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                                      Thunder Fox          
                                    FAQ Version 1.20
                               for the Taito arcade game
                              (c) 2000, 2001  Steven Ives
      01) Legal Crap
      02) Version History
      03) What is Thunder Fox?
      04) The Heroes & Their Weapons, etc.
      05) Enemies
      06) Walkthrough
      07) The Pillory
      08) Shout-Outs
      09) Disclaimer
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    Version History
    2000 December 15  Work on the FAQ for Thunder Fox begins.
    2001 January  04  The FAQ is released to gameoverDude.com and GameFAQs.
    2001 January  07  Revisions to the FAQ include a few tweaks to the section on
                      Stage 4 strategy, as well as the Low Jump Kick.  The Genesis
                      version has some serious differences from the arcade game,
                      which are mentioned.
    What is Thunder Fox?
      The hardware for this game is:
      Taito F1 System
        68000 (12 MHz) + Z80 (4 MHz)
        YM2610  (8 MHz)
        320 x 240 (standard resolution) at 60 Hz
      ThunderFox uses an 8-way joystick and three buttons:
       ATTACK: Use your knife to stab an enemy.  If you have a flamethrower, 
        bazooka, or machine gun- you will smack the enemy with it.
       JUMP: Not JUST for jumping.  You can use it in combination with UP or DOWN
        on the joystick to somersault into enemies (who will then die if you
        somersault into them).  Somersaulting leaves you invincible to most attacks
        but you need to watch where you land- you will be vulnerable for a moment.
        When somersaulting, use UP for a high somersault or DOWN for a low one.
        You can control your horizontal motion while somersaulting.
        If you hit JUMP+ATTACK together, you do a jump kick.  You can make the
        jump kick start at a higher point by hitting just JUMP first and then 
        ATTACK momentarily afterward.  If you hit ATTACK closer to the apex
        of the jump, your character does a jumping stab/gun smash.
        Another move of interest is the Low Jump Kick.  Do a jump kick from a
        crouched position.  This jump kick will not be as high, and it will travel
        a shorter distance.  It is good for taking out Spyderbots.
       SHOOT: If you have any grenades, flame throwers, bazookas, pistols, or
        machine guns- this button will fire them.
        NOTE: If you are in a vehicle, the ATTACK & SHOOT buttons will work like
        JEEP: Use ATTACK to shoot leftward and SHOOT to shoot rightward with the
              mounted machine gun.
        JET-SKI: Use ATTACK or SHOOT to fire the front-mounted gun.
                 Use JUMP to make the Jet-Ski jump, and left/right to control
                 the Jet-Ski.
        GYROCOPTER: Use ATTACK or SHOOT to fire the front-mounted gun.  You can
                    maneuver in 8 directions.  In the 2nd part of stage 2, you hit
                    JUMP to bail out.
        While quite similar to the arcade, the Genesis version has some MAJOR
        1) It is a one player game only.
        2) Graphics are not as good as the arcade.
        3) The two heroes Thunder and Fox have different capabilities.  Thunder can
           carry the same amount of weapons as in the arcade.  Fox cannot carry as
           many weapons, but that makes it easier for him to get the 5,000 point
           bonus for surplus weapons.  You are asked to select your hero before the
           start of the game.
        4) Your Timer and Weapon bonuses are not tallied on screen when they are
           added to the score.
        5) You don't get to ride in any of the cool vehicles from the arcade
           version.  No more Jeep joyrides.  The air battle that begins the arcade
           stage 2 is gone.  On the Genesis version, you have to physically attack
           the gun turrets since you don't have the Gyrocopter.
           There is no gun tower at the nose of the Air Fortress.
           Once you're inside the Air Fortress, the game play is similar to the
           arcade for the rest of the stage.  I think some of these cuts were made
           to fit the game into a 4 Megabit cartridge.
        6) The Tank boss is moved to level 4, where it replaces the Wrecker.
        7) The first boss is now a helicopter.
        8) You only meet Gonza at the end of the third stage.
        9) There is an extra giant robot boss in the final stages of the game.
    Remember that the Genesis version stages may differ slightly from the arcade
    game in other ways.
    The Heroes & Their Weapons, etc.
     Both characters are the same in their capabilities.  Two players can play at
     one time, and a 2nd player can "buy in" at any time.
