and
    gets another finger blown off anyway.
    The second part of your descending will be with a large gathering of cavalry
    'firing squad' members waiting for you. Take a TNT barrel and throw it over
    the rock where they're gathering, then shoot it in Quickdraw to take them out.
    You can lure enemies back to that gatling gun's sights, too, although that may
    be a little out-of-the-way. Test out your new Loco Dynamite Bow with the 
    crouch-and-shoot method you've gotten good at.
    In the mining tunnel, the place will be packed with TNT. If you fire at one in
    the end of the cave, they'll all go off and you'll die -- watch out. You can
    use this to your advantage by waiting for someone to say "watch out for those
    barrels", then backing out of the cave and shooting an arrow into the dirt by
    one of the barrels. Anyone inside there will wallpaper the rock with blood.
    Once you make it out of the cave, you'll find Soapy lying on the ground below,
    and he'll tell Colton that he ratted out the location of the golden city. Soap
    will be sent to find Clay Allison and Many Wounds and gather them at the site
    at daybreak. Colton goes to square off against the enemy, and their train has
    just pulled in...literally.
    You'll start off on the second stretch of the mission on horseback by the inert
    train, so horse-stomp any enemy you can find and watch out for Dutchie on the
    cannon. You'll want to keep your horse alive as long as you can, so ride around
    the perimeter and dismount at the back of the train when you need to -- doing 
    so will recharge the horses health. In fact, use this time to shoot Dutchie in
    the face with your sharpshooter rifle and get that cannon out of the way. Much
    better idea when there's less guns on you. Drain your sharpshooter ammo and
    take out your rifle -- play it safe here, no funny stuff.
    Once Dutchie is taken out, do systematic killing -- take out all the faraway
    targets on the left side and the right side, then do any horseback raiders you
    find. Finally, take out those who can't aim at you from the back, as is the
    case on the middle cars. After everyone is lying bloody or bleeding, the task
    will be over.
    Colton will get the train going, and will pull Clay onto it. Clay doesn't
    know how they're going to break into the mine's steel doors; Colton will say
    they're riding on it.
    Colton: "Welcome aboard the Kill Magruder Express. Next stop: end of the line."
    The train will smash into the mine and tear open a hole for entry. And the
    next stop really is the end of the line -- this is the last mission in the
    game, served cold like revenge.
    | Mission 19 - Magruder's Mine                                                |
    Use Quickdraw to take out the minor enemies underneath the gatling guns, then
    man the cannon quickly to take out the gatling guns themselves. You don't need
    to be too specific -- the blast area takes care of anyone behind the wall. The
    cannon-on-rails will start moving, so run ahead and take out any cavalrymen
    who are holed up behind the corner. Hit the junction switch and jump back on
    the cannon.
    Once the cannon rounds the first corner, blow out the gatling gun nest on the
    left wall scaffolding. A few enemies will break out of the boarded-up windows
    on the right wall, then, so shoot them with your rifle. If they don't have the
    surprise on you, they probably won't do much damage. Shoot the enemies on the
    horse-drawn wagon when they come around the second corner.
    When the cannon gets in view of the mine doors, immediately blow up the cliff's
    machine gun nest and then shoot out the base of the crane to crush the rifles
    below it. You'll need to put a cannonball into the window above the mine doors
    as well -- when you see a red blood spatter, you'll know the enemy ain't up 
    there any longer. Shoot open the mine doors and blast the three enemies you
    find. More will come around the corner, so jump off, crouch, and shoot them
    with the shotgun as they appear. This is a checkpoint, so make sure to get
    the rifle ammo and the health refills behind the junction switch room.
    After rounding the third corner, blow up the blockade and take out your rifle.
    Enemies will start pouring out of the mine shafts nonstop, so you'll need to
    get the cannon up there and unmake those entrances. One cannonball should do
    it. Blow up the TNT barrel by the second shaft, and then send a cannonball in
    for the closer before anyone else can come out. Blow up the minecars blocking
    the way ahead.
    TNT barrels will be thrown down towards you, so DO NOT man the cannon and try
    to get them all -- the reload is far too slow. Quickdraw-shoot all of the
    barrels when they're a safe distance a way, then take out the three jokers
    sending them at you. The barrels will respawn if the enemies aren't killed,
    and if they simply retreat, the cannon can run into one and kill you. ;__;
    Once the enemies throwing TNT are gone, take out your rifle, put in the zoom,
    and strafe a little around the corner to kill a machine-gunner. Kill the next
    machine-gunner by strafing from the opposite mine shaft, and then pick up the
    health refills at the very back of the shaft. Take the cannon down a ways, 
    until you can see the next room more clearly.
    Take out your pistols and shoot the TNT barrels around to blow up the enemies
    in the space below you. Enemies will come from down the tunnel, so use the
    vacant machine gun to mow them down in style. Get the dynamite and health
    refills below and man the cannon once again.
    Shoot the barricade open by hitting the TNT (which kills the enemies, too)
    then blow open the second part of the barricade. Two enemies with rifles will
    fling bullets at you, and you won't be able to see them clearly because of
    the dust -- fire when the reticle turns red and you'll do fine. You can get a
    clear shot at the two machine gunners by the cavern entrance, even when
    crouched, so don't let any of your stupid Resistance members die in vain when
    they run in headfirst. Kill the third machine gunner, and throw dynamite at the
    man behind the little rock nook, then snipe anyone who comes down the tunnel's
    depths...one shot, one kill in this case.
    The next cavern is full of TNT, so be careful not to kill Clay in any blasts.
    There's a shaft with rifle ammo and health refills, but save that for when you
    need them -- like, right after the next part, mayhap. Lead yourself to the 
    turntable that will cue the junction switch's alignment. You'll be protecting
    the enemies as they attack the Resistance.
    Pay attention to the dots that appear on your map, and turn towards them. You
    can use Quickdraw, although rifle shots do just as good a job here. Make sure
    you're reloading after each wave. After five or six waves, the track will be
    set and you can move the cannon again. Stock up on the bountiful supply of
    health refills and ammo and get a move on. Destroy the blockade at the end
    of the track and the cavern will start collapsing. Colton will press on even
    though he may die, and he tells the rest to turn back. 
    The next section you'll do alone. Run in through the cavern opening and 
    immediately run to the section of the wall that has a window facing towards
    the path. You'll be spotted, but you can make it there without incurring too
    much damage. Crouch-and-shoot at any enemies who come your way, with the rifle
    if you can, but the shotgun otherwise. Kill the dynamite-thrower as soon as
    possible, which isn't so hard since he's right by a TNT keg. Once the path up
    is clear, get the keg that hasn't exploded and throw it away from where gunfire
    can hit you -- it'll extend the blast range of the next keg you hit, more than
    Some freak will be throwing whiskey bombs, but is standing by powder kegs --
    will they ever learn? Kill him, then crouch-and-shoot at any enemy running
    for cover afterwards. More will come down the tunnel and they'll be armed with
    dynamite, so when you see one throwing one, Quickdraw-kill him and see if you
    can't make the dynamite drop right down with him. Always be crouching here.
