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"Keep your Gun holdstered (or on the shelves)"

Being a huge fan of westerns and the Wild West, I was more than a little excited for gun. There was that potential for this game to become one of my favorites... but that potential repeatedly let down by repeating the same mission over and over again all game. It seems activision had the right ideas, the right story, the right characters, and the right premise to have everything perfect... but somehow with all this right they got it wrong.

Control: 9/10
Gun got the controls right in this game, something I was very pleased with. It sucks to play ANY game that has poor controls, no matter if it has the best story ever. Simple rule: If you can't play it, it won't be fun. Gun got the controls down perfect on this game... the xbox controller works well for everything it is intended to. Good work Activision.

Graphics: 10/10
This game is possibly the best looking game on Xbox to date in my book. Although it is insanely gory, it is done to a level where it just adds to the rough and untamed experience of the old wild west.

Story: 5/10
The story was well done, although it seemed that I finished the game a little too early... the second night I had the game I was finishing with 100%... nothing ruins a game more by making it too short... I felt a little cheated and wish that I would have put my 50 dollar investment into something with a little more game time.

Game play and Replay Value: 3/10
This game play is one thing... repetitive. Kill 30 indians... or settlers... or outlaws... over and over and over again. Even the ideas start to get unoriginal when you just get waves of mindless minions to kill as gruesome as possible... it's fun for the first 10 minutes, and then it just slows to a bore. I don't think that I'll be playing this game more than one more time... after 100%-ing on expert mode, there's no reason to do anything else... if the game was repetitive within itself, why repeat the repetitiveness?

Sound: 2/10
This was the killer for me. The sound in my opinion is terrible. Most of the sounds on horseback are over exaggerated to a ridiculous point... it sounds like you're hitting the horse with a shovel when you spur it on. Also, the screams given out when people are killed seem to stay the same for EVERY person, and they ALL scream so loud it'll make you scream back for them to shut up. Sounds like the same clip is used over and over and over again... the theme of this game.

In the end I hope someone else will pick up this title and create a sequel worthy of such a great Idea. I'm sorry activision, I've been faithful since the atari days... but there's just not enough room in this town for a developer looking to release a game of untapped potential... leave before it gets ugly.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 01/12/06

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