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    FAQ/Walkthrough by beatrixgamer

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    The Da Vinci Code
    Xbox Walkthrough
      Table of Contents
    01: Controller
    02: Mission 1 - Louvre Museum
    03: Mission 2 - Saint Sulpice
    04: Mission 3 - Normandy Mansion
    05: Mission 4 - Bank of Zurich
    06: Mission 5 - Chateau Villette
    07: Mission 6 - Biggin Hill Airfield
    08: Mission 7 - Temple Church
    09: Mission 8 - Westminster Abbey
    10: Mission 9 - Rosslyn Chapel
    11: Mission 10 - Louvre Revisited
    12: Mission 11 - Rosslyn Revisited
    13: Legal Jargon
    The default settings for the XBox Controller are as follows
    RIGHT TRIGGER: Distract and Run
    LEFT TRIGGER: Stealth Mode
    RIGHT THUMBSTICK: Rotate Camera
    A BUTTON: Interact with Object, Wall Ambush
    B BUTTON: Tap Wall
    X BUTTON: Initiate Aim
    Y BUTTON: Abandon Wall Ambush
    WHITE BUTTON: Visual Database
    BLACK BUTTON: Inventory
    D-PAD: Select Item	
    START BUTTON: Pause Menu
      Mission 1: Louvre Museum
    Look at Saunier's feet, clothes and the pentacle on his chest. Check his left 
    hand when Fache asks you to and watch the scene. Access your inventory using 
    the black button to examine your business card. Use the cell phone and dial the 
    number from the card 454. 
    Meet Sophie in the bathroom. Pick up the SOAP from the sink and help Sophie 
    open the window. Combine the soap and GPS tracker and throw it out of the 
    window. Unscramble the anagram " Oh Lame Saint" to spell "The Mona Lisa".
    As Sophie, walk past the guards and use the button to raise the security gate.  
    In the next room, sneak behind the two guards while they are chatting. In the 
    next room pick up the rope stand and use it to stealthily attack the guard. 
    Once he's out drag him out of sight, examine the bottle of chemicals on the top 
    shelf of the police supply cart. Behind it you will find the BLACK LIGHT.  
    Use the black light to examine the Mona Lisa. Move your black light over all of 
    the letters to activate the cryptogram puzzle. "Da Vinci painted those that 
    knew between Bacchus and Uriel lies the clue".  Fight the officer, check the 
    statue in the middle of the room to pick up the SATURN SPHERE, and make your 
    way to the Grand Gallerie.
    Examine the John the Baptist painting and pan to the painting above.  Boost 
    Sophie up and she will find her grandfather's FLEUR DE LIS ring. Hide from the 
    guards and sneak your way into Saunier's office. Listen to the message, and 
    then examine the desk.  In the upper left hand drawer you can pick up a SMALL 
    BANDAGE.  On the top of the desk examine the letter showing the location of all 
    of the fleur de lis in the Louvre. Examine the knight statue on the desk, and 
    then the map on the wall it is pointing to.  Use your black light to find the 
    circle on the map. Boost Sophie up to the vent. 
    In the restoration room, examine the dirty painting. Examine the nearby table 
    and pick up DA VINCI's AERIAL SCREW.  In the lower left desk drawer, you will 
    find a letter explaining that to clean a painting you need to first use the 
    enzyme that breaks down fungus, a counter agent for the super oxide, and 
    something to break down hydrogen peroxide. On the table you will locate a book 
    on chemicals.  Chitinase breaks down fungus, Dismutase breaks down superoxide 
    radicals, and Catalease breaks down hydrogen peroxide.  Behind the paintings 
    near the window you can pick up a FIRST AID KIT.
    At the chemistry table mix the chemicals above in order, and you will get an 
    ENZYME BEAKER. Pick up the TOWEL from the nearby crate.  Combine the towel and 
    the enzyme to create an ENZYME TOWEL.  Use it on the dirty painting to reveal a 
    representation of winged victory.
    Sneak you way back into the Mona Lisa room, and out the door at the other end. 
    Wait in the dark corner of the next room, until the guards in the well-lit hall 
    leave to examine the Grand Gallerie. Sneak out to the Winged victory room, take 
    out the guard waiting behind the statue and examine the statue.  Look at the 
    case that holds the hand and use the Priory Ring to gain the FLEUR DE LYS DISK.
    Head down the stairs and two guards will approach. Wait until the first guard 
    turns his back on you, and the other guard goes back down the stairs. Take out 
    the guard while his back is turned.  Go down the stairs and sneak attack the 
    guard at the bottom. In the niche to the right of the door you can examine the 
    tiles. Pan around and pick up the LEAD COIN.
