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    Japanese Gamesite Translation by Thrippa

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/30/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sonic Riders - Japanese Game Site Translation
    Version 1.00
    Created by Thrippa
    This is a translation of the info at :http://sonic.sega.jp/riders/.  When I 
    first looked at the site, I realized that not only was it (to my mind) more 
    attractive than the American site, and eaiser to navigate, but it also seemed
    to contain a great deal more information, albeit in Japanese.  Therefore I 
    decided to practice my small amount of Japanese by translating the site.  
    This eventually became a stickied thread on the GameSpot BBS, but due to the 
    inability to edit and drawbacks inherent in the thread system itself, it 
    became a bit unwieldy for locating particular information.  So, I'm converting
    my files into a FAQ so that other people can see what is said on the site.
         Caveats, and Notes
         General Format
         Main Page (Top)
         How to Play
            Free Race
            Survival Race
            Tag Mode
            Survival Battle (including Arenas)
            Mission Mode
            Character Types
            Speed Characters
            Flight Characters
            Power Characters
            Hero Story Courses
            Babylon Story Courses 
            Unlockable/Additional Courses (not all posted yet)
            (Battle Arenas are under Survival Battle in Modes) 
            World Hobby Fair 1-4 (in progress)
            Sonic Riders Soundtrack CD
            Sonic Riders Strategy Guide
            Opening animation
            Sonic Channel Interview with Yuda
    Caveats, and Notes
    This translation represents my best efforts at understanding what is on the
    site.  Inaccuracies are possible for several reasons: 
         1. Some of the kanji (Chinese-style characters) are difficult or 
       impossible to make out, which obviously hinders translation.
         2. I may miss some coloquialisms and idioms; where what is said is not
       actually what is meant.
         3. Errors in my typing or that on the site itself.  I know of two 
       misspelled words on the site, and may have missed others.
    That said, I have done my best to double check, reverse translate, or other-
    wise verify that doubtful spots are as close to correct as I can achieve.  
    Constructive comments or corrections are welcome.
    A few key notes:
         1. In some places the English construction is a bit awkward.  This is 
       intentional partly to retain a bit of "flavor" as it is a Japanese text
       and partly to avoid accidental loss or changes to information through
       missed or addded contexts.
         2. Several places in the text have bracketed portions, these are
       either untranslatable parts where I am providing my best guess, or 
       additions to clarify text, e.g. in the opening story Sonic is plural.  
       As we know that there is only one Sonic and that Knuckles and Tails are
       both with him in the opening, I have inserted [and his friends] because
       I believe that was meant to be understood from the Japanese context, but
       would probably be lost if I simply typed "Sonics were in Metal City." 
        3. I have translated "Onemaiku" as dash rings, the site occasionally does
       use dash rings to refer to the same objects.  Similarly I have translated 
       "Kikaa" as kickoff, the word usually appears as a label on ramps indicating 
       whether a front or backflip is required.
        4. On the release of the "Sonic Riders" Capture Book; I have decided that 
       "strategy" is probably a better translation for that pair of Kanji, at
       least the way the site is using it, so I have replaced "capture" with
       "strategy" in each "Course Capture" heading below.
    General Format
    Following approximately the layout on the Japanese website;  I'll identify the
    main topics on each page, then give any linked info in order below that
    (i.e. anything that has a red or green link that opens to give more detail).
    Exceptions are the Characters and the Courses, which are grouped by type or 
    story but treated as separate entities.  For more details on a specific page
    see below.
    6/30/06  Added SEGA Illusion.  I may post the rest of the game fair info if I
    get around to translating them; but I think this is pretty much it for the
    4/30/06  Added Digital Dimension and SEGA Carnival to Courses.  Redid
    Downloads due to site revision, and adjusted main homepage for same reason.
    3/31/06  Added Babylon Guardian to Courses.  More WHF info and the Riders
    strategy guide in Information.  Revised "Course Capture" headings to "Course
    Strategy".  Link to Puyo Puyo page on Main page.
    3/19/06  Added Ulala, AiAi and NiGHTS to Characters, Sky Road to Courses; CD
    to Information (and opened Info section).  Corrected Start Point comment in
    Splash canyon (it took me a MONTH to figure out that 3rd kanji!).  Minor
    adjustments to a few other translations.  Removed CD ball from main page as it
    had been removed from the website.
    3/11/06  Added Dark Desert translation; adjusted a few spelling and
    punctuation errors.  Multiple Map Highlights translations in Night Chase
    Course corrected; Egg Factory Hightlight #3 trans. corrected.
    Sonic Riders homepage -  http://sonic.sega.jp/riders/
    Across the top the buttons read:
    Top; Story; How to Play; Modes; Characters; Courses; Downloads; Information
    Blue info box:  Release Date : 2006, 2/23
                    Price : 6,090 yen (tax included)
                    Systems : PS2, GC, XBox
                    Genre : Gachinko Race
                    Number of Players : 1-4
    Green box lists site updates, but other than the dates is random characters on
       my computer.  Scroll down to 06/02/21 and 06/02/22 for links to Sonic
       Channel's interview with Producer Yuda Takashi (see Links for translation)
       06/03/24 links to the Puyo Puyo site, with an announcement of a Sonic cameo
       for their 15 anniversary.
    Gold seal - Announces the game has gone "gold"
    Orange Bouncy Ball - Links to a couple of pictures on the main Information 
    Sonic, The Fastest on Land  vs.  Jet, the Legendary Windrider
    Looking for a chaos emerald, Sonic arrives in Metal City [with his friends]. 
    They expected to find the chaos emerald...right away.  But, a trio of
    mysterious figures suddenly appeared and snatched the chaos emerald away, 
    damn it. They were riding boards (extreme gear) that mysteriously floated in
    Hopping on the gear that one of the trio dropped, Sonic desperately gives
    chase.  However, unaccustomed to the operation of the gear, Sonic fell off,
    and they escaped completely unimpeded.
    Several days later , when Sonic [and his friends] have gathered before the
    plaza of this futuristic city, an enormous screen starts projecting the figure
    of Eggman. 
    "HOOhohhohhohho!  The Grand Prix to determine the fastest in the world on
    Extreme Gear is open!  This gachinko battle tournament has no rules !"
    Sonic suspects a scheme.  However, looking at the pictures of the 
    participating players his expression changes.   The faces of the trio are
    shown there!!
    "Worldwide Grand Prix....interesting, let's do it!"
    Sonic, his pride at being the fastest on land sparked, decides to enter the
    World Grand Prix and expose Eggman's scheme.
    Pride  *  Missions  *  Schemes  *  Passion
    Such thoughts, persisting in the race setting, are profitable for vehemently
    opposing one's rivals' challenge!!
    Will he arrive at victory or defeat?  What is Eggman's plan?   And.  The
    trio's true allegiance?  Now begins the strongest supersonic race in history!!
    How to Play
    Who's fastest and best?  Now, a new prize for Sonic, "gachinko race battle"!
      1.  Air System
    Riding the extreme gear (airboard) Sonic [and the others] glide around 
    colorful tracks at super-high speeds!
      2.  Tricks
    Making use of various course gimmicks,  perform cool, dynamic tricks!
      3.  Turbulence
    Ride the road of wind that occurs above the course:  Turbulence; it opens more
    intense offense and defense abilities!
      4.  Multiplayer
    More than 16 characters and over 40 types of extreme gear.   And fully loaded
    colorful multiplayer modes for 2-4 people to enjoy.  Enjoy "gachinko race"
    with everyone!
      5.  Starting Dash
    Don't try the historical kind, only Sonic has the new start system.  As you
    make your starting dash, aim for the Count of 0!
      6.  Shop 
    Collect rings, get new extreme gear!  The more races you win, the wider your
    range of play!
    Air System - Mastering it!
    The extreme gear accelerates automatically because it discharges air (air).
    By mastering the air slide and air boost actions,  it is possible to target
    good times, but this releases a lot of air.   Perform tricks, use type skills
    to replenish your air.  Furthermore, by collecting the rings scattered around
    the course the player levels up,  becoming able to store a larger quantity of
    air.  When the air runs out the bar disappears,  and the player must get off
    the gear and run on foot, to find an air supply spot.  Mastering these actions
    to aim for a good time requires skill.
    "Air Slide" use to turn on tight curves!
    When you use air slide, air is discharged from the side edge, so that you can
    take the hairpin or tight curves nonstop.
    "Air Boost" to speed up!
    Air boost releases a large amount of air in exchange for increasing speed,
    usually enabling you to enter a world of speed not commonly achievable.
