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    Career Mode FAQ by aj_the_one

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                              Fight Night Round 3
                     Career Mode (version 1.0; Mar 15th 06')
                             Written by: Aj_the_one
    Table of Contents
    A. Introduction
    B. Version History
    C. Legal Stuff
    D. Creating your Boxer
    E. Amateur Belt
    F. UnderArmour Trophy
    G. Dodge Trophy
    H. Burger King Trophy
    I. EA sports Trophy
    J. Middleweight Belt 
    K. Everlast Trophy
    L. Light Heavy Belt and Unified Belt
    M. Heavyweight and Pound for Pound Belts
    O. Getting the various styles in the game
    P. Career Mode Challenges
    Q. Credits
    A. Introduction
    Hello again my fellow gamers. I'm back again writing my 4th FAQ and I figured
    that I put off writing a FAQ on career mode long enough so here it is. As
    always I am assuming that you have played the game quite a bit and know the
    controls well. I will explain what I think are the best training strategies
    and also the best equipment to use. Since the order of the boxers you'll 
    fight will be random( except for a few instances) I'll write this FAQ on a 
    trophy by trophy basis( using my own experience). I'll explain what you get
    and how much money the fight is worth. I will also write out the order that
    I get blocking and punching styles in( Also I'll write what you get for 
    beating the real boxers in the game). Lastly I will put where I fought the
    real boxers in the game(i'm starting in the middleweight division). As usual I
    hope that my career FAQ is useful to all who read it and Enjoy!!!
    B. Version History
    Version 1.0- Completed Career Mode
    Version 1.1- Added another way to get styles in the game   
    C. Legal Stuff
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site except for www.gamefaqs.com and www.ign.com or as part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2006 Armand Sellers
    D. Creating your Boxer
    Welcome to the start of your career mode. First you have to give your boxer a
    name, choose his hometown and give him a nickname. After this you have to
    chooses his boxing stance( Left or Right), His base stance( At first you can
    choose from Balanced, speed, power, mummy and wild. Then you have to choose
    his punch style( Choose from basic, fast, slugger and lethal uppercuts) and
    then his blocking style( Classic and Cross). The rest is cosmetics. You 
    choose his skin tone and eye color and also his weight class and whether he is
    fat or has alot of muscle( Muscle is toward the upper-right corner). Next
    is the eyebrows and hair. After this you get to something thast is really
    important and that is building your ratings. You are given 200 points to put
    into your boxer's stats Which are:
    Power- The power behind your punches
    Speed- The speed of your punches 
    Agility- The speed of movement of leaning
    Stamina- The rate of energy loss and gain
    Chin- The shield against head punches
    Body- The shield against body punches
    Heart- The rate of health recovery and also how easy it is for you boxer to
    get up after a knockdown
    Cuts-  Protection from cuts and swelling.
    Since you can't put a stat past 30% I recommend that you make all stats 25%
    because you should build a well-balanced boxer( at least this early anyway).
    E. Amateur Belt
    IMPORTANT- The first thing you should do when you are an amateur is go into
    the fight store and buy the Warthog 1 Trunks(power 5%), and a pro guard foul
    protector( Body 5%). These 2 items are $1000 but it's well worth it because
    they will help a little bit. Also keep Joe Frazier's special punch because it
    does alot of damage and all you have to do it tap a button( alot easier than
    throwing a haymaker) and will get the same amount of damage that a haymaker
    will do. I like to aim this punch at my opponents body because it rarely gets
    blocked or parried and it does damage!!! There really isn't anything I can
    say about the amateur fights because they should be easy for everybody.I had
    the option to fight Winky Wright in the Amateur division. 
    WINKY WRIGHT(Middleweight)- This early in the game he really isn't a challenge
    for you. Just make sure that you keep your guard up and take whatever openings
    he gives you( there will be alot).
    Rewards- Winky Wright Fight Store Package, UPRIGHT base style, HARD STRAGHTS
    punch style.
    The only other important fight you will have in this belt is when you fight 
    the amateur champ. This person will become your rival throughout your career
    so get used to beating him down. I can't really give a strategy for beating
    your rival because their tactics and styles are randomly generated. One thing
    I can say is watch out for a headbutt because I have gotten hit with a 
    headbutt everytime I have fought my rival.