     You start the game with a certain number of lives (3 is default).  You will
     have a life gauge that decreases as you take damage but can be refilled with
     the LIFE item.  If it runs out, your character dies but will come back as long
     as you have at least one life left.  Reserve lives are represented by small
     shields.  If you lose your last life, you can continue- but this will reset
     your score to 0.  You have unlimited continues.  
     Thunder- Player 1 (blue pants, blond crewcut)
     Fox- Player 2 (red pants, brown crewcut)
     Here are the weapons available for you to use:
      Flame Thrower: Hold ATTACK down to spray flaming death onto the enemies. The
       range is not very good but it has a lot of juice in it.  It's good as a 
       melee weapon as well.  If held onto at the end of a stage, it is worth
      Bazooka: One bazooka holds ONE rocket- but this is the most powerful attack
       in the game.  When the rocket hits something, it triggers explosions all
       over the screen.  If you hold onto it and don't fire it right away, it is
       great to bludgeon your enemies with- it's a tad slow due to its immense
       weight, but it has good range.  If you find two bazookas, you can carry
       two rounds.  If held onto at the end of a stage, it is worth 100,000 (or
       200,000 if you have two rounds in it).
      Grenade: Lob it forward, and it explodes on impact when it hits an enemy or
       the ground. More powerful than any gun except the Bazooka.  You can carry
       perhaps 6 of them.  It can damage vehicles.  It offers a weapon bonus of
       5,000 a piece if you finish a stage holding one.
      Machine Gun: Like the flame thrower, you can hold the button down for rapid
       fire.  It goes across the entire screen.  With the ATTACK button, you can
       use it to smash enemies.  You can carry up to 30 rounds.
      Pistol: Tap SHOOT once for each shot of the gun.  You cannot "pistol-whip"
       enemies with it- instead, you still stab with the knife.  You can carry up
       to 20 rounds.
      Red Oil Barrel: It appears at certain times in the game.  Once you prime it
       to explode with any attack, it will smoke.  Get away from the barrel so that
       you are not injured in the blast!
      Jeep: If you find one of these, jump into the driver's seat for a joyride of
       destruction.  It has a mounted machine gun- you can hit ATTACK to fire the
       gun to the left, or SHOOT to fire it to the right.  The gun is angled toward
       the ground, so its bullets will fire at a diagonal downward trajectory.  The
       jeep has unlimited ammo.  It cannot take much punishment though- if you
       ram certain objects with it, it will likely get totaled (hit JUMP to hop out
       in this case).  If you kill an enemy and his jettisoned weapon lands on the
       jeep, it will stay there- another useful feature of this vehicle.  You can
       be hit by enemy attacks while in the jeep, so don't get smug.  The Jeep can
       be wrecked, so make sure you don't ram an orange barrel or get hit by a Bug
       Bomb or other mechanized enemy.
      Gyro-Copter: You are in it at the start of stage 2.  After that, you fly over
       the enemy's large aircraft in an attempt to board it.
    Throughout the game, you will often find crates that can be bashed open or shot
    open.  They usually contain 500-1,000 points, but occasionally you can find a
    weapon or a Life Up in one.
    If you have a Pistol or Machine Gun with the maximum number of rounds in it,
    picking another one up will get you 5,000 points.
    Life Up- Refills your life bar completely.  These do not appear frequently, so
    be careful.  If your life bar is already full, it gives you 5,000 points.
    Time Bonus- Awarded at the end of a stage.  It is 1,500 points a second except
    for Stage 2 where it is worth 5,000 a second. If you used a continue during
    the stage, you get no time bonus.
    Here are some of the enemies you will face in Thunder Fox:
    Knife Soldiers- You see a lot of these guys in the first stage.  They can stab
    you or use jump slashes.  If one crouches, you may want to throw a jump kick at
    the right time to stop him.  Look out for their body check attacks also.
    Grenade Throwers- The name says it all.  Some of them will leave behind
    grenades when killed.
    Spyderbot- A small spiderlike mecha that walks on the ground.
    Saucerbot- Looks like a small UFO and fires a cannon.  
    Bazooka Soldier- Carries a bazooka and gives it up when you kill him.
    Enemy Gyrocopter- It is green and shoots at you from a nose gun.
    Machine Gun Soldier- Carries a machine gun, and gives it up when you kill him.
    Karate Soldier- They carry no weapons but instead have a mean jump kick.
    Enemy Jet-Ski- Tries to ram you and do damage.
    Mine- You must jump over it with the Jet-Ski.  It cannot be destroyed.