    Continue through the next door. Stay back in the shadows until the guards 
    finish their conversation, and then either take them out or sneak past them to 
    the door. 
    Bonus Mission 10 Louvre Revisited
    Concept Art: Louvre Story boards (Landon and Sophie hiding from the guards, and 
    Fache and Langdon at Saunier's Body)
    Concept art: Characters (Fache and Silas)
    Concept Art: Environments (The Louvre, and St. Sulpice)
      Mission 2: Saint Sulpice
    In the room with the knocked out monk, pick up a SMALL BANDAGE from the 
    nightstand between the beds. Go into Sister Sandrine's room and examine the 
    body to pick up the phone list for the Priory of Sion. Look at her right hand. 
    On her desk, pick up the note that says Matthew 7:14. Examine the armoire. It 
    has the priory symbol on it on it, so you will need to find the key. Move to 
    the left side of the bed Sister Sandrine was pointing to.  Pull it aside to 
    reveal the floor safe. Below the middle line of tiles are symbols.  Remember 
    Use the door to exit out onto the balcony.  Pick up the OIL CAN, and BOLT 
    CUTTERS from the supply closet on the other side. Back in the living quarters, 
    exit out the door near Sister Marguerite's room. Knock the Monk out, and try 
    not to startle the pigeons.
    Examine the CHAPPE SYMBOL SYSTEM on the wall. Now that we know what the symbols 
    are, go back to Sister Sandrine's quarters. Translate the symbols under the 
    tiles, and shift the middle row of tiles read "SION". Pick up the BRONZE SLIDE 
    from inside the safe. There was a stairway on the balcony with the pigeons.  Go 
    down it to the Ground Floor.
    Inside there are several monks patrolling the chapel.  Carefully take them out. 
    There are cans and items around the chapel that you can use to distract them.  
    Inspect the Seashell Fountain farthest from the door that leads to the nun's 
    living quarters.  Inside pick up the ORNATE KEY. Behind the Holy Water fount in 
    the front of the chapel, you can pick up a LARGE BANDAGE. Examine all the 
    stations of the cross. Examine the window between stations 9 and 10 to pick up 
    the TIN COIN. 
    In Sister Sandrine's quarters unlock the armoire.  Inside pick up the STATION 
    OF THE CROSS STATUE.  It depicts Jesus lying down. 
    Between the third and fourth stations, read the BOOK OF ECLIPSES. Examine the 
    Roseline Piacard on the floor, and make the date read April 11, or Aprilis XI.  
    A stand will rise from the chapel floor. Pick up the STATION OF THE CROSS 
    STATUE depicting, Jesus carrying the cross. Use the statues in stations 7 or 
    (VII) and 14 (XIV).  Match the statue to what the station represents and you'll 
    have them in the right places. The floor hatch will unlock.
    Before entering the hatch, use the bolt cutters on the locked door in the 
    sanctuary. Make your way up to the organ, and turn the crank on the side. Make 
    the clock say 7:14, and a secret panel will open.  Pick up the COPPER SLIDE.
    Go back to the chapel and avoid/take out the monks.  Open the floor gate, and 
    enter the hatch. To your right at the bottom of the ladder you can examine the 
    pile of boxes to find DA VINCI's ORNITHOPTER.  There is also a LARGE BANDAGE on 
    the boxes around the corner. Find the large crypt blocking the Chappe symbols. 
    Push it from one end to gain access. Examine the Three oil lamps, and use the 
    oilcan with the oil valve on the table. Place the copper slide in the copper 
    lantern on the left, and the bronze slide in the bronze lantern on the right. 
    Use your matches to light the wicks. 
    Use the Chappe Symbol System to translate the word Jerusalem onto the symbols 
    on the wall. The first "e" has one dot on the tile, and the second "e" has two 
    dots. You will pick up the list of the Grandmasters of the Priory of Sion. 
    Knock the monks out and make your way back to the ground floor. Take out the 
    creepy monks around the sanctuary and make your way up the stairs to the living 
    quarters. Sister Marguerite will call the police. 
    Concept Art: Environments (Normandy Mansion)
    Concept Art: Characters (DCPJ officers)
      Mission 3: Normandy Mansion
    Turn to your left and break the wooden door that is just past the dog kennels. 
    Open the dog food locker and pick up the DOG FOOD. Go back to the kennel and 
    put the dog food in the bowl.  Pull the BELL CHAIN and they will enter the 
    kennel. To the right of where you entered there is a shed with a locked door. 
    Walk around to the back of the building and climb into the window. 