    AMATEUR BELT- Once again this fight shouldn't be a problem as long as you keep
    you guard up and take your openings.
    Rewards- Amateur Belt, $5000
    IMPORTANT- The fights will get harder now and how you train your boxer will be
    crucial. When I ran through the Middleweight division my training regimen was
    Three Weightlifting sessions then Two Combo Dummy sessions( I rarely used the
    Heavy Bag until Punches started to hurt more). The reason I recommend this 
    regimen is because you will take damage but you will deal it faster than you
    take it. This strategy is for aggresive Boxers. If you don't like staying on
    the offensive, develop your defense an offense equally.
    F. UnderArmour Trophy
    WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE!!! Sorry I couldn't help myself. This series of
    fights is your first professional belt that you'll compete for and the 
    difficulty won't be that much harder than the Amateur Belt. I fought Marvin
    Hagler then had one fight before getting the belt.
    MARVIN HAGLER(Middleweight)- Since he's a power fighter you should be a bit
    more cautious than normal. If you were using my training regimen and a speed
    style, you should tear into him easily. Otherwise Keep your guard up parry 
    when you can and take the large number of opening he'll give you.
    Rewards- Hagler Fight Store Package
    I fought a created Boxer for the belt so I can't give a strategy but I will
    reveal what you win.
    Rewards- UnderArmour Trophy, UnderArmour Fight store package( Gloves and 
    trunks), $20,000
    IMPORTANT- At the end of this belt my stats were:
    Power- 62%
    Speed- 51%
    Agility- 38%
    Stamina- 62%
    Chin- 35%
    Body- 35%
    Heart- 44%
    Cuts- 44%
    Power is my main focus now and if your power is in the mid to high 50's your
    punches will take out chunks of your opponents life making your fights that
    much easier. Also continue to use Joe Fraizer's special punch!! I can't 
    explain how useful this punch is throughout the game just throw it to the body
    and watch the life go.
    G. Dodge Trophy
    IMPORTANT- Now you should have some money in your bank and it's time for 
    another equipment upgrade. Depending on how your fights have been so far you
    should buy different things. If you feel than you need some more defense then
    buy a Pro Guard 3 Foul Protector and a Pro Guard Mouthpiece for a 10% increase
    in your body and chin respectively. If you want to do more damage you should
    buy some newly unlocked UnderArmour gloves(Power 10% or Speed 10%) and a pair
    of trunks that give you a 10% increase in stamina.The difficulty starts 
    to pick up a bit in this series because you have a higher chance of fighting 
    real boxers in the game and they are harder than the created opponents. Also I
    fought Bernard Hoppkins in my first fight then I fought Jake Lamotta for the
    trophy( you will NOT always fight him for the Dodge trophy, it's random).
    BERNARD HOPKINS(Middleweight)- B-Hop really isn't that hard but you can expect
    him to try and outbox you. He will throw a lot of punches( compared to what
    you have fought thus far) and they shouldn't do that much damage. Keep your
    guard up( noticing a pattern here?) and attack him when he leaves himself open
    either after a missed punch or a parry.
    Rewards- Hopkins Fight Store package
    JAKE LAMOTTA- Powerful!! His punches will do damage but he is slow. This is
    what you must focus on when fighting him to win. Let him throw his power shots
    and make him miss or counter his punches will haymakers or whatever you feel
    like throwing. 
    Rewards- 2007 Dodge Caliber Trophy, Dodge Fight Store Package, Lamotta Fight
    Store package, Madison Square Garden Venue
    After this winning this belt my stats were:
    Pwr- 72%
    Spd- 58%
    Agl- 48%
    Stm- 72%
    Chn- 40%
    Bod- 40%
    Hrt- 51%
    Cut- 51%
    Once Again Power was my main focus and if you followed this blueprint your 
    upcoming fight should be easy because your punches will caue noticable damage
    and you will knock your opponent down fast.
    H. Burger King Trophy
    Once again the difficulty raises up but it still shouldn't be enough to where
    you should lose a fight. When I had to sign my first contract I had to choose
    between Jermaine Taylor and Sugar Ray Leonard. This should be an indicator 
    into how many real boxers you might fight. I'm not sure how the game will
    do it but you should fight your rival in this trophy series( I fought mine in
    the Staples Center and unlocked that arena) and be given a chance to win the 
    EA Sports trophy also( with a $50,000 purse). I fought Sugar Ray Robinson 
    before I had to fight Rey Mo for the Burger King Trophy.