    Enemies will peek around the corners, so pop them in the face when they do so.
    Continue on after getting the health pickups by the whiskey bomber corpse,
    and follow the tunnel to the arrow and health pickups (again!). Top the golden
    stairway, and you'll find Magruder standing in awe of the golden city; he'll
    also have a huge armor Conquistador breastplate that makes him invulnerable
    to gunshots...but his comeuppance is still comin'
    BOSS: Magruder
    That said, Magruder is invulnerable to normal gun attacks. Take out your Loco
    Dynamite Bow and wait for him to quit looking at you, then fire a bow into
    one of those natural gas geysers. It will explode for a moment and if Magruder
    is in the vicinity, it will damage him. He encircles you while looking for a
    trace of you, but will often reverse his direction when damaged. I don't think
    it needs to be said, but I'll say it anyway: crouch down by the rocks and use
    them as cover. Once he's found you, you can almost ensure he'll hit you once
    or twice, though. When he's been hurt enough by the explosions, he will run up
    onto a ledge and start using his gun to shoot at you. Do headshots to anger
    him and he will throw a large cluster of dynamite. You must shoot this (not
    the little ones) out of the air and explode it near him, and eventually 
    parts of the cavern will start collapse. A good place for cover that's close
    by is the curved rock on the right side of the ledge. It offers a good place
    to shoot his dynamite packs, but you'll have to move out of range when he goes
    to the left side of the ledge and make sure you don't get hit by the natural
    gas explosions (but those will always be a danger).
    Don't worry if you die, though, because you won't have to do the first part
    of the fight over again. Blow up about five packs in close vicinity to Magruder
    and the ceiling above him will cave-in. Congratulations! That does it for the
    last boss in the game! You'll get Magruder's Nock Gun, a seven-barrel siege
    shotgun that blows anything you have so far in that category out of the water.
    The scene that follows goes like so:
    Magruder's leg is trapped under some rubble, and he can't escape. Colton
    stands over him and tells him all the ways he's going to kill him, before
    confessing that it won't bring his friends or loved ones back. He starts to
    leave after saying: "So long, Major. Give the devil my regards." and throwing
    his precious cross at him. The cavern starts to collapse and Magruder says he
    will make it worth his while to save him. Colton climbs and Magruder laughs at
    him, saying he won't make it -- a dislodged boulder then falls and bounds onto
    Magruder's torso, killing him. Colton's hand slips, but Many Wounds catches it
    and pulls him up out of the mine."
    Colton: "Now our fathers can rest in peace."
    The huge mesa the mine was in collapses in on itself, and the credits play as
    the fight between the Resistance/Indians and the Magruder cavalry ensues.
    You can still play the game after finishing all the missions; if you complete
    all the side-missions, you'll unlock Magruder's experimental Cannon Nock Gun
    which fires highly-explosive shells at a large distance and even get Reverend
    Reed's horse. It's fast and well-armored, and will always return to the mine
    if lost.
    | 07) Sheriff Missions                                                        |
    Also known as 'Deputy' missions, these have you playing town peacemaker when
    the resident Dodge sheriff Patrick Denton has business to take care of. They
    only appear in Dodge; the Empire counterpart is the Federal Marshal missions.
    #1 - Keep The Peace
       - Unlock: Clear "Quick Killer at the Bridge" mission.
    Denton has some things to take care of and some highwaymen will attack once
    he's gone. Head over to the Alhambra's front and take a horse, then wait for
    the enemies to come within reticle range of your rifle. There are only three,
    and two good rifle shots will bring them down. You can also kill their horses
    to bring 'em down easier, and in a much more funny manner.
    Next up: poker brawl in an alley. Come around near the gallows to find a bunch
    of men beating on each other. Get in close and use Quickdraw Mode to pick some
    off before they reach for their guns. Use the crouch-and-shoot method to take
    them out with ease. Take a whiskey refill and head back to the shack opposite
    the Alhambra.
    Seems an opium dealer's been up to no good and the bartender knows where he's
    been pushing his wares. Head to the old building by the Alhambra, closer to 
    the outskirts, to quickly be thrown into a rain of gunfire. Kill the man on
    Main Street first, then head around back. A man throwing molotovs will do so
    almost indiscriminately, and you can take advantage of their group setting by
    doing the same with your whiskey bombs (or let the man catch his comrades on
    fire). Once done, the chaos settles down for awhile.
    GUNHAND:   +4
    MELEE:     +2
    CASH:     $10
    #2 - Keep the Peace [2]
       - Unlock: Clear "Quick Killer at the Bridge" mission
    At the Alhambra, a whore's getting a beating on the Alhambra's first floor, so
    run over there as quick as you can and shoot the three men on her. Her health
    gauge drops fairly fast, so don't lollygag around. Use your gun or, better yet,
    tomahawk to toma-hack the enemies when they get close. 
    Give up the ground floor and head towards the base of the city's water tower,
    around back. Enemies will be waiting for you, so strafe in Quickdraw Mode with
    your shotgun to clear those in front of the hostage, then switch to your six-
    -gun and implant some iron into the captor's brain.
    Finally, run behind the gallows to find a hold-up in progress. So...un-progress
    it. The victim's life gauge starts out low, so you'll fail if you hit him. But,
    like usual, Quickdraw Mode solves everything. If you head around the gallows 
    way, like I said, all the enemies will be facing you and you can have your pick
    of who to bury first.
    GUNHAND:   +4
    MELEE:     +2
    CASH:     $10
    #3 - Keep the Peace [3]
       - Unlock: Clear "Quick Killer at the Bridge" mission
    Denton's "settling some debts" across town, and everything is back in your
    hands. To start the show off, you need to eradicate the Campfire Gang that's
    hanging around by where you killed the opium dealer. Throw a molotov and come
    in guns blazing and they'll all fall pretty easily. Good idea to build up some
    Quickdraw Kills, too, since they're all standing in a cluster.
    Second on the bill: a gunpowder delivery, the first of its kind you've had so
    far. Go down to the ferry docks and pick up the powder, then run back towards
    town. Three men will start to advance on you and they have rifles, so take out
    your own and pick them off. Careful to always press Triangle to set the barrel
    down or it may explode. Kill the two men on Main Street who want you dead for
    no particular reason and deliver the barrel in the store's ring.