    Furthermore, since air boost overtakes the opponent ahead, it enables you to
    use attack techniques.
    "Tornado" kick one up behind you to scatter your rivals!
    Tornado is a trapping action that releases air to make a tornado spring up in
    that area.  Use it to scatter rivals when they approach from the rear.
    Highranking Tricks - Complete them and gain air!
    Build an air charge by holding the jump button,  release the button while on
    the jump stand to perform the trick.  The longer you hold the charge button,
    the more and better the tricks.  However, if you overcharge, it will slow you
      1. Hold the jump button to build an air charge!  Charging causes you to
    deccelerate slightly, however releasing the charge boots your speed!
      2. Release the charge at the trick zone.  Timing [?] of the reponse decides
    the distance covered during the trick!  The greater the distance, the greater
    the speed earned!
      3.  While in the air, rotate the cursor key to change directions.  Combine
    speed and direction of rotation to achieve a high-ranking trick! 
      4.  Release the cursor key to straighten out for a landing!  If you make a
    mistake landing, you get only a small amount of air, so how much rotation you
    give your tricks is part ot the strategy!
    Turbulence - When it occurs, it offers a unique speed experience!
    When the "turbulence" created by the racer ahead is caught,  you can gain
    rapid acceleration by moving up-down as in surfing.  Turbulence changes form
    under various conditions, creating trick zones.  The effects of acceleration+
    air supply permit the player to access the trick zone!  Furthermore, by using
    turbulence you may be able to reach secret routes on some courses that usually
    are inaccessible!
    Before the race begins, the game starts - Flying Start
    During the starting countdown, while the player is on foot (carrying your
    gear), you are able to choose your starting time.  As the count approaches 0
    the player may move freely in all directions;  with good position and timing
    start your dash at high speed, to be able to achieve the most effective dash.
    If you pass the starting line before the count reaches 0, you will receive a
    shock from the electric fence; measuring both distance from the starting line
    and timing become part of game strategy.
      1.  While counting down it is possible to move inside the starting box.
    Take advantage of this to get plenty of acceleration, besides it is necessary
    to fall back to get distance.  
      2.  "Now!"  start running before the point you expect!
      3.  A great shock and time loss put an end to a false start!
    Sonic Riders  various playing modes:
       Freerace (1-4P)              
    Selecting their favorite course and gear, 1-4 players can enjoy this mode.
    A computer opponent carefully races one player, or have an enjoyable 4-way
    race with friends.
       Survival Race (1-4P)
    Rugby style [battle] to win the chaos emeralds placed on the course. Points
    are earned by passing the gates,  keep an eye on the target point.
       Mission Mode(1-4P)
    Selecting a mission scheduled by Storm and Wave, clear the stated conditions
    to pass.
       Tag Mode (1-4P)
    This mode is tag with 2 players, cooperating against the opposing team.  The
    team that scores first, even with one person, wins!
       Survival Battle (1-4P)
    Set up attacks to take the life of your opponent!  Survive to the end of this
    gachinko battle to become the winner!
    Free Race  -  If 4 players don't heat things up, you've made a mistake!!
    Selecting their favorite course and gear, 1-4 players can enjoy this mode.
    All right! the computer opponent carefully races one person.  It's fun to make
    a noise with four friends in the Free Race.
      Air boost - If this icon appears, you can boost!  If ringing you can
    probably overtake!
      Course map - During the race this advances to confirm your own and your
    rivals' positions!
      Lap counter - Shows the number of laps remaining before you win.
    Small screens:
      (top) Pick up 1st place in the race by poking at your opponents state of
      (bottom)  Who are your rivals!?
    Survival Race  -  Grab the chaos emerald and run through the gate!
    Scramble rugby-style for the chaos emeralds found on the course, then make
    quickly for the target point while showing no sympathy for others on the
      Chaos emerald - The icon indicates which player has the chaos emerald.
      Relative position of opponents - Indicates postion relative to the player
    that has the chaos emerald.
      Gate - Carry the emerald past this gate to score points.
    Rules:  1. Get the chaos emeralds first!
          When the chaos emeralds scattered on the course are picked up and taken
          through the gates quickly, you earn points.
            2.  Pass the gate within the time limit to earn points!
          When the points earned passing through the gates reach the target, the
          player becomes victorious.  Air is replenished when you pass through the
          gate, before you pass through the gate there is no air, and the player
          with the chaos emerald moves forward with difficulty.  In addition, if
          the player with the chaos emerald runs out of air before passing the
          gate, they receive an electric shock and lose the emerald.
            3.  Take the chaos emeralds!
          If you touch or attack the player that has the chaos emerald, you will
          be able to snatch the emerald away.
    Mission Mode  -  Chase the Babylon Rogue's gait!
    Prologue:  Sonic picks up the scheduling notebook of one of the Babylon group.
    It appears to be a tightly scheduled list of jobs for the thieves!  (With the
    World Grand Prix over he will do something different, and readily tries
    chasing people down.)  Sonic [and his friends] follow the tracks of the
    Babylon Rogues with that sort of easy ride.  Just what are the Babylon
    Rogues up to and hoping to accomplish?   And what kind of missions are being
    prepared in Sonic's path?
      I'm Storm.  Storm the Albatross.  With the EX World Grand Prix ended,  I'm 
    returning to the gathering place. ..   ...  
    What is Mission mode?   Choose the mission to follow from the schedules of
    Storm and Wave, respectively; clear the conditions given to pass the mode.
    Each schedule (mission) is selected from the Mission select screen,  and the
    race is started in preparation to clear the mission.  The mission sets the
    requirements for clearing the course before the time limit, if done within the
    limit the course is cleared.  There are 100 missions, the accomplishment of
    each mission is rewarded by one of three emblems (assessment) "Gold",
    "Silver", "Bronze".  Correlating with the assessment, Storm's or Wave's
    reports are entered.  Along with the missions, many "treasures" are prepared,
    improving in the missions restores these "treasures", it is also possible to
    purchase new extreme gear obtained by the shop.  When all 100 missions are
    cleared, many presents await.
      Jet's instructions - The details of the schedule, where Wave and Storm
    receive instructions from Jet.
      Storm's report - When the mission is cleared, this report indicates the
    results that acheived the Clear.
      Mission details - According to Storm's [and Wave's] schedule, the contents
    of the mission given to Sonic [and his friends].
     Before Storm comes choose tricks that will earn more than 12 points.
     Aim! All Gold Emblems!!
    	Types of Main Mission:
      Trick group - Get points to earn ranks by using kickoffs in the courses to
    choose tricks. As you meet the goals, corresponding points are added,
    determining the mission score.  Get high ranks by running tricks in rapid
      Gate group - Junk (items) are arranged here and there inside the course;
    the mission is to collect them. The score is decided by the amount of junk
    collected before you reach the goal.  In additon, the junk you collect can
    restore "treasure".
      Time Attack group -  By finishing the course withing the time limit, this
    mission goal is completed.  Your score is decided by your time.  To get a good
    time at this mission mode you have no choice but to use tricks and skills well
    on obstacles and the like!
      Skill group - Score mission points by using your character's type skills.
    Scores are earned by, repectively: amount of grinding, number of dash rings
    accessed, number of obstacles destroyed.
      Extra Group - Pursue a fleeing target with various contents; have an eye to
    the goal of keeping above a set velocity.  Aim for a high score using course
    features and character skills!
    Tag Mode  -  Two people breathing in synchrony grasp victory together!(*)
    Tag mode unites 2 players, both cooperate while competing against the
    opponents' team.  If either team member scores, that team wins.
      Radio waves - Displays distance to your partner. 3 bars: near; 1 bar: far.
      Partners' relative positions - Displays relative position of your partner
    ahead or behind you.  If the player that is in front gets out of range,
    thunder strikes and brings them to a halt.
    Rules: 1. Tag partners are linked by shared air.
          Since they share the air, one can apply the air boost to generate
          turbulence, the other can ride that turbulence to catch up, so both can
          enjoy the cooperation.  When the air runs out, both partners are reduced
          to "running", so in theory, cooperation extends the race.
           2. Partners' distance affects game via "radio wave system" 
          During the race the distance between partners is constantly measured and
          the current status shown in the number of bars.   When the partners are
          closest (3 bars) the air keeps replenishing.  Conversely, when the
          distance goes out of range and the bars vanish, the leading player is
          struck by thunder and halted as a penalty.
    * literally, "to synchronise the breathing with the opponent prior to the
      start of a sumo match"
    Survival Battle -  Who will survive to the end!?
