Review by Def Freak7

Reviewed: 11/10/05

Great story, great idea, okay execution.

Neversoft has definitely raked in the dough with the Tony Hawk series. Now they're going to try to do something new with going into Westerns. You heard me. And if anything, it's a GTA clone! Hmm...what could possibly go wrong?

Gritty towns, spacious woods, many types of guns, hot chicks, booze. Yeah, that's Westerns for ya. And Neversoft catches all of these elements beautifully. Their woods are very gorgeous and realistic, albeit similar. They've detailed each gun to a T, and that's a pretty cool thing. The hot chicks, well that's self explanatory. Another thing that didn't rub me right was the fact that other than maybe a few characters, all the rest looked kinda weird to me. And not Western weird either, but just weird. They did do a lot of things right here, but a little polishing is still needed.

SOUND: 8/10
The music in this game is like the true Westerns. Man oh man did they do good here! The sound effects are well varied and all sound great, especially for the different guns. The voice-overs are...well...maybe not the best...but a couple of people did good here. The two best voice-overs are Kris Kristofferson and Ron Perlman. Both captured their characters greatly. All the other ones weren't as good as them, but weren't necessarily bad either. They did a little worse here than the graphics, but they did do some things good. Kudos, Ron and Kris.

STORY: 10/10
Is it me, or are a lot of stories really good lately? Gun is no exception. This is a story of a man named Colton, who has lived with his father his whole life trading furs and goods. However, when their steamboat is attacked, Colton's father is killed, but not before giving his "son" a token and the truth that he isn't Colton's father. It then unwinds into a journey of how your actions turn the story around. The cast of characters along the way is very well done and definitely reminds me of an amalgamation of many different Western movies. I've gotta say that this is one of the more unique stories in video games. Well done.

They do well everywhere else, but they kinda let it go here. This is basically a cross between Darkwatch and GTA. You can ride around on horseback and get on stagecoaches or trains, and yet you can go pretty much anywhere and do anything you want. To a point. Compared to the openness of GTA, Gun feels sort of empty. The shooting itself is great during the INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT boss battles, but just fighting regular enemies, the shooting is too easy. It feels unbalanced. The Quickdraw feature, which is another cool alteration of Bullet Time, just makes it easier. They definitely need to do some work here if they go for a sequel.

Neversoft did a great job with everything but the actual gameplay. I kinda had high hopes for this game and only a few of them were fulfilled. Sorry Neversoft, you almost had a true winner.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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