    Closing act: kill the equestrian raiders coming into town. Hop on a horse and
    take out your rifle. Aim for their horses' heads to kill them indirectly, and
    skid attack them if they get in too close. This part can actually be kind of
    hard since many highwaymen come down the road. Just stick it out, though, and
    if you need to, retreat and get the flask refills by the gallows and inside 
    the Alhambra.
    GUNHAND:   +4
    MELEE:     +2
    CASH:     $10
    #4 - Keep the Peace [4]
       - Unlock: Clear "Ambush The Train" mission.
    Once Denton leaves, head to the bridge to find the 'Wealthy Citizen'. She has
    her own health bar, so you know what's coming next. This first part is easy if
    you have a horse, since the enemies come out of the buildings and you the easy
    access on the sidewalk can let you grease the floorboards with their blood.
    All enemies come out on the right-hand part of town, and the last two shoot at
    you from the wanted poster board an abandoned building on the left edge of
    town. Easy-peasy stuff.
    Once done, head to the second floor of the Alhambra to stop a robbery that's
    going down. Shoot the first guy near the balcony (from the stair), then kill
    the other two by the crates. Who does a robbery with only three people?
    A gang fight in the streets breaks out, and...wow! A horse comes right towards
    you. Get on it, and stamp out the gang members. An easy closer to the fourth
    Deputy mission.
    GUNHAND:   +4
    MELEE:     +2
    CASH:     $10
    #5 - Keep the Peace [5]
       - Unlock: Clear "Ambush The Train" mission.
    Two powder kegs have been stolen and placed on opposite ends of the town. As
    soon as you pick one up, enemies will appear and try to kill you for no god-
    -darn reason. Kill them and deliver them to the powder store. Then, on the
    edge of town (opposite bridge), a family is taken hostage. You can actually
    take out all of the enemies with the rifle. Finish off the round by killing 
    all the hoodlums shooting from the water tower. Head around the Alhambra and
    fish out your rifle. The enemies on the water tower are all standing in close
    proximity, and you can go 4-of-4 in headshots easily. The rest are downed just
    as easily.
    GUNHAND:   +4
    MELEE:     +2
    CASH:     $10
    #6 - Keep the Peace [6]
       - Unlock: Clear "Attack the Fort" mission
    Gangbangers have taken some hostages in the Alhambra, the saloon across the
    way (which is a trap -- kill them both), and behind the 'private property'
    fence near the bridge. Clear this portion by putting a bullet in each baddie's
    Next, head down to the docks to meet the snitch. Kill the men on the ridge,
    then head towards town. Kill the men who go walk back onto the ridge (on the
    right), and wait for the snitch to catch up. Kill them around the Alhambra's
    corner (off the street); in fact, you can watch them spawn and catch them off-
    -guard here. Men come out by the water tower's base, too, so don't let the
    snitch run off by himself or he'll walk right into it. Once you've cleared
    the men on the street by the wagon, the snitch'll tell you that the Red Hand
    Gang has taken over the Alhambra.
    The first floor will be crawling with some enemies by where Jenny gave support
    fire last time you fought, and you can shoot a few through the outside window
    if you want. Once that floor's clear, head up to the second floor via the
    stairway and come up to the balcony. Two women will be there, asking you to
    save them; kill them anyway, because they're part of the gang as well. And...
    the leaders are dead!
    GUNHAND:  +11
    MELEE:     +7
    CASH:     $20
    | 08) Wanted Posters                                                          |
    Wanted Poster missions pop up all over the place. Like the other types, you
    have to do them in sequence. It doesn't matter which poster you pick, as they
    will all give you the next mission and aren't area-specific.
    #1 - George "Whiskers" Mahonee
       - Murdered a barber
       - Unlock: When you first come to Dodge
       - Dead - $10 / Alive - $15
       - Found gambling in the Alhambra Saloon
    The first is always the easiest, no? This joker will be in the saloon and will
    start shooting at you. Since the best outcome is subduing him, take out your
    gun and press Triangle near him, then press Square to cold-cock him in the
    neck. Mission Complete!
    GUNHAND:   +2
    MELEE:     +4
    #2 - Butch Mainard
       - Petty theft at hardware store
       - Unlock: Complete "Whore Coach" mission
       - Dead - $10 / Alive - $15
       - Last seen by the Northern Rockies
    Ol' Butch is normally by where the Indian Hunter off of the railroad is; he's
    also a fighter. Shoot him a few times in the arm or leg to get him to stumble,
    then subdue him (or the least favorable outcome).
    GUNHAND:   +2
    MELEE:     +4
    #3 - John H. Greed
       - Armed robbery of Empire Bank
       - Unlock: Complete "Whore Coach" mission
       - Dead - $10 / Alive - $15
       - Last seen on Empire outskirts; may be in presence of accomplices.
    Head back to Empire from Dodge using the railroad tracks as your compass. When
    you get to town, take the bridge into the Devil's Canyon. Johnny will be on a
    horse and will make you give chase to Piper Lake, where his accomplices are
    waiting to ambush you. If you want to make quick work of him, put a bullet in
    his brain base as he runs away, but you can subdue him without taking out the
    extra guns he has.
    GUNHAND:   +2
    MELEE:     +4
    #4 - Shifty Sholtz
       - Horse thievery
       - Unlock: Complete "Whore Coach" mission
       - $15 for return of stolen horse
       - Last seen in Ten Fingers Canyon
    Ten Fingers Canyon is that little twisting place just outside of Dodge City
    if you follow the dirt road. Shifty'll be there with a few helpers, who you
    can stomp with your horse and do away with. Kill Shifty, then get the steed
    back to its owner at the Dodge wanted poster board.
    GUNHAND:   +2
    MELEE:     +4
    #5 - Lee Hop Dong
       - Selling of tainted opium
       - Unlock: Complete "Escape from Jail" mission.
       - Dead - $10 / Alive - $20
       - Last seen by Piper Lake; known to travel with bodyguards
    Lee Hop Dong is hanging out in River Canyon, in the exact location of the
    Resistance's Base. There'll be multiple enemies, some with shotguns, and one
    guy manning a crank machine gun. Snipe the machine gunner and shoot the TNT
    barrels to kill some of the main forces. The target is cowering up by the gun
    nest, and is already in a whimpering state. There's no reason to _not_ subdue
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +4
    #6 - Lulabelle Simmons, a.k.a. Bloody Belle
       - Castration of well-known public official
       - Unlock: Complete "Escape from Jail" mission
       - Dead - $15 / Alive - Not interested
       - Presumed to have fled to Southern Plains
    Finally, you can just shoot anything that moves! Bloody Belle is near the
    train track tunnel closest to Dodge City, and is on horseback. Her all-female
    gang will attack you and she'll flee towards the Badlands mine. Quickdraw-kill
    whoever's closest and try to take her out before she flees. If she dies when 
    some of her gang members are still alive, they'll come and try to give one last
    hurrah for her.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +4
    #7 - Tobias Wood a.k.a Toby the Torch, former Dodge City mayor
       - Attempted arson of Dodge City
       - Unlock: Clear "Defend the Hideout" mission
       - Dead - $15 / Alive - $20
       - Expected to be in the city limits of Dodge
    Hehe, what a riot! Toby will be waiting for you on the Dodge Main Street, with
    an accompanying torch. Talk to him to hear how you thwarted his revenge and 
    then hear him go mad and start cackling. "There's only one solution: you die!"