    Defeat the monk. On one of the shelves there is a chalk tablet and a locked 
    box. It's the Fibonacci sequence each number is the sum of the two numbers 
    before it. 8+5 =13, 13+8 = 21, and finally 21+13 = 34.  The combination to the 
    lock is 132134. Pick up the MANSION KEY inside. Use the Da Vinci Bridge Winch 
    to move the bridge into position. Use the mansion key to unlock the doors on 
    the other side. Turn to your left and open the armoire, pick up the AENEAS 
    STATUE inside. Continue down the side hall into the sitting room. Put the Fleur 
    de Lys disk in the mantle of the fireplace. Pick up the CUPID STATUE from the 
    table near the windows. Continue up the large staircase at the back of the 
    house. Examine the stained glass windows to learn about the goddesses. Note the 
    description of the goddesses and the fleur de lys above each one.
    Use the Priory ring on the door at the top of the steps to unlock the bedroom 
    and study. Examine the dresser next to the bed. Pick up the LARGE BANDAGE from 
    the second drawer down on the right side. In the top large drawer, read the 
    note describing the goddesses in the stained glass window. On the lowest left 
    hand drawer, use the priory ring to unlock the drawer. Pick up the VULCAN 
    STATUE from the drawer. Examine the bed and in one of the draperies pick up DA 
    Enter the study using the door at the far end of the room. Examine the 
    bookshelves to gain some important information to your visual library regarding 
    the gods and goddesses. On the small table upstairs, pick up the JUPITER 
    STATUE. Read the adjacent note regarding the statue puzzle and solve the 
    cryptogram. "Jupiter is above Vulcan Aeneas is below Mars Mars is to Vulcans 
    Right". Go down the spiral staircase in the study. Battle the monk. Examine the 
    model of Da Vinci's tank and find the MARS STATUE that is knocked to the floor. 
    Exit the door across from the desk 
    Remember the stained glass window? You need to put the stories of the goddesses 
    in the order of the note from Saunier's bedroom. First is Tiamat, second is 
    Belet-ili (fleur de lys pointing to the left), third is Nidaba (fleur de lys 
    pointing down), and last is Isis (fleur de lys pointing to the right). Take the 
    VENUS STATUE from the fireplace. 
    Go back to the entrance of the mansion. At the top of the small staircase near 
    the entrance, examine the painting in the room with the center overlooking the 
    vestibule.  Pick up the JUPITER SPHERE. Enter the small library door. Inside, 
    examine the statue pedestal in the center of the room. Place the Statues 
    according to the cryptogram Clue. Jupiter goes at the top of the red section. 
    Venus goes in the center. In the left blue section goes Vulcan. In the right 
    blue section place Mars.  In the left green section goes Cupid and finally in 
    the right green section goes Aeneas.  Now that everyone is in position we need 
    to fulfill the rest of the clue.  Rotate all of the statues so they face 
    towards Venus.  Rotate the statues until they are all in position. 
    You have gained access to the garden. Knock out the three guards patrolling the 
    garden. Rotate all of the statues until they face Venus. Make your way back to 
    the Venus statue. Enter the door to the secret crypt. At the bottom your goal 
    is to make a burning pentacle by lighting the torches. Examine the statue of 
    Horace. Pick up the torch and light it on one of the falcon statues.  Light the 
    following torches. The one directly in front of the gate, between the gate and 
    Horace, between the door and Hathor, between the gate and Horace, between the 
    gate and Hathor, and between the gate and Horace, between the door and Horace. 
    (This is just one of several ways to solve this puzzle). Pick up the LASER 
    ETCHED KEY from the statue of Hathor.
    Concept Art: Characters (Andre Vernet, The Bank of Zurich President)
    Concept Art: Story Board (Using the Black Light near Saunier's Body) 
      Mission 4 - Bank of Zurich
    Talk to the guard, and then enter the room to his left. On the left hand side 
    of the next passage you can enter a viewing room. Use your laser key in the 
    terminal to open the security door. Use it again in the next terminal to 
    retrieve your box. Examine the box, and pay attention to your thoughts a 
    Fibonacci sequence with 21 500 521, would next have 1021. Enter the code, and 
    pick up the CRYPTEX. Examine the deposit box again, and open the rose box.  
    Examine the desk drawer and pick up a PAPER CLIP. Use the paperclip on the 
    rosewood box to examine the clue. Open the Cryptex with the answer to the 
    riddle "Grail".  Vernet will give you the SECURITY CARD and VEHICLE KEY. He 
    also gives you some earpieces to help guide you on your escape.