    Set up your attack, take your oponents life!  It is a gachinko battle where
    the one who survives to the end wins!
      Defense Strength
      Attack Strength
    Rules: 1.  First search for "attachments"!
          Power-up items called "attachments" are placed in stages.  Powerups can
          raise:  Attack power * Defense capability * Speed * Air!  It is to your
          benefit to get attachments.
           2.  Locate your opponent and attack!
          For a successful attack, attack strength must be able to damage the
          defensive strength.  However, caution is needed as setting up an attack
          consumes a lot of air!
    "Survival Battle"  Original Stages
       Twin Towers - Central twin towers mark this stage.  Knights of old jousted
    here, and cracked the stones.  Among battle stages, this is the most normal.
       Snow Valley - Under the heavenly aurora, this silent stage is made in the
    north where the beautiful snow dances along the ground.  You don't understand
    how this was created, but the aurora's power shines to illuminate the stage.
    In this stage, in addition to the usual attachments, one that enables you to
    disappear (hide item) appears at times!   This keeps your opponent unaware of
    your location as you stealthily set up your attack!
       Space Theater - The Space Theater glitters beneath the immense spread of
    the Milky Way.  Eggman created this space station to be his base.  Still under
    construction, what shape will it have on completion?  In this stage usual
    attacks do no damage!  Blow your opponent into, or trap them against, the
    electric fences to do damage!  
     The character page is subdivided by type, the Speed characters are the blue
    tab, the Flight yellow, and the Power red.  Each character of a particular
    type is tabbed down the side of that type.  Clicking on a character will bring
    that one forward.  Each character has a basic screenshot(#1), plus one of each
    attack (#2-4) that may be selected by clicking on the corresponding number.
    There is also a link for each character to the type skills page.
    Type Skills - (This is the green tab below each character's screenshots)
    Characters are divided into three types, each with a specific skill limited to
    that type.  Gimmicks which allow use of these private skills are found around
    the courses,  do not miss your own for the character type you've selected and
    they will increase your air supply and allow access to shortcuts.
       Speed Type: Grinding
    "Railways" are found along the course, get on the railways to grind.  The air
    gained increases with the grinding distance (the distance covered above the
    ground before landing).  While jumping, push the jump button a second time to
    land on the railway and begin grinding.  By grinding a series of rails,
    adding link points, you can add a great deal of air.
       Fly Type:  Air Ride
    "Dash rings" are located above the course, these enable aerial gliding
    (ascending and descending) when you pass through them.  The air gained
    increases with the gliding distance (the distance covered above the ground
    before landing). During an air ride, use the analog stick to rise * fall *
    turn left and right.  Avoid landing accidently by finding "dash rings", using
    link points to add a large amount of air.
       Power Type: Exclusion
    When obstacles (cars and the like) are encountered in the course, you are able
    to break them down.  The number of obstacles not only corresponds to the
    amount of air gained,  but depending on the course may cover the entrance to
    hidden routes; break down the obstacles and go along the concealed routes...
    Each additional obstacle smashed after the first are linked punches, and add
    to the amount of air gained.
       Speed type: Possess average balance.  Highest top speed of the three types.
    Type skill:  "Grind" Glide along the rails placed in the course.
    Sonic the Hedgehog: loving independence, common sense over confining rules,
    lives by his own rules.  Habitually flip, has done ?(illegible kanji) in the
    time of crisis (hail hail), losing Jet's speed contest sparked his pride.
    He has earned his desired reputation as "the fastest", but now can he protect
    that title in the world of Extreme Gear?!
    Sonic's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 : Raise a large voice to surprise his rivals
    Lvl 2 : Rolling state to repel and throw his rivals
    Lvl 3 : Tangle up the rival and continue rolling
    Jet the Hawk: Leader of the Babylon thief group, also called "Legendary
    Wind Master".  No.1 in Extreme Gear techniques handed down through successive
    generations.  Honoring pride in his role as leader, staunch in "war" and
    thinking for himself.  Full of pride, hating to be defeated, showing an
    unattractive side to outsiders.  In regards to Sonic, fastest on land, "There
    isn't any way I can lose!" applying his pride to the challenge of the contest.
    Jet's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 : The rival can be surprised by a big sneeze
    Lvl 2 : Hit with Bansho Fan, repels and throws the rival. 
    Lvl 3 : Like turning a frame in a film, make the rival twist into the shape
            of a screw   
    Amy Rose: Earnestly pursuing Sonic, full of energy, this girl is in love
    with love.  Easily gets people to turn around. Pursues Sonic [and his
    friends] with a moodmaker and in addition plunges into the war.
    Behaves with recklessness, however she is sharp and has a pure heart. Now her
    woman's intuition leads her to participate in the World Grand Prix so she
    can chase down Sonic unawares.
    Amy's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 : "Here I come!" threatening rivals to destroy their balance
    Lvl 2 : Brandish your PikoPiko Hammer to repel and throw rivals
    Lvl 3 : Throw your PikoPiko Hammer to crush the competition flat
    Shadow the Hedgehog: Similar in appearance to Sonic,  this black hedgehog
    surpasses Sonic's speed.  Using a chaos emerald, he posesses the unique
    "Chaos Control" ability to warp space-time.  In his initial experience with
    extreme gear, he rides with his characteristic cool speed.
    Shadow's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 : Summon energy balls that appear as soap bubbles, surprising a rival    
    Lvl 2 : Turning and kicking repels and throws rivals
    Lvl 3 : Throw the enormous energy ball to bring rivals to a standstill
    E10000R: The engine parts of Metal Sonic are contained in E10000[R],
    furthermore this version has greater maneuverability.It posesses parental
    authority to give direct instructions to all E10000G command systems.
    Other than coloring, the direction of E10000G's head brim varies.
    E10000R's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 :  Separating its head, it grosses out the rival
    Lvl 2 :  Spinning both arms to the sides,  repel and throw rivals
    Lvl 3 :  Hit rivals directly with its separated head, and stop them cold
    Ulala: A reporter of the Universal Broadcasting service (Space Channel 5).
    At the height of the race she wields her mic(rophone) with spirit but no
    professional detachment. An easy win by riding and dancing?
    Ulala's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 :  Surprise your rival with the ray gun you usually carry
    Lvl 2 :  Push away rivals with a sexy hip attack
    Lvl 3 :  Make your rivals go numb with the ray gun carried in your hand
    Power type:  Initial speed is low, but increases nicely in the second half,
    poor decceleration.   Type skill: "Exclusion"  Knock away obstacles on the
    Knuckles the Echidna: Last of his race, Knuckles guards the Master Emerald.
    Famous treasure-hunter, master of martial arts.  He has absolute self-
    confidence in his strength.  Wild and tough, his stubborn personality can make
    his versatility ineffective.  Tending to jump to conclusions, he is easily
    deceived by Eggman.  Although initially he had no interest in this race, his
    characteristic quick-tempered personality "bought a quarrel for sale" from
    Storm and challenged him to a match of strength.
    Knuckles' Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 : Beast's roar at rivals to detroy their balance
    Lvl 2 : Swing the proud arm to repel and throw rivals
    Lvl 3 : The proud fist is swung and the rival winds into a screw shape
    Storm the Albatross:  The heavy tank of the Babylon Rogues.  He may be lacking
    in intelligence, but this muscleman has the power to shatter rocks.  Unusually
    strong in his loyalty to Jet, and so consequently takes rash action when Jet
    gets angry.  However, although certainly quick-tempered, he is leisurely in
    his hate.
    Storm's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 : Use a large hand to destroy rivals' balance
    Lvl 2 : Deal a slapping blow with the big hand to repel and throw rivals
    Lvl 3 : Slap the ground with both palms, creating a vibartion to crumble a
            rival's balance
    Eggman: His name indicates his form.  This character is of the egg-shaped body
    category.  He has an exceedingly high IQ of 300 and intends to become the
    ruler of the world through world conquest.  He regards Sonic as his lifetime
    enemy,  because Sonic overturns his dearest wish for world conquest.  What
    intention is he concealing this time, holding the World Grand Prix?
    Eggman's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 :  Sound an enormous cracker to destroy a rival's balance
    Lvl 2 :  Attack with punching machine!  to repel and throw rivals
    Lvl 3 :  Pour an intense fart on the competition to cloud their vision
    E10000G: Originally developed for the job of worker robo in the Egg Factory,
    E10000's mobility led to mass production of the series for use as charged
    battle robots. Power has a stumpy appearance unlike speed, also it has high
    efficiency data processing ability.