    Put that one to work. Shoot Toby in the arm, and subdue him. You'll need to
    take out the rest of his gang to finish the mission, though.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +4
    #8 - "Mad Dog" McGrady
       - Unlock: Clear "Defend the Hideout" mission
       - Must be apprehended alive
       - Dead - Nothing / Alive - $20
       - Seen near Magruder's Mine
    Hey, who cares if he hasn't done anything wrong! Well, anyway, he'll be on the
    right side of the mine near the train tunnel (the one you didn't collapse), as
    well as having an assortment of horseback thugs. Skid-attack 'em and kill your
    target's horse. McGrady will flee towards his hideout, so do it quick. You can
    instantly subdue him when he's rising from his fall, so do so and take out any
    errant bodyguards that are left.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +4
    #9 - Wayland Payne
       - For the murder of a local parson
       - Unlock: Clear "Hollister's Fort" mission 
       - Dead - $20 / Alive - $30
       - Last seen in Blackfoot Country
    You can't do this mission until you've cleared "Attack the Fort," sadly, but
    at least it's in Blackfoot Country nearby. Head under the cover of night to
    sneak up on everyone. If you get spotted, horse-stomp all the enemies until
    Wayland is left. Indians will shoot at him, so you'll have to work quick. Once
    they shoot him, he'll stumble for a second and you can take the chance to 
    subdue this guy. E-A-S-Y. If his gang is left, you'll have to kill them, too.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +4
    #10 - The Bandit Brothers (James and Bob Booth)
        - Robbery; aiding and abetting a criminal
        - Bob should be brought in on sight.
        - James can be killed.
        - Unlock: Clear "Hollister's Fort" mission
        - Reward: $20
        - Not known where they are
    Head to Ten Fingers Canyon, just outside Dodge, to find the Booth Brothers.
    The game will tell you which ones to kill and which to subdue, so don't worry
    about any misfires on that end. Shoot James in the head, and kill Bob's horse
    to knock him off. Shoot him in the leg, then subdue him like you've been doin'.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +4
    #11 - The Blackbird Boys
        - For multiple train robberies
        - Unlock: Clear "Battle at the Steamboat" mission
        - Reward: $30 for death of all 15 members
        - Sighted in the pasture lands
    These hoodlums congregate in the pasture east of Empire, although you may know
    the location as where a bandit attack can occur. There's more than a baker's
    dozen of 'em, but the numbers shouldn't fool you -- I mean, you have dynamite!
    The quickest way to take care of the group is to skid-attack and Quickdraw-kill
    them...you know the drill. Most of the enemies are on foot, but the last five
    gangmembers are on horseback. You can pick them off as they come, rank-and-file
    right at you.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +4
    #12 - Bob McCarty, a.k.a Bob the Blade
        - Malicious disfigurement of Two-Dollar Trixie
        - Unlock: Clear "Battle at the Steamboat" mission
        - Known to travel with the Butcher Boys Gang
        - Must be apprehended alive
        - Reward: $30
        - Sighted in Devil's Slot Canyon
    Yee-haw, the last mission of 'em all and it's rather fun. The Butcher Boys
    all hang around the Devil's Canyon Mine, and...they all have knives! They'll
    run up to cut you, like lambs at a slaughter, so deflate their skulls and Bob
    will call you out when they're dead. He'll want you to duel "like men" with
    knives, but that'll be playing into his forte -- he'll skin you alive if given
    the chance. Shoot him in the leg and subdue him "like a man" to finish the last
    mission. We hardly knew ye...
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +4
    | 09) Pony Express                                                            |
    Pony Express missions usually amount to odd jobs and deliveries, but one thing
    always remains a constant: the timer. There is one person in each city, so 
    instead of doing the whole thing in a certain sequence, each person has their
    own sequence. 
    #1 - Earl (Dodge City)
       - Unlock: When you first come to Dodge
    Tiny Tubbs is so fat he can't get from one end of town to the other! Yes, this
    is definitely "starting you off easy," as Earl said. Find a horse and ride to
    the end of town where you first came in from Blackfoot Territory, and talk to
    the man. The delivery timer on this one drains like water down the drain, so
    spur your horse and head to the shopkeep; head back carrying the same speed.
    Since there are horses everywhere, don't worry about finding another, but if
    your horse dies, the mission is likely to be over. Be kind and rewind!
    CASH: $10
    HORSE: +5
    #2 - Daryl (Empire)
       - Unlock: Clear "Law and Order" mission
    Head to Johnny Calhoun to the left of the casino, who'll tell you that his
    horse is about to throw a shoe and come up lame. Get on the horse and head to
    the livery. A shortcut is to simply jump the bridge, jump back up the side and
    jump into the stable. The ferrier will oblige you and say he'll fix the shoe
    and "have her prancing with her tail up right soon." What a nice guy.
    CASH: $10
    HORSE: +5
    #3 - Daryl (Empire)
       - Unlock: Clear "Law and Order" mission
    Head on over to the hardware store and meet with Stumpy McNubbs, who'll ask
    you to deliver supplies to the railroad foreman just outside of town. Take the
    way down the railroad tracks to the first branch into the tunnel, and go that
    direction. Skid attack any Indians if you want, but that'll just waste time.
    When you come out the tunnel, two more Indians can be taken out, but the 
    foreman is just down the way and the enemy will disappear when the mission is
    CASH: $10
    HORSE: +5
    #4 - Earl (Dodge City)
       - Unlock: Clear "Escape from Jail" mission
    Lookin' for work? Try your hand at the gunsmith. Head to said tradesman up the
    street to learn that wolves have been sighted up at Hecht Ranch and they need
    a fresh supply of cartridges. Get the horse nearby and beat it up the railroad
    tracks towards the ranch. This is the fastest way to go, and you don't have a
    lot of time to dilly-dally. You can ignore the Apaches who attack you, too,
    for the most part. Park the horse and talk to the rancher to learn that the
    rest of his cattle will be crowbait without medical attention.