    JERMAINE TAYLOR(Middleweight)- I'm pretty sure this fight should have been 
    harder than it was. I destroyed Jermaine Taylor in the first round mainly 
    because my Frazier special punch was taking about a 1/7 of his life 
    away with every hit. If your punches aren't hurting him that much you will be 
    in for a long fight. He knows how to use the philly shell and will parry alot 
    of your punches( if you make them predictable). I recommend  that you don't 
    give him a chance to do anything but block. Keep on him and he will go down.
    Rewards- Taylor Fight Store package, Philly Shell Block Style
    SUGAR RAY LEONARD- This fight will be the first in which you actually see how
    dangerous the fast punching style can be. Sugar is fast and will be very
    selective in how he throws his punches, mainly sticking and moving. This fight
    will be more annoying than difficult because you will have a hard time landing
    a punch flush. He leans alot and will counter a great deal of your punches. If
    you are using a power style wait until you parry one of his punches and let 
    him have a power shot. If using a speed style reflect his fighting style and
    wait for him to make the first move then then counter punch him to the mat.
    Rewards- ESPN Wednesday Night Fights trophy( you won't always fight him for 
    this trophy), Leonard Fight Store package, State Palace Theatre Venue.
    SUGAR RAY ROBINSON(Middleweight)- Just like Ray Leonard(same nickname)this guy
    will parry alot of punches and will dish out punishment. Depending on how you
    have been training this fight can be easy or hard. If you've been focusing on
    your power and stamina then the severe amount of damage your punches will do 
    will make this fight easy because he won't be able to stand up from a barrage
    of punches. If you focused on your defense or speed then you will have to 
    outbox him by using you jab effectively and countering his aggresive fighting
    Rewards- Robinson Fight Store package
    REY MO(Middleweight)- This guy is friggin huge!!! Especially when compared to 
    your boxer! Don't let his power rating fool you( When I fought him it was 68%)
    Trying to take his punches will result in you getting knocked down really fast
    Use your jab and wait for him to throw his punches. Make him miss or parry 
    and unleash a combo or a haymaker to get your adrenaline flowing. DO NOT I 
    repeat DO NOT try to get into a slugfest with this guy because you'll lose. 
    Be patient he'll give some openings to take advantage of and when he does tear
    into him with whatever has been working for you thus far.
    Rewards- Burger King Trophy, Burger King Fight Store package, $1,000,000
    Now would be a good time to go into sparring mode or do some practice fights
    because you will have to gain some type of mastery with blocking and parrying.
    This is essential in the upcoming fight because the difficulty jumps a good 
    bit and if you don't protect yourself you'll get knocked down( and possibly 
    out) quite frequently. Ratings after trophy.
    Without Equipment  With Equipment 
    Pwr- 79%           79%
    Spd- 72%           82% 
    Agl- 66%           66%
    Stm- 77%           87%
    Chn- 55%           65%
    Bod- 55%           65%
    Hrt- 58%           58% 
    Cut- 54%           54%
    I. EA Sports Trophy
    EQUIPMENT CHANGE! Now that you have a million dollars to spend you should 
    start by buying the EA Mid-Pros 3 for 15% bonus in power, a pair of trunks 
    that give a 15% bonus in stamina, and a mouthpiece or foul protector with a 
    15% bonus. Also you can now use the king as a trainer and raise your heart 
    rating. These things will make the upcoming fights a little easier. As usual
    you will fight about 3 or 4 real boxers in this trophy series and they are 
    smarter than before. This also goes for the generated boxers also. By now you
    have fought almost all of the real middleweight boxers so don't expect to get
    any new styles or anything like that. You should however get into the habit of
    checking out your opponents weaknesses before you sign a contract. This can 
    help you decide how you are going to fight that opponent and more importantly
    what his weak points are( Body, Chin, Spd ect.).
    WINKY WRIGHT(Middleweight)- Same as before except he's more agressive and also
    blocks a lot more. Stay on him and he will fold like origami.
    Rewards- None
    JAKE LAMOTTA(Middleweight)- A little bit more agressive than before and his
    punches do more damage also. He doesn't really guard himself that much and is
    easy to attack when he throws his slow punches.
