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"Nice try EA! But this won't cut it."

Introduction: NFL Head Coach is the first try in a GM-esque strategy game where you direct the action on and off the field. Instead of actually controlling the players, like the title says you will be calling the shots and attempting to boost the morale on the sidelines. Cool idea, right? Not so fast, wait until you read my review.

Gameplay 2/10: One thing that really stood out, is that it took me 3 hours to get to the PRE SEASON. Everything is mandatory in this game for the most part, so don't plan on skipping a practice session. It doesn't stop there either. Instead of being able to simulate past meaningless games, you are forced to coach your 3rd string team to victory/defeat. I thought when I got this game I was going to be coaching McNabb, not Vinny Testaverde! Being limited to 5-minute quarters also hurts. Your offensive coaches will always complain about lack of production, but with that little amount of time what can you do? Not everyone is the Greatest Show On Turf. Once you finally get to the games, things start to pick up a little bit. But not much. Just the sheer amount of time you have to dedicate will turn away most. The AI is the worst I've ever seen for a football game. That's sad considering NFL Fever could even own this game in that area.

Graphics 7/10: Decent for a xbox game. The models all look for reasonably accurate. But it's hard to give them a higher score after seeing some other sports games that blew this one away. *coughNBA2k6cough*

Extras 1/10: There is NOTHING in this game besides quick game and career mode. That would have been ACCEPTABLE in the SNES days. Minigames are mysteriously missing,

Replay Value 5/10: Stick to the online mode of this game. You will at least be able to stay awake during the games. Calling the right plays is much more satisfying against another opponent than the CPU. Once again, the AI is horrible so some plays that are obvious TD's are blown. QB's always seem to be stepping backwards when they throw too, drastically affecting the power and accuracy of the throw.

Final Score: 4/10 Don't suggest buying this game unless your prepared to spend 10 hours just getting through the offseason. Rent it and play some online, if you get a kick out of that buy it. Otherwise, look over this title and save your money for NCAA football or Madden.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 06/22/06

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