    Exit the viewing rooms and make your way back to the courtyard. Use the 
    security card on the elevator. Climb out of the emergency hatch and use the 
    wheel to open the elevator door. There are two guards patrolling this level 
    quietly avoid or take them out. In the closet to the left of the elevators, 
    pick up the LARGE BANDAGE from the floor and examine the shelves. You will pick 
    up the MARS SPHERE. Exit the closet and enter the bank offices. 
    There are two patrolling guards, and you will need to take them out or avoid 
    them.  Go to the corner cubicle on the office manager's side of the office, and 
    near the records room.  If you examine the upper area of the desk you will find 
    DA VINCI's BALLISTA. Enter the administrator's office and check out the desk. 
    Use your security card, and the security code 867530 on the computer on the 
    desk. Go across the work way to the office manager's office. Use your black 
    light on the painting to reveal some fingerprints. Lifting the painting will 
    reveal a save.  Examine the drawers in the desk to find the combination 728559, 
    and a LARGE BANDAGE. Open the safe and pick up the FILE CABINET KEY. In the 
    records room, examine the bank of files labeled "security".  Use the key to 
    open the locked security passwords drawer. Take the password document to gain 
    the code 260924. In the administrator's office upgrade your security card.
    In the room with the cubicles use your security card on the card scanner to 
    open up the stairwell.  Enter the door on the lowest level and make your way to 
    the Atrium. Use the shadows on the right and make your way round the water 
    sculpture to the Deposit and server room. There are two guards in side, so 
    either take them out or avoid them.  Make your way to the far side of the room 
    where there is a security scanner.
    Check the salle privee just before the scanner if you examine the wall you can 
    pick up the IRON COIN. Turn right at the scanner, and there is a vent on the 
    same wall. Boost Sophie up.  In the security control room, there are two 
    guards.  Wait until the patrolling guard passes you, and then returns to check 
    on the computer.  Knock him out while his back is to you. Sneak around to the 
    control room on the left. Knock out this guard as well, and upgrade your 
    security card. Exit through the double doors, and use the card on the card 
    Make your way back to the atrium and use the shadows along the right side of 
    the wall to sneak past the two guards to the loading docks. Use the card reader 
    to open the gate. Enter the loading dock area. There are two patrolling guards 
    and one stationary guard. You can knock out the patrolling guard as he stands 
    with his back to you, and then sneak behind the stationary guard.  Behind the 
    stationary guard is a closet and inside you can pick up a LARGE BANDAGE. Take 
    out the last guard, and make your way through the door. Use the vehicle key on 
    the armored car at the end of the tunnel and escape. 
    Concept Art: Story Board (Distracting a guard)
    Concept Art: Characters (Remy, Teabing's butler)
      Mission 5 - Chateau Villette
    Turn to your left and follow the large staircase down into the basement. At the 
    end of the room turn to your left and examine the table and chairs to pick up 
    the COPPER COIN. Return up stairs and join Teabing in the Arthurian legend 
    room. Examine all of the shields, and the paintings and match the shield to its 
    night. Near the painting of the knight with the angel place Sir Galahad's 
    shield with the large red cross.  Take Percival's shield with the heart on it 
    and place it under the painting with the knight seeing the grail in the sky.
    Enter the room near Percival. You will see a stand with Arthur's name on it.  
    You will also see a bible on the shelf. Enter the other open room. You will 
    find a Note on one of the bookshelves referring to Solomon's songs verse 14, 
    line 4 word 3. You will also see several chalices along the wall. Pick up the 
    RED DRAGON CHALICE.  If you paid attention to the legends you will know this is 
    Arthur's symbol. Go to the other room and place it on the stand, to open a 
    room. Also examine the bible on the shelf. The work we are looking for is HEAR. 
    Enter the room you just opened, and examine the tiled painting. Slide the tiles 
    into place to open the door. Examine the table to pick up the MUSIC SHEET. If 
    you continue into the darkened corner you can examine the top of the display 
    case to find DA VINCI'S WARCART. Go back to the dining room and enter the 
    password "HEAR" into the computer. Enter the door across from the fireplace, 
    and examine the table to find beneath it the VENUS SPHERE.  Back in the room, 
    use the music sheet on the piano and play the tune. Listen to Teabing, and then 
    go back to the dining room to examine the painting of the last supper. After 
    you have done this several times, you can solve the cryptex "Magdalene.
    Now you need to follow Robert and fight with Silas to pick up the three pieces 
    of the Ballista.  In the first room, pick up the globe in the corner. Battle 
    Silas and then follow Robert to the next piece. You will need to fight Silas 
    again and then follow Robert.  You can pick up a LARGE BANDAGE in the dining 
    room. Follow Robert to the study. After you have pushed the bookcase over, grab 
    the piece, and end the level.