    Rewards- ESPN Friday Night Fights Trophy( You won't always fight him to get
    this trophy).
    RIVAL- Both times that I have gotten this trophy I have had to fight my fight
    my rival to get it so I guess you will fight your rival also for this trophy.
    I don't have a specific strategy but just keep your guard up( I know it's
    getting repetitive) and take the openings that your rival will give you.
    Rewards- EA Sports Trophy( If you've won this already, you won't get anything)
    Ratings after fight:
    Without Equipment   With Eqiupment
    Pwr- 89%            100% 
    Spd- 80%            90%
    Agl- 74%            74%
    Stm- 84%            99%
    Chn- 54%            69%
    Bod- 54%            69%
    Hrt- 66%            66%
    Cut- 63%            63%
    Even though with the equipment my rating is 100 I don't stop training those
    areas because I don't know if your rating actually goes higher than 100 with
    the equipment on. If you start to take alo of damage though you can relax with
    your power and speed training and focus on your defense( only if you are 
    having a problem winning fights or getting knocked down.
    J. Middleweight Belt
    Welcome to the Semi- Big time fight series. Depending on how good you've 
    become in terms of offense and defense and who you fight, you will have your
    hands full winning a fight. Now I strongly advise you to look at your opponent
    before you sign a contract because pointing out weaknesses in their styles and
    ratings will prove critical in winning these fights. Also You should have 
    enough money to use either a power or speed trainer. Use these wisely. I 
    recommend that you choose the trainer opposite of what you will be working on
    that session( If you're doing weightlifting choose the speed trainer). The 
    benefit in doing this is you won't lose points in the other ratings( stamina
    will be lost regardless because the trainer doesn't prevent stamina from 
    falling, only power). You will probably face 2 or 3 real boxers in this trophy
    series(I only faced 1)and your rival for the Belt.
    OSCAR DE LA HOYA(Middleweight)- At this stage in the game,The Golden Boy was
    kind of hard only because his punches did a lot of damage( My chin and Body
    were 62 and 64% respectively). When he parries one of your punches he will
    throw a quick 3 or 4 punch flurry and it will hurt if you take all the punches
    which you probably will because you won't have a choice. If your power is near
    mine then swing away and turn this fight into a slugfest. Just make sure you
    parry his power shots because if you don't you will lose.
    Rewards- De La Hoya Fight Store Package, Textbook Base Style
    RIVAL- By now I am pretty sure that you have been dominating your rival and 
    this fight won't be that much different from the previous ones. Of course your
    rival will do more damage with his punches but his tactics for the most part
    will remain the same( This was the case for me). Do whatever has been working
    for you thus far and you should handle him easily.
    Rewards- Middleweight Belt, $400,000(if you win by KO), ESPN Pay-Per-View  
    Ratings after fight:
    Without equipment    With Equipment
    Pwr-89%              100%              
    Spd-85%              95%
    Agl-81%              81%
    Stm-81%              96%
    Chn-66%              81%
    Bod-70%              85%
    Hrt-70%              70%
    Cut-71%              70%
    K. Everlast Trophy
    EQUIPMENT CHANGE- You should now have enough money to buy a pair of Gloves
    which have a 20% bonus for any one stat or a pair of trunks with a 20% bonus
    for most stats. Congrats on being the middleweight champ but like Round 2 your
    career isn't over yet. You now have to win a couple of fights before you can
    jump to class that is above your current one. The fights get a bit more 
    difficult but the change isn't as dramatic as it was for the last trophy 
    series. I should also point out that your status will now be World Class. You
    don't have to but if you find yourself losing or coming close to losing you
    might want to consider changing your style combination.
    JAKE LAMOTTA- Same as before only his punches do more damage and he will be a 
    little more patient. Watch his power punches and haymakers because they will
    hurt and you will only be able to take a couple of them before you go down.