    E10000G's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 :  Turn on the enormous lightbulb housed in its abdomen to destroy a
             rival's balance
    Lvl 2 :  Do a tornado kick on top of gear to  to repel and throw rivals
    Lvl 3 :  With a guruguru punch, the rival is soundly beaten
    AiAi: Anyhow he likes bananas very much, every day thinks of banana matters,
    living optimistically.  He vigorously surmounts any rigorous course with
    banana power.  He participates in the race with specially-made gear in the
    shape of a banana!
    AiAi's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 :  Jump suddenly from inside your ball to surprise your rival
    Lvl 2 :  The ball collides with the opponent to shove the competition away
    Lvl 3 :  Rolling the ball at high speed, entangle your opponent with the ball
    Flight type:  Initial speed is high, it is possible to mount up and move at
    speed, but top speed is low   Type skill:  "Air Ride"  Glide making use of
    the dash rings in the course.
    Miles "Tails" Prower:  Real name Miles Prower.  Nickname Tails.  This child
    fox posesses a superior mind.  He admires Sonic, and is proud to share
    adventures with him.  Confident in his mechanical knowlege,  he takes charge
    of the tune-up of Sonic's Extreme Gear, but because of Wave's "wanting to see
    the amateur setting", proud of his knowlege, he enters the World Grand Prix.
    Tails' Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 : Direct a socket (electric current) at the rival, destroying their
    Lvl 2 : Swing the socket to repel and throw rivals
    Lvl 3 : Apply the socket (electric current) directly to a rival and electrify
    Wave the Swallow:  Super mechanic of the Babylon Rogues, repairing and
    upgrading the thieves' Extreme Gear.  As a result of increasing her knowlege
    in her spare time, she is overflowing with self-confidence, an obstinate
    character who does not listen to another's advice or recognize their
    understanding on any matter.  She respects Jet in his role as leader, but on
    the other hand feels towards him like an unreliable younger brother.
    Wave's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 : Run ahead of the rivals while preaching vehemently and destroying
            their balance
    Lvl 2 : Swing an enormous spanner to repel and throw rivals
    Lvl 3 : Attach dynamite to their gear and burn your rivals black
    Rouge the Bat: World famous treasure hunter with special government duties
    (spy).  Voluptuous and smelling of femininity, she is audacious and
    comely. Kitsch and mysterious.  "I'm sexy!"; she senses competition in Wave.
    Rouge's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 : Throw a kiss full of seductiveness to make your rival fall down drunk   
    Lvl 2 : Sexy heel kick to repel and throw rivals
    Lvl 3 : Hit your rival with a bat bomb and burn them black
    Cream the Rabbit:  Daughter of a good family, brought up with butterflies and
    flowers, excedingly pure and meek.  She is always accompanied everywhere by
    her dear Chao friend, Cheese.  For two people riding the Extreme Gear - the
    cord.  Cheese's attacks can overwhelm even powerful rivals!
    Cream's Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 :  Bewilder your rival by using a lot of tears to get your own way
    Lvl 2 :  Call out Cheese to repel and throw rivals
    Lvl 3 :  Call out Cheese to block your rival's sight
    NiGHTS: Wizeman's right-hand man was created for the first Nightmaren
    revolution.  Posessing a Nightmaren's crazy nature, this free and uncontrolled
    character disobeys anyone and everyone to cause calamity; and by receiving
    Wizeman's curse was confined to the world of dreams.  When the air is cut off,
    NiGHTS displays low-altitude flight instead of running.
    NiGHTS' Attack Techniques
    Lvl 1 :  Astonish the rival by quoting gossip.
    Lvl 2 :  Attack the competitor with a splendid Nightmaren dance step
    Lvl 3 :  Make the rival's acquaintance during low-altitude flight, to spin and
             pass the competition
    There are 16 courses available in this game; at present only 10 have been
    posted on the Japanese site.  Courses are selected by clicking on the orange
    tabs at the top of the course page.  Each course listing consists of a
    segment of the plot related to it (all courses posted thus far are in either 
    Hero's or Babylon's story); an Overview that gives a general description and
    may be related to the panning shots prior to the races; several "Course
    Captures" that highlight important points; and a course map marked with stars
    that indicate key areas on the course, these last I have called "Map
    Highlights" below.  Overview and Course capture areas include multiple
    screenshots of the course.  Note that on all courses except Metal City and
    Babylon Guardian, the Course Capture comments are on the screenshots
    themselves. Metal City has them on the main page and Guardian has none.
    ==            Hero Story             ==
    Metal City
    The puzzle of the encounter with the 3 thieves, and a giant screen projecting
    the figure of Eggman.  "A World Grand Prix will be held!  The overall champion
    keeps all the participants' Chaos Emeralds!"  It appears that somehow the
    three gem-snatchers will participate.  Pride ignited to blazing, Sonic decides
    to participate in the world Grand Prix and [disrupt] Eggman's scheme.  
    Course Overview:
    The upper city is called the forest of silver.  The race facility uses the
    highway which runs along the ravine of the building district.  Entirely
    rejecting eager spontaneity, it is managed by a computer network.  Surpass
    the group and rise to stand on the twin towers of the city symbol.
    Course Strategy:
    Hidden within the course are countless points where type skills such as
    grinding are available.  In addition, there is also a secret passage that can
    only be reached by those good at using turbulence!
    Map Highlights
    1.  Starting point - Aim for count 0 as you start your dash!
    2.  Central tower - Decide on a front flip, pass through the central
        tower's opening!
    3.  Turbulence - Use turbulence in a straight line to pass the competitor
    4.  Curve - Speed-type characters can grind along the railway!
    5.  Up-Down - Fly-types passing through the dash ring can air-ride!
    6.  Large semi - Power-types can knock the tractor-trailer out of the way to
        gain access!
    7.  Second tower -  Choosing a backflip, break through the last difficult
        place, the second tower 
    Splash Canyon
    Reunion with Amy.  Who are the Babylon Rogues? And the Babylon Gardens? The
    mystery deepens....
    While Tails is explaining the gear, one "Wave" of the three thieves interrupts
    the discussion.  Regarding the gear he's setting  "What!? You will try to
    participate with this amateur-like setting!?" she laughs at Tails. This speech
    sparked Tails' pride! 
    Course Overview:
    Few people have set foot in this great, unexplored region of inaccesible
    places.  The race course utilizes the cultural heritage left behind along the
    canyon.  All civilizations have claimed the flow of water as convenient power,
    you can see the vestiges of reservoirs and waterwheels in several places.  The
    enormous waterwheel that is the symbol of this course controls all the water
    Course Strategy:
    1.  An air ring in such a place?  Air ride!
    2.  The crumbling waterwheel blocks your path...   Mere deterioration or...?
    3.  If the route ahead is too narrow, use grinding to continue advancing!
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Starting point -  The area resounds with the sound of waterfalls as you
        go along nature's inaccessable places; increasing the racer's sense of
    2.  First reservoir - Jump over the differences in water level!  The water
        increases glides and is ultra-refreshing!
    3.  Railway - Speed types use grinding to race along the opposite side from
        the waterfall!
    4.  First reservoir outflow - Jump over the reservoir in a front flip, with
        vast nature stretched out below you!
    5.  The afore-mentioned mountain stream - Use the stream of water for a high-
        speed glide!  You must follow the line of the flow to be effective!
    6.  Hairpin curve - To reach the second reservoir airslide 180 degrees around
        the hairpin turn!
    7.  Crystal cavern - Pass through the gate of the enormous waterwheel and
        enter the mysterious cave!   Avoiding the crystals, make for the exit! 
    8.  Rainbow path - Cross over by leaping into the spray that makes the
        rainbow path!
    Egg Factory
    Going to the starting point, Knuckles now encounters the Babylon Rogue's
    superhumanly strong muscleman "Storm".  In response to Storm's tone, Knuckles
    is brimming with spirit.  Into this explosive mood, very soon the announcement
    for the race to begin will come.  "The conclusion is already established in
    this race!"  [says Storm] igniting Knuckles' pride to blazing!
    Course Overview:
    Furnaces blaze and seas of molten ore spread, in this production factory for
    Eggman's robos.  There are many right-angle turns, and here and there on the
    course Eggman robos work to prevent the racers from advancing!  All of the
    energy is concentrated at the central nucleus(core), the symbol of the course.
    Course Strategy:
    1.  Front flip to fly over a sea of molten iron!  See ahead where 2 paths
        diverge into upper and lower routes!?