    Concept Art: Environments (Viewing room at Bank of Zurich, Teabing's Mansion)
    Concept Art: Characters (Teabing)
    Concept Art: Story Boards (Using Black light on Mona Lisa)
      Mission 6 - Biggin Hill Airfield
    Push the nearby container in front of the door. Use the switch to turn on the 
    rail power. Pull the breaks to use the rail car for cover. At the end of the 
    tracks enter the Hangar. Check out the map to your left, and examine the 
    toolbox. Pick up the BOLT CUTTERS.  On the crates to your right you can find DA 
    VINCI's BRIDGE. Around the nose of the plane you can pick up a CROW BAR. You 
    can use the bolt cutters on the pad lock on the nearby gate. Climb the ladder 
    and pick up the LARGE BANDAGE in the control room. Use the hoist controls to 
    move the crate. Go back down the ladder and meet up with Sophie. Fight off the 
    guards, and enter the metal cage. Examine the shelf and pick up the FLARE. Open 
    the trapdoor and climb into the bunkers.
    Follow the pathway to the floor grate. At the bottom you will see you need to 
    activate the generators to open the door.  Use your flare to make your way up a 
    staircase in the darkened passageways.  Use your bolt cutters to open the door. 
    At the top pass through the room with the steam, and check out the fuse box 
    directly ahead in the next room. Take the 50 AMP FUSES. Stay on the upper metal 
    catwalks. Turn to your right in the generator room, and pick up the 300 AMP 
    FUSES in the fuse box at the end of this niche. On the upper metal catwalks 
    there is a ladder on the other side of the generators. Climb up and in the 
    bunker examine the shelf that holds the chemical bottles. Examine the bottles 
    and pick up the FIRST AID KIT behind them.  Use the elevator to access the 
    control room. In the control room, pick up the 300 AMP FUSES from the fuse box.
    Take the elevator down from the control room, and battle the guard waiting at 
    the bottom.  Go down the hatch, and there will be two guards patrolling the 
    upper catwalks.  Knock them out and climb down the ladder to the lower 
    catwalks.  Use your black light to check out the main fuse box schematic.  You 
    will need to use the 300 amp fuses in the slots designated for the right and 
    left generators.  You will then need to use your 50 amp fuses in the slots 
    designated for the door controls.  Pull the lever to activate the generators 
    and the power for the door. On this lower lever, go to the same niche where you 
    picked up the 300 amp fuses. You can examine the generator to find the MERCURY 
    Climb back up the ladder and make your way out of the steam room. There will 
    now be two guards patrolling the area that you had to use your flare to 
    navigate. Knock them out, but before you exit through the door explore the 
    area. You will be able to examine one of the generators to find the MERCURY 
    SPHERE. Pick it up and exit through the door. Follow the hallway and climb up 
    the ladder in the room with the fan. Exit to the control tower using the ladder 
    at the top of the first ladder.
    There are two guards patrolling this exterior. Walk straight between the 
    shipping containers towards the tall brick building, turn right towards the 
    fence, and then left at the door in the building. Knock out the guard. Then 
    knock out the guard you can see standing in front of the fuel tank. Use your 
    bolt cutters to open the lock, and then use the wheel to spill the fuel.  Make 
    your way back to the chain link fence, and climb up the ladder on the gray 
    building. Knock out the waiting guard, and use your flare at the break in the 
    ledge to light the puddle and make your escape. 
    Concept Art: Characters (Remy's Thugs)
    Concept Art: Environments (Temple church)
    Concept Art: Story Boards (Avoiding the guards at the Louvre)
      Mission 7 - Temple Church
    First you need to decrypt the coded message in your inventory. It should read, 
    "Outdoors the graceful water you will see through dedication you must find the 
    key".  Robert and Teabing will search the interior of the church, and as Sophie 
    you will need to search the exterior. If you look to the gray arches, and 
    follow them to where they meet the building, you can find some stairs. Follow 
    the stairs down to a narrow alley. Near some trash, a moon symbol will appear 
    on the wall. Examine the window to find a SILVER COIN. Make your way back 
    upstairs. Examine the bulletin board outside the church entrance. If you open 
    the glass, you can pick up a GOLDEN KEY behind the door. Use it to unlock the 
    gate to the back yard.