    Rewards- None
    RIVAL- Same as before only stakes are higher and rival does more damage with
    his punches. Apply whatever tactics you used before to beat him and you'll do
    Rewards- Everlast Trophy, Everlast Fight Store Package
    Without Equipment   With Equipment
    Pwr-92%             100%
    Spd-92%             100%
    Agl-89%             89%
    Stm-81%             96%
    Chn-74%             94%
    Bod-80%             100%
    Hrt-75%             75%
    Cut-78%             78%
    L. Light Heavy Belt and Unified Belt
    First things first. Your status now will raise to Champion. Your first fight
    should be to defend your middleweight belt. These guys are really hungry for
    your belt and they will fight like it. After about 2 fights you should have 
    the option to change your weightclass to LightHeavy.
    JAMES TONEY(Light-Heavy)- WATCH OUT for this guys haymaker because he will 
    throw them alot and they will hurt I can promise you that. He will come out
    swinging and won't let off unless you cause a good amount of damage to him.
    That is the easiest way to win this fight, Watch his haymakers and counter
    them. If you can counter them frequently, he will be open to your attacks and
    you can give it to him.
    Rewards- Toney Fight store package, Slickster Base style
    RIVAL- How in the hell does this guy keep on getting the belt before you? In
    any event you should have to fight your rival for the Light Heavy Belt. Same
    strategy a before and you will walk away with a W.
    Rewards- Light Heavy Belt
    After winning the belt, the next fight you will be able to choose from will be
    a title defense. After your popularity goes up you will have to fight your
    real boxer rival( you have fought him several times already) for the unified
    title belt.
    JAKE LAMOTTA- Same tactics as before. He's a little stronger but that won't
    matter because by now you should be doing severe amounts of damage with your
    punches so if you keep on him this fight will end in a T.K.O
    Rewards- Unified Title Belt
    Without Equipment   With Equipment
    Pwr-97%             100%
    Spd-92%             100%
    Agl-90%             89%
    Stm-89%             100%
    Chn-76%             96%
    Bod-81%             100%
    Hrt-89%             89%
    Cut-88%             88%
    Since you will see minimal gains now in your power and speed ratings start
    working on your defense( this will male your fights even easier). The heavy
    bag while alternating trainers is the best way to do this.
    M. Heavyweight and Pound for Pound Belts
    Your status now goes up to The Greatest and you only have to more belts to
    obtain. Now I rate this is as the hardest belt series because not only will
    you fight the Heavyweight greats(Ali and more importantly Roy Jones Jr.) the
    created opponents try to pose a threat also. If you have unlocked a pair of
    trunks that you like( with a 20% bonus in something) then buy them but other
    than this your money has no use anymore. Another important fact I should 
    point out is that your boxer should be about 32 or 33. His ratings will start
    to decrease for every fight at about age 36 or 37. Now this is important 
    because all the fights in this series have about 20 or 30 weeks before the
    fight so if your lucky you will get about 2 fights per year( I retired at 39
    with a record of 61-1(61KO's).
    MUHAMMAD ALI- Damn this guy is fast!!! Not only will he move around the ring
    fast his punches are quick and he is hard to hit because he leans just about
    all the time. His punches also do DAMAGE!! If you fight anything like I do(Use
    a speed style, throw alot of combos and don't let your opponent get a chance
    to even breathe) then you will not find this fight fun because Ali will do 
    exactly this and will give you fits in the process. I have noticed a funny
    paradox in the game. There are two types of Ali that you can fight. They are
    the same person but they fight totally different. The first time I fought Ali
    I got the defensive Ali. He didn't throw that many punches but stayed on the
    defensive the whole fight parrying and blocking alot of my punches( trying to
    wear you out so in the later rounds you won't have any energy). If he doesn't
    move towards you aggressively when the fight begins then you will face his
    defensive style of boxing. If he starts the moving towards you then you have
    a problem. When he gets into a offensive state of mind he will fight much like
    you probably have: Forget the later rounds I want a KO now. This is a problem
    because his combos are really fast and they hurt. In addition to this you 
    won't have room for error because he will parry and make you pay. If you fight
    him try your best to drop his energy however you can( Haymakers, counter     
    punches). I always use my Frazier Haymaker( SMOKIN' special punch) to his body
    because this will take a good amount of his energy and slow him down. Whatever
    style he fights with will be difficult for you.
    Rewards- Ali Fight Store Package( The Greatest trunks finally!!), Smooth Base 
    style, Judge Jab Punch Style
    EVANDER HOLYFIELD- As you might have noticed from his boxing style( Balanced,
    Basic, Classic) this guy fight straight from the textbook. Expect him to try
    and take you to the later round where he will try to take advantage of the 
    amount of energy you have. I should point out that as usual his punches are
    strong and will do some damage( although I didn't let him throw that many.