    2.  Use the difference in level to do tricks!  Landing on the railway, grind!!
    3.  On the wall is a row of Eggman marks, just one mark is tilted...beyond
    Map Highlights:
    1. Starting point - You pay in heat, and aim up the sloping road above the
       molten iron that spreads out before your eyes!
    2. Giant fan - Dive hereupon,  and the enormous fan will blow you to the 2nd
    3. 2nd level fork in the path - Main route is an inclined hill road.  Fly
       types can air glide to make up the difference.
    4. Curtain of molten ore - The curtain of molten ore covers the road!  Pass
       through the opening in the flow of the molten ore!
    5. Halfpipe -> railway - Decide on a trick in the halfpipe to access the
    6. 2nd level path junction - Power types can use the route to easy victory by
       knocking aside the stacked drums!
    7. Laser way for conveyance - Catch the laser way to be conveyed across to the
    Green Cave
    Again,  Sonic saw a figure before him - the leader of the Babylon Rogues,
    "Jet".  Watching Sonic's practice form, "You cannot ride the wind if you do
    not become one with your gear.  It's impossible if you do not have wings!" he
    laughed.  Vexed on behalf of Sonic  "It can be done by remodeling the gear
    further myself..."  said Tails, depressed, then with a complete change "The
    secret of the enemy's gear can be detected in the race!" showing enthusiasm to
    Course Overview:
    As a result of being covered with enormous leaves that allow little light to
    penetrate, this great unexplored area is also called "Green Cave".  All living
    things have become abnormally gigantic, the ecosystem is not yet clearly
    known.  The race route uses natural components such as the ivy entwined amid
    the massive tree limbs and gigantic leaves.
    Course Strategy:
    1.  Can you find the railway when it's camouflaged by leaves?
    2.  Fly types use the halfpipe for tricks to access the dash rings.
    3.  Enormous grape vines cover the path.  Power types throw the obstacles out
        of the way!
    4.  A spider web here?  Decide at once on a high-ranking trick for a shortcut!
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Starting point - In an opposite atmosphere, you start with a roller
        coaster-style swoop!
    2.  Big tree curve - use grinding to travel down the spiral curve in the
        hollow trunk of this big tree!
    3.  Hairpin curve - When you've passed through the spiral curve, airslide to
        turn the oppostie direction.
    4.  Stem road - Forking left and right, the stems form a maze.  Can you access
        the top of the stalk to race?!
    5.  Dash rings - Fly types pass through the opening using air ride!
    6.  Nest of the enormous centipede - Ahead, the cave come out into the hole of
        a giant centipede?  Riding the centipede's back you rise through this
        mysterious world!
    7.  U-turn route - Run the U-turn by airsliding and come out!   Do a backflip
        to reach the spider's web.
    8.  Spiderweb -> the outside world - When the spiderweb is encountered, rise
        at once.  Reach for the supervast outside world!!
    Sand Ruins
    At last, the Grand Prix Finals!  The Grand Prix Champion obtains the chaos
    emeralds.  In order to set the emeralds down,  Sonic and Jet go up on the
    stage.  "You've shown a degree of merit in the finals up to now" curses Jet.
    "This time I will not be defeated!" Sonic displays pride in himself and
    ambition.  Amid the grandstands there is excitement and swirling confetti;
    now, the curtain is about to be raised on the scene of battle!
    Course Overview:
    In this immense desert, the race course makes use of the historic ruins left
    by an ancient civilization.  Regarding the temple and the images which remain
    in several places, even now there are mysterious powers in the vestiges of the
    once-prosperous civilization that worshiped the Bird God.  As for the enormous
    crossbow which symbolizes the course, legend holds that it was once a bridge
    to heaven.
    Course Strategy:
    1. The deteriorating pillars mark an important site,but cover the racer's
       path! Should the road ....!? 
    2. Statues of the Bird God are frequently seen in this land.  If you look
       carefully, 1 statue...
    3. The enormous crossbow lifts the racer in a breath to the upper reaches.
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Start point - While pouring on a large burst of speed, pass through the
        gates of the colliseum!
    2.  Against the desert heat - Pass the gates on one side of the desert!   Aim
        for the posts appearing from the ground to mark the valley!
    3.  Quicksand valley curve - While paying attention to the quicksand, ride the
        inside track for a shortcut!
    4.  Temple of the Bird God - Enormous topography spreads before your eyes!
        Decide on high ranking tricks while riding!
    5.  Inside the Temple - Obstacles float above the floor by means of a
        mysterious force.  Make use of boosts found here and there to locate the
        shortest passage through!
    6.  Images of the Bird God - Images of the Bird God, seen often in this land,
        separate the course.  Decide on the timing of your airslide carefully!
    7.  Arrow of the Bird God - Escape above ground in a flash with the power of
        the enomous bow!  After landing aim your dash towards the course!
    Babylon Gardens
    Because of the wondrous power of the Chaos Emeralds, the Babylon Gardens
    awaken from their sleep of many years.  Sonic and Jet go towards the Babylon
    Gardens, chasing Eggman.  "You cannot overtake him. Therefore you're a
    hindrance," says Jet, confronting him.   "I'll show you.  You have not yet
    experienced the `world of speed'!" cried Sonic.  For Sonic and Jet to settle
    the question of who's fastest for mutual pride, it comes down to two people
    determining victory or defeat!
    Course Overview:
    Babylon, once the symbol of prosperity; the legendary paradise that aroused
    the wrath of a god and now lies neglected deep underground.  Contrary to its
    primitive appearance, the inside is fortified with electronic devices formed
    by the power of an ultra-scientific civilization.  The automatic security
    system resolutely tries to remove all intruders.
    Course Strategy:
    1.  Decide on the right trick in the half pipe, shortcut!   If you fail, you
        also reverse course!!
    2.  The destroyed road cuts off...look carefully for the rising tip!?
    3.  The trick zone, occurring inside turbulence, opens up new routes!!
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Starting point - Decend the central ramp!
    2.  270 degree curve - 90 degree turn followed by 180 degree bend.  Airslide!
    3.  Security gate - Three gates separate the course.   Speed types aim for the
        spiral course on the extreme left!
    4.  Air Force attack - Will the invaders be removed, when the leader's path is
        destroyed by the attack of an Air Force missile!?
    5.  Turbulance - Can you pass throught the Air Force on the turbulence?  Run
        through and come out the far side of the darkness where the air rushes
    6.  Air Force track - Turbulence dies out as you pierce through to the other
        side!  Catch the Air Force to aim again at the course!
    7.  Air Force attack (2nd time) - The Air Force attack destroys the route
        again.  Detour around the edge!
    8.  Palace interior - Passing inside the palace. Power types can  smash
        through to open up a shortcut!
    Digital Dimension
    Course Overview:
    The world after defeating the Babylon Guardian.  From the start, the guardian
    controlled the mechanical space; setting up the world to become
    interchangeable with hell...the master having already parted from the space it
    is unable to adopt a single shape.  Is this, then, is a hint of the fall to
    ruin of the Babylon Garden?  Or something else?
    Course Hints: 
    1.  Pay attention to the left side of the corridor of light!  Over there, dash
    2.  The wall is broken, but as expected...?
    3.  A statue stands with it's back to you!?
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Start point - Suddenly,  a moaning voice is heard from nowhere, increasing
        the tension a notch before the race.
    2.  Corridor of the demon-dogs - To overcome the two, sudden curves
        consecutive slides are essential!
    3.  The abyss - Hands reach from the abyss.  The wise will not get too close!
    4.  Sky warp -  Ascend in a breath to the corridor of light.  [unclear kanji]
    5.  Corridor of light - The stained glass along the corridor is beautiful.
        Take care that you are not so fascinated that you hit it.
    6.  Pulsewave - Skills are classified by type where the curve bends!  Ride
        steadily and take care to avoid time loss .
    SEGA Carnival
    Various SEGA games complete this bustling stage.  Enjoy the pleasant
    attraction of the Carnival!
    Games Appearing:
    "Samba de Amigo"
    "Super Monkeyball"
    "CRAZY TAXY" [sic]
    Course hints:
    1.  Choosing a trick from here, access the railway!
    2.  This great wall is clearly suspicious!
    3.  How to pass through that dash ring over there!?  Search for a hidden
        trick zone!
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Start point - The starting point is lined by stores and houses in the
        style of Samba de Amigo.
    2.  "Samba de Amigo" zone - The amigos are cheering!
    3.  "Giant Egg" zone -  The figure of Billy is rolling in the interior of the
        pirate ship Tamago
    4.  "NiGHTS" zone - Though surrounded by Nightopians, break quickly thorough
        the seed tower.