    Frogman- Wears a blue diving suit, and throws knives at you.  Sometimes, they
     will dive at you from above.
    Pistol Soldier- Carries a pistol and gives it up when you kill him.
    Crossbow Sniper- Lurks in a tree and fires an explosive tipped arrow down and
     to the left when you approach.
    Enemy Jeep- It is driven by enemy soldiers and appears in a later stage of the
     game.  You can commandeer it if you kill the enemies who are in it.
    Flamethrower Soldier- Carries a flame thrower.  Takes a lot of damage in
     comparison to other enemies, but gives the weapon up after you kill him.
    NOTE: If a Karate Soldier or a Knife Thrower stops moving, he will attempt a
    jumping attack.  Be ready to counter it.
    Note: You may want to skip this section if you are new to the game in order to
    avoid "Spoiling" it for yourself.
    At the start, you come across a few minor enemies.  Eventually, you'll be in
    front of some concrete walls- you can somersault up to go on top of one.  There
    will be buildings with open doors which some enemies will come out of, so don't
    be too hasty.  You will find a Flame Thrower in this part of the game, so take
    it when you see it. 
     Eventually, you're going to find a parked Jeep and it's as good
    as yours... just jump right into it and let the joyride begin!
    Start going to the right and fire the machine gun rightward as well.  Not too
    far away will be a wood box with a LIFE item in it.  Blast the box, then get
    out of the Jeep.  Take the LIFE item and you get a full life meter or 5,000 
    points if the meter is already full.  Get back in the Jeep.
    Right after this, start going right in the Jeep past the house with the
    "1989" address.  Keep the Jeep moving and the gun firing to the right because
    there's a Bazooka Soldier ahead.  When you shoot him, his Bazooka will fly up
    a short distance- and it would be nice to catch that thing on the Jeep because
    it will come in handy later on.
    Now proceed rightward in the Jeep and blast the enemy soldiers.  Keep your eyes
    open for the Red Oil Barrel.  Don't ram into it, or the Jeep is history.  Shoot
    it instead.  After this, you will start seeing some Bug Bombs and Saucerbots.
    You can shoot the Bug Bombs with the Jeep's gun as they descend within range.
    As for Saucerbots- jump out of the Jeep and somersault into them to take 'em
    out.  For no reason should a Bug Bomb touch the Jeep.  They will take the Jeep
    out.  If you lose the Jeep, you can "juggle" the Flame Thrower and Bazooka by
    hitting right-down-right-down in rapid succession, but you will have to fight
    enemies who cross your path.  Soon, the WARNING message will appear.
    STAGE 1 BOSS: Tank
      At the end of Stage 1, a Tank will be coming from the right.  It will fire a
    shot or two before you see it, so be ready to back off.
      Once the Tank is on the screen, an enemy soldier will sometimes pop out of
    the hatch in hopes of hitting you with a grenade.  Kill him and take the
    grenade that he drops.  Throw it back at the Tank.  You will need to hit it
    with 5 grenades to destroy it.  That is unless you've gotten the Flame Thrower
    and Bazooka to the end of the stage with you.
      It is better that you get the Jeep early in the stage and catch a bazooka on
    it so that you can take it clear to the end.  When you get the WARNING
    message, back the Jeep up until you can back up no more, hop out, and grab your
    Bazooka.  When the Tank comes on screen, fire upon it with the Bazooka.
    This will do it some horrendous damage.  Quick, pick up the flamethrower and
    start spraying the Tank with it.  The Tank will be toasted PDQ, and this helps
    your score a lot, considering that each tick on the timer is good for 1500
    points.  You'll also get 100,000 for hanging onto the Flame Thrower.  Done!
    NEXT!  Even if you have just the Flame Thrower, it can make short work of that
    STAGE 2: The Air Fortress
    At the start of the stage, you will be in a Gyrocopter which is red or blue.
    Green enemy gyrocopters will come from the right and can fire a shot at you.
    They have a 360-degree aim but each one can fire only once.  Try not to get
    hit once if you can help it.
    After this battle, you will be at the air fortress.  If you get here without
    being damaged, a 50,000 point No Damage Bonus is awarded to you.  Here, you
    see some gun turrets that need to be blown out.  There are also a few big doors
    where some enemy soldiers will emerge.  Wait a second when you see one so that
    you can kill the enemies who come out.
