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"Great Draft, Bad AI"

Introduction: Let me start off by saying what a brilliant idea this was. Franchise Mode is the greatest thing to happen to Madden, and this was a great idea for a spin off. However, everything this game has in pre-game awesomeness, it totally lacks in gameplay.

Gameplay 1/10: This is the slowest of the slow games. First off, there are these things called Office Hours, that they put in between EVERY SINGLE event in the game. You meet with the owner, then office hours, then you meet with the staff, more office hours, WRvDB practice, still more office hours. Get the idea? It literally takes over an hour to get to the draft. The draft is the best part about this whole game. You have Mel Kiper Jr. and his giant head, giving you stats on almost all of the players. You're in the war room with your scouting expert, and you have to try to make deals and move around and position yourself to get the best pick for your team. The one thing that isn't as good as the Madden Draft, is that the picks are pretty much set. Unless someone else has seen something different, the Texans ALWAYS pick AJ Hawk, the Saints ALWAYS take Michael Huff, the Titans ALWAYS take Matt Leinart, and so on. So if you wanted one of those players, you HAVE to trade up and get him, cause he won't be there if you don't.

Once you get to your first preseason game, after about 4 HOURS of crap you have to deal with first, you will see the other big minus for this game. The AI is quite possibly a step behind Tecmo Bowl for the NES. Seriously, Tecmo Bowl's Bo Jackson would destroy the NFL Head Coach All-Stars by himself. You'll see FBs missing blocks repeatidly, QBs throwing into double coverage when there's a wide out totally open, locking in to one reciever every time you call the play and ignoring progressions. You can't expect every play to be perfect, but wow, if you can complete 10 passes you've had a good game, and if you can complete 15+ you have somehow mastered the game.

Graphics 8/10: Pretty much the same as Madden. A couple new hairstyles here and there, and some clothes for the coaches, but nothing spectacular. I did enjoy the fidora, but there's no matching jacket, so if you wear it you look like an idiot.

Extras 1/10: Extras? Did I miss something? There are no extras. NOTHING! You can quick play, or do the career mode.

Replay Value 3/10: This is a hard question to answer. Since it takes about 9 hours of gameplay to get to the regular season. And about an hour for every week you have a game, provided you don't have a big trade or staff change to make, This game takes roughly 25-30 hours to complete one season, depending on if you make the postseason. So replay value could be the last thing you think about. The online multiplayer is nice, because of the head to head value, but once again, the worst AI ever makes the game almost painful to play.

Final Score 3/10: This game is the biggest let down since Devil May Cry 2, which Capcom later released a public apology for, so take that as you will.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 06/27/06

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