    5.  "Super Monkey Ball" zone - When you pass throught that familiar gate...?
    6.  "Crazy Taxi" zone - You can even ride in the Crazy Taxi!  Seek the right
         point to view the entrance to the station.
    ==          Babylon Story            ==
    Night Chase
    The airship of the Babylon Rogues takes to the skies.  It approaches a
    mysterious shadow.  Eggman,  having heard rumors of Jet, boards the lone ship.
    Jet and Eggman wish to obtain the treasure that sleeps in the legendary Garden
    of Babylon.  The two agreeing on the goal decide to cooperate for the sake of
    the one being that can hinder them.  The fastest hedgehog on the land:  Sonic.
    Course Overview:
    Metal City at night, when it is painted with colored lights.  The entrance to
    the city's underground energy supply line opens,  the old road that was
    abandoned as town planning for the future took precedence.  As for the
    enormous moon that shines atop the second tower, it is used for the city's
    energy PR.
    Course Strategy:
    1.  Going to crash into the wall at high speed?  Change your stance to run
        along the first wall!
    2.  Use the trailer's ramp and decide on a trick!  Move further ahead?
    3.  Your silhouette shines, illuminated by the light of the moon.  Decide on
        a trick, you've got one shot!
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Starting point - Neon lights hide the darkness where you stand. The sense
        of tension caused by the varied courses swells!
    2.  Access to underground energy supply line:  Unlike earlier courses, if you
        don't decide on the perfect trick, you'll end upside down in this world of
    3.  Left-hand route - Speed types make use of the left side pipeline.  Choose
        your tricks!
    4.  Central route - Fly types can access the dash rings in the central route! 
        Travel the road that is not a road!
    5.  Right-hand route - As for power types, smash through the energy tanks to
        go to the right side!
    6.  Special guard area - [Police cars] line the one route!  Evade by squeezing
        through the last opening!
    7.  Inside trailer - Open the trailer that blocks the entrance to the route!?
    8.  Hairpin curve - Use the slide turn in this area of the course!
    Red Canyon
    Barging into Sonic's conversation,  Wave takes Tails' gear (for an amateur,
    the setting is not bad)  and although feeling slightly impatient "What!? You
    will try to participate with this amateur-like setting!?" with an excess of
    attitude.  As Wave walks off into the distance, a displeased Amy says "What!?
    She's trying to trick us!"  A companion in intense conflicts, she's ready to
    start now.
    Course Overview:
    In the evening valley, go around to nature's other side concealed by the
    traces of civilization.  This path, not seen with the dawn course, offers a
    backstage glimpse of the "hydrological knowledge" that makes the water current
    serve as the motive force.  Illuminated by the setting sun, the silhouettes of
    migrating birds flee away and and speak of the of fall of civilizations and
    transience of life.
    Course Strategy:
    1.  Once you've passed the previous path inside the tunnel, use the trick ramp
        to get into the higher or lower fork!  Charge your tricks completely.
    2.  There's something suspicious about the bilboard on the other side of the
        waterfall...  Should power types meddle with it?
    3.  Use the hidden ramp to do tricks and land on the railway.  Overtake your
        rival with the difference!
    4.  The secret dash ring accesses a Super-Shortcut!  Can you locate it?
    Map Highlights:
    1. Starting point - The race starts in gloomy circumstances at the hour of
       sunset.  An odd atmosphere hangs over the race, not seen during the dawn
    2. Curve - First tunnel - The first curve turns left,  entering the tunnel
       that channels the water power of the first reservoir.
    3. Intra-tunnel railway - Land directly on the railway!  Speed types can
    4. Intra-tunnel dash rings - Fly types quickly choose a trick and turn right
       to access the dash ring!
    5. Second reservoir - For some reason the left-hand path from the second
       reservoir is blocked by barrels...  Should power types investigate?
    6. Hairpin Curve - Cross the second reservoir with a sharp left turn!  Decide
       on the timing for your airslide.
    7. Enormous waterwheel - Unlike the dawn course, grabbing the water wheel
       accesses the second tunnel!
    8. Crossing the rapids - After escaping the second tunnel, ride the water's
       surface as the waterfall dives towards the ground.  Take care in order to
       not hit the rocky areas.
    Ice Factory
    Storm was defeated by Knuckles in their match.  While Wave calls him useless,
    Jet offers him a chance to redeem himself. "Indeed, I cannot quite trust
    Eggman.  Sneak into Eggman's base and collect information!"  Storm exits the
    room in haste.  What is Eggman really plotting?
    Course Overview:
    The Egg Factory late at night: production line stopped, radiation cooling
    applied to the facility to allow the cooling of the molten ore's heat.  At
    some places on the course swirls develop where the water used for cooling is
    disposed of.  The robots engaged in manufacturing during the day also have
    night patrol duties, trying to repel intruders.
    Course Strategy:
    1.  Kick off to access the railway.  Pass through the opening in the wall for
        a direct shortcut!
    2.  By choosing high-ranking tricks you can land on the upper route and take a
        different path!
    3.  At the nucleus (core) area,  run opposite to the day course .  For power
        characters, is there a short cut somewhere...?
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Starting point - Breath steams in the cold air, but the competitors' zeal
        raises the surrounding temperature!
    2.  Right angle curve - Here and there bundles have been attatched to the
        floor, and slide.  It takes careful management and prudence to turn the
    3.  Ventilation shaft entrance -  Doing tricks in the halfpipe, rise to the
        dash ring. You may enter the opening of the ventilation shaft!
    4.  Enormous fan area - An enormous fan is turning at the heart of the curve.
        Power types, by breaking that enormous blade, can shorten their turns.
    5.  Railway - Speed types, by riding the railway that parallells the curve,
        can make the 180 degree turn nonstop.
    6.  Pulley - The pulley used to convey raw materials passes through closed
        rooms coated in ice, transporting you to the nucleus (core) area!
    7.  Nucleus (core) area - right side half pipe - Speed types can choose tricks
        and use the halfpipe to access the railway!
    8.  Nucleus (core) area - left side half pipe - Fly types can choose tricks
        and access the dash rings!
    9.  Front flip kick - Choosing a high ranking trick, destroy the hanging iron
        pole, landing at the last curve before the goal!
    White Cave
    Last match until the Finals!  Jet is unable to sleep, however, because of Wave
    breaking into lecture mode.  It's useless to pacify her, fast-talking Wave
    just talks on and on to those in hearing.  At that moment, the figure of a
    familiar hedgehog enters Jet's field of vision.  "Pooh! time for a little
    ridicule!"  It seems a way to kill time before the finals, and Jet stealthily
    leaves that place.
    Course Overview:
    From evening through about dawn the plant spores fall thickly, altering the
    jungle's appearance to a snowy landscape.  From that scenery, many people have
    called this forest "White Cave".  As the beautiful blooms and hyphae systems
    of these plants that cannot be seen during the day make an appearance, this
    world shows a face one cannot but feel is lovely. 
    Course Strategy:
    1.  Decide on a high-ranking trick and access the opening via an unexpected
    2.  The eye sleeps in the background!  Don't overlook the dash rings installed
        at this point!
    3.  Power types can discover the entrances to hidden passages, great
    Map highlights:
    1.  Starting point - The route stretches in a straight line before your eyes,
        pay attention while running past the many trees!
    2.  Front flip kickoff - There are two landing spots, high and low.  Choose a
        high ranking trick to aim for the route above!
    3.  Pipe route - They constructed this course in an enormous ivy that had
        become hollow!  Power types can skill link by consecutively smashing the
        projecting rocks!
    4.  Dash rings - Fly types can take advantage of their difference from their
        rivals by accessing the dash rings inside the ivy!
    5.  Centipede's nest - The giant centipede's protective coloration is changed,
        hurry to the zone of dead leaves!
    6.  Dead leaf zone - Speed types, don't overlook the opening to access the
    7.  Backflip kickoff - Choose high-ranking tricks to access the spiderweb
    8.  Tunnel of ivy - Gaping widely the tunnel bored into the ivy awaits the
        racers.  Pass through the tunnel in the ivy and aim for the goal!
    Dark Desert
    The Finals approach!  Storm is returning from sneaking into the Egg Factory.
    In his hand he grasps a chip stolen from Eggman's factory.  Wave decodes the
    chip. Now the three learn the truth of the Babylon treasure.  Is it as
    expected, the Babylon treasure?  While approaching the real answer to the
    puzzle, the Finals are starting!