    When you get to the nose of this large aircraft, a gun tower will pop up.  Line
    up with it so that the mounted gun will aim straight to the left. When the
    tower fires at you, move up just enough to avoid the bullet, and move back
    down into your previous position.  KEEP YOUR FINGER ON ATTACK THE WHOLE TIME
    so you are constantly dishing out damage.  Eventually, the tower will blow-
    now is the time to abandon your Gyrocopter and go down the ladder at the lower
    NOTE: The Gyrocopter's gun can be fired more rapidly if you tap ATTACK and
    SHOOT in a Track & Field fashion.
    Once you're inside the air fortress, you need to make your way to the Engine
    Room.  You will encounter some Karate soldiers as well as a few Machine Gun
    soldiers.  Take their guns.  But first, there is a wood box to be broken with a
    LIFE item in it.  The first Machine Gunner will appear once you move to the
    spot where that box sits.
    The enemy will be opening the doors of the fortress in an attempt to get you
    sucked out.  You can avoid an open door by jump-kicking past it.
    Take the lifts as necessary- press UP to grab onto them.  You should reach the
    Engine Room in no time.
    STAGE 2 BOSS: The Engine
      When you reach the Engine room, the Engine will be on your left and two laser
    cannons will hang from the ceiling.  Keep moving to frustrate the lasers' aim.
    If you have to, do a somersault to avoid the beams.  When you see the Engine
    Core exposed, hop up onto the platform at the right and belch off a couple
    rounds from the Machine Gun if you have it.  You will probably not be able to
    destroy the Core on its first opening, so you'll have to do another quick
    spot of dodging.  Next time the Core is exposed, fire into it and it should
    blow.  Start going to the left pronto, because you'll have to escape before
    your time runs out!  You now have 70 seconds.
      Run to the lifts (hold up to use), and use jump kicks
    to kill the bad guys who get in your way.  After the part where you hang
    from the pipe (somersault onto it while holding up, then go right), you'll meet
    a Grenade Thrower.  Kill him before he can throw a kink at you.  After this,
    there will be two Karate soldiers coming from the right as you get near the
    lift.  Kill them first before you try to get on the lift. You'll soon find
    the JetSki.  Make your exit quick, because in this stage your remaining time
    will be worth 5,000 points a second.  But be sure to look out for the damn
    debris that is falling.
    STAGE 3: The Aircraft Carrier
    Here, you'll be riding the JetSki and you have to jump over a few mines. The
    enemy will spot you really soon, and green JetSkis piloted by Frogmen will
    jump in from the left.  Jam under them and blast away.  Be aware of the
    Helicopter above you which will drop Frogmen.  Learn the pattern here so you
    can avoid getting trapped.  If you can take the JetSki to the submarine
    without getting hit, a 100,000 No Damage Bonus is all yours.
    NOTE TO GENESIS PLAYERS: You will skip this part and start out on the
    submarine.  Also, you meet Gonza only at the end of the stage.
    Once you make it onto the submarine, Frogmen will jump out of the water and
    start attacking.  It is best to kill them before they throw knives.  You will
    meet a couple of Pistol Soldiers, so kill them and take the guns.  If you
    notice a Frogman getting ready to throw a knife, shoot him.
    When you're getting closer to the carrier, you will also meet a Machine Gun
    Soldier.  Plug him before he can snipe you.  Get ready for your first fight
    with Gonza.  After he retreats, you climb up the chain and get onto the
    Right after you are on the carrier, you see two red barrels with a Pistol
    Soldier hiding behind them Rolling Thunder style.  He'll occasionally pop up
    and shoot.  Kill him with a good shot.  Prime the Red Oil Barrels to blow by
    slashing them with your knife and then continue on to the right.  You will be
    passing by a few planes.  Look out for Knife Soldiers and Spyderbots.  If you
    need to, you can somersault atop the planes.  At the tail of the last plane,
    you find another couple of Barrels with a Pistol Soldier behind them.  Slash
    one of the barrels so that the Pistol man is killed in the explosion.
    Soon after this, you see a Bazooka soldier hiding behind an indestructible
    metal crate.  Use your pistol to deal with him.  Once you've offed him, take
    the Bazooka.  Go right until you see the door with a laser cannon above it,
    then somersault into that to destroy it.  Watch out for Knife Soldiers who
    come out of there.  Trash the Spyderbot to your right, then there will be some
    metal crates with a Pistol Soldier.  There will be a ledge above the crates
    for you to somersault onto.  From there, somersault onto the Pistol Soldier to
    kill him.  Another laser cannon will be on the top level, so somersault back
    up to trash that.  You'll find a wooden crate with a gasoline can sitting atop
    it.  Bat the gas can and it should take out a few enemies to your right.  You
    will see a ladder in the upper right, but before you climb it- somersault down
    to take out 2 more laser cannons.  Then go back up.