    Once there knock out the thug patrolling the lower level in front of the 
    archways. Stash his body somewhere, and then make your way to the last archway 
    before the dead end of the wall. If you examine the pile of boxes you can find 
    the MOON SPHERE.  Make your way back to the garden entrance and make your way 
    underneath the arches to the pathway on the other side. Carefully climb up the 
    staircase and either wait to knock out the guards after they stop chatting, or 
    stick to the shadows and avoid them. Walk along the top of the arches until you 
    find a wheelbarrow. Examine it and pick up the SHEARS inside. Go back to the 
    fountain in the garden and examine the planters. Use your shears to cut back 
    the roses, and discover the plaque. Use the ring in the copper seal, and the 
    planter will open. Pick up the ROUGH METAL SHARD inside.
    Robert will wake up.  Examine the room. Examine the table near the door, you 
    can move the left box on the top of the table and pick up the CARDBOARD. Next 
    examine the palette in the corner near the bicycle. You can move the box off of 
    the spool to reveal a METAL ROD. Next examine the table in front of the filing 
    cabinets. Pull out the chair and pick up the SMALL GEAR. If you try to open the 
    door you can examine it. (Thank you MacGyver for this one!) Use the cardboard 
    in the gap under the door, then use the metal rod to poke the key out of the 
    You can then pick up the BASEMENT KEY. Use the key to unlock the door, and make 
    your way into the adjacent door. Examine the cabinet to find DA VINCI'S 
    PADDLEBOAT.  Sneak out the door near the television. At the top of the stairs, 
    sneak along the wall straight ahead, and wait until you can knock out the guard 
    who is staring at the cabinet. Open the cabinet he was staring at. Pick up the 
    SMALL GEAR and the LARGE BANDAGE inside. Continue to sneak your way around the 
    church in the shadows to the next cabinet. Inside pick up another SMALL GEAR.  
    Next you will have to sneak behind the two guards without alerting them.  You 
    will need to sneak around the left wall, so that you can pick up the LARGE GEAR 
    from the altar in the niche. Sneak your way back out of the church, and back 
    down stairs.  Find the gearbox in the basement. 
    There is a small starting gear on the left, a large starting gear on the right, 
    and a small and large gear. Take the large gear from where it is in the box, 
    and place it in the upper right position. Next move the existing small gear 
    from its position, to the slot between the large starting gear and the large 
    gear you moved earlier. Place the other large gear near the small starting 
    gear. Next to it you can see a vertical row of three closely spaced slots for 
    small gears. Place a small gear in the top two of these three slots. Place the 
    last small gear in the slot just next to the top small gear you just placed.  
    By this point, all of the gears should be connected. Pull the lever to open the 
    basement door. 
    As Sophie, make your way to the cellar door, and sneak past the two guards who 
    have discovered the open door. Work with Robert to open the door to the 
    Catacombs. Wait until the guards finish their conversation, and the start to 
    patrol. Pick up the SMALL BANDAGE from the barrels, and then silently knock out 
    the first patrolling guard. Follow the passage, and stick to the shadows, and 
    knock out the second guard. You will come upon two guards talking.  Wait until 
    they finish and separate. Knock them out one at a time. If you examine the 
    crypt near the intersection where you waited for them to talk, you can pick up 
    a TEMPLAR SEAL. Follow the passage way past the gate with the switch. Just 
    around the corner at the end of this hallway, you can search a crypt. Move the 
    box to pick up another TEMPLAR SEAL. There is one final guard. Nearby there is 
    a table with two barrels on it. He's behind it. Knock him out, and then examine 
    the electrical box. 
    You have 4 buttons:
    You need to get them all lit. When you push a button it will change the button 
    you pushed, and the two buttons beside it. Here is the method to turn all of 
    the lights green. Push a button, and then push each of the buttons that are 
    next to it. Then you will finally need to push the button diagonal from the 
    first button you pushed. If the buttons are numbered 1-4 like above, you need 
    to push them in that order. But there are many other ways to solve it. 
    Pull the nearby lever to open the gate. Pick up the TEMPLAR SEAL, and the SMALL 
    BANDAGE from the table inside. Make your way backwards through the catacombs to 
    the other gate with a lever. Take out the nearby patrolling guard, and then 
    open the gate. Examine the plaque inside. Also note the number and their 
    positions on the wall. Place the Templar seals in their holes. Then rotate them 
    to match the numerals on the walls.
    Make your way back to the church basement, taking out the many guards along the 
    way. Sneak back up into the main chapel and out the front door. Pick up the 
    SHARP METAL SHARD from the pillar. Fight the guards, and make your way back 
    into the church. You may need to knock out the two guards. Examine the shield 
    in the corner, and use the metal pieces to complete it. Once it is complete 
    examine the knights on the floor. One of the knights is not unknown. Use the 
    shield and this effigy to decode the word RICHARD. Use it to open the codex. 