    The doctor's at Piper Lake, so head back down to the railroad tracks and take
    the tunnel to get back to the lake environs. Follow the tracks and take a left
    towards where the Indian Trader is to find the doctor. Head back to the rancher
    the way you came. You'll lose precious time if you take the road up to Hecht
    Ranch, so forego the long way and cut across the hill to the fence near the
    house (near where Gray Wolf would appear).
    CASH: $10
    HORSE: +5
    #5 - Earl (Dodge City)
       - Unlock: Clear "Escape from Jail" mission
    Head to Empire and find Cletus by the town bridge. He'll tell you he'll be dead
    if he doesn't get his borrowed tools back, and that he left them in the Old
    Canyon Mine. Head to where the Indian Hunter is to find a worker and get the
    tools back. Cut a path across the railroad and head to the canyon across from
    Magruder's mine, then head to Devil's Canyon and find Barton Henry. This is 
    one of the first missions that calls for a little knowledge of the geography,
    but it isn't that hard if you pay attention to the map.
    CASH: $10
    HORSE: +5
    #6 - Earl (Dodge City)
       - Unlock: Clear "Defend the Hideout" mission
    Head over to the attorney's office to learn that Marcus needs to deliver some
    papers to Empire or the deal will be off. This marks the first time you'll need
    to pick up a fresh horse -- if you don't stop at Hecht Ranch, you'll fail the
    mission guaranteed. Bolt out of Dodge past the Apaches, stop at the ranch and
    get the fresh horse (and renew your delivery timer), then head to the bank in
    East Empire.
    CASH: $10
    HORSE: +5
    #7 - Earl (Dodge City)
       - Unlock: Clear "Defend the Hideout" mission
    Jesse from the mercantile will tell you about a package that needs delivering,
    and of the deliveryman who's probably hiding from Indians in the Badlands mine.
    Whip your horse to the mine, and get the package amongst Apache gunfire. Once
    received, use the shortcut to the Devil's Canyon mine and find Lucas Gordon.
    Laugh at Lucas' voice actor and you'll finish in first. =p
    CASH: $10
    HORSE: +5
    #8 - Daryl (Empire)
       - Unlock: Clear "Hollister's Fort" mission
    You can't do this until you clear "Attack the Fort," however. When you're done
    you'll hear about Speedy Pete, who's claiming he's a faster deliveryman than
    you are. Talk to him to learn that you'll have to go from Empire to Dodge, 
    with one pitstop at Magruder's Mine for a new horse. This'll be easy as pie.
    Leave Empire and head to the tunnel near the railroad tracks, and follow it
    to Magruder's Mine. Talk to the Express Rider and exchange your horse, which
    is probably shot full of Apache arrows by now. Head towards Dodge via the
    tunnels and find Speedy Pete at the booth on Main Street. He'll admit defeat
    and hand over your pay.
    CASH: $15
    HORSE: +5
    #9 - Earl (Dodge City)
       - Unlock: Clear "Hollister's Fort" mission.
    You can't do this mission until you clear the "Attack the Fort" mission, mind
    you. Talk to Earl, then the shopkeeper to learn you'll be taking medicine up
    into Indian territory with a new horse waiting in Devil's Slot Canyon. Ride
    into Ten Fingers Canyon and ignore the Apaches' flame-bowmen and you'll find
    Willie standing before you get to the old cabin. He'll tell you that your
    horse was just stolen before he dies. You can reclaim it by killing the Indian
    thief, at which point the delivery timer resets. You can find Dan by where the
    shortcut from the Badlands ends.
    CASH: $20
    HORSE: +10
    #10 - Daryl (Empire)
        - Unlock: Clear "Battle at the Steamboat" mission
    Councilman Webster will give you the lowdown, and this'll be tough mission
    calling for concise movement and such. It'll be much easier if you've been 
    doing the Ranch Hand missions, too, so your Horse stat is upgraded.
    Find the councilman by Hoodoo's and get on the horse when he's done yappin'.
    Ride the railroad tracks and get off at the first tunnel to deliver the plans
    to the first worker; the second worker is down the tracks by Magruder's mine;
    the third on the outlook over the stream by the Apache camp; the fourth by the
    tunnel near Dodge; the last on Dodge's main street.
    Once you deliver the plans to all the workers, go have a drink at the bar...in
    fact, you have to -- that's time also. You'll be congratulated for expediting
    the completion of the railroad and you'll be given the Silver Spurs for your
    duty, even though the Pony Express's days are numbered...
    CASH: $20
    HORSE: +10
    | 10) Card Tourneys                                                           |
    You can enter Texas Hold 'Em Tournaments starting from your first time in
    Dodge, and it's an easy way to get build up a cash stock. I won't be explaining
    how to play the game here, but it's something I can add in 'cause I'm not so 
    bad a player, myself, in real life. =p
    #1 - Unlock:    Available first time you come to Dodge.
       - Dodge City
       - Fee:       ---
       - R1 Prize:  $10
         R2 Prize:  $20
    Since the card-players at the table are noticeably weaker than higher levels,
    you can often go 'All In' to force them into folding. If you get pocket Kings
    or Queens (meaning you start with two in the two cards you're dealt), this is
    tactic works quite well. Even if you don't, they take your bluffs to heart, so
    don't put too much effort into getting good hands here. If you play Round 2,
    you can get $20 pocket money against the same foolish players.
    #2 - Unlock:   Clear "Escape from Jail" mission
       - Dodge City
       - Fee:      ---
       - R3 Prize: $30
    The "more difficult" third round's not that much different than those cleared.
    You can still coax people into folding by making risky bets, and your dealt
    cards never give you a hard losing streak. You can cheat your way (use Cheat
    option) if you need to give you an extra edge, but your opponents still suck
    enough that you won't need to go that far. On occasion, you can lose a hand,
    but those are flukes -- you can win it back by stone-cold bluffing.
    #3 - Unlock:   Clear "Hollister's Fort" mission
       - Empire
       - Fee:      ---
       - R4 Prize: $40
         R5 Prize: $50
    You'll see all-new players this time (Shelley, Jigger, Doc, Buck) and they're
    more poised than the Dodge "folders". You can't bluff your way through all of
    the rounds this time, because there will usually be one or more people who'll
    call it. If you have a good hand, though, this also means that some people will
    be daring and you can bankrupt them easier. This also applies to the fifth
    round, because the same players haven't improved very much.
    I must also remark that Jigger has one of the ugliest portraits I've ever
    seen... The pig-nose look and bowtie are hideous. No wonder he's a gambler.