    Rewards- Holyfield Fight Store Package
    RIVAL- You will fight one of your created rivals for the Heavyweight belt and
    as usual use whatever tactics worked the last time and you will be fine. He
    will be stronger but he shouldn't be any match for you now with your ratings
    approaching 100% and the equipment you should have on.
    Rewards- Heavyweight Belt, $1,200,000
    MAIN RIVAL- The rival that you fought for Amatuer Belt will be standing in the
    way of your legendary greatness!! He really isn't as hard as you'd think he
    should but he should provide a miniscule challenge( if you haven't been 
    breezing through your fights). Same tactics used before. Swing away and block
    when you have to or when you want to hit him with a haymaker. Easy Victory.
    Rewards- Pound for Pound Belt, $1,400,000
    After you get the Pounf for Pound Belt you will be doing nothing but defending
    your titles and watching your boxer's ratings decline due to old age. You can
    retire now if you want or you can see how many wins you can get in your 
    career. I will warn you. If you were mad because you didn't get a challenge
    getting the belts, try defending your title until your about 43 or 44. It's
    hard because your opponents will be 10 to 15% better than you are(in every
    rating) and will be relentless in how they approach you in the fight.
    O. Getting the various styles in the game
    In this section of the guide I will list all of the styles in the game and who
    I beat to get them. I should probably update my Boxing Styles FAQ but I am
    doing this now so I figured what the Hell.
    BALANCED- Available when you start
    SPEED- Available when you start
    POWER- Available when you start
    SMOOTH- Beat Muhammad Ali in career mode or in ESPN classics
    BULLY- Beat Joe Frazier in career mode or in ESPN Classics
    SLICKSTER- Beat James Toney in career mode or in ESPN classics
    ELUSIVE- Beat Roy Jones Jr in career mode or in ESPN Classics
    UPRIGHT- Beat Winky Wright in career mode or in ESPN Classics
    TEXTBOOK-Beat Oscar De La Hoya in career mode or in ESPN Classics 
    MUMMY- Available when you start
    WILD- Available when you start
    BASIC- Available when you start
    FAST- Available when you start
    SLUGGER- Available when you start
    JUDGE JAB- Beat Muhammad Ali in career mode or ESPN Classics
    HOOK MASTER- Beat Joe Frazier in career mode or ESPN Classics
    HARD STRAIGHTS- Beat Winky Wright in career mode or ESPN Classics
    SINISTER CROSS- Beat Roy Jones Jr in career mode or ESPN Classics
    LETHAL UPPERCUTS- Available when you start
    CLASSIC- Available when you start
    CROSS- Available when you start
    PHILLY SHELL- Beat Jermaine Taylor in career mode or ESPN Classics
    P. Career Mode Challenges
    Since my last update to this FAQ I have rarely played Fight Night(been focused
    on MLB 07:The Show). I decided to play the game again and noticed that the
    difficulty still hasn't changed. Looking for a way to update my FAQ I chose
    to see how good most of you really are. Below sre some challenges that I have
    put together to make the game considerably harder(for those who find this game
    to be way too easy) and to challenge your boxing skills. Enjoy!!! If any one
    has any other suggestions I would gladly add them into the section.
    Challenge 1
    Start a career(any weightclass this really isn't important) and start your
    ascent to the top. This challenge lies in keeping your PWR, SPD, AGL and STM
    at 50% for your career(55% should be the max). At first this won't seem like 
    much of a challenge but once your opponents start to get noticebly stronger 
    the game becomes much harder and will test you boxing mettle and skills. 
    Also DON'T BUY ANY EQUIPMENT!!!(This will increase your ratings and defeat 
    the purpose of this challenge)
    Q. Credits
    - My girlfriend who encouraged me to write a follow-up FAQ on this game
    - As always the readers for reading this and using it( hopefully)
    - The good people at GameFaqs who accepted this and my first FAQ
    - EA Sports for making the best boxing game ever.
    - Thanks to Shabaz Ashraf for e-mailing me and asking if I was going to do a
      career mode FAQ because I wouldn't have had he not requested it
    If you find any errors in this FAQ please e-mail me at:

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