    You will now need to escape Silas in the catacombs. Open and un-jam the various 
    Concept Art: Story Boards (knocking out a guard)
    Concept Art: Characters (Mercenary sketches.)
      Mission 8 - Westminster Abbey
    Examine the map just behind you. Also in that corner of the Abbey, examine the 
    statues. On one of them a symbol will appear. If you search the statue you can 
    find the GOLD COIN. Make your way round the main room to find the scaffolding. 
    Examine it and unlock the wheel brakes. Push it out of the way to reveal a 
    locked door. Near Shakespeare's tomb open the workman's cabinet. Examine the 
    old coat inside and pick up the BRUSH from the pocket. You can also pick up a 
    LARGE BANDAGE from the bottom drawer. Make your way to the open gate that leads 
    to Newton's Tomb and enter it.
    Inside wait until the guard stands in the puddle, and then push the light stand 
    in it to electrocute him. Examine the statues around the room until a symbol 
    appears. Examine the nearby statue to find the SUN SPHERE. Examine Newton's 
    tomb.  If you examine the planets near the base, you will find a small hole. 
    Use your Priory ring, in the hole to loosen the sun. Pick it up to gain the SUN 
    ORB and the SCROLL OF RIDDLES. The answer to the first riddle can found at 
    Chaucer's tomb.  So make your way back to the main hall.
    Use the map to locate Chaucer's tomb. Examine it. Use the sun orb on the 
    shield, so that you will be able to move the letters. Move the letters, so that 
    you spell the word pardoner.  The "p" must be in the upper left hand corner.  
    Pick up the LARGE RING. According to the scroll we are looking for 
    Shakespeare's statue. If you examine the sign where it is supposed to be, you 
    will find out it is in the restoration area. Exit the main hall and enter the 
    cloister so you can get to the restoration area. 
    Inside the cloister area go straight ahead and drop the lamp on the guard when 
    he is standing in the crosshairs of the shadow. Pick up the LARGE BANDAGE from 
    the niche. Knock out the guard at the end of the other hallway. Stash all of he 
    bodies in the shadows. Now you can enter the art restoration hall. 
    Wait until one of the guards walks away, and then flip the light switch to your 
    right. Ambush him from the side of the hall opposite the switch. Do this again 
    at the next switch. Open the door on the left side of the hallway, and pick up 
    the LARGE BANDAGE from the rug. Take out the guard who comes to check on the 
    fuse box. Enter the restoration room. Examine a ladder and some boxes to find 
    DA VINCI'S CODES ARUNDEL. Examine the scroll on Shakespeare's statue. You need 
    to clean off the mildew.  Check the pallet behind the door. Open one of the 
    boxes to pick up a pair of BOLT CUTTERS.
    Return to the cloister area, and use the bolt cutters to open the locked door. 
    Move some boxes near the door to turn on the light switch. Pull a box out from 
    beneath the work desk, and pick up the container of MARBLE CLEANER inside. 
    Return to the Shakespeare statue. Knock out the guard, and combine the marble 
    cleaner with the brush, to create SOAPY BRUSH. Use it on the scroll portion of 
    the monument. Read the cleaned scroll. Use the large ring on Shakespeare's 
    finger and pick up the HAND CRANK from the secret compartment.
    Make your way back to the main hall taking out any guards along the way. 
    Examine the King Henry III tomb. Insert the hand crank and rotate the letters 
    until you have the word "temples" Pick up the KING SYMBOL. Use your bolt 
    cutters to open the door to St. John's Chapel. Examine the box, and move the 
    books to find a FIRST AID KIT. Examine Baron Hudson's tomb. Use the king symbol 
    in the missing space. If you follow the poem you should push the tiles in the 
    following order Queen, Baron, Knight, Soldier. Pick up the UNUSUAL CYLINDER, 
    and fight off the mercenary. 
    Make your way back to Newton's tomb. Take out the soldiers, and combine the 
    unusual cylinder with the sun orb to make the SUN ORB CYLINDER. Use it in the 
    sun orb cavity. Use the torn scroll piece to complete the puzzle. Move the 
    tiles into their correct places to create a picture. Listen to Sophie's 
    thoughts on how she should respond to Teabing. Meanwhile Robert will solve the 
    cryptex using the word payens.