    After climbing the ladder, you will see a metal crate and a door.  Somersault
    onto the ledge and start heading left.  Watch out for enemies who are emerging
    from the door.  A little bit past the door will be 2 more laser cannons, so
    take them out with a somersault.  Kill the Bazooka Soldier ASAP to take his
    weapon.  If you still have the old Bazooka, grab this one as well so you can
    have two.  Just look out for the Pistol Soldier on the top ledge.
    There is a ladder just above this top ledge that leads to the upper deck.
    If you desperately need some life, fire one Bazooka round into the metal
    crate and the wood box behind it will be destroyed revealing a LIFE item.
    After you climb that ladder, Gonza awaits... and one of you will not survive
    this battle.
    STAGE 3 Boss: Gonza
      This guy carries a pike.  Here are his moves:
       1) Rush Stab- Gonza will charge with the point of the pike aimed at you.
          You can stab or jump kick him to counter this.
       2) Kane Spin- Gonza will spin the pike around like Billy Kane's move in
          Fatal Fury.  There's nothing you can do except keep away from him.  If
          you have a pistol, you can shoot at him to make him block and stop.
          Gonza will use the Kane Spin more frequently in the second encounter.
          After he has taken a good amount of damage, he will often do 3 Kane
          Spins in a row followed by the Rush Stab.  You can hit him out of a
          Kane Spin if you are fast enough, but it has to be done right in the
          opening frames of the animation.  This is dangerous, but if you can
          do it you will get rid of Gonza quicker.
       3) Stand Still- Gonza does nothing.  This is a real weakness of his.  If
          you want to get a free hit on him, MAKE IT QUICK.  Wait too long and he
          will do one of his two attacks- this can be disastrous if he ends up
          countering you.  Sometimes, you are better off to let him do the Rush
          Stab which is easily countered.
       4) Block- Gonza holds the pike vertically to block.
       5) Jump- If you corner him, Gonza will jump across the screen.  If you
          are on your first encounter with him and you have some rounds in your
          Pistol, look for a chance to SHOOT HIM.  If he gets a little bite of
          lead, it will save you some time as this will hasten his retreat.
       You're going to encounter him twice.  After the first encounter, he will
       get away on the Helicopter and say "The time when I will meet you again is
       the time that you will die".  From there, you will climb up the chain and
       board the ship.
       Once you reach the upper deck of the ship, Gonza will say "Here is your
       grave".  You will fight him once more, and it will take more damage to
       stop him for good.  If you have the Bazooka, use it to club him and save
       the rocket for a desperation attack if your life is running low.  If he is
       red, you can probably kill him outright with the rocket.
       Once you have defeated Gonza for good, your characters will automatically
       take the chopper.
       Here you will be in a Jungle.  Head right and fight off the Knife Soldiers,
    then keep going right.  You will see 3 Crossbow Snipers in the tree, but they
    will not be able to hit you if you keep on going right.  Trash them with your
    Somersault and continue onward.
       You'll find two wood crates with a Gasoline can on top of the one on the
    left.  Knock the Gasoline can into the oncoming enemies.  Look out for the
    clearing from which some enemies will emerge.  There will be a pistol and a
    Flame Thrower available.  Take the Flame Thrower.
       Next, there will be another 3 Crossbow Snipers and 2 Red Oil Barrels right
    next to a land mine.  Prime the Barrels to explode, and the mine should be
    taken out by the explosion.
       There will be another clearing, as well as a wood crate with a Pistol
    Soldier behind it.  Burn the wood crate and the Pistol Soldier down.  Watch
    for Knife Soldiers.  After taking out a stack of wood boxes, go right until
    you see the stack of three metal crates.  Destroy the two Saucerbots that
    come out.  Once you're on top of the crates, do a Jump Kick to the right so
    that you will fly past the land mine on the ground.  If you time it right, the
    Pistol Soldier will be taken out by the Jump Kick.
       Now you will be coming across a waterfall.  There will be a Grenade Thrower
    for you to torch.  As you are crossing under the waterfall, you need to watch
    out for the Knife Soldiers and the Frogmen who are going to leap out from
    above.  After this part, there will be a wood crate containing a LIFE item.