    Course Overview:
    The spreading darkness conceals an ancient civilization.  The climax is
    displayed opposite the Coliseum on the outskirts; receiving the energy of the
    total solar eclipse, the ancient ruins that extended underground give the
    appearance of utter desertion.  There was even the concept of gravity
    circulation to reach hyperspace.  This area is also said to have intermingled
    with Babylon, catching a glimpse of the civilization at its height.
    Course Strategy:
    1.  In order that the rocky mountains do not become complicated, be careful
        with the course tricks.
    2.  Look carefully, there are now two layers.  Is there a means of access?
    3.  As for here in this private house?  Where is the entrance generally?
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Starting point - The total solar eclipse shows a world of illusions.  Run
        through it in the excitement of the Finals!
    2.  Stairs of Fate - At the terminus of the stairs is a front flip kickoff.
        Choose a great jump to advance to the fissure zone.
    3.  Secret pathway to temple - from the inner part of the fissure, the shapes
        of 3 consecutive kickoffs appear.  Choose reliable tricks instead of
        overdoing it.
    4.  Temple Entrance - The route decides into three, for each respective type.
        Choose your type's route paying attention to the color of the signs and
    5.  Inside the temple - Ignore gravity as you turn round and round in order to
        progress inside the temple.  Without turning an eye, be careful of the
        types distinct skills.
    6.  Altar of Light - Borrow the power of the swirling light and hurry above
    7.  Ancient dwellings of the desert people - Zigzag along the road and as you
        come out the Coliseum is right before you!
    Sky Road
    Chasing Sonic, four people arrive with difficulty at Babylon Garden:  Tails,
    Knuckles, Wave, and Storm.  While Storm and Knuckles quarrel, something
    establishes its aim with radar.  "Target detected!  Get them!"  It was the
    Eggman robo that previously had been damaged by Knuckles and Storm.  The
    attack by a great swarm of Eggman robos starts a grand chase race!
    Course Overview:
    Baylon Garden had sunk deep underground.  The enshrouding dark clouds vanish;
    gradually the beautiful facades are illuminated by the light of the sun.  It
    floats in the air, the electronic fortress of ancient times able to see the
    sides of buildings.
    Course Strategy:
    1.  This place, the underside of the road!?  Look for the entrance to enter
        the basement!
    2.  It is difficult to choose a trick at the blast point, but is there value
        in attempting a difficult challenge!? 
    3.  The corridor of light has two entrances, higher and lower branches.  To
        save time, access the upper entrance.
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Start point - Direct decent from a high central level.  Power types can
        knock away the imminent pole.
    2.  Security gates - Each type's gate offers a particular method of passage.
    3.  Arch of the adult bird - The variation in time of tricks decided on in
        this place is attached to the crossing.  It is the one point on this
        course where you must decide with no mistake allowed.
    4.  Turbulence - The Air Force creates the turbulence. Ride and manage the
        wildest turbulence in the entire course!
    5.  Explosion point - The Air Force destroys the road whenever anyone runs
        around the circumference.  Pay attention and don't fall into the hole.
    6.  Dash ring - Fly types will probably aim for here.  Immediately charge
        when you decend from the turbulence.
    7.  Railway - Access the railway with tricks from the mini-kickoff.
    8.  Corridor of light - This is the sole indoor course.  What you gain here
        will prolong your boost-dash until the goal!
    Babylon Guardian
    The Babylon Rogues finally set foot in the treasure room of the Babylon
    palace.  In that place, the world extends to infinite nothingness...while
    feeling this, suddenly someone's shout resounds.  The owner of the voice is
    the guardian left to protect the treasure.  Sonic and his friends hearing the
    shout, the curtain rises on the last battle.
    Course Overview:
    The statues lined up in this strange dimension-world inspire thoughts of hell.
    As for that, this world is a fiction created by the guardian of the treasure
    to thwart intruders.  Due to damage by the Guardian, the pathway of the
    original Babylon Garden electronic fortress makes an appearance like a gift.
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Start point - The Guardian stands in your way in order to block your path.
        In order to start your attack, complete the Start Dash.
    2.  Front flip - This course has few trick zones.  Choose ones that are
        reliable here.
    3.  Dash rings - Fly types, it is possible to access these by using the trick
    4.  Gargoyle statues - Power types, smash the eerie statues to advance!
    5.  Railway - If a speed type,  here you want to ride without jumping off.
    6.  Back flip - Merely kickoff from the high ramp, like a shower of sparks
        stirring towards the sky.
    Sega Illusion
    Neon sparkles, Sega Town's night.  Even among the number of Sega titles, the
    figures' ambiance approximately matches the title selected.
    Games Appearing:
    "Samba de Amigo"
    "Space channel 5"
    "Chu Chu Rocket" 
    Course hints:
    1.  NiGHTs' rings can be accessed through turbulence!
    2.  As for power types, advance by easily destroying the stands on which the
        star people stand!
    3.  Trying various patterns, discover the fastest way out!
    Map Highlights:
    1.  Start point - In a complete change from the daytime, parade has finished
        and the the Samba zone starting point is quiet!
    2.  "Samba de Amigo" zone - What - huge Opa Opas block your path!?
    3.  "NiGHTs" zone - Beneath the fireworks that soar into the heavens extends
        the road of stardust.
    4.  "Space Channel 5" zone - The fragile star people attack with persistent
    5.  "Chu Chu Rocket" zone - As you cross the arrow-marked panels,  the cry of
        "chuchu" is heard!
    WHF Osaka Convention
    WHF Tokyo  Convention
    WHF Nagoya Convention
    WHF Fukuoka Convention
    SantoraCD [abbreviation for "Soundtrack]
    Production I.G. [translation in Links, below]
    Strategy Book
    "23rd Next generation World Hobby Fair" report  Osaka 
    2006, 1st month, 15th day
      Reporting the state of the "Sonic Riders" booth at the "23rd Next generation
    World Hobby Fair" held at the Osaka Dome!  This year,  as in most years many
    honored guests did attend.  Among the official sites, many people came to this
    "Sonic Riders" and investigated the course, causing others to come.  After
    this as they went other places on their schedules, people recommended that
    others also watch the "Tutorial Movie"! 
      The Osaka convention is enormous!  After this "Sonic Riders" will be
    available to play at the Tokyo * Nagoya * Fukuoka conventions.  We will wait
    for everyone's attendance.  
    Photo captions :
    1.  Note the player's intent expression!
    2.  Siblings(?) playing together.  Please play with the younger brother?
    3.  In the action zone (place where the analog stick must be turned), players
        spin the stick frantically.    Regrettably we cannot display a moving
        picture of such enjoyment!
    "23rd Next generation World Hobby Fair" report  Tokyo 
    2006, 1st month, 21st day, 22nd day
    "23rd Next generation World Hobby Fair" report   Nagoya
    "23rd Next generation World Hobby Fair" report   Fukuoka
    "Sonic Riders" Original Soundtrack CD sale!
    The concept of the Sonic series, always overflowing with a scampering feeling
    to the sound, is this time in reliably good health!  Due to three composers of
    repute a rich variety of sound gives the experience of Sonic World.  In
    addition, only with this soundtrack can one listen to the bonus tracks because
    3 tune compilations have been added!  "Sonic Riders Original Soundtrack" sales
    are limited to SEGA Direct.  Don't overlook it!
    Link button to SEGA Direct
    "Sonic Riders" strongest strategy guide on sale! 
     [lit - "strongest capture guide"]
    The perfect "Sonic Riders" strategy Guide is finally for sale!!  Containing
    not only strategies for all courses but also complete records of secret
    stages, all characters, extreme gear!  Whether you have played already or
    not, you can expect to discover surpising new things!
    The victory is yours with this!
    Title:  Sonic Riders Strongest Strategy Guide
    Format etc.:   Size A%, 232 pages, ISBN4-09-106292-X
    Sale Date: 2006, April 3rd
    Price: 1,680 yen
    Publisher: Shogakukan
    *  Please ask your bookstore to buy this book.  If the counter is almost out
       of stock, please ask the bookseller to reorder.
    *  Direct questions concerning purchase to TEL 03-5281-3555 (Shogakukan Sales)
    *  You can even buy the book from an bookshop on the Internet with express
       home delivery.     http:// www.shokakugan.co.jp
    L to R:  Wallpapers
             Paper Crafts
      Note: The wallpaper and movies buttons take you to the same page
    Top row - Wallpapers:  should be self-explanatory
    Second row - Videos, Broadband (top button) and Lowband (bottom)
      L to R:  Production I.G Opening Anime
               TV commercial (High speed ad)
               Production Movie 2 [Don't believe this one's been released on
                  an English site; translation of text below]
               Tutorial Movie [Gamecube controls, as noted below the buttons]
               Production Movie 1
      (Side tab links to Screenshots page)
    Paper Crafts:
         Papercraft:  Blue Star
         Display set [Sonic and a "stand" for the Blue Star]
         Papercraft: Type J
         Display set [Jet and a "stand" for the Type J]
      % file for papercrafts requires Adobe Reader
    Screenshots  - 30 screenshots, again self-explanatory
    Year 2006 
    The New Adventure...
