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"An exceedingly fun adventure that does nothing new or original."

Gun is one of those games that is actually very good but will probably not sell too well and will get overlooked by many avid gamers. To most people who know games, they will see Gun in the store and think, "Just another adventure game", and they are exactly right. Gun is just another adventure game. It breaks no boundaries or has anything new or original. Now, I'm making this sound like the review is going to be negative, but as a game, Gun is very good and very fun and for what it's worth an all around awesome experience.

Graphics - 9

One of the better features. First and most notable, there are virtually no draw distances of pop-up. You can see forever. This makes the atmosphere of the Wild West come alive when you are on your horse and all you see are plains, mountains, and buffalo. The textures look nice all around and there are many impressive effects like the explosions and grass in the wind. The CG's are very convincing as well with extremely life-like facial and body gestures of the characters. The only lacking areas were some of the blood and smoke effects (Magruder's cigar smoke looked like it could be done on the N64).

Sound - 10

The guns and explosions not only sound realistic, but almost perfect. The crack and ensuing death that comes from the nozzle of your rifle after you pull the trigger is one of the most satisfying things I've experienced in a game in a long, long while. The voices in this game are top-notch. Not only are the main characters full of believable personality and life, but so are the NPC's.

Control - 9

Another very strong feature of the game. Everything feels dead-on as you blast through ranks of your enemies. A simple press of the Y button will whip out your pistol(s) and put the game in slow motion so you can rack up on head-shots, then press it again to be back to your trusty rifle. The only real flaw in control is to switch between the games four guns besides your pistol is that you have to hold the black button and then press a direction on the D-pad. Fortunately, it's not a real burden because you will only be using your rifle and your pistols most of the time anyways.

Gameplay - 9

The meat and bones of any game. Gun is one of the better games of its type I have ever played. From the get go, you will realize that you will be fighting ridiculous amounts of enemies. For each given group of enemies you are fighting, there will only be about 3 different models of enemies so get used to shooting the same guy over and over and over until you reach the boss. Once you get over the fact that you just shot over 50 Apache Indians and that is completely unrealistic and ridiculous, the game is actually really fun. You lose health fast, but that's okay because if you hit up on the D-pad it refills completely. You only get to do that a few times until you run out of whiskey (that's right, whiskey!) and then you have to find more. The story itself is very fun but there are also a lot of side quests to do to improve your stats and get money. Sadly, the side quests get pretty repetitive and some are downright boring. If you are playing on normal difficulty, you don't really have to do that many of them anyway. With all that hard earned cash you can buy upgrades for your guns or extra health slots and the like to be prepared as you face more and more opponents. By the last levels of the game, you are fighting hordes of enemies. The game is tough, but never unfair or frustrating. The story missions are very varied and exciting ranging from stopping bandits from burning down a whore house to storming a fort with Indians as allies. You can take control of Gatling guns and cannons and mow down enemies with delight. There is also the Quickdraw system which allows you to slow down time for a short bit while you whip out your pistols and have time to aim carefully for the face.

Overall, I would not buy this game, but it is DEFINITELY worth a rental. It is an excellent game but it is very short. Even if you do all the side-quests you can probably beat this game within a week. It is very well made and very fun, but doesn't do anything new or isn't long enough to justify a purchase. Sadly, the replay value is almost non-existent as well, so if you plan to buy it, wait until the price drops.

Final score - 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/04/06

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