    #4 - Unlock:   Clear "Battle at the Steamboat" mission
       - Empire
       - Fee:      ---
       - R6 Prize: $60
    Your card-playing rivals will be slightly more on top of their game, will fold
    less often, and will be more bold and raise you higher. Take advantage of this
    by conservative in your betting and then bet steadily raise to throw them
    off-guard. You can employ the tactics you've used previously as well, as they
    aren't *that* much better. I mean, they're practically letting you take their
    | 11) Indian Hunter                                                           |
    The Indian Hunter is by the stilted house by Magruder's mine, just off of the
    railroad in the Northern Rockies. You can start the missions anytime, but you
    have to have a bow to finish any of them. To kill them with honor (requirement)
    you need to put an arrow into one of their eyes. Crouch down to maintain a low
    profile, and aim carefully (press R3 to zoom). That's about all you can do. It
    /is/ possible to use a gun to kill them, but an arrow in the face is the easy
    #1 - Grey Wolf
       - He stalks the white man's towns for livestock and easy prey.
       - Found: By Dodge City railroad tracks
       - Found: By Hecht Ranch, in a coulee
    Grey Wolf is lazy and you can sneak up on it easily, plus there is lots of
    cover nearby (railroad loader, boulders, respectively) that lets you take your
    sweet time. The wolf also has a tendency to stop moving and give you an open
    shot, too, so why let this thing live any longer than it has to? I could use
    a nice, gray rug...
    GUNHAND: +4
    CASH:   $10
    #2 - Great White Buffalo
       - Search the plains. They roam with their kin.
       - Found: Badlands, near the old house ruins
    The buffalo only appears in the Badlands, so you don't have to do much running
    around or waiting. It tends to turn around and stop for awhile like the Grey
    Wolf, giving you an easy chance to put its eye out. If you can get it to spawn
    by the house itself, the kill is that much easier.
    CASH:   $10
    GUNHAND: +4
    #3 - White Wolf
       - As fierce as she is fierce. She hunts near lakes and streams.
       - Found: Stream by Indian Trader
         Found: Stream in House in Devils Slot Canyon
    Use the foliage to shoot the White Wolf between the eyes, and you can get this
    mission done easily since it spawns initially by the Indian Trader down the
    CASH:   $15
    GUNHAND: +4
    #4 - The Great Mountain Lion
       - His senses far surpass our own. The cougar causes terror in the mountains
         you call 'The Northern Rockies'.
       - Found: In the mining camp across from Magruder's Mine
    The Great Mountain Line only respawns here, and you only need to go so far as
    the Devil's Canyon Mine to make it come back. Nothing else to say, really...
    one of the smaller hunting grounds.
    CASH:   $15
    GUNHAND: +4
    #5 - The Last Great Wolf (Black Wolf)
       - He roams the plains in search of buffalo meat.
       - Found: Badlands, near the old house ruins
         Found: Blackfeet Territory
    Next up on the agenda is the last Great Wolf. The buffalo meat part is a huge
    tipoff, because his prey only spawns in the Badlands. You can find it stalking
    inside the shortcut to the Devil's Canyon Mine, which starts behind the mine
    nearby. If you spook it -- which is easy, since it hears horse whinnies from a
    mile away, apparently -- it may head to Blackfeet Territory. If you haven't
    made the ferry accessible again, you may have to restart and hope it reappears
    in the Badlands. I had such an awful time getting to restart, that I had to do
    a mission before my chance came again. Be vigilant and aim well here.
    If you spook it, there's a good chance it will attack you, so use this time
    to shoot it when it lunges. It does quite a bit of damage, mind you, but it
    will crouch before pouncing, so your window of opportunity isn't closed just
    CASH:   $20
    GUNHAND: +4
    #6 - Father of all Grizzlies
       - Even the greatest tribesmen have failed to slay this beast.
    You'll get a notification to head towards Empire and then you'll lose its
    trail. You can find it by the railroad tracks by the tunnel to Piper Lake.
    Unlike the other quarries, you can simply murder this one outright and get
    the bounty. Quickdraw + Bullets in the Face = Win!
    If it runs away, you can actually fail this mission (yes, it's a mission!), so
    all the more reason to be on horseback. It's as easy as shooting big game from
    out of your car window, no? That's frowned upon, of course...
    Once done, you'll automatically appear at the Indian Hunter, who says "truly,
    you are a great hunter. You have slain all the Great Beasts." He'll give you a
    shirt of some sort, but I've never seen Colton look any different. Well, at
    least you get +4 Gunhand and $20. The Indian Hunter will now disappear...
    | 12) Ranch Hand Missions                                                     |
    These missions take place up at Hecht Ranch, accessible only after you've done
    the "Whore Coach" mission. 
    #1 - Horse Challenge
       - Unlock: Available after clearing "Whore Coach" mission.
    For as unsavory as I find these missions, this first one is pretty simple. The
    advise you're given is that the calves will try to get away from you -- if you
    go left, they'll go right, and vice versa. Staying behind them is the best bet
    you have. In this 'filler' mission, direct the calves to the long fence that
    heads to where the calf pen is. Make it run along the fence towards the calf
    pen by staying behind it (and going around the feeder), and they'll just walk
    right in when they get there. Stay alongside them until all three are in the
    pens...then the real mission'll begin.
    Follow the rancher out to the Badlands. He'll tell you to put all the cows 
    next to the longhorn, so they'll quit running. Do as you've just done at the
    ranch and you'll drive the cattle back to the corral. One of the cows will
    break away as it gets to the gate, so drive it along the fence and in through
    the ranch's other gate. Keep behind it, then get the other cow that flees when
    you get to the ranch pen. This is much easier to do, and will run back to the
    longhorn if you coax it.
    HORSE: +5
    CASH: $10
    #2 - Horse Challenge [2]
       - Unlock: Clear "Law And Order" mission.
    Some horses have been stolen; care to liberate 'em? Go back to Empire and go
    right at the Livery Stables, then up into the crevasse. You'll find the
    mustangs there, so trample the wall and break the pen. Follow the horses,
    which will go down the path under Empire's bridge, then stop by the gates to
    the ranch. Herd them, one at a time, like the cattle and lead them back to the
    barn's pen. They'll go into their stables without any more effort.
    HORSE: +5
    CASH: $10
    #3 - Horse Challenge [3]
       - Unlock: Clear "Law and Order" mission.
    Wolf problem? Call Colt! At nightfall, get on a horse and head to the house in
    the Badlands (where you did the first ranching mission). In the side trail that
    extends into the brush-ridden hills, the wolves will attack the livestock. You
    were advised to be less of a threat to the livestock than the wolves are, so
    trample-kill as many as you can. In fact, you don't even need to shoot anything
    this mission is so easy.