        You will then see a cave entrance to your right.  Look out for the enemy
    soldiers who are waiting there.  As you proceed, you will have to watch out for
    cave-ins that send parts of the ceiling crashing down at you.  I have to tell you
    to lay off the Jump Kicks for now.  If you're in a Jump Kick at the moment that
    a cave-in occurs, you will not be able to avoid the debris.
     Just club or stab any soldiers who are in your way.  Karate Soldiers and Knife
     Soldiers will come through cave entrances on the wall behind you.
        Later, you will see 3 red barrels.  Explode them and the Bazooka soldier
    will be taken out.  You can take either one of the two weapons.  Fight off
    a few more Knife men and a couple Saucerbots, and go to the right some more.
    A couple Bug Bombs will be dropped, so you should smack these down with the 
    weapon you are using.  You'll meet up with 2 more Saucerbots and a Spyderbot.
    Enemies will also appear from entrances.  There will be 2 more Bug Bombs.  You
    will then go into the room where the Wrecker is.
    NOTE TO GENESIS PLAYERS: The Wrecker is not in the Genesis version. Instead,
    you will fight the Tank.
    STAGE 4 Boss: Wrecker
       Two laser cannons are hanging above the wrecker.  The left one will try to
       get directly over you so it can fire a beam straight down.  The wrecker
       itself has a cannon mounted under the hood that will occasionally pop up
       and shoot a beam along the top of the vehicle.  Move and somersault as
       necessary to avoid the beams.  When the hood cannon comes up, try to
       somersault onto it to damage it.  Be careful not to walk or crawl into it,
       because it is electrified.  Several somersaults will destroy the Wrecker.
       I've found a better way to destroy the Wrecker.  You will notice debris
       falling to the left of the it.  After the debris has fallen, you want
       to get on the ground to the left of the Wrecker.  This way, you can do a
       Somersault against the front of the Wrecker to damage it when the hood
       cannon comes up.  Remember that the Somersault will leave you
       invulnerable to the laser beams when it is done at the right time.  This
       new tactic has a better chance of hitting successfully than the old 
       method.  The old method is more dangerous because it leaves you open to
       fire from the hood cannon and takes a longer time. 
       NOTE: The hood cannon has a moment of vulnerability.  If you hit it too
       early or too late with the Somersault, you will not do damage.  Hit it at
       the right time and there will be a flash to signal the damage.
    STAGE 5: The Enemy HQ
        Fight off some Knifers and a Saucerbots.  Look out for a manned Jeep that
    will be coming from the left.  Kill the bozos who are in it and it is yours.
    This is best done using a Somersault, which takes you up out of the gun's
    range and out of the Jeep's way.  Try to land right smack in that seat.
    Soon, you'll meet a Bazooka soldier.  You'll meet some gangs of Karate
    Soldiers by the fences.  You can somersault onto the fence if you have to.
    Watch for Bug Bombs and a Spyderbot.
        You'll see an armored vehicle come out from the building.  Kill the guy
    who comes up from the top of it and take his grenade.  If you have the Jeep,
    just shoot it up.  Look out for Bug Bombs and head to the right.  The Jeep
    will not be able to go any further because the armored vehicle will be
    blocking its path.  Try to get past, and the Jeep will also wreck.  You will
    enter the Enemy's HQ.  Be sure to watch for doors that open, because enemies
    will come in through them.  After the first door, there is a wood crate with
    a LIFE up.  Smash 'n grab.  After going to the right, you will see a metal
    crate with a Pistol man behind it.  Somersault onto the ledge above, then
    somersault down onto him to kill him.
        Just past this, there will be a spot where the floor caves in under you.
    Try to avoid that by using a Jump-Kick from the top ledge.  There will be
    some blue lockers to your right.  Watch out, because there are enemy soldiers
    hiding in these.  When you get close, they will come out.  You can jump on top
    of the lockers as an evasive move.
        Right by the second set of lockers, there will be an enemy wearing a
    protective suit carrying a Flame Thrower.  You may want to fry him with a
    Bazooka shot or a Grenade if he gets to be too much for you.
        There is a ladder to the right, but you should go past it into the
    elevator.  After you take it, you will want to head to the left. Break the
    wood crate and as you go left from there, you will notice a few smashers
    hanging from the ceiling.  Some of the smashers are rigged to the sensors
    in the wall.  Jump Kick over the sensors to make it easier on yourself.