    Expected for Sonic!
    Sonic Riders
    Fastest above the ground
    		Sonic the Hedgehog
    Legendary windmaster
    		Jet the Hawk
    Miles "Tails" Prower
    Wave the Swallow
    Knuckles the Echidna
    Storm the Albatross
    World Grand Prix
    Fastest on land VS legendary windmaster
    Mutual pride, preparing for a race
    Now begins the greatest race over supersonic speed in history!!!
    Production I.G Making of the Opening Animation (link on Main page, also in
    Opening Animation Flow of Production
    "Sonic Riders" opening animation produced by Production I.G, whose
    well-known works includes "Shell Riot Squad" etc.
    Introducing the "Sonic Riders" Opening Animation by "ProductionI.G" -
    follow the flow of the work to get to the completed product!
      1.Continuity job:  The director scripts the general outline of the movie
    in pictures.
      2.Layout: On the basis of the completed continuity, some people make original
    pictures of the layout for each cut.  Also for the layout, the figure design,
    camera angle, background, cel & movement, etc. is all drawn in a rough
      * Cel = character movement and the like, to point out necessary
      3.Original Drawings: Based on the layout, you draw the movement point of the
    cel in the original picture.  In this case, where the original picture appears
    with timing, the pictures and frame numbers necessary for filming instructions
    are written on an attached timing sheet.  Also the background painting is
    going on concurrently having begun at the same time as this work.
      Layout -> original drawings and original drawings -> in-betweeners 
      The director checks angles and results, also the drawing supervisor has
    standardized the pictures.
      4. Animating:  Based on the original drawings and the timing sheet, a clean
    copy is made to be used in the moving images.  The original drawings only
    depicted key points of movement,  now the interval portions must also be drawn
    (in-betweening).  From original drawing to animation: the animated picture is
    drawn according to the time sheet and also whether movement is occuring, the
    animation is inspected for mistakes.
      5. Finishing Touches:  The completed animation cels are scanned and the
    painting is decided here.  The basic character coloration has already been
    decided but the details of each respective cut must be adjusted to agree with
    the others.
      6. Photographing:  Photography is where the cel and the backgrounds are
    combined.  Also special effects - sparks and the like, are put in here.
      7. Editing:  Here the finished cuts are connected to form the movie.  The
    cuts and connections are adjusted to fit the timing.
      8. Finished Product: Broadband   Loband
    [Directors comments at bottom. Not translated]
    Sonic Channel Interview with Producer Yuda (link in green box on Main page)
    from Sonic Channel; 2/21/06, 2/22/06
    Good day, everyone!  It is Sonic Channel staff member Moro.  Today as we
    approach the 2/23/06 sale of "Sonic Riders" We would like to try a surprise
    interview with Yuda Takashi (Yuda P, below)!  Well, then, start the interview
    Moro: Good day!  Today we humbly request  an interview with "Sonic Riders"
    Yuda P: Yes,yes, pleased to meet you...
    Moro: Can you instruct us as to what the best part of this new games "Sonic
    Riders" might be?
    Yuda P:  Absolutely, the gachinko section is not all it is! There is so much,
    you understand.  This time we put a lot of effort into the multiplayer game.
    In order to unfold firece competition, we devised several schemes.  The latest
    main feature, "Turbulence", is one of them!
    Moro: Now in "Sonic Riders" you say "Who's the fastest and most skilled?"
    Aren't there a variety of gimmicks prepared in order to increase the
    impression of speed?  Can you instruct us us how you increased the pleasure to
    be had by playing? Also, can you explain simply what this word "turbulence",
    that we've heard, means?
    Yuda P: As the rival ahead of you runs, a halfpipe of "turbulent air" occurs
    behind them.  We call that "turbulence".  By making use of the turbulence,
    riding on it and performing tricks, you can overtake the rival in a flash.
    As for which is the most fun...there is no "one best course"!  Who can say
    which it might be?  Please use the turbulence and try the respective skills.
    The courses are fully loaded, but being quick you may overlook hidden things.
    By trying a variety of things you will get repeated enjoyment.
    Moro: Trick choices and [ ?, there appears to be a typo here] are delightful,
    don't you think?  Riding the turbulence is a wonderful feeling, i i.  The feel
    of the gimmicks is exhilarating, at the peak of production!  This game is
    packed with things to enjoy, don't you think?
    Yuda P: It is, that pleasant feeling of cutting through to the other side of
    the speed of sound, I hope, fufufu...[laughter]
    Moro: The courses are colorful and charming.  Each course is abundant with
    individuality, furthermore this stands at the peak of the game, I think.  So,
    please tell us about the difficult spots in creating so many charming courses.
    Yuda P:  Changing the style of a Sonic game to an enjoayable action game,
    isn't it; whereas the first difficulty was how much to include.
    Moro: Indeed.  Incidently, my two favorite courses by far are "OOO-OOO" and
    "OOOOyuOyoO".  You can remove this, don't you think?  To preserve the player's
    surprise.  There are such pleasant stages hiding!!  Don't you think, we can
    hide them with blank type.  After playing with such pleasure! They are to good
    to hide, Yuda!
    Yuda P: Fufufu, is that so? Well I am resigned to fate then
    Moro: Well, it is still useless! After the pleasure of playing that...  And
    being presented to the public in so short a time...!  If that's the way it has
    to be, we would still like to talk; but at present it is regrettable to not
    be able to talk about the hidden stages.
    Yuda P: You hit, you hit...it is both completely
    (more follows tomorrow)
    (continuation from yesterday)
    Moro: Well, well, Yuda...  So, this time "Jet", "Storm", "Wave" the new
    characters apearing.  These three are awfully fascinating, aren't they?
    Yuda P: So they are!  Wouldn't you like to see more and more of them?  I am
    eager to in a short while!!
    Moro: Really?! Something along those lines of thinking seems to appear,
    Yuda P: Still, even on the official site "? ? ?" characters that have not
    yet become [been announced], It is about to become a matter of concern,
    Moro: You say it's a matter of concern!!  So it is Nashyo[?]
    Yuda P: Don't you think it's a matter of concern?  Wouldn't you like private
    information!!  So, it still is Nashyo, - -.  The hidden characters will
    astonish in a big surprising way!  Actual players asked with expectation!
    Moro: This time, the production of the opening anime by Production I.G has
    become a big topic, but as for the interaction of Sonic and I.G could you give
    us some details?
    Yuda P:  The point of Sonic gameplay until now has not been thinking, we
    wanted to present a new image. So by using the already favored I.G.we make
    it new somehow in the way people will receive it, don't you think?
    Moro: How! It is true, Yuda, when you ponder the power of the implementation
    I.G produced!  You feel by this truly wonderful animation that Sonic is born.
     You have even posted the "making of" explanation on the official Sonic Riders
    site, it is necessary veiwing!  Certainly any who have not seen it must please
    look at it!  Can you tell us if I.G had difficulty with the job?
    Yuda P: Not especially.  The direction was solidified and the new images to
    draw were recieved early.
    Moro: Terrific! Don't you think, that the work went so smoothly!  The Sonic
    that the I.G artists produced is exceedingly gachinko!
    Yuda P: Isn't it?  I like it increasingly!
    Moro: Well then, in conclusion, might the staff and readers of Sonic Channel
    ask one last question?
    Yuda P: Sonic Riders is not the current asobi racing game, It is packed full.
    Not only in competing, but in just running around it is an enjoyable game,
    please do play it, by all means!
    Moro:  Please try playing by all means!  Yuda,  thank you very much!
    "Sonic Riders" on sale 2/23/06 for Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox.  "Gachinko!"  It
    is the game - the courses and characters are full of appeal, don't you think?
    Please try playing by all means!
    Legal and Other Bits
    **Thanks to Ambergryph and ChristSoldier3 for alternate translations for parts
    of Rogue and Jet's bios.
    **Thanks to the people who supported the thread on Gamespot for their
    This is an original translation of a Japanese text found on
    http://sonic.sega.jp/riders/.  All trademarks and copyrights contained in this
    document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This translation copyright 2006 Jane Chapman
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
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