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"Crazy western killing frenzy!"

I love the graphics in this game! Before the game even begins, and it's telling the story about the "item", I thought they had actual actors doing this. That's how good they are! While playing, the graphics are fantastic. The only reason this isn't getting a ten is because of how you tend to walk into things. It does this in most every game, but it always angers me.

STORY: 10/10
Great, great, story. You start by elk with your father, learning how to fight and whatnot. Once you get your kills, you get on a boat to head to some city. On the way, you're attacked by renegades! Oh no! You kill them all and your father tells you to leave, and then he says something very important just as you jump off of the boat. All in all, it's a great story of vengeance and killing.

GAME PLAY: 10/10
If you don't enjoy playing this game, you're probably a sissy. The controls are good, you get to ride around on horses, and you can even make your horses attack whoever you're fighting. You can shoot on horse back, dual wield (at a certain point), and choose from a large variety of weapons that you collect during the game. Make friends, piss of towns and have them send mobs after you, or just be a crazy poker cheatin' redneck!

SOUND: 9/10
You might disagree, but I like the banjo strumming tune of "GUN". There's always a good tune following you around, and it tends to be catchy. The sound effects are also magnificent, whether you're shooting or slitting people's throats. If you're riding a horse, the sound stays right on key as your horse gallops along. Great tune.

The length varies from person to person, but it averages at about ten hours, if you do all of the side missions (there happens to be quite a few). There's Texas Hold 'Em, bounties, deputy missions, rescue missions, and you can even work for the Pony Express. I personally think this was too short, and it could have been quite a bit longer.

Overall Score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/14/05

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