        When you get past the smashers, take out the stack of wood crates.  Look
    out for the Grenade Thrower.  This one will not wait as long before throwing,
    so it is best to kill him on sight.  Fight your way to the elevator at the
        After this elevator, you want to head right.  Figure out the pattern of
    the electrified floor here, and get past it carefully.  Keep going right and
    you will find a ladder.  Climb the ladder, fight off a few Knifers as you go
    right, and get ready to meet Grassan.
        NOTE: You should hold onto some Grenades or a Bazooka for the end of
         this level.  An explosive is necessary to cave the floor in under
         Grassan, so that you can do the "bait and punish" technique.
    STAGE 5 Boss: Grassan
       When you reach the roof of the enemy base, Grassan will laugh at you and
       then make his appearance. Hit him with an explosive, and the roof will
       crumble.  You and Grassan will fall to the floor below.  Don't rush at
       Grassan- he will club you with that big friggin' gun.  If you stay on the
       ground, he's going to shoot you.  What the hell are you going to do about
       Above you, there's a pipe hanging from the ceiling. Somersault up and grab
       onto that pipe.  Go left a bit and get Grassan to follow you.  Lure him into 
       jumping.  When he jumps, you are to drop to the floor right away.  You can
       attack him using either of these moves:
       Jump Kick: Wait until Grassan has swung the gun.  Jump kick him for a hit
       when he falls into range.
       Knife or Bazooka: Stab or club him in the leg on his way down.  I'd like to
        remind you that if you have the Bazooka, you should try not to fire it 
        unless you are truly desperate.  That's because you get a 100,000 point
        Weapon Bonus if you can hang onto it until Grassan is pushing up daisies.
       After you hit him with one of these attacks, GET BACK UP THERE ON THAT PIPE.
       Repeat this "bait and punish" tactic until you kill him.  When you are
       getting closer to killing him, he will shout "DIE!" and the BGM will be
       STAGE 6- FINAL BOSS: Ginarza Gettas
       This is it... you've gotten into the terrorist leader's hideout.  He will
       not come quietly- you're going to fight him to the death.  The fate of the
       world rests on you alone.  Kill Ginarza Gettas, and the world will be safe
       as everyone watches his terrorist organization crumble.  Lose this battle,
       and the world will be engulfed by the flames of evil.
       NOTE: The time you have left after defeating Grassan in Stage 5 will be
       carried over here.
       Attack 1: G.G. will be sitting in a ceiling mounted motorized throne.  It
       has a gun on the bottom which he will use to try to pick you off with
       shells.  After he shoots three shells, somersault over the first one. Then
       somersault again to hit him.  After that, back off and repeat.  
       Attack 2: After you destroy the throne, G.G. will be armed with a rocket
       launcher.  The higher flying rockets can be ducked under.  The low rockets
       must be somersaulted over.  Don't get too close to him while he's on the
       ground.  After he's sick of firing rockets at you, G.G. will jump toward you
       and attempt a head stomp.  Jam under him while he is airborne and Jump Kick
       him from behind.  Whenever he is shooting rockets, KIM that you can control
       your horizontal motion during a somersault.
       Attack 3: You have made him REAL mad now.  He will use this repertoire of
         1) Rush- G.G. runs toward you.  Stab him.
         2) Claw Attack- It can be high or low.  Stay out of range and wait for him
            to rush you.  THIS ONE IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.
         3) Head Stomp- Counter this one as you did earlier.
       You are close to killing him at this point.
       It is best to keep your distance and get him to come after you with the
       Rush or the Head Stomp.
       If at any point in this final battle you lose your last life to
       him and continue, you will start this battle over with a "Try Again Last
       Fight" message.
       If you terminate him, CONGRATULATIONS- you finish the game, 
       and you can sit back and enjoy the game's beautiful ending music as the
       credits roll.
    The Pillory
    A few guilty parties are here to be subjected to public shame.  You may
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      If anyone violates copyrights on my FAQ, they will be listed here as well.
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     To Taito, for another great game.
     To CJayC (Jeff Veasey) of GameFAQs for hosting an awesome site.
     To you, for checking out this FAQ.  Thanks!
    Final Disclaimer
    This FAQ publication is (C) Steven Ives 2000, 2001.  All Rights Reserved.
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       Last note: If you find something out about the game that I've not covered
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        suggestions you may have as well.
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