    Concept Art: Characters (More mercenary sketches)
    Concept Art: Characters (Sophie's grandmother and brother)
      Mission 9 - Rosslyn Chapel
    Examine the baptismal in the vestibule and pick up the STONE LID. Turn around 
    and examine the box on the floor. Examine the marks on the floor. Pull the box 
    away from the wall. Examine the loose stone to find the DAISY DISC.  Back in 
    the main chapel, examine the stone memorial on the wall near the door. Pick up 
    the MATCHBOX from the top of one of the pillars.  Nearby there is a curtain on 
    the wall. Pull the cord to open it and use the matches you just picked up to 
    light the candle inside.  Read the inscription. Examine the angel plaques on 
    the back wall. Boost Sophie up and find the ROSE DISC. There is another 
    curtain. Pull the cord to open it and reveal a stone sculpture. Use the stone 
    lid and pick up the LILY DISC from the secret compartment.
    In the front of the chapel, examine the pillars. Behind them is a set of three 
    altars. Checking all of the drawers you should find the CEILING JOURNAL. Read 
    it. Go to the gate with the Star of David. The journal found in one of the 
    drawers behind the pillars tells you where to place the flower carvings. The 
    daisy goes at innocence, the rose at love and the lily at purity.
    The gate opens. Read the nearby carving on the wall. Continue forward and spin 
    the glob. There is a missing piece. Go down the side hallway and examine the 
    weeping angel on the wall. Pluck the MISSING PIECE from its hand. Return to the 
    globe, and use the piece. Pick up the STAR DISC from inside the globe. Go back 
    down the side passage. Use the star disc on the floor to unlock a puzzle.
    Move the puzzle pieces into their correct place.  Place sun and stars above the 
    dove, above the hands. This will unlock the trapdoor. Push the basket an boxes 
    off of the hatch and enter the secret library below. Examine the two charts on 
    the wall. Also examine some boxes in a dark corner to find DA VINCI'S CODEX 
    ATLANTNICUS. Examine the photo album and the newspaper clippings to discover 
    the truth.
    Concept Art - Characters (Robert facial sketches, Fache body sketches, Langdon 
    body sketches, Sophie body sketches, sanctus umbra members, Silas, Sister 
    Saundrine, Museum guard, DCPJ officer, Swat member,
      Mission 10 - Louvre Revisited
    In this "Level" you can run around the museum and look at the various works of 
    art. In the art that looks like a level in the game, you can solve a cryptogram 
    hidden in each of the paintings.
    Examine the Louvre museum painting with your black light. Find and solve the 
    cryptogram on one of the columns. Solve: "You should not have run monsieur 
    Sauniere, now tell me where it is."
    Examine the Saint Sulpice painting and find the cryptogram in the upper right 
    hand corner. Translate to: "The sister must have been calling priory members 
    when she was attacked"
    The cryptogram in the Nomandy mansion is on the roof of the building. It 
    deciphers to: "It's the Princess Sophie key my grandfather promised me."
    Search the Bank of Zurich painting to find the cryptogram. Decipher it to say: 
    "It is the cryptex. This is based off of a design by Da Vinci"
    Decipher the chateau villette painting cryptogram to read: "The legend of the 
    holy grail is a legend about royal blood."
    Decipher the Biggin airfield painting cryptogram to read: "Sauniere brought us 
    together to follow these clues for a reason."
    Decipher the Temple Church cryptogram to read: "Silas take the keystone from 
    Mr. Langdon. Teabing is our hostage now."
    Solve the Westminster Abbey painting to read: "Teabing felt the truth crashing 
    down on him. The grail was lost to him."
    Solve the Rosslyn Chapel paingint cryptogram to read: "The quest for the grail 
    is the quest for the divine in each of us"
      Mission 11 - Rosslyn Revisited
    In this "level" you can play the various musical themes using the coins you 
    picked up throughout the game.  You can also see all of Da Vinci's secret items 
    you picked up as well as any concept paintings for the levels.
    You can also solve the anagrams around the room.
    Blithe Ageing - Leigh Teabing - The Baron
    Hecuba Fez - Bezu Fache - The soldier.
    Sails - Silas - The Priest
    Born Lot Danger - Robert Langdon - The Knight
    A Universal Phoneticise - Sophie Neveu Saint Clair - The Queen 
    Satirical Januaries Sequence - Jacques Sauniere Saint Clair - The King
    Errand sensibilities - Sister Sandrine Bieil - The Bard
    Merely A Cudgel - Remy Legaludec - The Merchant
    Read the note on the altar - if you read the note on the altar you need to 
    press the keyes that represent each character in the game. You must do this in 
    the order they appeared in the game. 
    The order is: Priest, Knight, Soldier, King, Queen, Bard, Merchant, Baron.
    If you didn't already unlock everything in the visual database, this will 
    unlock those items.
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