    HORSE: +5
    CASH: $10
    #4 - Horse Challenge [4]
       - Unlock: Clear "Attack the Fort" mission
    Cattle rustlers have stole some calves, so you'll be driving home the message
    that they ain't wanted around here. Get a horse in the barn (Cinnamon or Storm;
    how cute) and find the rustler camp by where the bandit attack usually comes
    when you leave Empire (not from tunnel). Go there and kill the scout, and wait
    for the three horseback rustles to come out. Let them pass then turn around an'
    Quickdraw-kill them. Free the calves with a skid attack and start to coax the
    lead calf (the one the rest follow) back to Hecht Ranch.
    It's a little ornery and won't follow you that well, but if you bump into it
    a little it will veer off the other way. Use that tactic to get them back to
    the ranch. The calves will go into the ranch pen by themselves when you get
    to the house.
    CASH: $10
    HORSE: +5
    #5 - Horse Challenge [5]
       - Unlock: Clear "Attack The Fort" mission
    Some calves need to be cut from the herd, and Colton's the man for the job.
    Get a horse in the barn and wait for the rancher to start making the cattle
    run in circles. Cut the calves from the rest by wedging yourself into the 
    circle and making them go to the pen. The circle goes counterclockwise, so
    you'll can make them head straight into the pen. When three are in, you'll
    be done.
    CASH: $10
    HORSE: +5
    #6 - Horse Challenge [6]
       - Unlock: Clear "Attack the Fort" mission
    Time to drive the cattle to Dodge! Get Cinnamon or Storm from the barn and
    follow the rancher down to the Badlands pasture. Drive the cattle to their
    longhorn (get directly behind them) and then start killing the rustlers that
    appear by the tunnel near Dodge and on the large 'chimney' rock. Skid into the
    crates by the Dodge bridge (or use dynamite), and pull up behind any cows that
    CASH: $10
    HORSE: +5
    #7 - Horse Challenge [7]
       - Unlock: Clear "Attack the Fort" mission
    Time to ride with the rancher to Empire. Saddle up Storm or Cinnamon and head
    out of the ranch. Kill the five bandits that come out of the train tunnel, and
    if you can't get to them, make sure you're on the other side of the tracks when
    the train comes because they'll stop and wait to kill the rancher. Ride with
    him to the gully by the Empire bridge and you'll finish the missions.
    CASH:  $20
    HORSE: +10
    | 13) Federal Marshal                                                         |
    The Federal Marshal missions first open up after the "Whore Coach" mission. 
    Find the man with the plan for Colton in front of Hoodoo's casino.
     -Unlock: Clear "Whore Coach" mission.
     -The Miller gang is riding hard towards Empire.
     -Reward: $10
    Ride to the corner by where the Empire shopclerk is and climb the stairs via
    the back alley. You'll find a bunch of TNT barrels on the roof, so throw them
    into the intersection. This is really just a waste of time, since you can kill
    them easily from the roof. But, do it anyway and Quickdraw-kill them when they
    finally see you. And thus marks the close of the gang who rode straight into
    barrels of TNT and didn't stop.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +5
     -Unlock: Clear "Law and Order" mission.
     -Smallpox vaccines have been stolen. Get that stuff back safe and sound!
     -Reward: $10
    This mission takes place right in Empire, by the old Spanish-style church at
    the end of the road by the shopkeep. The Volcanic 10 will really put these men
    down for a dirtnap. When you take out the lackeys on the rooftops and cross
    the makeshift walkways, a man with a turn-crank machine gun will start spewing
    bullets at you. Take out your rifle, put on the zoom while behind the box, and
    strafe out a little to pick him off. Go up the to the highest point and reclaim
    the vaccine with Triangle. Fun mission.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +5
     -Unlock: Clear "Law and Order" mission.
     -Some Chinese guy's buddies have been taken hostage in the Badlands mine.
     -Reward: $10
    Well, if you haven't been there yet, there's a mine with TNT by the house in
    the Badlands. Saddle up and head inside. Be careful not to hit the TNT barrels,
    though -- unlike some things that disappear when you start a mission, these've
    stayed. Some enemies stand right in front of TNT barrels, so strafe so that the
    trajectory doesn't put any bullets in the TNT on accident. The last two Chinese
    held captive are both standing right behind six or seven barrels, so doing head
    shots on the captors is highly recommended here -- any stray shots may bring 
    the mission to a halt.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +5
     -Unlock: Clear "Law and Order" mission.
     -A coach from Dodge City hasn't appeared yet. Ride their route and find 'em.
     -Reward: $10
    The coach is in Ten Fingers Canyon, just outside Dodge. Talk to the Driver
    to learn that everything is alright...until a woman breaks free and screams
    for help. Kill the Driver before he can take the girl hostage, then kill the
    man at the front of the carriage. A whole bunch of enemies will come by on
    horseback, so you can either Quickdraw-kill them pretty easily since they're
    right in front of your face or you can steal a horse and trample 'em to death.
    Either way, the hard part is over.
    Talk to the real driver to learn there's a large rock blocking the way back
    to Dodge. Above them, on a ledge, is some TNT barrels. Go up there, drop a
    few if you want, then clear the way once you're back down.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +5
     -Unlock: Clear "Ambush The Train" mission.
     -The O'Malley wagon train came through might have a little trouble. 
     -Reward: $10
    The wagon train is in the Badlands and is attacked by horsemen as soon as you
    enter. You can shoot it out if you're up to it, but since the enemies encircle
    the wagon train, there is no reason to do anything other than my favorite...
    horse stomping. They'll run right into you, and it gives you better movement
    capabilities. After about three waves of five or six, the enemies are all lyin'
    on the ground and this mission is in the books.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +5
     -Unlock: Clear "Defend the Hideout" mission
     -Escort the opium dealer to the local jail.
     -Reward: $20
    Sure seems easy... First, get a horse.
    Head to the livery and find Wachowski, a man dressed like a lawman. Geez.
    Escort the opium pusher towards the jail and watch him have a nice change of
    heart. Five gunman will walk down the street (Wild Bunch deja vu...almost) and
    will start a shootout. Horse-stomp 'em and grab Wachowski, then press Triangle
    in a jail cell to push him in.
    A posse (two waves) will come and start attacking, and you'll have to keep an
    eye out on the Deputy's health bar. If you horse is nearby, make 'em fodder;
    if its up the street, use the downtime between waves to go get it. Guess what?
    A third wave will come around the side of the jail, so throw some dynamite or
    use whatever health is left in your horse to skid through 'em.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +5
     -Unlock: Clear "Attack the Fort" mission
     -A family is stranded and may be attacked by wolves
     -Reward: $20
    Head to the pasture by Dodge and find three guys standing by dead horses. The
    wolves have stranded them just outside of town (haha?) and you'll have to help
    them out by igniting the hay bales. They have infinite whiskey bomb reloads by
    them, so go around on horseback, and throw them (Hold O button and press L1)
    while skid-attacking wolves. Once the bales are ignited and the wolves are
    dead, the mission will end.
