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"Good gameplay, good story,Too short"

Graphics [8/10]: Rock solid graphics here, at no point will you stare into your TV with amazement, but you won't find anything wrong with the graphics. Animations are generally smooth. No lag even in the most insane of gun battles. The cities are true to the time period, and reflect all of the classic scenes in a western movie (The Great Plains, the Ranch, Indian village, old beat up town, etc.).

Game play [8/10]: The game play is good, not great but good. The gunplay is a bit too forgiving, especially once you go into quick draw, there is no situation you cannot get yourself out of as long as you have some quick draw available, and even if you have an empty bar it doesn't take long to fill it up. Gun does offer a very good variety of Side Quests ranging from policing the town of Dodge, to cattle herding, to hunting rare and elusive game. The story missions also varied a bit but really its just boils down to a lot of quick drawing, a few deliveries, and some fun with artillery. There is good variety of weapons, shotguns, rifles, bows, TNT, and of course six shooters. All of the weapons are upgradeable in one way or another, and each of the weapons serves a purpose in the game, meaning that there are no “filler” weapons you will actually use every weapon you get unless you make a serious effort to not use all of them.

Story [8/10]: This game centers around Colton White, a mountain man who hunts in the Colorado Rockies with his father, without giving up the more juicy details the story takes Colton in a story with the standard fare of greed, deception, and of course murder, tons, and tons of steaming hot murder. The story will of course include just about every thing you have ever seen in a western, and a little bit extra. The Colton is well fleshed out as a main character, but he's a loner for most of the story so there aren't a lot of characters to be fleshed out. There are a few nice little twists, but nothing too brilliant. The story doesn't lend itself to replayablity. While the game itself may be free flow, the story linear without any fork in the road at all.

Sound [7/10]: The music wasn't bad, and did a good job of enhancing the environment of the game. The voiceovers were average Colton was done very well but the other characters were generically done. The gun sounds are ok, not super realistic, but few games are.

Overall [7/10]: The game is good, but I really expected a lot more. What hurts the game is the same thing that hurts a lot of games these days, it is very short, as in you could start playing at noon, and beat the game into a pulp by 6:30. Not just beat it, but beat the side missions, and get some good ole fashion random civilian killing in as well. Really if you went out and bought it you would be mad as hell the next day, if you rented it you would be pleased with the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/14/05

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