    GUNHAND:   +3
    MELEE:     +5
    | 14) Gold Locations Checklist                                                |
    Gold is worth $10 and is far more easy to get than doing missions, given its
    abundance. You need a pickaxe to mine for it, though, but that will quickly
    pay for itself. Check off the ones you have so you don't end up bolting
    around without knowing where to go next. There's forty-four in all. Also note
    that not all places are available to be mined whenever you want; some open up
    later in the game and as you progress the storyline.
    [ ] Where the creek meets the Missouri River
    [ ] By a rock wall, in the part of the horse racing course with log jumps
    [ ] Enter from Blackfeet Country, on left wall before ferry operator
    [ ] Down by the ferry, along the wall that runs parallel to the river.
    [ ] On the beach on the outskirt-side of the bridge; access w/ middle ramp
    [ ] On the beach on the outskirt-side of bridge; head right, in cave by river
    [ ] Bridge, on the outskirt-side, in a nook on a ramp leading to Deposit #3
    [ ] Leave Dodge, follow train tracks; on left-hand side before the tunnel
    [ ] Leave Dodge, follow train tracks; deposit on top of nearby tunnel
    [ ] Leave Dodge, head left immediately; deposit is by left wall
    [ ] Leave Dodge, head right, up the little path; use horse to jump to gold
    [ ] On immediate path when climbing to Apache Camp
    [ ] Below path to Apache Camp; visible from cabin below; jump down to it
    [ ] In Devil's Slot Canyon, at the mouth of that muddy/crappy-looking river
    [ ] In Old Canyon Mines, gold on cliff overlooking lower bandit ambush
    [ ] In Old Canyon Mines, behind house; overlooks Bandit Ambush from Bdlnds
    [ ] In the Badlands Mine
    [ ] In the Badlands Mine
    [ ] In the buffalo pasture, there's a deposit on the northern wall
    [ ] Follow train tracks to empire from Badlands; visible on right rock wall
    [ ] In an alcove past from where the bandits attack you (not train tunnel)
    [ ] In a nook right by where bandits attack you from (not train tunnel)
    [ ] At the mouth of the wimpy creek that flows under the stone bridge
    [ ] Head down into ditch from livery, take left; deposit on right wall
    [ ] Another deposit is found with the one above
    [ ] A third deposit is found with the one above
    [ ] Leave Empire by wood bridge, head left to end; deposit is up little cliffs
    [ ] Head under the stone bridge, with the river flow; gold on bridge base, L
    [ ] From Empire bridge, head into canyon; on 2nd turn, gold in recess to right
    [ ] Head north along right wall, look in nook that opens from left
    [ ] Deposit on top of railroad tunnel you collapsed
    [ ] Head past Indian Hunter from railroad, go to right path; behind gray stone
    [ ] Deposit behind waterfall, in the stream by the Indian Trader
    [ ] From I. Trader, cross stream to gray stone path; in nook to right
    [ ] Head south from I. Trader, hug left wall; behind a tree
    [ ] Head south from I. Trader, head left up mtn. path; in mining tunnel
    [ ] In the water, left of the cabin
    [ ] On mountain path, on a trail; Piper Lake cabin is to the NW of here.
    [ ] At the end of the river by Resistance Base, where it drains into the rock
    [ ] At Resistance Base, by the river's mouth
    [ ] At Resistance Base, cliff that overlooks large tree and horse respawn pt.
    [ ] At Resistance Base, drop down into waterfall in the camp; gold is in cave
    [ ] Cave entrance (river-side) that leads to garbage chute ladder
    [ ] Inside cave that leads to garbage chute, near a torch by the path
    | 15) Shop Lists                                                              |
    NOTE: Some items only become accessible after buying another item. For example,
          the Scalping Knife only becomes available after buying the Pickaxe; the
          Premium Horse Chow only becomes available after buying the Quality
          Horseshoes, etc. Items without a "-" in front of them aren't available
          when you first get to the store.
       -Pickaxe                    $15    Allows digging for gold.
        Scalping Knife             $25    Allows scalping.
       -Extra Health Slot          $25    One more gulp from your flask.
        2nd Extra Health Slot      $50    Your flask will hold an extra gulp.
       -Shotgun Speed Loader       $25    Reload your shotgun faster.
        Shotgun Speed Loader 2     $50    Reload your shotgun even faster.
       -Pistol Speed Loader        $15    Reload your pistol faster.
        Pistol Speed Loader 2      $25    Reload your pistol even faster.
       -Cylinder Boring Kit        $15    Increases pistol bullet power by 33%.
        Heavy Cylinder Boring Kit  $50    Increases pistol bullet power by 50%.
       -Extra Dynamite Slot        $35    Carry more dynamite.
        2nd Extra Dynamite Slot    $55    Carry even more dynamite.
       -Shotgun Ammo Belt          $30    Carry more shotgun shells.
        Rifle Ammo Belt            $25    Carry more rifle bullets.
       -Rifle Speed Loader         $20    Reload your rifle faster.
        Rifle Speed Loader 2       $45    Reload your rifle even faster.
       -Barrel Extension           $20    Increases rifle bullet damage by 33%.
        Long Barrel Extension      $50    Increases rifle bullet damage by 50%.
       -Quality Horseshoes         $30    Your horse will run faster.
        Premium Horse Chow         $40    More health for your horse.
    INDIAN TRADER [By Piper Lake]
       -Hatchet Sharpener          $40    Increase hatchet damage.
        Extra Quiver               $50    Carry more arrows.
       -Shotgun Barrel Choke       $30    Increase damage. Fire buckshot w/ m. pwr
        Shotgun Barrel Choke 2     $50    Increase damage. Fire buckshot w/ extreme
       -Premium Arrow Fletching    $30    Fire arrows faster and farther    power
        True Flight Bow Talisman   $50    Arrows will fly extremely fast and far.
       -Quality Arrowheads         $30    Increase arrow damage by 33%.
        Obsidian Arrowheads        $50    Increase arrow damage by 50%.
       -Mild Herbs                 $30    Increase quickdraw duration by 25%.
        Powerful Medicine          $50    Increase quickdraw duration by 50%.
    | 16) Legality                                                                |
    This document is not intended for sale or unauthorized distribution and cannot
    be hosted, sold, reproduced, or given away as an add-in or package to any store
    offers. Doing any of the above can be declared a violation of federal copyright
    laws, and is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.
    If you want to host this, drop me a line at: shotgunnova (at) gmail (dot) com
    | 17) Updates                                                                 |
    7-14-06 (?)          -- Walkthrough hosted on GFaqs
    9-01-06              -- Updated "Ambush the Train" section, thanks to 
                            moomoomashoo of the GFaqs boards. Thankee-sai!
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